Chapter 7: Excessive Force

Flying north took Goku back into the Earth Kingdom and towards its capital city, passing by a narrow strip of land that connected two sides of a large river. From high above Goku saw a small group of people walking across to the northern side, as well as a sea serpent swimming away from a gap in the narrow strip of land. Even from a distance Goku recognized the energy of the Blind Bandit, but didn't bother to land and check in on her. The city he sensed beyond the horizon was more interesting, the largest civilization he'd found yet on this planet.

After passing a few hills Goku saw the outer wall of Ba Sing Se appear on the horizon, seemingly stretching from one end of the horizon to the other. Soldiers on the wall scrambled when they saw Goku's approach, not knowing if the flying person was a friend or foe. Goku saw some soldiers panic as he got closer, as they had never attempted to fight anything in the air. For the last dozen yards Goku slowed down his descent, gently landing on the wall near a group of soldiers.

"State your intent!" one soldier demanded, trying to sound intimidating in spite of being terrified.

Wanting a cheap laugh Goku decided to imitate an old film about aliens Bulma had him watch once. "Take me to your leader."

The soldiers took him seriously, as his ability to fly and bypass the city's main defense made Goku a threat not to be taken lightly. They escorted Goku along the wall to a barracks, where the nearest general resided. Inside Goku saw a desk by a window, where a general wearing wide robes was sitting. One soldier whispered into the general's ear to inform him of what he knew Goku could do, prompting the general to get up from his desk and approach Goku.

"Hello, I am General Sung," he introduced himself, bowing to Goku. "I've heard rumors of the flying man from outside Ba Sing Se, but didn't want to believe them."

"Please sir, call me Goku."

"Yes, Goku," Sung said. "What is it that you want?"

"Oh I'm just flying around, looking for some good to do with my time," Goku said. He silently wondered how much time was left for the dragonballs to recharge, or if the revived Namekians still had their set with them.

"Well then I recommend that you leave Ba Sing Se," Sung suggested. "Or at least stay on the ground while you're here. The Dai Li would go nuts if they knew someone like you was in their skies."

"Sounds reasonable," Goku said. Then he looked out the window and saw something big slowly moving towards the wall. "Question, what the heck it that?"

When Goku pointed out the window Sung looked in that direction, seeing a giant drill moving towards Ba Sing Se. "Oh that," Sung commented. "I've already sent a team to deal with it, no need to concern yourself."

Just to check in on his team Sung walked up to a telescope mounted at the window, peering through for a few minutes. He watched the Terra Team begin their assault on the drill, attempting to puncture the machine's outer shell with large spikes of stone. The attack didn't even slow down the drill, as the stone spikes shattered when the moving drill applied pressure. And before the Terra Team could make another attempt a pair of teenage girls emerged from the drill, taking out the entire team with throwing knifes and well placed jabs.

"We're Doomed!" General Sung screamed.

After patiently waiting several minutes for Sung's panic to cease, Goku raised his hand to get Sung's attention. "Why?"

"The Fire Nation is going to invade the city," Sung explained.

"Oh," Goku said. He looked at the drill again, which slowly crept towards the outer wall. "I can take care of that for you."

"Yes please," Sung said.

Goku walked over to the window and jumped out of it, diving towards the ground far below him. At the last second before hitting the bottom Goku pulled up, flying just a few feet above the ground and towards the drill. He circled around the drill to see just how big the machine was up close, as well as sensing that nearly all of the people inside were in the rear half of the machine. He flew back to the wall and then straight up, going past the height of the wall. When he reached three times the height of the wall Goku hovered there, and then he cupped his hands at his right side.


General Sung stepped outside the barracks on the wall and looked up, seeing Goku but having no idea what he was doing. He could only imagine what kind of devastation he was about to witness, as the flying man had total confidence in taking care of the drill. The general also imagined how the Dai Li would react if they knew about Goku, suspecting that the organization would give him a ticket to Lake Laogai. But for the moment Sung watched the skies, wanting to see what Goku had in mind.


A few miles from the wall and near the Serpent's Pass, Toph Bei Fong noticed something very strange happening. It seemed like she could feel a person's presence far away, beyond the range of her vibration sight. She would normally have dismissed it as nothing, except that she had once been informed that it was possible to sense a person's energy. Her unfocused eyes drifted towards Ba Sing Se, seemingly drawn towards the presence. And yet she seemed to recognize the presence, finding it similar to the person that told her that sensing energy was possible. The only difference was that it was so much bigger.


In the drill's command tower at the rear end of the machine, Princess Azula saw a bright blue light through the windows. Her friends Mai and Ty Lee returned in time to see the light, neither having any idea what it was. Azula stood up from her seat and walked to the front window to get a better view, seeing the light coming from above Ba Sing Se's wall. She seized a spyglass and gazed at the source of the light, seeing Goku with a ball of shining blue light in his hands. That sight made Azula worry about the imminent future, as the unknown tended to be very dangerous.


Near the outer wall Avatar Aang was flying on his glider, intending to reach the city and search for his missing sky bison Appa. He noticed something disrupting the natural winds around him, which interfered with the air currents he used to fly. Immediately Aang landed on the nearest hill below him, and then he gazed upward. He could tell that the shining blue light above was causing the disruption, as if it were the center of a growing storm.


Goku thrust both hands forward and down towards the drill, unleashing the Kamehameha wave on the machine. A giant beam of blue energy erupted from Goku's hands, which bathed the landscape in blue light to every horizon. In just a few seconds the beam hit the front of the drill, creating a massive explosion on contact. The blast blew hurricane force winds in every direction, obscuring the immediate area and blowing away anyone caught in the shockwave.

Still on the hill Avatar Aang attempted to airbend a shield from the shockwave, lessening the force enough for it to only push him back a few feet. After the shockwave passed Aang saw a mushroom shaped cloud rising from the ground near Ba Sing Se's wall, while hearing debris falling like hail. Aang's jaw dropped at the sight, as it was nothing like anything he had ever seen before. And yet Aang wondered if this was what others felt whenever he was in the Avatar State, dealing with a power beyond his comprehension.

It took several minutes for the mushroom cloud to disperse and the dust to settle, gradually revealing what was left of the drill. Half of it was simply gone, and a crater was in the ground where the front half of the drill used to be. The remaining rear half was still intact, though large cracks had spread through the entire outer shell. Shrapnel from the missing half rained across the land, some large chunks embedding in the outer wall of Ba Sing Se.

With his task complete Goku slowly descended towards the wall, landing beside a very shocked General Sung. "Done," Goku said.

General Sung slowly gulped, glad that the drill was stopped but terrified of the man only a few feet away. Very slowly he turned towards Goku, making a thumbs-up gesture but couldn't stop his hand from shaking in fear. "Thank you," Sung said, trying to appear as grateful as possible.

Still in the drill's command tower Azula stared at the destruction, wishing that it was all just a dream. Years of construction and so much money spent had been lost in a handful of seconds, ending the possibility of breaching Ba Sing Se's wall before the return of Sozin's Comet. Azula's left eye twitched as she processed the sight in front of her, trying to hold back the rage building up inside. There was only one phrase that Azula knew to sum up her rage, which her friends Mai and Ty Lee had never thought she would ever say.

"What the F#ck!"

A/N: I doubt that I'll ever have another opportunity to blow up the drill.