A/N: I realize that Goku was out of character early in the last chapter, and for that I apologize. It happened because I really don't like Joo Dee.

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Chapter 9: Titan Tumble

Goku hurried outside the house in the middle ring of Ba Sing Se, staring towards the southwestern side of the city. In that direction Goku sensed a large power, similar to one he had fought before but slightly different. Three smaller powers were next to the large one, insignificant in comparison. Though the large power was a potential threat to the world that harbored him, Goku couldn't help but smile.

There was finally an opponent on his level.

Behind Goku a confused Long Feng followed him outside. "What is it?" Long Feng asked, genuinely curious about what had Goku's attention.

Ignoring Long Feng's question, Goku jumped and flew straight up. He rose until he was high above the city, and then hovered in the sky. Goku sensed the large power remaining in one place, while the three smaller ones were moving in different directions. To get their attention Goku powered up for a few seconds, giving off a high amount of energy. And sure enough the three smaller powers changed course, heading straight for Goku's position.

In just a few minutes Goku saw three different humanoid aliens flying towards him, each with a scouter device covering their left eye and left ear. A blue skinned alien with blond hair was in front, followed by a green skinned alien with black hair and a red reptilian alien. Goku didn't recognize any of the species, but they seemed like they recognized him.

"So this is the monkey we are looking for," the blue alien said to his comrades.

"Excuse me?" Goku said. "Who are you people?"

Right away the three aliens grouped together and did a fancy pose. "Cooler's Armored Squadron!" they announced together, right before charging at Goku

Ignoring a sense of déjà vu, Goku readied himself to fight all three aliens at once. He easily dodged their punches and kicks, swiftly weaving around them in midair. A punch and a kick sent the reptilian and green aliens flying away, before Goku had to block a jab from the blue alien with his arm. Goku punched the blue alien in the gut, then kicked him away into the green alien.

The reptilian alien fired a beam of energy from its hands at Goku, and he retaliated with his own energy blast from one hand. Goku's attack overwhelmed his opponent's, forcing the alien to get out of the way. But the time it took to dodge was enough for Goku to close in and ram his boots into the alien, hitting hard enough to make the reptile plummet into a street below. The impact left a crater in the street, but the alien quickly got up and flew back into the sky.

With his arms Goku blocked punches from the two aliens still at his altitude, and then shoved them away. Goku fired three energy beams at once, two from his hands and the third from his feet. All three aliens were hit by the attacks, overwhelming them completely and damaging the armor they wore. The green alien was caught in one beam and shot beyond the horizon, the reptilian alien was shot into the ground and knocked out, while the blue alien slipped out of the beam and remained in the sky.

Though injured and alone for the moment, the blue alien did not quit. But right before he could try to attack again he stopped, seeing his boss slowly approaching in the air. "My lord, I have this under control."

The purple and white alien flying towards Goku didn't believe his servant. "Nevertheless, I'll take over from here."

Goku turned towards the newcomer, whose appearance reminded him of an old foe. "Frieza?"

"That is not Frieza," the blue alien corrected. "He is Cooler."

"Cooler than Frieza?" Goku questioned. "You must be ice cold."

"No, that would be my father," Cooler answered.

"What do you want?" Goku demanded.

"Your life will suffice," Cooler answered. In a burst of speed he closed the gap and punched Goku in the face, sending him flying across the sky.

Halting himself in midair Goku raised his arm to block another punch. "Wait! Let's take this somewhere else!"

"Hmm, no," Cooler said. He raised and jammed his knee into Goku's gut, and then slammed both fists into his back. The blow made Goku plummet towards the city below, where civilians saw him fall.

Crashing in the lower ring Goku left a crater in the street, right as a carriage drawn by ostrich-horses was moving down the street. The beasts panicked and made a sharp right turn, making the carriage tip over before the beasts broke free of their harnesses. As the carriage tipped over it burst open, spilling a Joo Dee, Water Tribe siblings, a blind Earth Kingdom girl, and an Air Nomad.

Unaware of the Air Nomad ending up at the crater's edge, Goku stood up in the crater and focused on the battle at hand. "Kaio-Ken!"

The Air Nomad stared at Goku. "Kaio-What?"

A red aura erupted from Goku's body, generating a powerful wind that blew the Air Nomad away. Goku rocketed upward and slammed a fist into Cooler's gut, then followed it with several punches into Cooler's face and chest. But then Cooler whipped his tail into Goku's side, dispersing the red aura and sending him plummeting at an angle into the city's inner wall. Goku hit and broke through the rock and landed in the Agrarian Zone, where he recovered in time to block an incoming punch from Cooler with his arm.

Cooler threw several fast punches at Goku, while the Saiyan blocked each one. Then Cooler swept a leg into Goku's knees, tripping him before whipping his tail into Goku's face. The blow sent Goku flying across the Agrarian Zone, and Cooler flew after him and slammed both fists down into Goku's chest, sending him plummeting into a large lake. Cooler dived into the water after Goku, ramming him into the lakebed. The impact tore through the rock deep enough to reach an underground base, both combatants completely unaware that it belonged to the Dai Li.

Dai Li agents in the base were shocked to see the roof collapse in one of the hallways as Goku and Cooler broke through, followed by a torrent of water from the lake above. Flooding water swept away nearby agents, while Goku kicked Cooler in the chest hard enough to smash him through several stone walls. Cooler recovered from the blow inside a cavernous chamber, where he had to cross his arms to block a fast punch from Goku. But then Goku swung his other fist up into Cooler's gut, knocking the wind out of him and launching Cooler into the roof. Goku flew up and rammed Cooler with his elbow, breaking through the roof and into the lake above. Both combatants burst through the surface of the lake and landed on an island in the center, neither caring about the flooding base below.

There was a pause in the battle, and Cooler chuckled a little. "Yes, I can see why my brother had trouble with you. And yet, I get the feeling that you're not using your full power."

"What makes you say that?" Goku asked.

"Because neither am I," Cooler answered.

Cooler spread his arms out and clenched his fists, summoning power and triggering a transformation. Cooler's muscles grew larger while his chest expanded, his whole body doubling in size. His skull sprouted five spikes that pointed behind him, like some kind of alien crown. A pair of small spikes sprouted from Cooler's back and another pair from the backs of his wrists, and his eyes became pure red.

"Now you die!"Cooler declared, while a faceplate slid into place to cover his mouth, deepening his voice.

In a sudden burst of speed Cooler punched Goku in the gut, the blow hurling him across the Agrarian Zone into the city's outer wall. The impact left a crater in the southern wall, which Goku had no time to escape before Cooler flew in and landed an uppercut to Goku's jaw. That sent Goku up the wall and tore apart rock in the way, leaving a long gouge in the wall up to the top. Cooler quickly ascended to intercept Goku and whipped his tail into Goku's back, that strike hurtling Goku to the middle of Ba Sing Se.

Over the palace Goku reoriented himself and hovered in midair, then cupped his hands at his right side. "Ka… Me… Ha… Me… HA!"

Goku unleashed the Kamehameha wave over Ba Sing Se, aimed directly at Cooler. The bright blue beam shot across the city's sky, outshining the sun above and terrifying the people below. Instead of dodging the attack Cooler flew into it with one fist in front, piercing the blue beam and flying through the energy. Right in front of Goku's hands Cooler popped his upper half out of the beam, and then punched Goku down into the northern half of the middle ring, ignoring the Kamehameha continuing on to hit and vaporize a mountain south of the city.

In the middle ring Goku crashed into a restaurant, demolishing the entire building. Cooler closed in and landed on Goku, slamming his right foot onto Goku's chest and pinning him down. "Kidney kick," Cooler said, before kicking Goku's side. "Kidney kick, kidney kick, kidney kick, and pause…" Cooler repeated, kicking Goku's side three times and then pausing. "Palm blast."

Cooler pulled his foot away and blasted energy from his right palm, point-blank into Goku. The blast consumed nine city blocks, leaving a crater where the buildings had been. When the dust settled Goku stood up in the crater, his shirts destroyed and pants tattered below the knees and his Earth Rumble belt broken. Goku thrust both palms forward and fired his own large energy blast, which hit Cooler and barely singed his skin.

"Is this really all the Super Saiyan can muster?" Cooler questioned. He rushed in and punched Goku again, sending him flying into the large wall between middle and upper rings of the city. Cooler flew to intercept Goku, jamming his knee into Goku's chest and pushing Goku's back further into the wall. "Where is the power that defeated my brother?"

Goku didn't answer, too busy dealing with the pain.

"Very well," Cooler said. He floated away from Goku, before aiming his palm at the city streets behind him. "Perhaps some senseless destruction will provide proper motivation?"

Goku watched in horror at Cooler opened fire on the middle ring, unleashing thousands of moderate energy blasts on the city streets below. The blasts cut a wide swath of destruction across the middle ring, tore down part of the wall between lower and middle rings, and demolished a northern section of the lower ring.

Clenching his fists, Goku's anger rose in the face of so much destruction. Uncountable numbers of people had just perished, simply because the fight was taking place in their city. The wall Goku was stuck in began to tremble, shaking as Goku's power increased with his anger. Cracks spread through the rock, right before a bright flash erupted from Goku's body. In that flash Goku's hair turned yellow and rose upward, while his eyes turned green.

"I won't let you get away with that!" Goku yelled, filled with the power of the Super Saiyan.

Meanwhile, thousands of light years away…

On another world, in another city, surrounded by family and friends, a small green-skinned child in white and brown robes stood in front of a set of large orange balls. The seven ball set pulsed and hummed with energy, seemingly eager to fulfill their function. In his native tongue the child spoke to the balls, while his family and friends watched.

"Come forth, Porunga!"