Hello again! This one was dedicated to Valentines Day! It's one of my favorite days of the year, that is for Mira! I would also like to let you know that xxXWinterRoseXxx helped me write this.

Warning: This story contains extreme fluff. What did you expect, it's Valentines Day!

Mira called everyone in the guild into the center, making them sit in a large circle. She was making them play a little game called 'Truth or Dare.' Everyone in the guild knew what she meant, 'tell us who you like or kiss the person I think you like.' It was a terrifying game.

Mira started the game. "Alright everyone!" She said in her cheerful tone. "We're playing Truth or Dare. Does anyone not want to play?" She sent her glare to everyone. They all sat up straight and shook their heads 'no'.

"Alright! Lets get this game started!" Mira cheered. Nobody else looked happy, at all. Mira turned her gaze to Lisanna and said,"Lisanna, Truth or Dare?"

Lisanna was somewhat surprised at being the first person on, 'who do you or kiss the guy you like.' Not being afraid of what her sister had in mind she answered,"Dare."

Everyone gasped. Was Lisanna really willing to kiss someone!? They all felt bad for the girl who would soon have her dignity on the line.

"You have to race Bixlow to the sakura tree in the park." Mira answered to everyone's surprise.

Lisanna looked at her sister, surprised to hear that it wasn't something romantic-like. Probably because Bixlow wasn't a romantic kind of person, but oh well. Both of them stood up and walked over to the starting line. Mira walked over holding a checkered flag, getting ready to send them off.

"Before you go," she started. Ah, there was the demon Mirajane everyone was expecting, "you aren't allowed to use any magic! Ready? Set? GO!" She waved the flag and off they went.

What only her and Freed knew was that there were runes set up everywhere, that way no one broke her rules. There was also a trap at the end that said,'the second person to pass this will get launched two hundred feet in the air.' She felt guilty about it, but it was for love. She'd get over it.

Everyone stared at the screen. Happy and Carla were flying with a lacrima crystal and recording the entire race for everyone to see. Everyone that was sitting was clinging to the edge wanting to find out the winner. Both competitors were neck and neck, but Bixlow still had his trump card. Being extremely tall had its advantages, this was one of the times it helped.

Using his longer legs, Bixlow slowly opened a gap between the two of them. The gap quickly increased and he was in the lead. Everyone gasped when they saw this, the undeniable truth. Bixlow was taller, he had an advantage. Lisanna wanted to win. Not just to prove to everyone she had grown stronger, but to give hope to smaller people like Levy and Wendy.

Lisanna used all the strength she could muster and sprinted forward. She was closing the gap quickly and getting closer to the end.

Bixlow passed the rune, making it spring to life. Lisanna didn't notice and quickly stepped on it, Bixlow a foot in front of her. She was suddenly in the air. She gasped and stared at the ground as she went higher. Two hundred feet into the sky later, she started to fall back down. She tried to use her magic to prevent from getting hurt, but she couldn't. She closed her eyes and waited for the cold, unforgiving ground to end up beneath her.

Bixlow turned around to see where Lisanna was, but she was in the air. He stopped in his tracks and watched as she came hurtling back towards earthland. He would feel responsible if he let her fall and get injured. He jumped into the air, wrapped his muscular arms around her waist, and held her close to his chest as he waited from impact.

She felt a slight jolt through her entire body and heard a thud beneath her. She slowly opened her eyes and realized that there was something...soft beneath her. She slowly removed herself from the soft object and stared in horror at what was really there.

It was Bixlow. He had taken the blow for her.

He winced as she tried to lift him off the ground. He had most defiantly seen and felt better days. Today was one of the worst, out of all the bad things that had happened to him, today ranked up high. He crossed his legs, which also hurt, and looked at Lisanna, inspecting her. She blushed and turned away.

"You alright?" He asked.

"I'm the one that's suppose to ask you that." Lisanna said, tears gathering up in the corner of her eyes. She never liked crying in public, but who could blame her?

"Well then," Bixlow said, expecting a 'are you okay?' to escape her lips.

"Well what," she asked, confused on what he was expecting, then it clicked. "Are you alright?"

"I've had better days," he answered and attempted to stand up. He fell on his knee's. Damn, he damaged his back! Damn, now he sounded old.

"You need some help," she asked. "Come on." She took his arm and wrapped it around her shoulders. She stood up with him and slowly walked him back to the guild.

Hopefully Mira wouldn't let Bixlow participate anymore. She would even beg her if she had to. She blushed at the thought. Was she really willing to beg, in front of the entire guild, just for Bixlow?