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30, October 1995 22: 38

Hogwarts: Snape's office

Severus Snape sat in his office grading papers. His lip curled when he saw Potter's latest handiwork. His mother had been brilliant at Potions, but the boy had taken after his father. Snape felt his hand tremble with the force of loathing he felt bubble up. He slashed the letter 'T' onto the top of the paper, before practically throwing it aside. Granger's was next. Snape glowered at the paper. He paused, glancing up, his ears pricked for noise. There it was again. A shuffling sound and hushed voices. The man stood up with a flourish, hoping it was Potter and his friends who had taken to wandering near his office. Giving them detention would make his night a lot sweeter. The potions master let out a grin. Any one witnessing it would have described it as slimy. The man made his way, silently, over to the door of his office when it swung open. Snape stopped in his tracks, taken aback. A young woman stood in the doorway outlined by the light falling from the lamp behind her. Snape narrowed his eyes, he had never seen this young woman before, but she seemed familiar.

"You're Severus Snape," the girl said looking directly at the potions professor.

"Who are you?" Snape said a trace of venom in his voice.

"I'm Rose Weasley. I'm from the year 2023 and I need your help. He needs your help," she said softly.

Snape stared at the girl, before looking up to see several more teenagers standing in the doorway. Two boys were holding tightly on to a third boy, a girl standing slightly behind them.

"Please, no one else can help me, but I think you may be able to," Rose continued, drawing Snape's attention back to her.

"Sir, if it weren't important, we wouldn't be here," one of the boys said. Snape focused on him. He looked remarkably like Draco Malfoy.

"I'm Scorpius Malfoy," the blond said, seemingly in reply to Snape's thoughts.

Snape looked between the young Weasley girl and the Malfoy boy before resting on the teenager that was between Malfoy and the third boy. He appeared to be unconscious; his head flopped over, dark hair hiding his face. He let out a low moan.

"He's starting to wake up Rose," the third unnamed said frantically.

"Please sir, you need to help us," the red headed girl pleaded again.

Snape closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"What do I need to help with?" he asked out of curiosity. The other girl (also red headed) darted around the boys and grabbed a chair pulling it over to them. Malfoy glanced over the unconscious boy's head and caught Ben's eye. They dumped Al into the chair before Malfoy pulled out his wand, rope appearing and wrapping itself around Al's arms. Snape stepped forward, as Al jerked his head up, still groggy as he looked around. The boy's eyes rested on the face of the professor who stared at him.

"Potter," he snarled, staring at the boy, as his eyes met Snape's.

Lily's eyes.

Snape felt a lurch in his stomach.

"Please, sir. My brother is under the influence of a powerful love spell and no one has been able to reverse it. You can. I know you can, Professor Snape," the other girl, unnamed girl, whispered pleadingly. Snape turned and looked at the young red head.

A light blush covered her cheeks, "I'm Lily, and this is my brother Albus," she said, not backing down from meeting the older man's eyes.

Severus was quiet for a moment, knowing that if he opened his mouth, it would be obvious how he felt about Potter naming his daughter Lily.

"Rose," Albus murmured, eyes looking around for his cousin. The fact that Rose flinched when Albus said her name, didn't go unnoticed by the professor.

Snape turned and looked at the girl, Rose, eyebrow raised. "So Potter here," he jerked his head to indicate Albus, "was put under a love spell, and went after you, and now you expect me to help you reverse it," he sneered at the girl.

"But sir, you're the only one who has a chance. Not even Rose's mum was able to reverse it," the Malfoy boy said loudly. The potions professor looked at Draco's son intently. Now this was an interesting twist. A Malfoy who cared about a Weasley. The second half of Scorpius' sentence played again in Snape's head. Not even Rose's mum…

"Your mother, her surname wouldn't happen to be Granger, would it?" Snape asked.

Rose looked taken aback, "it was before she married my father," she said.

"Please sir, will you help us," the unnamed boy asked eagerly.

"Rose!" Albus said loudly, from his chair, staring at the girl. He seemed more awake now, straining against his bonds.

Snape snorted, "Potter would name his child after Dumbledore, I'm just surprised he didn't name him after his precious father."

"We have an older brother named James," Lily informed the man who rolled his eyes. Of course.

"He named him after you too," Rose said suddenly, staring hard at the older man. Snape's head swiveled around to look at the girl, shock evident on his face. "His full name is Albus Severus Potter."

There was silence in the room for a moment; Snape stared at the young Potter boy tied up in one of his chairs. Why would Potter name his kid after him?

"Please help us," Rose said softly, interrupting Snape's thoughts.

With great reluctance, the Potions Professor nodded his head in agreement. He would help Potter's son, as much as he hated the idea.

22, August 2022 4:04

Harry and Ginny Potter's house: the kitchen

Harry Potter sat in his kitchen, his wife Ginny sitting across from him, her hands curling around a cup of tea. Arthur and Molly Weasley sat at the ends of the table silently. Shortly after it was discovered that his son was missing from his cell, Harry had learned that his niece and daughter were missing as well. Fear curled in Harry's stomach. Was the potion extending its power to include Lily in Albus' obsession as well?

The Auror turned his head when he heard the swoosh of the fireplace in his living room. Within seconds, Ron Weasley made his way into the kitchen, cloak askew, soot smudged on his long nose. Ron shook his head at his family's questioning looks. Harry slumped down in his chair.

The Minister of Magic had told Harry he was not to go out to look for his missing children and niece. The Minister had felt that Harry was too close to the investigation and it would be better for everyone involved if he stayed at home. The Auror's first instinct was to disregard these orders, but Ginny had pointed out that this could affect Al's trial, if he disobeyed.

There was another swoosh of the fireplace. Ron cast a curious glance over his shoulder from where he stood leaning against the kitchen counter but didn't move. It was probably another family member.

"Potter," came a familiar if not entirely welcomed voice that had everyone jumping out of their seats.

"Malfoy," Harry said, his voice exhausted, resigned to the fact that Draco Malfoy was standing in his kitchen looking around with great distaste.

Ron and Ginny glared at Draco from across the kitchen, their childhood enmity coursing through their veins.

"I was merely coming to see if you had figured out where the children had gone," Draco commented in a light airy tone. Harry looked at his old childhood enemy curiously. Malfoy might try to pass it off as a mere curiosity, but there was something in his voice that implied he cared about Harry's response.

"Draco," Harry said warningly meeting the other man's eyes. At this, Malfoy's shoulders slumped.

"I can't find Scorpius," the blond admitted, "I think he may be with your kids and niece."

There was silence as all the Weasleys (and Potters) in the room, stared at the wizard standing before them.

22, August 2022 6:21

Ministry of Magic: The Department of Mysteries

Rose landed with a thump on the floor of one of the rooms in the bowels of the Ministry of Magic. She closed her eyes to try and calm her stomach. Slowly the girl opened them again to find the room had stopped moving around her. Scorpius held a hand out to help her up. Taking it, he helped pull Rose to her feet. Standing the red head turned to see Lily and Ben holding onto an unconscious Albus. Snape had told them the potion he had made Albus drink would take a few hours to counter effect the love potion. Lily had told him that if it didn't work they would be back.

Snape had merely smirked at the girl, hearing the threat in her words had reminded him of her grandmother.

"We had better leave, before the Unspeakables come in," Ben had said softly. With those words, the teenagers moved quickly through the ministry ducking down halls to avoid the few workers that had shown up early. Finally they made it to the fireplaces and had quickly flooed back to Rose's home.

Ben and Lily laid Albus on the couch and stepped back. "How long do you think before it works and he wakes up?" Lily asked.

There was a sudden noise behind them as Hugo entered the room. "What's going on?" the boy asked confused, staring at his sister. "Isn't he supposed to be in Azkaban?"

"Rose!" Hermione pushed past her son to grab her daughter tightly. "Hugo, floo to your Uncle Harry's house and bring everyone here," she commanded her son. The boy moved quickly to the fireplace and with a flash of green and a shout disappeared. Hermione didn't loosen her hold on her daughter until Harry had shown up with everyone who had been in his kitchen right behind him.

"Dad?" Scorpius said, surprised when his father arrived with a gaggle of Weasleys and Potters.

"What's going on? Albus!" Ginny said moving to her son's side.

"He's going to be okay, we took him to the best potioneer we could find to make him better," Lily said quickly.

"What? Who?" Harry asked, looking at his daughter.

"Severus Snape," came the groggy reply. Albus slowly sat up, everyone staring at him. "Rose broke me out of Azkaban with the help of Lily, Ben and Scorpius. They knocked me unconscious. When I woke up we were in 1995 with Severus Snape. He made me drink something to counter attack the love potion," the boy said slowly and carefully. He looked at his cousin. "Rosie, I am so sorry for what I did to you," Albus said, tears welling up in his eyes, "I can't-" he took in a deep breath, "I can't even tell you how sorry I am," he broke into sobs, unable to go on. Ginny hugged her second born to her.

Rose looked quietly at her cousin, "I know it wasn't really your fault. What you did-" she paused, "it wasn't really you. However, it isn't something I can forget either. It'll take a lot of time to get through it, and I doubt we'll ever get back to normal. But I am willing to try," she said to her cousin and best friend. He looked at her and nodded. That was really all they could do, was try.