N/A: Okay so this is my first story like ever...I'm not really sure where I going with this idea. I might edit this later. Let's begin shall we?

The Guardians were currently sitting around the fireplace in North's workshop, enjoying a steaming cup, or in Jack's case iced, of chocolate. It was a new weekly get together that occurred every Saturday. After the defeat of Pitch and Jack's arrival the four original Guardians decided that they needed to come together as a family and make sure that Jack felt included. Thus weekly get togethers were created.

However, this weekend was not going to go very well. North had frequently said as such.

"This is worrying. My belly is telling me somethin' is going to happen," North exclaimed for the fifth time that hour.

"Mate, im' tellin' ya there is nothin' wrong. Pitch isn't gonna come back for another two hundred years. Blimey, mate, it's only been three months!" Bunnymund replied, nose twitching in aggravation.

"Da, Pitch isn't coming back but something else might. My belly is never wrong!"

"Maybe, North is right, Bunny. The last time something like this happened the whole Pitch disaster occurred," Tooth said, worriedly. She shifted between North and Bunny, her baby teeth fluttering behind her. Sandy and Jack expressed exasperated looks behind the three other guardians.

"Well whatever happens I'm sure we can defeat whatever this so called "evil" that is coming," Jack said, "For now, we are going to enjoy the afternoon and STOP WORRYING." Sandy nodded, displaying images over his head that were too fast to comprehend but looked like an agreement. Bunny snorted in approval but North's look of apprehension did not fade.

It was around five o'clock when the Roger the Yeti came in to announce dinner.

It was also then that the sliding glass doors opened with a loud Bang and a strong breeze entered the room. A familiar scent of morning dew and a hot summer day filled the room as two spirits floated in; piercing eyes of sky blue and green grass surveyed the room before landing on the winter spirit. The two spirits gazes turned from a calculating cold glance into full malice upon eyeing the white-haired youth. Bunnymund and North shifted ever so slightly in front of the child, a wariness filling their glance and their stance turned protective.

"Hello Guardians, it's been so long since we last visited we figured it was time to… drop by," Summer drawled. Beside her Spring let a vicious smile stretch her face to revel sharp gleaming teeth. The two resembled starving wolves that had just found a pack of deer.

"Well, it was nice seein' ya but we were just about to go so…" Bunny said, shifting side to side, a fighting stance seen under a trained eye.

"Perhaps another time when my workshop is not at a busy time," North added.

"Oh but you don't seem terribly busy at the moment," Spring snarked, "We were only interested in having a word from Frost anyway. You know, global warming and ice glaciers melting…"

"Mm, it would be a terrible thing to have another Titanic accident, right Jack?"

"That wasn't MY fault! You sent warmer air current before they were due! It was the beginning of April not June, for MiM's sake," Jack growled. Spring only nodded, clearly unfazed by the response. She walked around the room, the action causing the Guardians to get into a less… subtle fighting stance. Their actions were in vain, though, as both Spring and Summer raised their arms. White power emitting from their hands as they spoke, each saying a different spell:"

"Alverix Orcus, Transfrogamorphus, Conversio Dourus, Concha Testudo"

"Velocitus Velocitatae, Vidae Historica, Antiqutae Shrinkus Minisculus"

"Excunacatas Illumantas, Illio Allio, Defrenstratus"


A blinding light shot through the room. The air felt as if all the oxygen had been stripped away and its occupants were slowly suffocating. And then, the moment faded as the light and power trickled away, leaving the room just as it had been before. Almost. For laying on the ground were Jack Frost once stood was bundle of his clothes with a tuft of white hair peeking out,

A small head poked away, skittish baby blues looked in panic at the four other Guardians.

"Oh…This wasn't supposed to happen," Spring said.