Hey... yes, I know I haven't updated in a reallllllly long time, but I've been so busy I haven't had a chance until now! I'm going to try and add to my other story later this week, so patience! This is my last chapter for this story, so thanks to everyone who read and revied on this! It means a lot to me :)


Not enough.

Never enough.

For years, he had been the fastest kid alive.

Even though Barry was faster, he had assumed he was slower because of his youth.

Until it became obvious he would never be faster.

So he decided to retire.

Like that had done any good.

That time with Artemis...

He should had cherished it more.

But after quitting the hero gig,

He had let the dangers of battle slip from his mind.

Memories down a river.

Everything was perfect for him.

Until Dick had dragged him back into this fight.

'It's not my fight,' he kept telling himself.

'I'll only do so much.'

Deep down he knew that it did involve him.

It involved everyone.

Every living thing on Earth.

But not every creature could fight for themselves.

Which is why he existed.

Which is why he took that first step towards chrysalising MFD.

Why he helped his mentor and future replacement.

Why he sacrificed himself for mankind.

For Barry.

For Dick.

For Bart.

For Artemis.

And yet no one knew

Until the end

That Wally West

Was capable of having

Deep Thoughts.