The Things that Haunt Us-All

It was a normal day in the agency.

Or at least, it was for the idols of 765 Productions.

Those who looked on would definitely find the day abnormal. 876 Productions was currently practicing for a duel-agency performance with some of the idols while the rest of them yelled back-and-forth with 981 Production's Jupiter boys.

"Please, you 765 idols couldn't survive a day in that old house!" Touma snapped. "I'll bet you couldn't even survive a minute!"

"We could too!" Iori snapped back, clenching her fists furiously by her side. "I'll bet we could survive a whole week!"

"Even with all the random natural disasters? Not to mention the monsters guarding the gate, the invisible ghosts, oh, and there's the fires, the buildings, even the field up north is plagued with unending thunderstorms…" Hokuto counted off. He nodded. "Definitely a danger, that old mansion…"

"How would you know?" Ritsuko lashed.

"Simple, we've been there!" Shouta laughed. "And all three of us survived~."

"Unfortunately," Iori muttered.

"If we could do it, then obviously a bunch of top idols like you could accomplish it easily, right?" Touma purred sarcastically, leaning down so he was at eye-level with Iori.

"You little…OK, you know what? Fine! We'll go to the mansion, we'll survive for a whole week, and we'll all come back alive!" Iori announced. "Idols! Front and center!"

"Iorin, no one's gonna listen to you," Ami sighed.

"IDOLS! FRONT AND CENTER!" Ritsuko demanded. Every idol in the building immediately assembled.

"That's our Demon General!" Mami laughed. "Yes, sir! What do you need from Mami and Ami today?"

Ritsuko shot Jupiter a glare, which Shouta returned with a smile, Hokuto with a nod, and Touma with a sarcastic grin. She faced her idols.

"…Producer, you too."

Producer slowly emerged. "What's up, Ritsuko?"

"There's a 'haunted mansion' up the street from here."

Makoto and Yukiho instantly stiffened.

"We're going there."

The two aforementioned idols whimpered.

"For a week."

"Are you nuts?!" Makoto cried. "We can't stay at a haunted mansion for a week! We'll…well, I don't know what will happen, but I promise it won't be good!"

"Well, those three did it," Ritsuko said calmly, jerking her head at Jupiter. "And if they can do it, we can do it. Right?"

"Can we come?!" Ai gasped excitedly. "I wanna go! I wanna go, I wanna go! Can we pleeeaaase~?"

"Ai-san!" Eri hissed. "D-don't get us involved in this!"

"You can come if you want," Ritsuko invited. "Come on, Cous~! It'll be nice cousinly bonding time."

"Cousinly bonding time in a haunted mansion where we will likely die," Ryo added seriously.

Ritsuko laughed. "It's just a regular mansion! Relax," she sighed. "I promise you you'll be safe. Now let's go, the entrance is down by the water. Right?"

Hokuto nodded. "Do you remember the words?"

"Something like…we summon the demented door, haunted mansion at the floor, open up and pull us in, feed upon our every sin. Right?"

"That's what the legend—I mean, our experiences—say," Shouta said, shrugging.

Makoto gulped. "…those are some…creepy words…"

"We'll be fine!" Ritsuko insisted with a chuckle. "Now! Let's go!"