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And thus the dreaded day had come, New Year's- well New Year's Eve to be exact. The Guardians were excited at the prospect of getting their Jack back but also saddened. The best four months had been incredible and memorable and try as they might they couldn't keep Jack the way he was. All good things have an end. But that didn't mean they weren't going to enjoy the last day they had with toddler Jack!

So the Guardians planned to spend the day over at the Bennett household. All of the Burgess children had been invited for the day. They ate lunch and the adults watched TV as the children disappeared somewhere inside the house.

Jack was, of course, playing princess with Sophie. It seemed to be the two's favorite- and only- game.

Dinner turned out to be a nice roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and carrots; dessert being a lovely ice cream cake from Friendly's.

At eight clock, per request of the Guardians, the other parents headed into town for some drinks-promising to be back before one. The next four hours had been hectic, filled with screaming children, loud laughter, another unfortunate food fight. That had actually been caught on camera, courtesy of one sneaky Tooth Fairy. The food fight had been all of the children against Bunnymund. North and Sandy were quite content in watching, and laughing, at the Pooka from the side lines. Poor Bunny could never catch a break. Then it had been an hour of clean up- which had mostly been attempting to get the frosting out of Bunny's fur and the mashed potatoes out of Jack's (quite a hard thing to do when they shared the same color). At that point, it had reached eleven o'clock and Tooth sent the children upstairs to get dressed.

And now the group of thirteen was scattered around the room in front of the TV waiting to watch the ball drop. The children were scattered along the floor. Jack and Sophie had succeeded in stealing the arm chair, the blonde resting her head against Jack's shoulder while the other toddler wrapped an arm around her shoulder. The two were each gripping onto the stuffed rabbits (Sophie haven gotten one for her birthday with the exception that hers was a girl). The two had also secured their own bowl of popcorn, which Jack was now happily munching on.

"When is the ball gonna drop!?" Caleb asked.

"Yeah, all these singers really suck!" Claude added.

"Hey!" Pippa exclaimed, hitting them both with a pillow, "Justin Bieber has a beautiful singing voice!"

"Pips, he sings like a girl," Jamie said, rolling his eyes. Pippa scoffed, eyes widening.

"He sings like an angel!"

"Who sings like angel?" North asked, coming in carrying a try of glasses with water, Tooth following behind him.

"Justin Bieber," Pippa replied.

"Alright, everyone, up, up. It's time for a picture!" Tooth exclaimed, waving the camera in her had. Groans were heard as she flipped the light switch on. "Yeah, yeah come on everyone!"

The group gathered behind the couch while Tooth set the camera on a ledge, "Alright everyone on three..." Quickly the fairy ran around scooping Jack into her arms as Bunny held onto Sophie. BEEP! BEEP! FLASH!


"They're starting the count down!"


"Hurry up! Move!"


"Why is Justin Bieber on the screen! He's not good enough to be up there!"


"Shut up Jamie!"


"Make me!"


"Don't tempt me, Bennett!"


"Will you both shut up!"


"Shut up Monty!"


"Well then."


It was in that moment that the entire room was filled with a familiar bright white light, prompting the group to sqeeze their eyes tight to avoid blinding themselves. And thus missing the ball drop. As the group opened their eyes they heard a soft groan from the side of the room.

And there lying on the ground, with very confused blue eyes, was Jack Frost. Normal Jack Frost.

The first response was Jamie, of course, who ran over and jumped into the teen's lap, ferociously hugging the boy. It had appeared that the clothes the white-haired boy had been wearing before had stretched to fit the teenager. Jack groaned in response, using one hand to rub the side of his head before blinking and looking around the room.

"Ugh, I had the strangest dream..." he said, eyes scanning the room before turning to access the clothes he was currently wearing, "Someone please tell me that was a dream."

"Sorry, Snowflake but this isn't a dream," Bunny said smirking as Jack's eyes widen comically.

"So...then I really dressed up in..."


"And Pitch really..."

"Surprisingly yes."

"Oh Manny," Jack exclaimed, looking over at North and Tooth, "I called you guys my parents!?"

"Quite fitting, though," Jamie said, from his spot on Jack's lap, "I mean you and North hold a slight resemblance and come on, who wouldn't want the Tooth Fairy as a Mom and Santa Claus as a Dad!"

"Point taken but seriously is this some kind of a prank?" Jack said. Tooth sighed at the further denial, pulling out a baby blue scrapbook before handing it to the teenager. Hesitantly, Jack took the book, as Jamie scooted off his lap and the other Burgess children came to have a look. Opening the scrapbook, Jack cautiously peered inside. The first few pages were innocent enough. Group photos and simple pictures but then the next page was Jack and Sophie. Jack slapped a hand over his eyes as he caught sight of himself in the heels and make-up. Though if memory surveyed correct that experience had been a lot of fun.

The next few pages were of their trip to Disney World, the Halloween costumes, Pitch, Jack with sauce in his hair after dinner, the time he and Jamie had splattered orange paint across the Workshop and many other treasured moments. A small smile graced Jack's face, "Wow, this is...when did you have the time to do this Tooth? I never even saw a camera."

"Well, I do have a horde of mini fairies under my control, I find ways to get things done," she said, a certain glint in her eyes before turning back to worry, "But you like it?"

"It's...perfect," Jack said, "A wonderful beginning for the family albums."

"Family albums," Bunny said.

Jack looked up at him, "Well, yeah, duh, you think four months of family bonding is just gonna be flushed down the toilet, Kangaroo?"

"Well- I mean... I just thought that...Stop callin' me a kangaroo! I'm a bunny, you bloody showpony!" the Pooka said, red creeping onto his face.

"I agree with Jack. Though it will be weird to not have to look out for you anymore," Jamie said, getting murmurs of agreement from the other children.

Jack scoffed, "Give it seven years and you'll be older than me kiddo. Well physically that is."

"And mentally too!" Bunny grouched, "We all know Frostbite's got the mind of a five year old."


And so those four months of time were never forgotten. They brought about a new, stronger relationship between the Guardians. North and Tooth were always the Parents, Sandy and Pitch the Uncles, Bunny the Overprotective Older Brother, and Jack the Younger, Mischievous Little Brother (who needed the occasional looking out for).

And really the whole poorly planned revenge that Spring and Summer had planned, turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to the Guardians.

Au Revoir!