Vanellope the fly

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One day in sugar rush Vanellope was resting under a tree when she heard something. She went to see what it was and she could see Chuck from her experience in Disneyland building some kind of device

"Almost finished" said Chuck

"Chuck?" asked Vanellope

He turned around and saw her

"You again, what are you doing here?" asked Chuck

"I live in this game, what are you doing here?" asked Vanellope

"Disneyland found out about my experiments, I need to hide for a while. I'm currently living in Giant Mountain that looks like soda bottle" said Chuck as he continued to build his device

"What are you doing?" asked Vanellope

"I'm gonna make that blimp up there crash ya fool" said chuck pointing to a blimp in the sky that was beginning to fall towards the ground

"Haha, my device works. But that's not all I made, look, I invent extra toe" said chuck pointing to an extra toe on his foot

"Ew, that's disgusting" said Vanellope

"I can also make you different" said chuck about to pour a strange liquid onto Vanellope

"No thanks, I like myself just the way I am" said Vanellope nervously

But chuck poured the strange liquid on Vanellope and she began to change. She turned into a cy-bug, a kart, a dog, a duck, a beaver, and then she turned back to herself all burned

"Hahahahahaha, that's funny, but I don't think so. I make you better" said Chuck about to pour another liquid on her

"No thanks I feel fine now" said Vanellope

Chuck poured the liquid on Vanellope and she turned into a fly

"What have you done to me, I'm a fly" yelled Vanellope in a high squeaky voice

"I don't think so, supposed to be buffalo, don't know how, but I go back to work and fix" said Chuck as he began walking back to diet Cola Mountain

"Hey don't leave me like this, I don't want to be a fly" yelled Vanellope

A strong wind blew Vanellope away and blew her towards the racers homes