'A world of darkness…'


The world shifted, a large, everlasting world of bright, neon green.


Chains. That's what Yomi's guess was.

["You've made it, Yomi."]


Yomi found herself, staring at the girl in front of her.

["You've found me."]

The girl wore a smirk on her pale face. Vertebrae horns, black dress, claws for hands, and…

"My type of hairstyle!" Yomi thought.

'What's happening?'

Yomi gasped as she soon saw a crouching girl in front of her.

'Who is she…? I know I-'


The girl with the horns peered down at the girl. Dead Master swung out her scythe.



Yomi burst up from her slumber. That monster! She almost killed Mato!

She sighed, and rubbed her eyes. She sat up on her lacy white bed. Her green walls stared at her as she got ready for school.


Yomi was staring at the concrete beneath her very being. She barely heard Mato's plea for her.


She didn't catch that until-

Yomi squealed when Mato crashed into her, making them both collapse, Mato laying on Yomi, her head resting on Yomi's chest area.

"Staring into space again, eh?" Mato muttered.

Yomi started giggling, making Mato blush a little and look at Yomi. She started to smile, seeing the sweet little grin on the girls pale face.

They both got up. "Sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?"

"Because, we collided-" Mato clapped her hands together, making Yomi flinch. "-together, and I swore I hurt you."

"No-no. You didn't hurt me at all-"

"Heyyy!" Yomi looked over to see Yuu. She looked back to the concrete, trying to hold back the jealousy.

"Hey, Yuu!"

Yuu and Mato started to talk. Often, Mato would look over to Yomi, who was looking at her own shadow, often catching her breath.

Mato once looked over, seeing Yomi check the time. "Uh…guys…we're close to missing the train…"

"Oh! CRAP!" Yuu started racing the trains way. Mato walked with Yomi, often looking at Yomi, a worried expression on her face.



Yomi shook her head, forcing out of her world. She looked to the right, and saw the train. Yuu watched in astonishment. "Ahh!" Yomi ran out of the way, only for the corner of the train to cut her ankle slightly.

"YOMI!" Mato raced over to Yomi, clearly not caring if she's late for school. "YOMI! ARE YOU OKAY?!"

Yomi moaned in pain, blood rolling down her ankle. "Yeah…" Yomi squeezed her eyes shut in deep pain.

Mato pulled Yomi into a hug. The driver of the train ran over with some cloth and Band-Aid's. After Yomi's little "treatment," they walked into the train. The driver would often call in the speaker (which was quite embarrassing, considering the 20 other people on the train cart.) if they were okay. They would always giggle and say a polite, "Yes, we're fine!"

The three girls stood before the building of their school. "Let's just hope-" Yomi was cut off when Kagari tackled her to the ground. "that Kagari gets here safely..." she finished, putting her head down on the concrete. Kagari just cackled and stuck her nose in the air, looking proud. "Happy to see me, Ne, Yomi?"

"Suuure..." Yomi moaned. All four of the girls started giggling, until the screech of gym shoes came up. "Kohata-senpai!" Mato screeched, cringing. Then, the overly excited gym captain hooked her arm around the girls neck. "Ace! I've wondered where you were!"

"Urrgg, what now Kohata?" Mato felt like a weak mouse, being handled by an owner with a tough grip, unable to breathe. But, seriously. She couldn't breathe. "Kohata! Let me go! I can't breathe!"

The angered captain let go of her fellow basketball member, only to cross her arms.

'What is with this girl?'

Mato took the chance. She started to dart off, but, Kohata chased after. Left alone in the dust, the three got up and started walking into school. Kagari kept teasing Yomi, making the girl annoyed. "I get that!" The girl finally screamed in annoyance. "Urrgggg!"

Yomi ran away, letting Kagari stick out her tongue. She stopped, and watched as Mato was squeezed across her neck, like a manly head tuck. "Kohata-senpai, when are you going to let go?"

"Nevah!" Kohata started having a smirk. Yomi sighed, and looked at her shadow. It...wasn't hers! 'What's going on?'

The shadow had vertebrae-like horns, with a black dress. She also wore black tights and heels. She held a scythe, and her eyes were neon green orbs. At least, in the shadow. 'Have I seen her before?'

Mato broke free of Kohata, and burst forward, accidentally bumping into the wall. The bump of the collision didn't faze Yomi. She was staring at the sneer that the shadow was giving her.

["You have found me, Yomi Takanashi."]


The dream was acting like a loop. The whispers repeated and repeated...

"BRAAAH!" Yomi caught back up to life, seeing the two goof balls giving her funny faces.

Mato was pulling the ends of her eyelids, (probably trying to look chinese) with her tongue sticking out, a deep blue topping it. (Heh, AirHeads.) Yuu was making herself frown, her own tongue out, with green on her tongue. Yomi stared for a little bit, before breaking into a fit of giggles.

Mato brought up a sweet smile.


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