Heart of Magic

"Ladies and gentleman of the Wizengamot I am Empress Juliana the ninth of the Byzantium Alliance and am here to deliver the magical world's final ultimatum to you, already during this month you have voted against democracy which violates human rights in every sense of the world, you have also attempted to undermine the authority of the Order of Mages by attempting to misguide a Cardinal Mage. For years you have allowed house elf slavery which has resulted in severe genetic deformity and worse in what you call house elves, by my right as empress appointed by the Order of Mages I order the following. You will make all aspects of your government democratic, you will abolish house elf slavery and all those owning house elves will be charged with crimes against Elven kind by the supreme court of the Elven nation. Furthermore an official apology will be given to the Elven nation and to the Order of Mages, Minister Cornelius Fudge will step down and face charges of corruption before the Cardinal Mages, corruption charges will be brought against various others and the auror department will be stripped of all power until their suitability can be evaluated. Until that time you will allow Byzantium forces into Great Britain to keep the peace..." Juliana stood in the centre of the Wizengamot looking fierce. She was draped in purple striped silver robes which trailed along the floor and hugged her body tightly, she wore silk gloves and on the top of her head was a golden grown encrusted with diamonds and a single large purple stone above her forehead. The Wizengamot looked like they had been run over, most had not believed the letter but her, Harry and her bodyguards had entered the room and she began her speech quickly. However she was currently being interrupted by an audible hem hem

"Excuse me," Umbridge interjected with her girlish giggle present, obviously she thought this was some kind of joke, Harry noticed the black armoured bodyguards tense as the woman spoke up but Harry had a feeling even Umbridge wouldn't dare attack. There were six people who would kill her if she tried; literally

"Who are you?" Juliana asked bluntly, this was a formality and she knew almost with certainty they were going to reject her ultimatum. Umbridge looked slightly offended

"I am madam Umbridge and I have a question, on what authority do you have the right to barge in here and tell us on how to run our people!" the toad hissed, Juliana looked like she wanted to throw something at her.

"The authority of the Order of Mages, I do have that authority as I accepted when the Arch-Mage declared me empress. They have authority because they are part of what is known as the heart of magic which believe it or not is the heart of magic. So they are being guided by the literal source of magic giving them authority over the magical world... is this too hard for you to follow?" Juliana demanded nodding up and down so hard her crown was at risk of falling off; Umbridge went a dark shade of red. She moved to speak

"No! Unless you have a question that is relating to the terms of the ultimatum then sit down, if you question my authority then focus on the army I have building up on Azkaban," Juliana hissed lowly and a slightly ripple went through the Wizengamot. Umbridge sat down but looked furious and Harry smirked as Juliana continued reading out the ultimatum. Luckily she only had a few lines left before she addressed the Wizengamot once more

"You will vote now on this, if you vote against it and overturn it then I give you a proclaim guarantee there will be a war, if you vote for it then minimal damage will be afflicted against this country," Juliana ended, she was not going to be present for the vote but she doubted it would take long.

"Please call for me when you have an answer!" she smiled venomously at Fudge before slipping into her circle of bodyguards; they relaxed slightly before escorting her out of the room.

"Absolutely ridiculous," she hissed once she had left the main chamber, she almost tripped over her robe in the process and grabbed Harry for stabilisation.

"You've only had to put up with them for a day," Harry mumbled, she gave him a sympathetic look

"I'll make it up to you," she vowed with mischievous wink as they walked into the atrium. A few people turned to look but the sight of her bodyguards stopped journalists and any disgruntled people who had turned up. Representative Ostari was waiting for them, he did not speak but Juliana gave him a curt nod and from that he knew it was not going well.

"I will inform my government," was all he said before turning on his heels and leaving the room. Then Harry felt something, it was a slight chill that licked his flesh, it was like the air itself was warning him of danger. Then he saw the flicker of black above them,

"Move!" he ordered dragging Juliana to the side as her bodyguards looked up in time to be engulfed by the smoke. Harry spun around and almost smiled, the death eaters had obviously thought they could take the bodyguards by surprise but what they did not know was that this six men were the most highly trained people in the world. So when Bellatrix Lestrange wrapped her hands around the neck of the first person she grabbed she did not expect to be kicked in the leg and for her target to spin around and punch her in the face.

People were screaming as the death eaters attacked but the attack lasted seconds, Juliana had drawn her wand and her bodyguards had drawn their weapons. They were all aiming to kill and Bellatrix Lestrange realised she had picked the wrong target when a sword was thrust through her gut, the others saw their master's top lieutenant gasp and fall to the floor with blood gushing out a small but lethal wound. It was then Voldemort made an appearance, he glided through the air like a knife with range etched into his face.

"Avada Kedavra!" he screamed targeting the man who had killed her, by the time the spell even got close the bodyguard was already gone. Then his blood red eyes turned on Harry

"So the famed boy who lived returns, it is has been a long time Harry and how little you have changed, you still rely your fame as you always did Cardinal Mage," he spat the last words but Harry did not say anything.

"Tom Riddle, I see you are just as deluded as when we last met, you have not changed at all." Harry sighed deeply, he actually felt sorry for this deluded fool.

"Deluded? You think I am deluded Potter! You are the fool and you are weak, there is nothing you can do to stop me, I am more powerful than you could possibly im..." he trailed off as he was hit by a wave of energy powerful enough to force him to the ground.

"Good shot!" Harry complimented Juliana, she smiled as her bodyguards rushed towards the dark lord, they crushed his wand and hauled him to his feet. Harry looked at the man

"Tom Riddle, I find you guilty of attempting to kill a Cardinal Mage and I herby excommunicate you from the magical world!" Harry sighed, Voldemort looked ready to laugh but then like so many others he worked out what had happened. Then he broke down and cried, magic was the only thing he had and now it was gone,

"Transport him to Azkaban, give him to the military commander and he will face trial in front of the Cardinal Mages," Juliana requested, Voldemort was going to spend the rest of his life locked up in a prison for crimes of murder, attempting to carry out genocide and more. He was a threat to world stability and he would not taste freedom again.


"The Wizengamot have made a decision," Amelia Bones boomed, once the chaos had died down they had reconvened and voted. Juliana had just been summoned and was once again standing in the centre of the room,

"On a vote of ninety four to four we have decided to reject the ultimatum," she ended sadly and Harry got the impression she was one of the five who voted in favour. Juliana nodded

"Then the Byzantium Alliance declares war on the state of magical Great Britain," Juliana nodded and turned to leave

"Wait one moment please," Umbridge requested and the empress turned to face her, their eyes met and Umbridge looked ready to smile.

"The Wizengamot have also decided as you are an enemy of the state to have you arrested as a criminal, we have cells below and I'm sure the dementors would be delighted to have company," she giggled in her high girly voice. The moment the words left her lips a team of aurors burst into the room, the body guards in one swift move surrounding the empress and turned their weapons on them.

"I dare you to try it," Juliana warned, Umbridge giggled and Harry stepped forward, He was sure the bodyguards could deal with the aurors but it would be a bloodbath and he was not going to put Juliana at risk.

"So do I," he finished and the smile fell off her face, his glare could freeze blood and he raised a palm to Umbridge, the woman would face trial for corruption and torture later but unless she called them off then she was going to lose her magic

"Think about it, is petty revenge worth it because you Umbridge will lose your magic as will most of these aurors, I will also remind you that there is an army building up on your shores and the if they find out have imprisoned the empress they will swarm this building and kill both you and everyone involved, without her there is no link to the order and they cannot be held accountable," Harry lied, the army would attack but they would not go on a killing spree but Umbridge didn't know that.

"I suggest you allow us to walk out of here, or the resulting blood bath is in on your hands, these men apprehended Lord Voldemort today and I'm sure if they can do that then they can get past a few aurors." His words were slowly starting to sink in

"Stand down!" Amelia Bones ordered; one main issue with the ministry was the people responsible for various departments were seen as leaders and people were loyal to them and not the minister. The aurors had Umbridge ordering them to attack and the woman who paid their salary saying not to, it was no surprise all of them lowered their weapons.

"Escort them out," Amelia requested as Umbridge shot her a dark look, others look thankful she had stopped a fight and Fudge was looking around not taking either side. Harry nodded to her respectfully as he was escorted out of the room, knowing that the moment they left the building a war would begin and Magical Britain would be at war.