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Enjolras turned down a murky alley. He had finally lost Gavroche and the boys. He wanted to be alone, alone to think and to be able to pray for Eponine. He had never been religious but there were times when he wished he was. This was one of them. The boy walked slowly looking down different alleyways keeping an eye out for Eponine and failing to notice a shadow following him. Enjolras turned down an alley with a few houses on and the shadow walked to the end of the street and stared at Enjolras before walking on. Enjolras had sensed someone was watching him and turned around just in time to see someone disappearing quickly and to hear the sound of running footsteps.

In an old abandoned house Eponine was thrown into the corner of a room and her arms were tied roughly behind her back. Eponine had lots of experience with knots though and struggled to free herself. The men who had dragged her laughed and a cold and familiar voice said "Don't think you'll be able to free yourself from those 'Ponine" Eponine looked up and came face to face with the man she feared above all others. Her father. Thenardier looked down at his daughter a sly grin on his face. The brat had left home and had got engaged. She would pay dearly even if it meant with her life; but first he knew Montparnasse would love to have fun with her and he did pay. Just then a small man came running in "The men that your brats been staying with are here; in the slums. The blonde revolutionary is on his own and he's heading this way slowly. I took a short cut to get here." Eponine listened and her blood ran cold at the mention of Enjolras. "Papa please I'll do anything just don't hurt him please!" Thenardier smiled "Eponine your tied up and you won't be able to stop anything from being done to you but I think before 'Parnasse gets his way we should invite your friend along" Montparnasse smiled from his position in the corner and gave the order for a man that Enjolras hadn't seen before to go and fetch him. "And make it sound urgent!" Thenardier called after the man.

Marius, Gantaire, Joly and Gavroche walked dispiritedly back to Marius to tell Camille and to think more about where exactly Eponine might have gone. The boys were soon sitting in the drawing room with tea going cold worrying about Enjolras and Eponine and waiting for Camille to have one of her amazing brainwaves. Gavroche went through all of Eponine favourite places in the slums in his mind cancelling out the cafe and the alleys next to it knowing that Eponine wouldn't go there. Soon he stood up without a word and told the boys he was going back to his elephant in case Eponine went to see him as she did before being attack so many months ago. Then he ran to an empty alleyway into the slums and ran off into the dark to find his sister.

Enjolras was walking down in the dark when he heard a man shouting for help and running his way. Enjolras stopped and the man almost fell at his feet yelling, "Please in need your help mousier, there's a girl and she's got herself trapped under a pile of wood in a house! Please mousier!" Enjolras looked on the man in pity and said "Of course I'll help!" The man looked at him and then set off running down the alley before coming to a deserted house. He led the way inside shouting "Mademoiselle don't worry, I've brought help! A strong young man, we'll help you get free!" Then under his breath so Enjolras couldn't hear the man added "Well, he'll try but unfortunately neither of you will live to tell the tale." Inside the upstairs room Thenardier ordered Eponine to scream and when the girl refused her father grabbed his knife and stuck in her leg pulling the blade down. Eponine tried to bite of a scream but she was too late. Enjolras was just behind the strange man when he heard a woman's scream and he recognised it at once; it was Eponine's. Enjolras rushed forward and burst through the door to find Eponine with her hands tied behind her back and a knife pressed to her throat. Holding the knife was Montparnasse; Thenardier was sitting in a chair by the side of the wall and started laughing. Enjolras saw the blood streaming from Eponine's leg, and then everything went black.

Eponine watched as the man who had come in behind Enjolras hit him with a solid object and struggled against Montparnasse as Enjolras fell to the ground. "Let go of me" she screamed and tried to run to Enjolras only to fall because of her sore leg. Thenardier watched a gleeful smile on his face as Eponine tried to reach the blonde revolutionary. "Enj? Enjolras!" Eponine almost shouted finally untying the knot in her bounds. The knot she had been working on for the last ten minutes. She quickly turned over Enjolras and laid his head on her lap. The boy slowly opened his eyes and looked right into Eponine's a small smile quickly drew across his face and he sat up and turned to face her. Eponine felt tears welling up and threw herself into his arms. They were like that for a minute but then a man pulled Enjolras away and Montparnasse grabbed Eponine by the waist and threw her to the floor.

Enjolras struggled against the grip of the man and Eponine kicked Montparnasse who then held her feet to the ground with his knees and let his hands slowly slide up her rags. Every now and then he would look at Enjolras for his reaction. Eponine was still struggling and Enjolras suddenly drew away from his captor. Another man quickly pushed Enjolras to the ground as Montparnasse started concentrating on pushing Eponine's dress up and making sure that she couldn't move her legs. Montparnasse turned back to Enjolras and grinned at the look of horror in the boy's eyes. Seeing that Montparnasse was distracted she struggled harder and yelled in pain as he hit her hard across the face. In anger Enjolras got away from his captors and ran over to Montparnasse just as he was about to reach for his trousers. Enjolras hit him hard around the face and grabbed Eponine's hand helping her to her feet. The two of them ran out of the house. They didn't stop running until they were a few streets away.

Enjolras stopped and Eponine flew into his arms. He held her close whispering words of comfort in her ear. They thought that they had got away but Montparnasse and a few of Thenardier's gang chased them and tore them apart as soon as they reached them. Montparnasse ignored Eponine to start with and went to Enjolras who was being held by two captors. Montparnasse punched him in the face and kicked him in his side so hard that the cut that Enjolras had received on his side reopened and started bleeding again. Eponine tried to pull Montparnasse away from Enjolras but was pushed back and pinned against the wall. Enjolras was in pain but still struggled against the men holding him. Eponine ducked under Montparnasse's arms but instead of running away like Enjolras yelled for her to do, she ran to the men and tried to loosen their tight grip. She managed it a bit for Enjolras was able to pull away and push Eponine towards the main street yelling "Go to my flat, I'll be right behind you." 'Parnasse watched as Eponine disappeared and decided that the boy had to die. He grabbed Enjolras and started to strangle him when a small figure bombed into him.

Gavroche hurried along different streets and then breaking the silent air he heard a scream. It was nearby and on instinct the boy ran towards it. He turned through many different alleys until he saw two figures running. He recognised the blonde curly hair and the red jacket. Enjolras! The other figure was small and was wearing rags. Gavroche jumped up and down. Enjolras had found Eponine. Then Gavroche noticed three men chasing them and saw the leader, Montparnasse. The small boy started running. Eponine had protected him for so long now he could return the favour. When he arrived to where the fight was Enjolras was pushing Eponine away telling her something. Eponine ran out into the street and disappeared. Gavroche watched as Montparnasse pushed Enjolras against the wall and put his hands to the revolutionary's neck. Gavroche started running and didn't stop. Montparnasse fell back in surprise as Gavroche ran into him. 'Parnasse hit his head on the wall and sank to the ground. Gavroche ran over to Enjolras and looked at the boy taking in for the first time the cut on his cheek, the blood that was staining his shirt and the hazy eyes that were slightly closed. Gavroche yelled and hit Enjolras roughly on the face tears falling freely down his face saying "Enj, please don't go, stay awake. Les Amis needs you, France needs you, me and Eponine need you, don't go!"

Eponine ran to Enjolras' flat and almost ran into a small girl who was about fifteen years old. "I'm sorry Mademoiselle, I was told to come here; by a friend" The girl looked at Eponine with blue eyes that reminded her of Enjolras. A light blue dress reaching to the floor fell gently over her body and her brown hair was tied up neatly in a fashionable knot. "Do you know Apollo?" Eponine stopped and looked at the girl questioningly, "Apollo, no a mousier Enjolras lives here" The girl laughed lightly a smile coming across her face. "Yes Apollo, he often uses his last name Enjolras." Eponine looked at the girl with renewed interest and realised that this must be his sister; Amédée. Eponine smiled at the girl and settled herself down next to the door, Enjolras would be happy to see his sister, but she wouldn't be quite so happy when she saw the state he was in. Eponine jumped back up and sped down the stairs Amédée staring after her.

Marius and Gantaire had finally decided to renew their search in the slums and were making their way there when they saw a speedy little figure running towards an alley. Gantaire looked at the figure and recognised the rags and the long dark hair. "Marius, its Eponine." Marius looked at the girl and began running, Gantaire close at his side. Eponine arrived at the alley and found Gavroche kneeling beside a body that was slumped over. "Enjolras!" she cried running over to him. Gavroche looked at her with a tearstained face that made Eponine fear the worst but she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Enjolras was breathing. Suddenly the sound of footsteps made her turn around. She watched scared that it was her father but let out a sigh when she saw Marius and Gantaire. "Wow 'Ponine what happened?" Marius was the one to spot Enjolras, it wasn't difficult because Gavroche was holding onto his protectively and Eponine refused to leave his side. "Is that Enjolras?" he asked looking at his friends face. Enjolras chose that moment to open his eyes blinking in the light. Gavroche and Eponine threw themselves into his arms and hugged him. Gantaire clapped him on the back not noticing his wince in pain and Marius grinned like an idiot.

When Eponine and Gavroche moved away, Marius and Gantaire helped Enjolras to his feet and supported him as they walked through the streets to his flat. Eponine stopped when they were about a street away. "Enjolras I forgot, when you told me to go to your flat and wait for you I found a girl there, your sister and I don't think she would be happy to see you with blood on you." Enjolras shook his head and started moving again Gantaire with him saying "That can't be helped, she'll have to know!" They all trooped slowly up the stairs to find Amédée now looking out the window a bored expression on her face. When she saw Enjolras the expression became anger until she saw the blood on his side." Eponine got the keys from Enjolras' inside pocket and unlocked the front door. Enjolras sank into the first chair as soon as they were inside and watched as Eponine ignored her own injures and fetched some water to clean his. Amédée took in the appearance of her brother and then the slightly different appearance of Eponine who looked better and cleaner than Enjolras apart from her rags and who didn't have so many cuts though her leg was still bleeding slightly and she had begun to limp on it.

Marius ran out to fetch Joly and Gantaire told Amédée the whole story until Eponine took over with her side and what had happened to Enjolras, Gavroche chipped in with the missing points from the story and by the time it was over Amédée was speechless. "I had expected to come to a load of revolutionaries who spent most of their time drunk but instead I find you fighting to save one of your friends." Enjolras smiled weakly and then winced as Eponine pressed a cold cloth back onto his cut as she had been doing the entire story. "Eponine, please I'm fine you need to clean your leg, Joly will be able to patch me up I swear." Eponine glared at him but stopped cleaning his wound. Gantaire followed her into the kitchen, he hugged her, they had become close friends over the last months and he had become a brother to both her and Gavroche. The small boy came in and threw himself at Eponine and said "Never frighten me like that again, I thought you were dead." Eponine winced as her leg wound burnt and she slid to the floor talking about how glad she was they were all safe. Enjolras and Amédée embraced each other softly in the next wound and Amédée said "I'd like to get to know Eponine; she obviously means alot to you." Enjolras stared at his sister realising she had noticed the truth behind their relationship. He laughed and said that he would love for them to know each other but only in Eponine agreed. He knew she would though.