Shock. That's all I see on Christina, Will, Marlene, and Uriah's faces. They stand stock still, as if some great force binds them in ice. My stone like friends are completely silent, like any form of communication has been knock out. Slowly, comprehension dawns on Christina's face. She points to Tobias and I, linking us together. "You – Four…." She splutters.

Will shakes off the daze and narrows his eyes. I can almost see the gears turning in his head. I suddenly realize what our public relationship means. Many people will assume that I had flirted with Tobias (and seduced him) just to get a high score in initiation. We may be punished. No, not may be. With Eric around, it is will be. And Will is the first to come to that conclusion.

He takes a step back, still clutching Christina's hand. His eyes harden and his body tenses. This Will is new to me – not the kind, intelligent fellow initiate, but a formidable enemy. When Will speaks, it is as if he is chipping ice off a glacier. "Nice going, Tris," he hisses. "I thought you were being truthful when you said you weren't hiding anything. Now I realize you think you can get away with flirting with Four, just so you can become a Dauntless member. So much for being truthful – you will pay for this."

He rips his hand from Christina's grasp and stalks off. Christina throws me a death glare and follows Will into the deafening crowd of celebrating people. All I feel is numbness and emptiness. Two of my closest friends, angry at me and ready to tell Eric out of mistrust. Have I really let my friendships fall that far?

While I am contemplating this, Uriah and Marlene have come back to their senses. Marlene quickly comes to Will's assumption. She looks at the two of us icily, but not as much surprise as I expected. How much did she know? But I am reassured (or if you can even call it that) by her words. "Wow, Four." She spits. Marlene looks ready to punch Tobias, and I instinctively crouch into a defensive position in front of him. "I looked up to you. And now you've fallen for someone as shallow as her?" She looks at me like I'm a disgusting insect. But all she does is give us withering looks and storm off into the noisy throng of Dauntless members.

Only Uriah is left. He has the air of someone who has just witnessed a murder. Horrified, disgusted, traumatized. His look disturbs me the most and leaves me chilled to the bone, all the warmth gone from my body. Uriah wears a look of deep, heart wrenching disappointment. "I trusted you," he whispers simply. That is not just for me; it is for both of us. Uriah doesn't stomp off in a rage like the others did – he turns on his heel and walks gravely into the background. My heart is breaking.

I must be strong for Tobias. He is all I have left.