Ch. 3

Rancis put Vanellope in a jar and drove off to diet cola mountain

"Alright, now that we're here, how do we get in?" asked Rancis to Vanellope

Vanellope pointed to 2 lollipops and told him to go through the gap between them. Rancis went through the wall and found himself in a cave

"Haha, I've done it, I made potion that turn people into buffalo. Now I must find someone to test on" shouted chuck

Rancis turned and saw him holding a tube and walked up to him

"Excuse me" said Rancis

Chuck turned around and saw Rancis standing by his desk

"Who are you and why are you in my lab?" asked Chuck

"My name is Rancis Fluggerbutter, and my friend says you turned her into a fly and I was wondering if you could change her back" said Rancis

"What friend, you mean that little girl who knocked me off cliff" said Chuck

"I'm guessing you're the guy who almost killed her in Disneyland" said Rancis

"Yes, and since she's fly, I have to turn you into buffalo" said Chuck

"Wait you don't have to do this" said Rancis

"Too late, I turn you into buffalo" said Chuck as he threw the tube at him

Rancis turned into a buffalo but he could still talk

"Ah, what did you do to me?" asked Rancis

"I turned you into buffalo, my experiment worked" said Chuck

"You better turn me back or I'll push you in the cola springs" said Rancis

"You wouldn't" said Chuck

"Watch me" said Rancis

He began to charge at chuck and began to drag him towards the hot springs

"Wait don't do this, that stuff could kill me" said Chuck

"Then change us back" said Rancis angrily

"Fine, I change you back" said Chuck

He ran towards the desk and grabbed a tube. He poured the liquid onto Rancis first since he scared him, and took Vanellope out of the jar and poured the rest on her

"I'm me again, thanks Rancis" said Vanellope

"It wasn't a big deal, I'm just a friend helping another friend" said Rancis

"Now that I'm normal, I can do this" said Vanellope as she pushed Chuck into the hot springs

"Aaaahhh, that burns. I kill you both. I be back" said Chuck before he sank into the hot springs

"Well let's go, I can use some ice cream" said Vanellope

"I have some at my house. You wanna come over and watch police squad?" asked Rancis

"Sure, let's go" said Vanellope

They left the cave when something rose out of the springs, it was chuck and all his skin was burned off. He was a robot

"I still alive haha. I be back ya fools and I get my revenge" said Chuck

The end… for now

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