Lara's POV

5 years ago

I knew I shouldn't have gone out after my shift. Major bad idea!
After my shift ended at 5.30pm I walked to the closest bar nearest to my house for a couple of drinks. It was a few months after I lost my mother to cancer and I was trying to have a good time and not think about my grief. I met a nice guy, can't remember his name but I remember his gorgeous dark blue eyes. I was currently working at a grocery store. Anyway, I had a few drinks before he came and started talking to me and ordered me a few more drinks. That's was a bad idea because the next thing I knew it was the next day and I awoke naked in my bed and the man sleeping next to me.

5 years later

"Vince, meet Lara. She will be joining your team today. Lara this is Vince, your co-ordinator." Michelle said making introductions.

"Hi. I cleared this with Michelle but I would also like to let you know that I will have to leave at about 2.35 to pick my daughters up from school and then come straight back if that is alright." Lara said mentioning her twin girls.

"Yes that's fine. Are they twin girls?" Vince asked making small talk as Lara finished off her paperwork.

"Yeah." She said pulling two photos out and passing them to him. Pointing to the left, "That's Alyssa and the other is Makenzie."

"They are beautiful. Father in the picture at all?" Vince asked handing back the photo's to Lara.

"No. One night stand after I lost my mother to cancer. Doing what I did was a mistake but I will never regret having my beautiful daughters." Lara said handing over her finished transfer paperwork to Michelle.

"Okay the rest of the team will be back in a few and you can meet the rest of them." Michelle said before walking to her office to file the paperwork to send to Head Office.

"Here comes the noisy crew now." Vince said as there was a lot of noise coming up the stairs.

"Welcome back team. You all have a new colleague. Her name is Lara." Vince said quieting them all down. "Lara, this is Dean Gallagher team leader, Jordan Zwitkowski, Heidi Wilson and Chase Gallagher."

"Nice to meet you all." Lara said smiling at them all. Thinking she might have known Dean from somewhere but can't quite put her finger on it.

"You too. Have you had station house tour yet?" Dean asked.

"No. Not yet." She replied checking her watch. The time was 12.30pm.

"I can show your around if you want unless you have somewhere to be." Dean said noticing how she was looking at her watch or phone.

"If you don't mind. And no not yet." She replied smiling a little as she followed him downstairs.


"And this is where the patrols are kept. Any questions?" he asked turning around to face her.

"No. No questions." Lara replied.

"I recognise you from somewhere. I just can't put my finger on it. Oh well I am sure to remember at some point." Dean smiled before going upstairs.

'Oh I sure know where you know me from.' Lara thought to herself, following him upstairs.

"Hey, I'm Heidi." A red head girl said as she came up and shook hands with Lara.

"Lara. Nice to meet you." Lara replied as she sat down with Heidi in conference room for lunch.

"I heard through the grape vine that you have twin girls." Heidi said taking a bite out of her apple.

"Yeah. Alyssa and Makenzie." She replied pulling the photo out of her purse.

"They're beautiful." Heidi said.

"Thank you." Lara said smiling softly.

2.35pm- Currambena Primary School

"Mummy!" Two little girls screamed before crashing into Lara's knees.

"Hey my gorgeous girls. You ready to go meet Auntie Michelle?" Lara asked as she took the two princess bags off her daughters and walked them across the road to their car.

"Yes!" they said before hopping in the back and helping buckle each other in.

"Good girls for helping each other." Lara praised as she hopped behind the wheel.

"Mummy, can our friend Lily stay over Friday night pretty please?" Makenzie said after a discussion with her sister.

"I suppose so. But I will have to meet Lily's mummy before though. Tomorrow sound okay?" Lara said as they stopped at a red light.

"Yes." She replied.


"Come on girls. Out. Let's go. Straight upstairs and do your homework." Lara said as her daughters bolted up the stairs and stopped suddenly in front of Vince.

"Hello. Are you two Alyssa and Mackenzie?" he asked crouching down in front of them.

"Yes." They said shyly.

"You know Michelle don't you?" he asked.

"Yes. Mummy has known Auntie Michelle since university, I think that is how you say it." Alyssa said proudly.

"Very good. Okay, if you like you can go into the office and do your homework like your mummy said." Vince said pointing them in the direction of Michelle.

"Bye!" they yelled before running into Michelle's office to greet her and help each other with their homework.

"Where did those girls go." Lara muttered to herself as she walked through the doors and nearly running into Dean.

"Sorry. Those two girls went upstairs." He said.

"Thanks." She said smiling, before she went upstairs.


"Why didn't you tell me they knew Michelle?" Vince asked in a joking voice. The others laughed at Lara's face.

"Uhm. I thought Michelle would have told you." She replied.

"Hm. I will ask her then." He said before walking off.

"It's okay. He does that to everyone. I'm Chase. Dean's younger brother." Chase said patting her on the back.


"Come on girls. Time to go home, have dinner." Lara said gathering her stuff to leave.

"Bye everyone." Mackenzie said grabbing her bag from Michelle's office and skipping off to her mother's side.

"Bye." Alyssa said following suit of her sister.

"So cute. Bye girls." They all said as Lara and the girls went downstairs.

Lara's house

"Girls what do you want for dinner?" Lara asked as the girls ran towards the bedroom they shared as Lara put her keys and bag on the table inside the door.

"Uhm. Pizza!" They yelled in unison.

"Salad first and then pizza. And then we can watch a movie and then you two will be off to bed." Lara said planning out their night before picking up her phone to order the pizza.

"Yay." They yelled, before running off to get dressed in their pajamas.

'Crazy girls.' Lara thought to herself as she finished preparing the salad.

"Mummy, we're back. Pizza here yet?" the girls said running out of their room two minutes later.

"Not yet, I only just ordered it silly." Lara said getting into a tickle fight with both her girls before the doorbell rang.

"I will get it." Lara said grabbing her purse off the table before opening the door.

2 minutes later.

"Aly. Mac. Grab your salads and sit at the table." Lara yelled down the hall as she made her way into the kitchen and got three plates out and put a slice each on plate before taking them out to the dining table where the two girls were waiting patiently.

"Done Mummy. We got yours too." Aly said as her plate of pizza got placed in front of her.

"Thank you baby." Lara said. " Salad first. Pizza second. Dig in."

"Thankyou mummy." The girls said digging into their greens.

20 minutes later

"Mummy! We're finished!" the girls yelled.

"Go find a movie and grab your blankets." Lara yelled back.

"Lion King please Mummy!" they said walking into the lounge room where Lara was sitting with a bowl of popcorn.

"Okay. Get the disc and sit on the lounge." Lara said getting up to put the disc in the DVD player.

"Thankyou Mummy." Aly and Mak said before watching it.

"You're welcome. Finish the popcorn and juice and off to bed for both of you." Lara said smiling as the doorbell rang.

"Hey. What's up?" Lara said to Dean who was on the other side of the door.

"I need to talk to you about something important." He said.

"Come on in." she said opening the door up further.

"Thanks." He said. "Hey girls. What movie you watching?"

"Hiya. The Lion King." Mak replied.

"Haven't seen that in ages. If you want I can watch it with you girls after I talk to your mummy." He replied before following Lara out into the back patio.

"What did you want to talk about?" she asked sensing she already knew.

"I remember. That night 5 years ago." He said.

"Yeah. So do I." she replied softly.

"Do you think I could get to know them and you again please?" Dean asked grabbing hold of Lara's hands.

"Yes I would like that." Lara said looking up at him. "But slowly."

"Of course. Come on let's go spend time with the girls. We will have to tell them at some point soon." Dean said leading her inside.

"Yeah I know. Just not right now." She said sitting in between Alyssa and Makenzie.

"Okay." Dean said.

Next day- Saturday 8.30am

"Alyssa, Makenzie! Time to get up, I have the day off today. What do you girls want to do?" Lara asked bursting into the twin's rooms.

"Morning Mummy. Let me talk with Mac and we will let you know." Alyssa said sweetly before turning back to her twin.

"Sure baby. I will be in the kitchen making breakfast." Lara said before leaving the two alone.

"We should go to the park with Mummy and Dean and try and get them together and then Dean will become our Daddy!" Alyssa said whispering to her sister about their plan.

"Perfect. And we can get ice-cream after." Mac replied as they made their way down the hall way, through the dining room and into the kitchen.

"Morning girls. You think of what you want to do today?" Lara asked placing their nutri-grain in front of them.

"Yes. Can we go to the park and get ice cream after and can Dean come with us?" Alyssa asked innocently.

"Sure sweetie. You can call Dean and ask him later in the morning." Lara said sitting down with her two girls.

"Okay Mummy. What can we do until then?" Makenzie asked as she ate her cereal.

"Well, you can get dressed, brush your hair, brush your teeth, make your bed and clean your rooms first of all and then you can come and see me when you are done." Lara said picking up the dishes and taking them to the kitchen.

"Okay. We will be back when we finish." They said before running off to get ready for the day.


"Mummy! We're done." Alyssa said as they ran into the lounge room.

"Very good. Well, Dean is at work right now so we will go at 2.30pm. Think you two can keep yourselves busy until then?" Lara said.

"Yes Mummy." They said unison before running off.

Hey all this is my new story. I will finish my other one. I just have no inspiration for it right now. Also been busy with doctors concerning my knee and getting ready for Grade 11. This is Chapter 1xx