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Ministry of Magic Ballroom

Harry Potter stood in the center of the ballroom with one arm around his wife's waist as he spoke with the Minister of Magic. At a pause in the conversation he glanced around the spacious room. Laughter bounced off of the heavily decorated walls as dozens of highly known witches and wizards chatted with each other. Over by the tables that were filled to the brim with food, Harry saw his best friends, Ron and Hermione talking to each other in low tones, Hermione with a bit of a smile on her face as she looked up at her husband. Ron was wearing robes of a deep sapphire, while Hermione's robes were a complimentary cerulean. Harry smiled at the sight of his two childhood friends.

The Auror then looked over at the dance floor where George and Angelina were dancing amidst the other couples, both looking content, if not a bit more subdued than they were while in school.

Harry breathed deeply, content. His life had always been fraught with danger, but now in this moment, at this ball, celebrating his accomplishments as a highly skilled auror, with his friends and family around he could take a moment to relax. He turned back to the conversation catching Ginny's eye and smiled. Right now, for the moment, life was peaceful.

A red headed 16 year old girl in a shimmering lavender dress sat in a corner of the ballroom unnoticed by all except her best friend, and cousin, who was currently making his way across the crowded room, elbowing people out of his way, holding two drinks that were close to spilling over onto the tiled floor with every step. Many of the guests looked and smiled at the son of their savior as he made his way through the crowds.

"Hey, sorry it took me so long, this place is crowded tonight," Al Potter said to his cousin handing her a bright red drink.

"Well the public does like to throw parties whenever your dad defeats a dark wizard. That's a lot of parties," Rose remarked, grinning as she took a sip from her glass, looking thoroughly relaxed, "you'd think they'd all just give up after a while, knowing your father is going to catch them."

Al looked down into his glass, "Yea, right," he muttered, his brow furrowed.

"Cheer up Al. Parties are good things. They're fun." Rose said looking up at her cousin through her eyelashes. She didn't mention Al's resentment to his father, or rather his father's fame. The young girl knew better than that.

"Yea, when you don't have to push fat wizards out of your way. Plus you like to flirt with the boys that show up," Al said grinning at her, the grin not reaching his eyes.

"Speaking of, that one over there is looking very scrumptious" Rose said fixing her dark red curls before getting up and heading in the direction of the tanned, so called scrumptious looking male. She brushed by a pale, blond boy making his way to the exit barely noticing him so intent on her target for the evening. Al sighed as he watched her. At least he wouldn't have to be bothered to bring his cousin more drinks as he was sure Mr. Scrumptious would be more than happy to do it for her.

"Hey baby brother." a dark haired 17 year old boy sat down in the seat vacated by his flirty cousin.

"Hey James" Al said quietly sitting down in the dark gold plush seat next to his brother.

"What's up?" James' eyes followed something just behind his little brother, grinning at an equally dark haired girl in a red dress passing by only half paying attention to his brother as his brown eyes tracked the attractive female.

"I don't know really. It's just... There are all these parties for Dad and every party I end up hanging out with Rose until she runs off to flirt with a boy, then I'm by myself for the rest of the night." Al sighed in his loneliness. For being the son of a celebrated hero Al didn't have that much luck with females. At least not with girls who actually liked him and not his family's fame he thought to himself depressingly.

"That's not true." James said turning to look at his brother. Al looked up at him curiously.

"Sometimes Rose flirts with girls." James continued grinning. Al let out a snort in the direction of his drink.

"Although, that does sometimes make it harder for me, especially if Rose sets her sights on the same girl I have my eyes on." James continued looking a little glum at the thought of all the girls his cousin had stolen from him in the past.

After a moment of silence in respect to all of James's could have beens, the boy spoke again, "And with that thought in mind I'd better go find that girl in the red dress. See ya" James took off in pursuit.

Al sighed and stood up. He walked out into the much cooler hallway, drink still untouched in his hand. Looking towards the end of the hall he glimpsed the back of a blond head making its way out. He frowned to himself. That head seemed vaguely familiar. He shrugged it off.

"Come on, I said I was sorry" James came out of the ballroom chasing after the girl in the red dress who looked furious as she stormed away from the ever persistent Potter.

"What do you think James did this time?" A young red headed girl in a green dress asked standing next to Al. "Boy it sure is cold out here" the girl shivered wrapping her arms around herself.

"Yea it is and I have no idea what our darling brother did," Al responded to Lily without looking at her.

"Come back into the ballroom, it's warmer in there and I'm sure Mom will dance with you" the fourteen year old girl giggled darting back in, escaping the swat that was aimed for her.

Al took a sip of his drink and shivered before following his sister.

Potter thought he was so great. Putting an end to 'evil'. Well he'd get his in the end. Revenge was sweet, and it would be sweet to see how Potter reacted to what was coming to him.