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Neal jerked awake, the tendrils of a dark dream slipping away from his mind. The memories of last night flooded back to him. He had fallen asleep in Peter's comforting embrace, lulled into the first peaceful sleep in weeks. But Peter was gone now.

The bright light glaring into the room was making Neal squint, and he raised his arms to try and block it, wincing as he cracked the layer of blood dried across his forearms. He could barely see anything through the sun shining through the windows.

Neal felt the bed sag down next to him. He turned his head, spots dancing in his vision, and saw Peter.

"I thought you'd have left."

Peter smiled.

"Well, someone's gotta take you to work, Caffrey."

Peter handed him a cup of hot coffee, and a wet towel.

"Clean yourself up, and get that down you." he gently commanded.

Neal smiled gratefully, swigging the warm beverage, and handed it back to Peter while he hauled himself up. He turned away from Peter whilst cleaning the blood from his arm, and dropped the towel under the bed rather than give it back to Peter. He felt somewhat ashamed that Peter had found him in the state he was in last night, as he had promised himself not to break down in front of Peter and add to his stress.

Neal got dressed quickly, and Him and Peter walked to Peter's car in silence. Peter cleared his throat.

"Look Neal. I just want you to know that it's not your fault Hughes has been obsessing over our case files. He's under the yearly inspection by what we like to call the Super Hughes, and when he's stressed.. Well, he likes to take it out on us. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry I kinda blamed it on you. You're an asset to the White Collar division, and a valued team member to m.. all of us. I know you've been having a hard time with Kate's death, but if you ever wanna talk.."

"I'll be sure to talk to Elizabeth." Neal finished for him, laughing. A slow grin spread across Peter's face, and he sighed in relief. Neal continued to laugh at Peter for a few more minutes.

"Peter, I just want you to know, I appreciate it. I know that was probably the most awkward situation you've ever experienced, and that was definitely not easy for you to say."

Peter nodded, and they both climbed into the car.

"Hey, I forgot to ask you. El wanted to me to ask you if you wanted to come to dinner tonight."

"How could I pass up on Peter Burke's infamous pot roast." Neal smirked. Peter groaned.

"I guess that means I'm cooking tonight then."

Neal slapped him on the back, laughing.

"I guess it does buddy, I guess it does."

The ride back to the office was filled with the usual banter. Neal relished in Peter not bringing up last night. He had meant what he said, he really did appreciate Peter's apology. For the first time since Kate died, Neal felt... needed. And for the first time, the little voice in his head that whispered all his insecurities.. it was gone.