Sorry, sorry for such the long wait. I had absolutely no motivation to do anything for awhile. Well this turn really long so enjoy it because who knows when the next chapter will come out. The ending was a little rushed because it is Valentine;s Day and I wanted to get this out as soon as possible.

Everyone had returned to the guild. Repairs were already in progress, Gajeel and Freed were out of the infirmary, and all the pent-up rage was gone. Everyone agreed to not go so outrageous with the dares anymore, since many people had been hurt in the process. Some people who had planned for revenge could no longer use their plans, but were unwilling to deal with the wrath of Mira.

Bixlow had Wendy by his side as he got last-minute repairs to his bruised body. Elfman constantly stared at the two, his eyes aflame. Only Mira notice this and rolled her eyes at him. She knew that he accepted Bixlow as Lisanna's boyfriend, but he didn't respect him as a man. It was quite funny to watch as people looked back and forth between the two, trying to figure out which of the two Elfman wanted to burst into flames. It didn't matter though, because the game was about to continue.

"Everyone," Mira yelled, "We're going to start again, so sit down." When no one moved, she gave them her evil smile and repeated herself. "Come on everyone, the game's starting."

Reluctantly, everyone sat down in the circle. Bixlow and Wendy were in the center of it, with small spaces between people.

Wendy looked around the room. She saw Romeo pat the space between him and Wakaba, but she quickly looked away. She didn't want to sit next to him while playing this game. It would be incredibly dangerous and could lead to... her blush grew darker as she thought about it. In between Lucy and Natsu, there was a space just large enough for her to fit and have leg room, so she sat next to them, trying to avoid the hurt look on Romeo's face.

Bixlow was a large guy, so he'd need a semi-large space to fit him. Looking around, he only saw a space between Laxus and Elfman, who still glared at him. The only thing that bothered him was the fact that Elfman deliberately chose the spot next to Lisanna, so he couldn't sit next to her. That fact slightly bothered him, but he kept his mouth shut and squeezed between the two large men. Laxus moved closer towards Cana so Bixlow had a bit more space. Elfman on purposely, slid closer towards Bixlow, knowing he wouldn't move because his precious boss needed room.

The masked man glared at Elfman. This guy needed to learn something about personal space, but he wasn't going to complain. Instead, Bixlow moved himself backwards a bit, trying to give his arms some room. Elfman slid back as well, and punched Bixlow hard in the arm. "To back away from an opponent is UNMANLY!" Elfman yelled in his ear. If Elfman thought that he could harass Bixlow enough to breakup with his sister, he had another thing coming.

Mira sat down in the spot Freed had saved for her. "Alright Bixlow," Mira started, "it's your turn to give someone a dare."

Everyone noticed how she forgot to add truth into the equation, but didn't bother to tell her.

Elfman elbowed him in the side, hard. "It's MANLY to only offer a 'dare!'"

At the moment, Bixlow hated Elfman. "Alright," he said, looking towards the buff takeover mage. "I dare you to go in the closet with Evergreen for an hour."

"What about truth!" Elfman complained, suddenly sweating.

"You're the one who said it was 'manly' to only offer someone a dare."

"Manly! You're the one! Dare! Dare! Manly!" His babies repeated.

Elfman bit his tongue for a second, then roared, "IT'S MANLY TO ONLY ACCEPT DARE!"

"YEAH!" All the men cheered.

"I refuse!" A female voice yelled.

Everyone gazed towards her.

"Who gave you the right to choose me Bixlow!" Evergreen yelled.

"The game." He replied.

"I never agreed to this!"

"Evergreen," Mira said coldly, "if you can beat me in a fight I'll let you go." A dark aura surrounded her.

Evergreen paled. "F-Fine," she stuttered, terrified, "I-I'll do the dare."

"Good." The atmosphere returned to normal. "We ready to go Freed?" Mira asked once Freed walked into the room.

"Everything's set up," He said. "Follow me."

Mira watched as Freed walked away, Elfman and Evergreen following him. She frowned. He hadn't been acting like himself since Wendy healed him. Did he have a concussion? Was he stilled injured? If so, why had he not told Wendy? It didn't matter, as long as Elfman and Evergreen got together, then she could deal with Freed.

Freed walked down the corridor towards the infirmary, than turned right into a different hall way that led further into the guild. They pasted door after door, until they finally reached their door. Evergreen started to have second thoughts, but Bixlow came up behind them. Freed opened the door and suddenly they were inside, the door quickly closing behind them. The purple scripture appeared around them, preventing them from leaving.

The space was small, barely able to fit Elfman if he were alone. There were empty selves covering the wall of the supply closet, waiting for something, anything, that needed storing. Everything in the room had a thing layer of dust covering it. The supports for the selves creaked as Elfman's back hit them, causing dust to fly around the room. Elfman and Evergreen coughed.

Once everything settled, Evergreen asked, "How long do we have to sit in here?"

"Check the runes." Elfman replied, forgetting how long Bixlow had specified earlier.

Evergreen, using the little space she had, turned to look at the runes. She reached for the door knob, then the scripture appeared.

You have to spend one hour in the room before you may leave.

"What!" Evergreen complained. "I can't spend an hour in here with you!"

"You think I like this!" Elfman yelled back.

"Of course. You get to spend an hour with a sexy woman."

Elfman sat down, causing Evergreen to trip. Her head skimmed the selves and hit Elfman's chest. She rubbed her head as Elfman stared, wondering why she was so clumsy.

"What did you do that for!" Evergreen yelled, rubbing the sore spot on her head

"Me!" Elfman retorted. "You're the one who tripped!"

"Why do you think I tripped!"

"Because it's impossible to walk in heels!"

"You've never even tried to walk in heels!"

"Yes I have! That's how I know!" Elfman yelled. Evergreen laughed at him. "What's so funny!" Elfman's anger starting to show.

"Y-you tried on woman's heels?" She laughed.

Elfman's face turned red, realizing what he said.

"Don't worry," Evergreen soothed, "I won't tell anyone."

"But we all know." Mira said to no one in particular. She stared at the projection that showed what was going on in the closet. The rest of the guild was laughing at the so-called "man" who admitted trying on heels.

Evergreen, seeming as there was no other place to sit, sat on Elfman's lap. She leaned back until she felt Elfman abs. She bit her lip as she made herself comfortable. She liked the feel of his abs, not that she would tell him of course, but she felt safe knowing that he was there. Especially when his huge arms locked her in, then she wouldn't have to worry about someone grabbing her. Who would mess with such a huge man?

Her face turned red. Why was she thinking such thinks about Elfman? He was an idiot who would always call her a 'man' when she was a woman. The idiot had to learn that, before he could even think about being her boyfriend.

Suddenly his long arms grabbed her waist. Her hand shot up to cover her mouth, suppressing a small yelp. She felt her face heat up at the sudden movement.

"Why are you touching me," she said, trying to sound as angry as possible.

She failed. "Why are you talking in such a high voice?" He inspected her face. She turned away, refusing to meet his eyes. "Why is your face r-." He looked down, feeling like an idiot afterwards. He could see down her dress, and couldn't help but stare. He knew what was coming, but couldn't help himself.

Her hand smacked the back off his head. "Why are you looking down there!"

She felt something against her back that she never wanted to feel from Elfman. She squirmed, trying to get away from him, but she didn't have anywhere else to go. Suddenly Elfman's head it the wall, his grip on her tightened, and he moaned. Evergreen froze, her face beat red. She never meant to do that.

"S-sorry," She apologized. She was shaking, hoping he wouldn't do anything drastic.

He looked down at her. She suddenly intimidated by Elfman's large structure. He didn't say anything, simply stared. She knew what he wanted, and shakily shook her head. She hadn't meant to cause that in the first place and now he wanted more?

"I-I," she started.

"I know," he said, cutting her off, "you didn't mean to do that. I didn't mean for that to happen either, it was so unmanly."

When she looked at Elfman, took a good look, she saw that his face went red. She sighed in relief, at least she wasn't the only one embarrassed. She refused to say anything to him as she review what played out. Elfman was looking at her chest, which men often tried with her. She smirk slightly. She could be Titania for her looks alone, not to mention her incredible powers, charm and personality. Nobody should think of Erza as the Titania. If you touched her cake she would punch you into next week, plus she was scary, and definitely not as sexy, she wasn't even approachable.

She heard Elfman cough uncomfortably. She probably should get off his lap, but she couldn't. There wasn't enough room for her to sit anywhere else... beside squished between his side and the wall. She preferred his lap, though it caused her to feel awkward, not to mention the amount of heat radiating from him. She sighed. Why did she have to get dragged into this mess too? Elfman grew tense again, making worried.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked. "Can't you be calm for a second?"

"Shush." He said.

"Don't you shus-" Elfman clasped his hand over her mouth. She struggled within his embrace and fought to break free.

"Ever." He said huskily into her ear. She shivered and felt uncomfortable. It suddenly felt hot, so she took out her fan and started to cool herself. "Why don't we do something we're not suppose to?"

What is he talking about? She thought. To make things even worse, I'm kinda liking it. It must be the runes Freed placed.

"W-what were you thinking," she asked, her face darker than Erza's hair.

Mira gasped in surprise. She never expected Elfman to ask something like that in the first couple of minutes. Lucy's face went red as she realized what she was about to watch. Her thoughts ran wild, preventing her from hearing Natsu's low growl. He moved closer to the blonde, but no one noticed, besides Gajeel. He smirked knowingly at Natsu, then look towards Levy. Jet and Droy both had their hands over her eyes while yelling about how she should watch such stuff.

"But guys," she complained, "it's not like I haven't read stuff like this before."

Jet, Droy, and Gajeel all looked at her, shocked. Nobody, Gajeel especially, thought that Levy would read porn. Granted it wasn't pictures, but porn was porn, and Levy read that. Gajeel viewed the romance section differently. He no longer thought it was that cheesy drama stuff that bored him to death. The books still had that, but it included sex. Gajeel actually considered to read a romance novel, but only the part he found interesting. Definitely not the drama though, he hated drama. It was a good thing that Lyon didn't know about his phobia of it.

"Since you know a bit about runes, I was thinking you might be able to shorten the time." He explained.

Evergreen sighed in relief. She was not about to hit that, no matter how much she craved it. Her body might have wanted it, but she was not mentally ready for the brute. The saying 'follow your heart' was not something she was going to rely on. It was like a love virus that would eat at your brain until you were head over heels, and then it fought at you, forcing you to want them for ridiculous amounts of time. She was going to fight it off for as long as she could, but why did Elfman have to make it so hard?

After some time, she finally answered. "Freed layered them, plus you have to rewrite the entire thing if you only wanted to change the time. It's pointless to even try such a complicated thing."

"Then what are we suppose to do!" Elfman yelled.

"How am I suppose to know!" Evergreen yelled back.

"I don't know! You're the smart one!"

"So what!? Can't you think of something on your own!"

"How Can I Think When You're Sitting On Me!"






Eventually, their noses touched as they screamed at each other about nothing. Evergreen, out of breath, started panting angrily. Elfman took this time to catch his breath and think about a come back. Evergreen had made some good points, but he wasn't about to let her win this. He looked towards her, only to see dark brown eyes. His head shot back in surprise, hitting the wall and causing everything above to shake.

Evergreen, getting pulled away from her thoughts, stared at him angrily. "What, your too clumsy to realize when there's a wall right behind you?" She smirked.

Elfman was breathing heavily. Evergreen was too close, causing his heart rate to increase. He suddenly felt hot and uncomfortable, but he needed to push that behind him. He needed to retort he insult. He said, "Y-y-yeah, b-but you c-can't..."

He trailed off. He wasn't about to continue while he was stuttering so badly. He didn't understand how this happened to him. He only stuttered when his sister gave him the demonic smile. It could make even the strongest, most ruthless men cower in fear. So why, when he tried to talk to Evergreen in a close proximity, did he stutter? It simply didn't make sense.

"Is something wrong?" Evergreen asked, actually sounding concerned.

Elfman looked towards her. The slight glow from the runes giving off enough light for him to she her outline, though it changed the color of her clothing. Her green dress now had a purple hue, and her wavy, light brown hair looked darker. She looked stunning, attractive, and even though it disturbed him, kissable. A sudden burst of confidence ran through him. I can kiss her, he thought. No. I won't kiss her. She has a big ego and is such a selfish woman! Even though she did care enough to sit by my bed when I was in the infirmary... She's so confusing. When I asked her to go to the pool with me, it was slip of the tongue. The fact that she said yes convinced me she has some feelings, but they were probably because I was being heroic. She even yelled at me when we were there.

"Elfman." Evergreen said, snapping her fingers in his face. He blinked in surprise, shaking his head. She gave him an annoyed look, then rolled her eyes. She rested her head on his chest and decided to take a nap to relieve her stress.

Gajeel felt anxious. He was able to piece together Mira's plan and he didn't like it. New couples had appeared because of this whole 'truth or dare' thing. Natsu was being more open, Wendy didn't feel comfortable next to Romeo, he even noticed that Mira occasionally glanced at Freed. He was the only one that acted like nothing was wrong. Except, he glanced towards Levy instead of playing it cool and grinning.

He was not going to let Mira get him. When he was ready to ask the blunette out, he would ask her out. He wouldn't do it because of some dare.

He face palmed. He suddenly remembered how all the drama started. Jellal saw Levy's chest and he overreacted. Damn it! He though, silently scolding himself.

"Is something wrong Gajeel?" Levy asked, touching his arm.

He shrugged her off. "Yeah," he said in his usual tone, "everything's fine shrimp."

She pouted. "You're lying. You know you can tell me what's wrong."

"I just forgot to take the meat out of the freezer." He lied.

"Why don't we go out to eat then?"

Gajeel silently yelled at the blunette. Because the demon woman would think we're a thing shrimp!

"I want to eat alone tonight."


"I want to eat alone!" He yelled.

The guild looked at Gajeel and Levy. Cana gave him a look that said Gajeel you idiot, then looked back towards the screen to see what was happening between Elfman and Evergreen.

"Okay." Levy said softly, hurt.

Gajeel hated this kinds stuff. This is why he didn't read romance novels. Too much drama between the main female and male characters. It always resulted in gossip and all of that other stuff he didn't care for. He had to make things right, but he didn't know how to do that without sounding into her. He decided it didn't matter, as long as Levy never made that face again.

"Maybe some other time." Gajeel said, looking away from her. She glance up towards him, surprised. He took a rain check, which meant that he wanted to eat with her. She smiled.

Gajeel scolded himself. He basically promised her dinner, without actually saying it. He wanted to do many things with the blunette that he refused to do. He wanted to kiss the woman, but couldn't. It wasn't because he couldn't forgive himself for what he did to her, but because he didn't now how to approach it. They never talked about much, he would ask her about a book she was reading, and she would go on and on about it. He never looked like he cared, but he did. If it made her happy, then it made him happy because she would smile. He mentally insulted himself. He sounded cheesy, but love is cheesy.

Lily constantly told him, "You love her," but he always denied it. He knew that the bookworm had won him over, he simply refused to admit it. At one point he considered asking her out, but he didn't know how to ask her. He wasn't a spontaneous person, but it seemed like he had to jump for it. That, or wait for the shrimp to ask him, which hurt his pride.

Even if he wanted to go out with the shrimp, he would have to wait until Mira finished her charade. He wasn't going to have anyone help him get Levy, no matter what.

Mira glanced towards Gajeel, which he pretended not to notice. It was like the woman knew when he mentioned her name. It was creepy and unnatural. He would never think her name again, especially if she reacted to it the same way.

Evergreen slowly opened her eyes into a slightly purple room. She rubbed her eyes, thinking she was in a dream, but the room stayed purple. It suddenly hit her that she was in a closet with Elfman. She didn't react negatively, but looked towards the wall of muscle she was leaning on. He was sleeping peacefully, his breathing even, head slightly tilted. She smiled to herself. He looked handsome - in a way - when he slept. Really approachable, very defenseless, but still tough.

She breath out. She wasn't about to fall for him. She looked towards the runes, five minutes. She smiled to herself. Her and Elfman weren't going to be together, though the thought made her sad. If she were to kiss him, right now would be perfect. Her heart pounded against her chest at the thought. Why would she kiss Elfman, even worse, why would she think about it?

She had five minutes to choose, would she kiss him, or try wait for the runes to fall and leave. She closed her eyes, and scrunched up her nose. She couldn't let the opportunity pass her, so she slowly moved closer towards Elfman.

Gajeel was the last person left staring at the projection. Seeming as the two fell asleep, nobody felt like watching anymore. Gajeel tried to leave, but Levy had asked him to watch it for her, and tell her when things picked up. He'd told her to do it herself, but she promised to be back with drinks, so he stayed.

She never came back. Jet and Droy had joined her in line and took her attention away from him. He didn't like that. Not only was he now stuck watching the screen, but he had started to get thirsty.

"Gajeel," a deep voice said. He looked towards the source and saw Lily holding two mugs.

"That's my cat." Gajeel said, reaching up to take his drink.

Lily sat in the chair next to Gajeel's and watched Evergreen wake up. "Why are you still watching this?" Lily asked suddenly. "I thought you, of all people, would hate this kinda stuff."

"Yeah well, the Shrimp wanted me to," he said.

"I don't think I need to say it again."

"Good." Gajeel paused. "The only reason I stayed here was because the Shrimp said she'd bring some drinks."

"So where's Levy?"

"Talking to her lapdogs."

"She forgot about you?"

"..." Gajeel stopped talking. He continued to stare at the screen, watching as Evergreen scrunched up her nose. Gajeel sighed, these two were too hopeless. They needed Mira's help, desperately.

He raised a metal studded eyebrow when he saw Evergreen lean towards Elfman. "Hey, Shrimp!" Gajeel yelled over the low roar of the guild.

She looked towards him, remembering his drink. "Oh, Gajeel, I'm so sorry! I forgot about your-"

"That doesn't matter. Just get ya ass over here."

Levy choosing to ignore how rude Gajeel was, ran over and sat next to him. She looked towards the screen and saw how close Evergreen was to Elfman, their lips centimeters away. She gripped Gajeel's arm tightly and squealed. Mira looked over at the couple, smiling at how close they were. Maybe... after all... they didn't need her help...

Too bad.

She walked over to them with a smile plastered to her face. She was going to get these two together, no matter what. She stood behind them, a tray full of drinks in both hands. She said, "Would you guys like anything?"

Levy couldn't speak; she was too excited to form anything coherent. Gajeel rolled his eyes and finished of his drink. "Yeah," he said, "I need another beer." He put down his mug.

"Coming right up!" She said, turning around and heading to another table.

"Hey Bookworm." Gajeel said.

Levy, still clutching his arm, looked at him and said, "Yes?"

"Test my drink for me will ya?"

"What, why?"

"I wanna make sure that demon didn't put anything funny in it."

"I'm not gonna be your test dummy Gajeel. Ask someone else to do it."

"I'm not gonna-," he stopped himself.

"Not gonna what?" Levy inquired

"Not gonna ask anyone else. If it's poisoned I should be able to smell it."

He leaned back in his chair. He moved to put his feet up on the chair in front of him, but a burst of fire and ice prevented him. Gray and Natsu's fight swept Gajeel up and carried him away, getting him involved with something pointless.

Levy sighed and turned back towards the screen, squealing again.

Evergreen slowly leaned in towards Elfman, her eyes closed. She lingered over Elfman's lips and opened her eyes, willing herself out of it. She stared at his lips, wanted but fearing their taste. She could already taste his breath; It made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She didn't know why, but the thought of kissing him delighted her and repulsed her. She went to move away, but a pair of rough hands stopped her. Her face turned red and she tensed up.

"Ever." Elfman whispered huskily into her ear. A chill ran down her spine, and it became hard to breath.

Without warning, Elfman closed the gap, pressing his lips roughly against hers'. She stared at him wide-eyed, feeling his lips move. She wanted to scream, but also wanted to give in. She closed her eyes, willing her heart to stop beating so quickly. Her lips parted, deepening the kiss. Elfman took full control from their, moving his lips, and slightly moving his tongue deeper into her mouth. She let it pass the gate and explore her city, making sure not to miss a single spot.

He retracted, closing his lips and pulling away. He stared down at her, panting. Evergreen stared back at him, her eyes aflame.

"Stone eyes!" She hissed, turning him to stone. He froze in a state of shock, the stone chiseling his features in a way that made Evergreen want to continue holding him.

She attempted to stand up, leaning against the wall and trying to find a valid place to put her foot down. In her effort, her head smack against one of the shelves overhead. Dust flew around the room, causing her to cough. The runes fell, leaving her in darkness.

She sighed, putting her hands against the board to feel which way she should go. She moved to the right, stepping on Elfman's leg for support. She found open space, so she stood straight up, stretching out her sore muscles. Straightening out her dress, she moved towards the door. She extended her hand, expecting to find the door knob and not break stride as she walked into the hallway. Finding no door knob, she face planted into the door.

Angered, Evergreen adjusted her glasses. She rubbed her sore nose, planning to break down the door. She breathed, determined not to make a fool of herself again. She searched for the wretched knob, sliding her hands against the wall until she found something round. Sighing in relief she turned the knob and opened the door.

"Have a nice time in there Ever?" Bixlow asked, tongue lolling.

"Is that anyway to treat your boyfriend?" Freed asked, smirking at her.

Her face turned red. She asked, "How long have you guys been out here?"

"I dun no, an hour?" Bixlow admitted, grinning.

"You can't leave him like that you know." Freed said, humor still lingering in his voice.

"Fine." Evergreen said, walking back towards the group.

Elfman gasped as he became part of the living once more. I looked towards the ground, suddenly able to see his surroundings. He notice that Evergreen was missing, but that didn't surprise him. Instead, he shot up, smacking his head against the shelf, cringing a bit, then walking out of the closet, determined to find Evergreen.

He brushed past Bixlow and Freed, ignoring their obnoxious grins. He took long strides through the halls,making quick work of the distance Evergreen had put between them. He heard voices, loud whistles and cheering among the group. He payed no mind as he quickly walked into he frenzy, hands clamping on his shoulder and people shouting in his ear.

He looked for a green dress with long, brown hair to match. It was impossible with the huge crowd surrounding him, so he pushed them aside and freed himself. He got a clear view of her, her hair framing her face, portraying a rather frightening scowl in his direction. He grinned and charged her, wrapping his large muscular arms around her petite frame. She shouted a chain of unladylike chain of words which fell upon deaf ears.

Taking her by surprise, he kissed her. A deep, passionate kiss, that even she, who at the moment despised him, couldn't deny. She met him, and pushed back with her own ferocity. There were many cat-calls, and shouts, but neither of them payed them any attention, their focus solely on each other.

A pair of hands clamped down of Elfman's shoulders and pulled him away from Evergreen, bringing him back to reality. He panted, his breath stolen away by Evergreen. A jolt of electricity shot through him, causing him to cringe.

"Pay back," Laxus whispered in his ear, "for keeping Bixlow away from his girl."

Elfman felt devastated as everyone erupted in laughter, save for Evergreen. He sighed as the circle started to form in the middle of the guild, and proceeded to walk towards it. He went to sit down next to Evergreen, but Bixlow took the seat next to her. Elfman's frown grew, so he sat next to Bixlow, thinking that he deserved it. Lisanna went to sit next to Elfman, making him feel a bit happier, but Bixlow grabbed her hand and pulled her down to sit in his lap.

There was no way Elfman was letting that slide. He went to yell at him, but Mira sat next to him, pinching his cheek and saying "Alright, so who's next?"