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EBS's 2nd Anniversary Challenge

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Entry type: Twilight

Name of entry: Every Part of Her

Primary prompt: Second chances

Secondary prompt: Explore the senses: base your writing around touch and/or smell

Categories: Romance

Jasper stands and watches Alice wade into the water. She's left her clothes, every bit of them, on the riverbank beside him.

She told him he didn't have to watch, that he could turn away if he wanted. But she told him that she wants to swim so she will swim.

He doesn't want to. He never wants to take his eyes off her.

More than that, he wants to memorize every part of her.

So he watches her.

He imagines running his hands over the contours of her small, angled body. He imagines his lips meeting her delicate pink ones. He imagines he'd like that very much.

As he watches her swim effortlessly through the clear water, he acts on instinct and drops to a crouch. His fingers reach for the navy blue dress with white polka dots that she left behind. He brings the fabric to his face and inhales deeply.

Her clothes smell mostly of sugar, of vanilla, and just a little of jasmine.

He knew this, of course, because his senses missed nothing as they left Philadelphia together. It's different, though, to study it and make it a part of him.

The girl who smells most of all of sweetness and just a little mysterious; she's is a part of him now, and he hopes that will never change.

He straightens when he notices her leaving the water and drops his eyes to the ground as she walks toward him.

She's humming softly as she tugs her dress over her head and straightens it around her waist.

He likes the sound of her humming, it fits with the way he's learning to know her.

She holds out her hand to him and he takes it, wondering if there could be any better feeling than touching her. He doesn't think so, but he can't be sure.

Jasper's only known Alice for thirty-six hours but he's already learned something very important; she is his second chance in life and he's not going to let it slip by.