~~~When I first saw you, I saw love... From the first time I touched you, I felt love... And after all this time, you're still the one I love...


"Hello, this is Tai."

"Tai! I have the most exciting news!"

"Hey, Kari, What's up?"

"I'm going to have a baby!"

"What!? No way, does TK know yet?"

"Not yet, I just got back from the doctor's office, you're the first person I've told."

"Kari, this is great! When is the baby due?"

"In nine months, silly."

"I know that, wait, so that would make it due in February."

"Yup, oh, I can't wait for TK to get home!"

"He's going to flip! Oh, you know who else is going to flip out?"


"Matt, he loves babies."

"Oh, that reminds me, has the adoption agency gotten back to you yet, Tai?"

"No... but we haven't given up hope yet. We're still young, right?"

"I'd say 25 is fairly young."

"Right, we're just starting out, someday we'll have a family of our own."


Yamato Ishida, the delicate blond beauty, stepped out onto the sidewalk and locked the

door of Shugotenshi Notes behind him. He slipped the key back into his coat pocket and put on

his woolen gloves.

Christmas had just passed, and he was surprised by how many parents had gotten their

teenagers electric guitars for Christmas. Shugotenshi Notes was Matt's music shop, which sold

everything from CDs to grand pianos. Music was one of his passions, along with cooking

and his lover, Taichi. Matt had opened the music shop to earn money while his band was waiting

to make it big. They still called themselves the Teen-Age Wolves, despite the fact that Matt and

the other three members were now in their twenties.

Matt shoved his hands into his coat pockets and began the walk back to his and Tai's


"Hey, Yami," Tai said when Matt came through the front door. The brunette was sitting

on the floor next to the coffee table with papers scattered around him.

Matt took his shoes and coat off and sat himself down next to Tai. Matt gave him a quick

kiss on the cheek.

"What's all this?" he inquired, wrapping his arms around Tai's slender waist.

"Just some junk coach gave us to look at. We had one of those mid-winter meetings


After playing all through school, Tai had finally become a professional soccer player, and

was the best player on his team. He often talked with Matt about his dream of someday winning

the World Cup.

"Sounds interesting," Matt said. He began kissing his way down Tai's neck. He wasn't at

all interested in team sports, Matt was a martial artist, but he gladly went to all of Tai's games.

He loved Tai more than most people even realize it's possible to love someone. One who didn't

know the couple well might even think it was an obsession.

"Mm, not really," Tai turned around to face his blonde partner. "So, how was your day


"Fine, pretty boring though," Matt answered, pressing his forehead against Tai's and

staring into his chocolate colored eyes, "without you."

"Yami, you're such a sweet-talker. You don't have to try and win me over, you know.

We're already married." Tai lied down on his back on the rug, pulling Matt on top of him.

"I know, but why shouldn't I try to make you feel special?" Matt moved completely on

top of Tai and began kissing his neck again.

"I don't...know...nng..." Tai closed his eyes. Matt had a certain talent when it came to

using his mouth.

Later that evening, they sat at the dining room table, having just finished the dinner Matt

had prepared.

"Hey, how's Kari?" Matt asked.

"She's doing alright. There's only a month left now, she's really excited."

"Have they found out if it's a boy or girl yet?"

"They want to be surprised, Oh yeah, Kari wants the two of us to be in the delivery room.

You're allowed to have three people in there, so it'll be me, you, and TK."

"I can hardly believe they beat us to it," Matt sighed.


"Our younger siblings having kids before us I meant."

"Oh.... Hey, Matt, don't start getting all depressed again."

"I'm not depressed," he said, flashing Tai one of those 'Matt' looks, and began gathering

up the plates and silverware that were to be put in the dishwasher. " I just wish we had a family."

"We are a family," Tai got up and helped Matt clear off the table. "You, me, Kikoutei and


Kikoutei and Shimofuri were Tai's kittens (now adult cats) that Matt had gotten for him

when they were teenagers. Matt hated cats with a passion, but he put up with them for Tai's

sake. Kikoutei was an orange and white female, and Shimofuri was a grey male who was rather

fat. Kikoutei was desperately in love with her tan skinned owner, and Tai adored both of them.

Matt sometimes was jealous of the way Tai babied and cuddled them, when he was the one who

wanted to be cuddled.

That night, after Matt had finished his evening reading and turned off the light, he lay

with Tai in bed. He traced his fingernails up and down Tai's stomach under his shirt, while Tai

twirled strands of Matt's semi-long hair around his fingers.

"What time is it, Yami?" Tai said, yawning.

Matt shifted his body over for a moment and looked at the digital clock on the nightstand.

"Quarter after twelve," he replied.

"Do you have to go to work tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow's Sunday, Tai, of course I don't have to go to work." Matt settled himself

back down next to Tai.

"What about practice?"

"No practice on Sunday, angel, you know that." He softly kissed Tai's cheek.

"Mm... move oooovvveerr..." Tai said mischievously.

"What do you want, Tai?" Matt was pushed onto his back and Tai forced his head onto

the pillow when he tried to sit up.

"What are you doing?" Matt giggled slightly as Tai slid down underneath the covers and

on top of him. He didn't need to look under the blankets to know what was going on, he could

feel Tai pulling down the waistband of his grey sweat pants. Matt started to heat up as his

husband spread his legs apart.

Tai's bushy hair tickled Matt's stomach and hips. Matt's blue eyes opened wide when he felt the brunette's lips touching his member. He gasped as Tai's mouth surrounded him and he ran his hot tongue over the tip.

"Nng..." Matt moaned quietly and squeezed his eyes shut. The indescribable pleasure

surmounted as Tai's vacuum of a mouth went to work between Matt's legs.

A few minutes went by, first five, then ten and the volume of Matt's cries had increased considerably. Then, just as Matt was about to climax, the phone rang.

"Let the machine get it..." he moaned.

Tai stopped and peeked his head out from under the blankets.

"Matt, why would someone be calling in the middle of the night, what if it's an emergency?"

"Please...just keep going." Matt begged.

"Yami..." Tai crawled overtop of Matt and reached for the phone.

"Taichi...please..." he whined.

"Hello, this is Tai."

"Tai!" TK's voice shouted over the phone, "You have to get to the hospital right away!"

"Hey, slow down! TK, what's wrong, what happened?"

Matt, who had been worrying about his aching erection, turned and looked up at Tai upon hearing his brother's name mentioned.

"You and Matt have to get here right now! Kari's gone into labor!"

"WHAT!?" Tai shouted into the phone, almost dropping it.

"What, what's the matter?" Matt asked, trying to hear TK.

"We have to go! Kari's in labor!"


"Yes, now!!"

Tai scrambled off the bed and ran over to the closet, grabbing clothes and tossing them around the room, trying to find something to put on. Matt picked up the phone which Tai had left dangling off the edge of the bed.

"TK? Are you still there?" Matt was pulling his pants up and dodging flying articles of clothing at the same time.

"Yeah! What the heck just happened?"

"Tai dropped the phone. We'll be there in a couple of minutes, ok?" Matt was trying to stay calm, which was difficult with Tai flinging things around like a madman.

"Tell Kari to wait until we get there!!" Tai yelled, pulling a shirt on over his hair.

"Tai says, tell Kari to wait for us."

"How am I supposed to tell her that!? What am I going to say, hold the baby in!?"

Matt rolled his eyes and picked up some clothes for himself off the bed, which Tai had thrown at him.

"Just tell her we're on our way."

"Ok, Matt, alright, I've got to go back to the delivery room."

"Right TK, see ya." Matt heard the receiver at the other end of the line hang up and he did the same. He pulled off the t-shirt he wore to bed and started buttoning up a black silk one.

"TAI! Settle down, you're trying to put your arm through the shirt collar!" he scolded.

"I can't settle down! My little sister is having a baby RIGHT NOW!"

Matt growled at him and continued getting dressed, then assisted Tai, who was running all over the room trying to find a pair of pants.

When they finally arrived at the hospital it was almost one in the morning. Matt had driven there, due to the fact that Tai was almost having a nervous breakdown.

The two of them hurried up the stairs to the delivery room, after being instructed where to go by the receptionist. They would have taken the elevator, but Tai was in such a hurry to get to Kari, he said they didn't have time to look for it.

"Yami, what if everything's all over, what if I missed it and I wasn't there for her!?" Tai said, tugging on Matt's shirt the whole way up the stairs.

"Tai, people don't usually have babies that quickly, when TK called, she had just gone into labor."

"But that was hours ago!"

"It was only thirty minutes ago! Settle down." Matt grabbed Tai's hand and gave him a reassuring squeeze.

They reached the delivery room but were almost knocked over by a blue haired doctor racing past.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Matt snapped at him.

The tall doctor turned around suddenly, his glasses almost flying off his face.

"Matt, Tai! Kari didn't think you'd ever get here!"

"Joe!?" Matt and Tai both said at once.

"You're Kari's doctor? I thought you were still in medical school," Matt said.

"I'm an interning obstetrician, remember? Kari told her regular doctor she'd rather have someone she was close to deliver the baby, so they asked me."

"Joe, I'm so glad it's you doing it and not some stranger," Tai said happily.

Matt and Tai followed Joe into the delivery room and saw Kari lying in the bed with TK at her side.


"Kari," Tai hurried over next to his sister and kissed her forehead. He sat himself down in the chair on the bedside opposite TK and clutched her hand. She appeared to be in quite a bit of pain.

"I'm so glad you're here..." she said softly.

"Kari, you sound awful, didn't they give you anything for the pain?" He said, stroking the back of her hand.

"I want to have a natural birth, no drugs," she replied in a hoarse voice. "For once I'm going to be strong like you, Tai."

Tai smiled and kissed her again. Kari was such a small, delicate young woman, but she was very strong willed. It ran in the family.

Matt raised his eyebrow, watching Joe and the nurses getting ready for the birth.

"Joe, have you ever actually delivered a baby before?"

"Well..." Joe looked at Kari nervously, "I've watched other doctors deliver babies...and I've taken all the classes..."

"You mean this is your first one!?" Matt said.

Tai stood up quickly and marched over to Joe.

"If you screw up anything with my little sister's baby, I swear I'll make you eat those glasses!" Matt stifled a giggle, because Tai was about 4 inches shorter than Joe, and it was funny to Tai threatening someone so much taller than him. Of course, Matt had no doubt Tai could beat up Joe if he really needed to, he was amazingly strong for someone so small.

"I promise I won't mess up!" Joe said, apparently taking Tai's threat very seriously.

"Tai," Kari called to him. "Joe's a good doctor, you know that."

"Taichi..." Matt stepped over and placed his hand on his husband's shoulder. "Everything's going to be fine."

Tai was about to answer, but was interrupted by a sudden scream from Kari. Matt and Tai raced over and leaned over on either side of her, and TK stood behind the bed, rubbing her shoulders.

"Hang on, Kari..." TK said, and started biting his bottom lip in anxiety.

Matt and Tai held onto both of Kari's hands tightly while Joe checked her.

"She's fully dilated, Nurse!" he called, and the nurses began buzzing around, getting everything ready.

"Just do what Joe says, Kari, and stay strong!" Tai told her.

"I will....AAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Matt glanced over at Tai's face when Kari screamed, he looked like he was the one having a baby.

Kari's grip on their hands tightened with each contraction, Matt felt like his fingers were about to break, but Tai didn't seem to notice.

"Push!" Joe instructed her.

"Come on, Kari, push!" Tai urged.

"Push, Kari, you can do it!" TK said from behind her.

"I AM PUSHING!" she screamed at the three of them. Matt just smiled, he had never heard Kari yell so loud in his life.

Matt, TK and Tai looked on in anticipation as Kari pushed along with every contraction, and the baby slowly came closer to being born. TK was now supporting her back so she could put more force into each push, and Matt and Tai held onto her hands tightly. After what seemed like an enternity,

"Alright Kari, just one more..." Joe said.

Kari screamed at the top of her lungs, TK's eyes opened as wide as they could go, and Tai looked like he was about to explode. Matt and Tai waited, until finally, Kari sighed with relief and they heard the baby cry.

"Congratulations!" Joe said, "It's a boy!"

Matt and Tai grinned at each other across the bed, and TK passed out.

"TK!" Kari said, trying to turn around and see him behind her.

"Just hold still, Kari" Tai said, making her stay put.

Matt hurried behind the hospital bed and hoisted his brother into a chair.

"Hey, bro, wake up!" Matt shook TK gently, trying to bring him back into consciousness. "TK! You're the proud owner of a brand new baby boy!"

The next morning, when TK was finally conscious again and Kari was feeling better, she held her newborn son in her arms, and Matt and Tai leaned against the bed. TK had gone downstairs to get Kari some breakfast and call their parents.

"He's so tiny..." Tai said. The baby wrapped his little hand around Tai's finger.

"He's a month early, Tai, so he's extra small," Matt said, smiling at his nephew. He had fluffy blonde hair all over his head that was as fine and delicate as silk.

"Have you decided on a name yet?" Matt asked, running his hand gently over the baby's soft hair.

"Yes, Yamachi. Yama for Yamato and chi for Taichi." Tai looked up, and Kari smiled sweetly at her older brother.

"That's perfect, Kari," he said.

"Do you like it, Matt?" She turned to him.

"I'm honored you would name your baby after us."

"Do you want to hold him now?"

Over the past few hours, Matt was the only one who had not held Yamachi yet. He was almost afraid to, the infant was so small.

"Sure, but..."

"What's wrong?" Kari asked, trying to hand the baby to Matt.

"I've never held a newborn baby before, I don't know what to do..."

"Just cradle his head and rock him gently," Kari said. Matt sat up and took the baby into his arms. Yamachi wrapped his hand around Matt's ring finger, hooking one finger around his wedding ring.

"He likes your ring, Yami," Tai mused.

"Matt's your other uncle, Yamachi," Kari said, leaning over her son.

The newborn held tightly onto Matt's ring, and hiccuped. Matt grinned down at the little baby in his arms, and was positively glowing.