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Mato woke up from the dream of her fellow protector. 'Who...was that? Is she...important?'

("Depends on what you think of me. Do I seem like a good protector to you?")

Mato gasped. "W-Who are you?"

("There's no time to explain. Just let me help you. Your friend...you'll see her if you come with me. I promise I will protect you.")



'But...why? Wouldn't that...cause you pain?' Pain...Mato knew much about it. Why would this mysterious girl help her?

("It's why I was created. Otherwise, I'm a hill of dust, or just a person in the mists of each others will. Much can't be done when you are empty...which is why I need you...Mato. I feed off of your pain, so you won't suffer. It's just why I was created. No, I wasn't born from a mother, like you, Mato. I was just a star in the sky. Just like that one you pray to every night. That's me. I was that little star that you pray to. Didn't your dreams come true? Or...did I fail?")

Mato sat in silence. She was that...star? The star that she hoped would help her?

'Does...Yomi have one like you?'

("Very much so. But...she isn't a star.")

'She isn't...a star? Then what is she? Is she like the little bird I've read...?'

("No. Far from it. In this world, she's nasty. She was born from darkness...that vile one. No-no, not the human Yomi. Dead Master...Have you ever had dreams of her?")

Mato started trembling. Nasty...why? Yomi is so sweet and kind in this world! 'Depends on what she looks like...How is she nasty? Yomi is so kind in this world!'

("Yomi is better than kind. She is a little bird. But...Dead Master isn't. She's much worse. Mato...follow me on this journey! You will see and hear how vile Dead Master is! You can save your little bird!")

"My little bird..." Mato looked out, the still bright star lingering in the skies. "I can...save her..."

'Save her from what?'

("You'll see if you just follow! I promise I won't do anything that you don't want me to!")

This girl was so nice... 'I guess...'

("Good. But, this'll sting a little, okay?")

'Wait, what?' Suddenly, a large wave of pain entered her body. She soon was looking over the barren lands. In Black Rock Shooter's sight.

Black smiled. She looked over to the bright green environment next to her. ("You'll notice her right away...Mato. It won't be hard...")

Black started walking to the castle.

Soon, she was standing at the doors. 'This is...Dead Master's castle?'

("Yes. Now, stay quiet.")

Black kicked open the doors. She got an instant reaction.

["Well, I was about to search for you."]

("You don't have to do that now, do you, fool?")

'Black...Who is that...?'

["I see your full again. Possibly later than I."]

Black snarled, staring up at the knight.

["And I guess Mato is wondering...since when does her little bird act so cruel?"]

("Cruel isn't the right word for you, Dead Master. I'd settle for being so idiotic.")

["Well, Yomi doesn't think so, hmm?"]

"Uhm, I'm not feeling safe being included in this conversation..."

Mato gasped. "Yomi!"

Dead Master jumped down from her throne. ["I know we have some buisness to take care of."]

Ending of this chapter!