"Aly that's mine!" Mackenzie yelled as they played in their room until lunch.

"No it isn't!" Alyssa yelled back snatching back the doll.

"Girls what is going on?" Lara asked as she walked into the twins rooms.

"Alyssa stole my doll. Aly you have your own!" Mac yelled snatching back the doll and throwing the identical one at her sister.

"No that one is yours." Aly said throwing it back.

"That is it! You two can't get along no one plays with the dolls. Come out into the lounge room and watch cartoons while I make lunch. Keep up your arguing and we don't go anywhere." Lara said putting the dolls back in their respective boxes and led the two sulking girls away and into the lounge room.

"Yes Mum." They replied before sitting on the lounge together to watch cartoons and talk.

"Identical twins equals identical dolls. Knew that was a bad idea." Lara thought to herself as she made them all salad sandwiches.

"Aly, Mac. Lunch is on the table." Lara called as she filled two plastic Bratz cups with apple juice and a glass of water.

"Thanks Mum." They said together as they sat down as Lara put their cups in front of them.

"You're welcome. Now don't argue about whose cup is who's because they have your names on the bottom." Lara said sitting down as she saw a fight coming on about whose cup is whose.

"Okay." They said before taking about out of the sandwich.

"Good girls." Lara said watching her two girls.


"MUM! Door!" Alyssa yelled from the hallway as they finished helping each other's coats on.

"Thanks." Lara said pulling her jacket on as she opened the door. "Hey."

"Hey. You ladies ready to go?" he asked.

"YES!" the twins cried before running out the door.

"You two go any further than the mailbox and your both going to be in big trouble." Lara said.

"Listen to your mother." Dean said as he saw the girls edging their way to the car.

"Thanks." Lara said as she locked up the house before following Dean and her two girls down the path.

"No problem. Off to the park and then ice-cream I believe." Dean said as he helped Lara buckle the two girls into the car and then get into the driver's seat.

"Yes." Alyssa said, before resuming her whispering to her sister.

Grasmere Children's Park-Naremburn

"We've never been to this park before." Alyssa and Mackenzie said as they jumped out of the back of Dean's 4WD.

"That's because I never knew of this park before now." Lara said as she followed the girls into the park before finding a park bench and watching them run off to play.

"So when are you going to tell them?" he said as he sat next to her.

"Me? You're not leaving me to do it all you have to tell them as well." Lara said laughing at his face.

"I've never dealt with two little girls before." He replied. "You have. You have for 5 years. I am sorry that I haven't been them for the first 5 years of their lives."

"It's okay." Lara said smiling softly at him.

"So when do we break it to them? Over ice-cream or should we also have dinner and then tell them that way?" Dean asked thinking of idea to tell the girls.

"I think we should do it over dinner. But we still get ice-cream anyway. They have been looking forward to this afternoon all day." Lara said standing up and walking towards the girls who were having another fight.

"What are you two fighting about?" Dean asked crouching down to their level.

"About who goes on the slide first." Mackenzie said as her sister poked her.

"Well you shouldn't be fighting about that. Mackenzie you go first and Alyssa you're going to sit over there for poking your sister. You can have a go after her." Lara said leading Alyssa over to the chair and sat down with Alyssa in her lap.

"Okay Mum." Alyssa said wrapping her arms around Lara's neck and then Dean's.

"Good girl." Lara said as Mac went down the slide a few times before running over to her mother and sister and letting Alyssa have a go.

"When do we get ice-cream?" she asked as her sister went down the same amount of times as she did.

"When your sister gets back. And then we are going to go have dinner with Dean. We both have something to tell you girls." Lara said as Alyssa came running back over.

"Can we go to Serendipity?" Alyssa asked as they walked back towards the car.

"Sure." Dean and Lara replied together before they drove off towards the ice cream store.


"Mint choc chip please!" Both girls answered before going to sit down with Dean.

"Sure." Lara replied before walking back over with their ice-creams.

"Thankyou Mummy!" they said before digging into their ice-cream.

"You're welcome girls." Lara said before nodding to Dean. "We actually have some big news to tell you tonight. As long as you two don't get upset or mad."

"What is it about?" Alyssa asked.

"Ah that is for your mother and me to know and for you guys to find out later." Dean said tickling the girl's sides.

"Okay." They said giggling before digging into their ice-cream once again.

Deans House-Surry Hills

"Welcome ladies." Dean said before heading towards his kitchen to start dinner.

"Cool." The girls said as they all followed him into the kitchen.

"Hey Lara. I was just leaving, nice to see you girls again. See you Monday Lara!" Chase said before walking out the door to go meet up with Jordan.

"Bye Chase." Lara said sitting the girls down at the table.

"Now stir-fry is on the menu for dinner with apple juice for the young ones and wine for you and me." Dean said pulling out four glasses.

"Thanks. But who has to drive home tonight?" Lara said accepting the wine.

"Well, you could head back home grab change of clothes for you all and come back. I have enough room for all of you to stay here." Dean said as he cooked their dinner.

"Yeah. Good thing I know is to pack a bag of clothes just in case." Lara said sipping her wine as she watched the girls talk.

"So when do we tell them: Before dinner, during dinner or during dessert?" Dean asked grabbing plates out of the cupboard.

"During dinner." Lara said as she helped him put the plates in front of the girls.

"Thanks Mum thanks Dean." The girls replied before digging into their dinner.

"You're welcome. Now back to that thing we were discussing at the park. Your mother and I have something very important to tell you both." Dean said.

"Is it bad?" Mackenzie asked.

"No. You see, how I put it." Lara said finding it difficult.

"Your mother is trying to explain that 5 years ago before you girls were born I left your mum alone for no reason." Dean said.

"What we are trying to say is that Dean is your father." Lara said whispering the last part.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?" Mackenzie yelled before running towards the front door.

"MACKENZIE! NO!" Lara yelled but she was too late, Mac ran into an oncoming car.

"NO!" Lara screamed, collapsing next to Mackenzie who was just holding on by a thread.