Chapter 10: Wish

On the Earth that Goku called home, the sky all over the planet turned darker than the blackest void. In the middle of West City a bright light shone from the backyard of the Capsule Corporation, where the entire Namekian race currently resided. That bright light erupted into the black sky, taking shape and transforming into the giant dragon Porunga.

At first the people of West City panicked, believing that the dragon was going to destroy the city. But it quickly became clear that the dragon's tail end was planted at Capsule Corporation, which made the people assume that it was just another one of Dr. Briefs's crazy experiments. The people moved on with their lives, ignorant of the power Porunga possessed.

As the eternal dragon of Namek, Porunga could grant any three wishes within his power. That included the power to restore the dead to life, but only for one life at a time. There were five people on the agenda to revive, which meant that at least two would have to be left dead while the dragonballs recharged again. The first two wishes were ready, and spoken in the native tongue by the Namekian child Dende.

The first was to restore Goku to life, and the second was to bring him home.

On another Earth, unaware of the other and vice versa, a bright yellow light shone over Ba Sing Se. That light slowly rose over the northern wall between the city's middle and upper rings, like a miniature sun rising for a new dawn. People in the streets stared in awe at the sight, except for the ones aware of and responding to the devastated northern section of the city.

Team Avatar was in the western part of Ba Sing Se, walking on foot after their carriage was destroyed. All four of them noticed the bright yellow light, even blind Toph was staring at it along with her friends. "Do you guys feel that?" Toph asked, sensing the energy generated with the light.

"I taste that," Sokka answered.

"That doesn't make any sense," Katara complained.

"I feel something," Aang said. He felt like there was power flowing through him, similar to the Avatar State but without the loss of control. Curious, Avatar Aang thrust his palms forward and upward to airbend a small gust of wind. Instead he got a gale so strong that it sucked a cloud of dust from the ground into the wind, shooting it high into the sky.

"Whoa!" Sokka yelled. He looked at Aang, who appeared to be completely normal in spite of the extra powerful airbending. "Where are the glowing eyes and tattoos?"

"I'm not sure," Aang answered.

From down the street a woman in yellow robes named Joo Dee approached the group, who had been left behind when the carriage was destroyed. "You should not have…"

"Can it!" Toph interrupted, using a backhanded motion to earthbend at Joo Dee. Toph had wanted to make a small square column of rock to block Joo Dee's path, but got a house sized block of stone that blocked off the entire street, resulting in Joo Dee running head first into rock. "Uh… Whoops!"

"Since when could you do that?" Sokka asked.

"I wonder…" Katara muttered, ignoring her brother. She walked further down the street to a nearby bridge, which crossed over a river that flowed through the lower ring. Katara pulled her hands back and focused, summoning as much water from the river as she could waterbend. The entire river changed course and flowed up and over the street, coming down right on top of Sokka.

"Uh Oh!" Sokka yelled, throwing his arms forward to shield his face. Suddenly the water in front of Sokka stopped flowing, while the rest harmlessly flowed past him.

Katara couldn't believe her eyes. "Sokka, you're waterbending!"

"I am?" Sokka questioned. He moved his arms around and saw the water respond to his motions, just like it would for Katara. "Oh My Aang, I'm waterbending!"

"How is that possible?" Aang asked.

"It must be that huge energy," Toph said, jerking a thumb towards the bright light. "It's the only thing that's changed."

"But what's causing it?" Katara asked.

Goku was staring down Cooler in the sky above Ba Sing Se, the yellow aura of his Super Saiyan form shining over the city. Cooler stared at the sight of golden hair rising upward and green eyes staring back at him, certain that this was the power that had defeated his brother. Both glared at each other for several minutes, each waiting for the other to move first.

In an instant Goku punched Cooler in the gut, making him double over in pain. Goku followed that attack with an uppercut into Cooler's jaw, then a kick into Cooler's chest, and then grabbed Cooler's tail and threw him towards the ground. Before Cooler could hit the ground Goku chased him down, slamming his feet into Cooler's back and ramming him into the ground. Goku jumped back and blasted energy from his hands at Cooler, making explosions that deepened a crater Cooler was in.

Cooler held off the energy blasts and then jumped out of the crater, getting back in the air and seeing Goku fly upward to follow. Above the city both of them threw a right handed punch at the same time, both strikes hitting each other head on and creating a shockwave that shattered windows in buildings below. Both punched at the same time again, throwing left fists into each other's jaws. The force threw both of them away from each other, but only for a moment before they charged at each other again.

Blow after blow was exchanged between Goku and Cooler, faster than the normal eye could see. People in the streets only saw spherical bursts of power in the sky accompanied by thunder, unable to keep up with the warriors fighting across the sky. Occasional glimpses of one warrior blocking the other's attack could be seen, but only for a second when the two stayed in one place.

A punch to the face sent Cooler plummeting into one of the city's walls, specifically the southern part of the wall between upper and middle rings. Cooler plunged through the entire wall, breaking rock from top to the bottom. Goku fired dozens of yellow energy blasts at Cooler inside the wall, passing through the hole Cooler had made and exploding at the bottom. After a moment of withstanding the barrage Cooler let out an explosive burst of power, shattering a portion of the wall and deflecting further energy blasts.

Cooler shot upwards towards Goku and rammed his head into Goku's, the head-butt tossing Goku higher into the air. Then Cooler grabbed Goku's right boot and spun him around several times, before throwing him towards the western side of the city. Cooler chased after Goku and slammed both fists into Goku's back, making him plummet downward towards the lower ring. A sweeping kick sent Goku towards the Agrarian Zone, crossing over the inner wall between it and the lower ring.

Reorienting himself in midair above the western Agrarian Zone, Goku powered up for an energy attack. Above the lower ring Cooler focused his energy as well, concentrated it in his fists. From both open hands Goku fired a large beam of yellow energy, and at the same time Cooler thrust both fists forward to fire a beam of red energy. The two beams collided above the inner wall, creating a growing sphere of energy that was half yellow and half red. That sphere grew larger and larger as Goku and Cooler kept up their beam attacks, colliding with the wall and gradually consuming it.

Half of the wall's height was gone when Cooler broke away from the attack, letting his half of the energy sphere dissipate and Goku's beam shot through. Cooler flew over the beam and towards Goku, slamming a fist into Goku's face. The blow ceased Goku's beam attack and sent him flying westward, slamming into the outer wall and cratering it. After the blow Cooler flew higher into the air, raising one hand and concentrating all of his power into one attack.

Goku stood up on the wall and looked up to see what Cooler was doing, creating a massive sphere of orange energy. It grew bigger and bigger in seconds, growing to over a mile in diameter. "Don't do it!" Goku yelled. "You'll blow up the whole planet!"

"That's the idea!" Cooler yelled back, and then he swung his arm to throw the massive energy sphere.

Goku braced himself for the attack, which appeared to move deceptively slow due to its size. Goku threw both hands forward and focused, letting the sphere hit his palms and push against him. While Goku's body withstood the downward force, the rock he was standing on could not. Goku dropped as the rock wall gave way beneath him, breaking more and more rock as the sphere pushed Goku down. Gradually the sphere consumed the outer wall, only stopping when Goku reached the bottom.

But while Goku fought against the force he felt a strange presence, like something was trying to reach him. And yet it seemed somewhat familiar, recalling a similar presence several months ago. The last time he had felt that presence was back on King Kai's miniature planet in the afterlife, when Shenron had brought him back to life.

"Not Now!"Goku yelled, realizing that he was feeling the presence of an eternal dragon. His friends and family had to be wishing him back home at this moment, which would doom this world if the wish was granted. At maximum power and holding the energy sphere at bay Goku hoped that he could refuse the wish, at least long enough to save this world.

In a growing crater at the bottom of the outer wall Goku finally equalized the force, and starting pushing the sphere back up. He extended his arms forward with the sphere still on his palms, and put everything he had into one last attack. Goku fired the Kamehameha wave, blasting the sphere with a blue energy beam and pushing it towards the heavens. The sphere was so large that Cooler was caught in its path, having to put his hands against the sphere as the Kamehameha pushed it away from the planet.

"NO!" Cooler yelled as he was pushed out of the atmosphere, rocketing into the cold void of space. He could not escape the force pushing against him while the blue beam kept firing, and it kept firing for a whole ten minutes. At nearly the speed of light that was long enough for the energy sphere to reach the Sun, plunging into the nuclear inferno and taking Cooler with it.

When he sensed that Cooler was no more Goku ended his beam attack, watching the end of the beam vanish in the Sun's light. Depleted of energy Goku let go of the Super Saiyan form, reverting to his normal appearance. And then he fell backward into the crater, too exhausted to stay on his feet. Goku waited for the eternal dragon to take him away, but it didn't happen.

"Hello… dragon…?" Goku muttered. "Are you there?"


The booming voice of Porunga echoed to the people below at Capsule Corporation, seemingly understood in every language they knew. The first wish to bring Goku back to life had been refused as well, but due to Goku being still alive. That news had overjoyed Goku's friends and family, glad to hear that Goku had not perished on Namek. But when the second wish had been refused it was a shock to everyone.

"Why?" Dende demanded in the Namekian language.


While everyone else wondered and complained about what could possibly keep Goku away, the Sayian prince Vegeta believed he knew the answer. He believed that Goku was busy training in space, getting even stronger while Vegeta was on Earth sitting around and doing nothing. That was unacceptable, to let Goku continue to surpass him.

Vegeta had been leaning against the dome shaped Capsule Corp building at the time, and immediately started looking for a way to get off the planet. There was a house sized spherical spacecraft parked in the backyard, identical to the spacecraft Goku had used to get to Namek. Vegeta hurried to the ship and entered it, unnoticed by the people still gazing at Porunga. In the center of the ship's interior was a cylindrical gravity generator, and next to one of the walls was a control console. Vegeta had no trouble starting the ship's engines and taking off into space, as the ship's designs had been reverse engineered from Saiyan technology.

Alone in the spaceship Vegeta muttered to himself. "Wherever you are Kakarot, I will find you."