Simple explanation for this: I was bored! Anyways, hope you guys like these very random thoughts.

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His life revolved around secrets.

His friends, the ones his trusted his life with, they didn't even know who he truly was.

Sometimes he forgot who he truly was.

All because of secrets.

Which was why everyone was in this mess.

The Light kept secrets.

The Team kept secrets.

The League kept secrets.

And so did he.

Secrets were the reason why one of his oldest friends was thought to be a traitor.

They were why that person's mind was broken.

They were why they had lost their home.

They were why the world was being invaded, and why the world didn't realize it either.

They were why 4 powerful heroes were banned from coming home.

And why he was stuck.

He had never been stuck before.

But then everything had changed.

And it moved too fast for him to keep up.

Who was he anymore?

Were the risks really worth it?

Why had this all happened?

And what had he done?