The night sky in Japan is really peaceful. However, inside a diner, it's not peaceful as there is something sinister going in there. A conversation between two bad people started.

"Now that I'm in Japan so that Jackie Chan, his family, and Tohru won't be able to trace those crimes I'm about to commit back to me, the Dark Hand will rise aga-," a green-suited, white-haired man gloats on his evil plan. Suddenly, he's interrupted by a sinister blond-haired man wearing a dark suit and sunglasses. His name is Yamaki, and he's the head of Hypnos, an organization dedicated of wiping out Digimon once and for all.

"Uh, Valmont, I hate to interrupt your gloating, but your dinner's getting cold," he started pointing out at the steak on the table. Because of his gloating, it's getting cold. Valmont responds by passing it over to Yamaki as he started to eat it. Not only he's there, but also his love interest, Riley.

"And speaking of temperature, I'm going to need some heat if I'm going to regain my riches," Valmont said of his plan.

"Oh, and how you're going to do that, Mr. Riches to Rags?" Riley has doubts on what is in store.

"I'm telling you two what I'm going to do. Tell me, Yamaki, my old friend, do you see threats in a Digimon?" was his reply.

Yamaki is drinking water as he stops in the middle. "Yeah, what about it?"

"I'm going to have one on my own and use it to commit crimes for me," was the crime boss' reply.

As they hear that statement, they have shock looks on their faces. They're not liking that scheme. In fact, that shocks Yamaki so much that he spits out what he's drinking.

"What? Are you crazy, Valmont? I mean, how are you going to pull off something like that? You don't even know to gain a Digimon."

"Well, I have my own way. You'll see, okay?" Valmont looks overconfident in this situation.

Yamaki then turns calm in this. He knew that his old friend from San Francisco would have some trick on his sleeve.

"Okay, here's a profile of three kids who have Digimon as their partners," he opens his briefcase and shows a folder of the three kids. It's none other than Takato Matsuki, Henry Wong, and Rika Nonaka. Their Digimon partners are Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon, respectively. Valmont takes notice of their profiles as well as as their addresses.

"Tell me, which one of those kids whose Digimon is the strongest?" was Valmont's question.

"By our estimation, that would be Rika's Digimon partner, Renamon," Riley replied. "Well, that's because from the beginning, she thinks of Digimon only as data and never as living things, and believes that by having Renamon absorb the enemy's data, she can make her powerful."

"I see," Valmont has understood the concept. "Well, that's why I'm here, Yamaki. I need your help to make me rich again."

"Is that so? Well, I'm happy to help an old friend, but I'm not rich so I'll just give you some money if you complete a task for me," Yamaki sinisterly smiles as he clasps his hands at his chest.

"And what's that?"

"Give me some pictures of Digimon doing something bad. You know, attacking kids or even robbing banks. Once you done it, I'll give you some money, depending on the threat level, that is."

"It's a deal," the two gentlemen shake their hands, sealing the deal.

Suddenly, some waitress hands over the bill. As Valmont takes a look at it, he is in for a surprise. The price he has to pay is ¥2,000 total and that is too expensive for him. Looking from left to right to see if there is anyone witnessing this moment, he hands it to his two guests and puts his arms crossed.

"Hey!" Yamaki and Riley shouted in dismay for the act.

"What? I didn't eat," Valmont shows the dinner that the former just ate. Yes, he didn't eat.