Entry 14

Returned from yet another meeting with the Council.  I patiently explained my concerns about Anakin's increasingly dark behavior and his clearly, to me at least, romantic involvement with the Senator.  They heard me out, thought about my words, and were very prompt in doing absolutely nothing about the whole situation.  I take that back, as it is not completely true.  They did agree with me, that there are things which definitely need to be looked into.  Fortunately, I am in top physical shape, or the heart attack might have proven fatal.  It remains to be seen however if anything will actually be done, or if they are just trying to humor me.

 Every time I have an audience with Master Yoda, I get more unnerved.  I have the distinct impression that he is not telling me everything he should as far as what he knows about Anakin and the prophecy of the Chosen One.  Once I could have sworn he was giving me a look that almost seemed say, " Poor Obi-Wan.  He has no idea what he is in for."  It was very strange to say the least.  

The fact that I was so unnerved must have been why I made the mistake of letting Anakin cook dinner last night.  Grilled fillet of Sarlacc may be a delicacy on Tatooine but it will never catch on in the rest of the galaxy.  It tasted okay at first, but it came back to haunt me several hours later.  It is worse than one of Dex's green plate specials.  I feel like there are motts and nexus fighting it out in what used to be my stomach.  I woke up this morning greener than Master Yoda.  Even before I got sick, that grilled Sarlacc left a very bad taste in my mouth, one I do not wish to ever experience again.  From this point on, Anakin is barred from making anymore Tatooine inspired meals.  If that is what they eat on Tatooine, I am very glad I do not live there.  I would not be able to last a day on food like that much less live on it for any significant period of time.

It appears I picked a very bad time to give up brownies.  Between the Clone Wars, the Jedi Council, Anakin, and the not so surprising return of Count Dooku, I find myself craving them more and more.  However, I think I may actually be going through a withdrawal of sorts.  When Anakin and I had a run in with Dooku, who naturally managed to escape, I had another one of those weird otherworldly experiences.  Here we were battling it out with Dooku and when it almost looked like we were going to solve our little problem, I was momentarily distracted.  That was all Dooku needed to get one up on me, and land his lightsaber a little too close for my comfort.  In an attempt to get out of the way, and defend myself, I must have made a wrong move somewhere.  One minute I am standing on a landing platform going Jedi to Sith with Count Dooku and the next I find myself in a very strange and bizarre place where I am wearing what appeared to be a kilt of some sort.  The only other thing I remember is somebody playing a very obnoxious musical instrument the sound of which reminded me of somebody strangling a tauntaun.  But before I could orient myself, and figure out what was happening I was back again.

 I do not know what I missed while I was gone but Anakin managed to really do a number on Dooku.  I have not seen a mess like that since I my first encounter with a Sith Lord.  Only Dooku did not have a split personality like the great horned beast I was up against, he was totally disarmed.  There was Dooku everywhere, and Anakin in the middle of the whole situation looking like a cross between a little lost bantha cub in search of its mother, and a charging reek bent on destruction.  When the dark black clothes he likes to wear, and the heavy exhausted breathing combined, it turned my once annoying but lovable apprentice in to a terrifying vision of nightmarish proportions.

I am seriously considering taking up brownies again.  I have meditated and thought about the current situation extensively.  I have the uneasy feeling that my future is about to be a little more interesting than I am prepared to deal with.  I seem to be the only one who sees it that way, but then I am used to that. It has always been that way, why would the galaxy want to change now?