Heart Of Magic

The Commonwealth Of Rome, formed after the Napoleonic wars to ensure world leaders of magic could work together and all could have a say. It was based on the Holy Roman Empire, the Arch Mage acted as a leader of the Commonwealth but he did not have absolute power of the realms, he could order re-elections, ban members and issue demands. However he did not have ultimate power of the countries, he was like the Grandfather of these leaders, he could ask, advise and punish but he could not a rule their lives. However they did their best to rule the order, the Cardinals making up the voting body of the order often obeyed the requests of Government but in this place there was no pressure from a government for this was their voice.

The Commonwealth had met to discuss the invasion of Britain but they had not voted on whether or not it was acceptable to invade; that was an order matter outside the Commonwealth. If they were a global threat then all members would vote; if it was a yes all would have to provide some military help if it was a no the matter would be forgotten. However today no one would forget, no one had failed to turn up; all the world leaders of the magical world were packed into a circular dome shaped room with seven Cardinals at the front. If the Arch Mage was a grandfather they were the father's; they watched over a continent each to assist the world. However they were silent as the Arch Mage took his place in the centre of the room;

"As we know two weeks ago The republic of Ireland both magical and non magical fell to the might of an enemy few of us believed to be alive, the members of their government who escaped in the end have formed a government in exile, they are here today but we are here to address the threat. The Roman Empire, what actually founded this society, without them the Byzantium Alliance would not exist and the Holy Roman Empire which provided a basis for this very assembly would not have existed. However Rome is a part of our past, not a future and we must ensure this empire is ended," The Arch Mage began, his words however had a profound effect on the assembly who all looked either worried or amazed.

"Arch Mage, according to our information you are unable to excommunicate this empress, now if you are unable to end her why have you not labelled the empire an enemy of the order, the Byzantium Alliance could restore order to Ireland I am sure," a guff balding man representing Russia announced.

"My forces I remind you number three million five hundred as we dominate the magical territory of what the Byzantium and most of the Ottoman Empire had, they are not something to be used without my permission, we do not serve the order we are allies with them. My armies are not bargaining chips," Juliana warned knowing she and her empire had a reputation of being the order's favourite.

"While I am sure my friend was speaking out of turn he has a point, this is not a global crisis, an exiled empress takes over a country and makes demanding statements," A slender thin lipped woman interrupted shooting the man a warning look.

"It appears true statements, her armies indeed are more formidable and somehow more powerful than that of the Alliance,"

"Impossible Arch Mage, how could six million men be transported, supplied and not be seen, it may be a stealth attack which ended The Republic of Ireland but six million men would have been seen," the woman countered.

"You are right, six million men is not the number the Roman's have, as of now it is eight million, every male of the age has been drafted into the army, a slave army of forced conscripts who are somehow kept from rebelling. At the moment it is a combination of magical and non magical forces, how this Empress is keeping from resisting we do not know but the Imperial Bloodline is known to have qualities making it different, however speculation is not what we are here to discuss, At the moment the Roman Empire has the power to destroy all of us individually and it is time to hit them back before they even begin to rise once more," The Arch Mage began.

"Arch Mage, I must ask is that wise? I mean we tolerated very oppressive and dislikeable systems in the region previously," "The German Minister began

"Are you suggesting we leave my country in the hands of a tyrant? As we speak This Empress Elizabeth sits in Irelands centre of Government, desecrating it with her flags and presence and you ask us to do nothing?" The President Of Ireland Mary Robinson demanded indignantly. She had been forced to sign the treaty of surrender to the Roman Empire and only quick thinking from the Byzantium Alliance secret service the Immortal Guard (who also protected the Empress) allowed to her escape. She had been aware of the magical world but this was the first time she had been exposed to it in such detail; however she was part of the government in exile now.

"She has a good point, this empire has declared war on us all, to reclaim former territories and most likely more, Britain will be their next target and then the rest of Europe," The French Minister interrupted.

"Exactly which is why we need to act, I propose two motions. Eight million million men is formidable and our combined armies will obviously counter that but we cannot provide our entire forces, losing them would mean the old divide and conquer tactic would be so useful to the Romans they would need to do nothing more than steamroll our nations, so I propose a second coalition," The Arch Mage began standing up. The first coalition had been against Grindlewald who had been attacking Eastern Europe and they had destroyed his armies while Dumbledore captured him. He was imprisoned later,

"A second? Is that wise if we combine strengths then we could reach a formidable force but as you said a large portion of our armies must remain at home, the muggle... non magical world understand this and while they are downplaying the Roman Empire they are worried about it," A thin faced woman who was the Chinese Magical head.

"Exactly, our forces may be able to outnumber them if we are lucky and provide a substantial amount of military but you are right, magical armies do not exist in large numbers. Juliana rules a magical state which is hidden from non magical people and unlike European and most countries she does not rely on a non magical army. So while her army is the largest undoubtedly the rest of our armies in small numbers would not reach a higher limit than them, so this is why I propose a second motion. I believe the time has come to fully reveal ourselves to the Non magical world," the Arch Mage finished and suddenly the room was in chaos. Everyone talking at once

"Calm, calm!" The Arch Mage ordered in a stern voice and slowly the room returned to normality.

"Good, now think about it, we need non magical armies because without them we cannot hope to outnumber the enemy and ensure victory, we need to show ourselves to them, most government accept us and it is only the people who don't know, we need to show ourselves," the Arch Mage continued.

"Arch Mage there are people all over the world who still hate people because they are black, Asian, white, Caribbean, middle eastern, religious, not religious and more, do you really think we should reveal ourselves, we would be opening ourselves up to worldwide scrutiny, people would form groups intended to destroy us and we would end up in a war with the non magical world!" the American magical leader shouted.

"I know but we are at the moment in a war, a coalition may work but it is not definite, we are in a war and if we want to survive we may have show magic to the non magical world as a whole so I think we should repeal the international statue of secrecy," The Arch Mage warned.

"We cannot justify actions to prevent a war when already a great war has begun, a war that is going to shape the foundations of the future and unless we are careful subject us to the horrors of the past,"


Harry and the Arch Mage walked out of the assembly hall side by side

"How did it go?" Harry asked, the old man sighed deeply

"Not well, the coalition has been decided on with a huge vote in favour but the statue of secrecy remains in place, the order voted on that before the commonwealth was even founded. It became one of our codes, during that time Britain was still an active member of the order with an economy and a system, now to repeal any of our codes we ask our members; once we asked the cardinals who represented a country and they still do, they're not supposed to but our cardinals could have seen the logic in this, the members no," The Arch Mage sighed,

"How many voted against?" Harry asked

"It was a vote of one hundred and sixty five to the thirty, the cardinals may have passed it but I won't know, anyway Juliana even voted against," the Arch Mage continued

"Really?" Harry was surprised

"Yes, remember she is not a minister, the prime minister runs the country effectively but he and her own a magical state which is secret to the muggle population, if they find out then they might not be happy with it. Some states are predominately religious and magic is frowned upon, hated even in some parts so she has good reason. Now I am afraid I have a mission for you," The Arch Mage began in solemn tones.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, why would the man be worried about it and why was he going on another mission so soon? Perhaps this was why the man had asked to see him so soon after the meeting

"Empress Elizabeth has requested we send an envoy to act as diplomatic contact between Order along with the Commonwealth and her, she wants someone sent and I believe you are the best person for the job," The Arch Mage explained looking wary, he was worried about someone listening in.

"I thought she hated us?" Harry questioned not keen about being sent into enemy territory

"She does, despises us in fact but she wants to bring us under her control, her goal is to march through Rome and force many of us to resign, she will place someone she will control as Arch Mage or combine the role with her own. She wants someone she will influence and you are one of the few people who don't want power, you arrived here and cast off fame you never wanted and responsibility you never needed to have. You I believe can resist her influence and perhaps help us prevent a lot of things happening," the Arch Mage confessed.

"But the coalition war? Surely that will end the empire," Harry queried knowing the Arch Mage's plan

"It worked against Grindlewald yes, an army of eight million or so against our army which will be less than that due to everyone being so scared a few thousand soldiers is what they will provide. Harry I am going to talk plainly , I think the coalition will fail. I suggested it hoping that we could non magical countries involved but that will not happen, we are in a dark time Cardinal Potter, a dark time that will not end soon,"