15, October 2022 12:48

Hogwarts; Great Hall

By the middle of October, Matthew was still waiting for the best night (or day he wasn't fussed about missing class) of his life. He decided he would nicely ask Elizabeth about the status of this event when she came to lunch. If she ever came to lunch. Matthew frowned and turned to Alexander.

"Where are the other two" he asked, confused.

"I don't know where Elizabeth is, but Al is presumably with Rose. His take on it is, as long as he's with her she can't do well... anybody" Alexander with an air of someone who wasn't very interested.

"I think Rose Weasley would find a way around that." Matthew responded confidently.

"As it was I had to talk Al out of interrogating all the students to find out what exactly they've done with Rose as that would draw attention to the situation" Alexander responded warily taking a bite of turkey, rolling his eyes.

"Hey," Al sat down across the table from them and began spooning food onto his plate. He looked up to see Matthew and Alexander staring at him.

"She's with Lily" he explained to their inquiring glances. Matthew nudged Alexander to look across the hall to see Rose sneaking out the door and Lily looking like she was counting something in her hands. Alexander smirked as Al looked back down at his food.

"She should have been in Slytherin" Alexander mouthed to Matthew referring to the somewhat richer Lily Potter. Matthew grinned back at him. They were distracted as their brunette friend came up and sat down next to Al who barely cast a glance as he shoveled down his food.

"Elizabeth, there you are." Matthew said accusingly.

"Where have you been?" Elizabeth merely grinned at Alexander's question.

"None of your business." This was met with silence as two of the three boys stared at her. Elizabeth had never let the 'none of your business' stop her from interrogating the boys.

"Okay, okay. I was doing Al's brother" she grinned. "I just didn't want to say it as Al's becoming obsessed with his family members' sex lives." Al looked at her looking disgusted.

"What? You can't be that disgusted. You two look so much alike that you saying he's ugly is really like calling yourself ugly." Elizabeth explained grinning at the perturbed boy.

"Regardless, my brother's sex life is still too much information for me. Especially considering how many girls he's been with" Al said wrinkling his nose.

"Ha!" Elizabeth said. The boys looked at her.

"Your brother's sex life only just came into existence, as I'm the one who 'popped his cherry'." The girl grinned.

"No way!" Alexander and Matthew said in unison. Elizabeth nodded.

"He's been lying about his experience. Most guys do." Elizabeth said knowledgably. Al was shaking his head.

"You had sex with my brother. That's wrong on so many levels." The disgusted boy got up to leave.

"Just wrong."

Luckily his sister had left the dining hall so Al didn't realize that Rose had snuck off again. The Potter boy passed by Scorpius Malfoy who was just entering the dining hall. Scorpius stopped and glanced back at the middle child as he left. The Ravenclaw bit his lip as he watched Albus leave. He mentally debated with himself whether he should say something to the Auror's son but turned away sighing. It wasn't his business.

Rose stared at the flower and note left on her bed. She swallowed hard and looked around her room. No one. She picked up the note with a trembling hand. She cast a glance at the now familiar words.

You are mine

She sat down hard staring at it. It had started a couple of weeks ago. She would enter her dorm and see a flower- a white rose with a note that said the same words every time. At first she had thought it curious, but pushed it to the back of her mind. Now it was becoming creepy.

Ben had eaten a quick lunch and left. He was wandering the halls thinking about Rose. He had been thinking about the girl a lot lately, especially late at night when he was in bed. He entered an abandoned classroom and sat in one of the corners. Even if someone came in, he wouldn't be seen and would be left alone. The boy began to let one of his fantasies about the red head overtake his mind when he heard laughter and footsteps coming closer to the door. Ben's brown eyes widened when he realized it was Rose Weasley followed by Ravenclaw Rebecca James. The eyes widened further when the two girls started snogging right in front of his hiding spot behind the dilapidated professor's desk. Rose pushed the other girl gently onto the desk all the time keeping their mouths intact. Ben sat frozen watching the scene become steamier and steamier when the two girls began pulling off the other's clothes and Rose ended up straddling Rebecca on the desk. The two girls were too busy with each other to notice the boy watching them. Ben fervently wishing that it were he that Rose was kissing and that it were he who was caressing her body. Indeed the boy was jealous of the female, as he had been finding himself almost obsessed with the red head.


Ben opened his eyes to find himself on the ground next to his bed. One of his roommates had apparently slammed the door on the way out. Ben shook his head to clear it. He needed to stop these dreams he was having. It just made seeing Rose every day harder. He'd loved her for nearly three years. He just had to accept that Rose would never see him like that. If he could just find some way to get over her, get her out of his system he would be able to get his grades back up. Halloween was in a few days, he would give himself until then to get Rose Weasley out of his system once and for all.