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Six months passed and Dean, Sam and Cas went about the day to day messiness of human life. Cas had been correct when he said time and time again that it wouldn't be peaceful, even when Sam got back, but eventually they adjusted to living as normal human beings.

Dean hired a very discreet, very expensive lawyer to run background checks on all their aliases, in order to get the three of them identities so they could actually start leading normal, civilian lives. It was easier for Cas, who was essentially a blank slate and didn't have a criminal record or several faked deaths under his belt. In the end, with their identities wiped clean and their fingerprints altered by a slightly painful angelic procedure courtesy of Balthazar (he owed them); they ended up selecting "Singer" as their last name, which felt like an appropriate homage to Bobby. In private, Dean and Sam would always be the Winchesters.

Things proved to be very difficult for Sam, who had flashbacks and nightmares every night for the first three months he was back. Dean remembered it all too well and took it upon himself to sleep with the door open so he could check on Sam whenever he heard the panicked screaming coming from his room. Staying in one place, having a routine and people around him seemed to help him cope with his memories. He eventually started seeing a therapist, something that Dean had never been able to bring himself to do, but somehow it helped Sam. He never told Dean how he reconciled the truth with the therapist. Around his fourth month back, he started taking online classes, finishing up the last few credits for his political science degree. He was accepted into University of Iowa's College of Law about six years after he was accepted into Stanford's. His LSAT scores were still ridiculously high and he was given a fellowship and nearly a full ride. It was safe to say that Sam's seat as "the smart one" in the Winchester family was all but cemented.

Cas got a job at Home Depot, which became a joke to everyone who passed through the Singer/Winchester house because Cas didn't know the difference between a hammer and a nail. He continued to watch the Food Network nightly though and became convinced he was the next Anthony Bourdain and with his cooking skills, there was a good chance he might be right. Dean continued to work on cars in his spare time and it got around town that Singer Salvage was open for business again. Dean passed himself off as Bobby's long lost nephew and soon enough, he was operating a relatively respectable business.

Sam and Dean talked about hunting again, but it never seemed like the right time for either of them, nor was it what either of them wanted anymore. Dean worked the phones on the weekends, but hunting seemed almost like a side job at this point, and it was a side job he didn't really want. Sam left for school six months after he got back from Hell and watching him drive away in the Honda that Dean had fixed up for him, Dean finally felt a sense of closure.

"From the boy with the demon blood to Lucifer's vessel to becoming a lawyer for the little guy." He murmured to Cas, waving to Sam as he drove off. "That kid has been through more than anyone I know, but look at him. He's off to school with a smile on his face."

"This time he doesn't have to run, Dean. I suspect that's one reason for the smile." Cas said with a smile, hooking his arm around Dean's waist.

"That's a good point. I'm glad Sammy doesn't have to run anymore." He said.

They went into the house, closing the door behind him. Once inside, Dean took the chance he'd been waiting for since Sam had come into the house, eating all of their food and interrupting all of their personal time with gay jokes and kissing noises.

"Oh man, Cas. It is good to finally have some alone time with you. The things I am going to do to you." He whispered.

He wrapped his arms around Cas's waist and pulled him in close. He kissed him deeply, for a very long time. Cas sank into him, kissing him back.

"What do you intend to do, Winchester?" He murmured into Dean's mouth. "Nothing too bad I hope."

Dean bent over and hoisted Cas over his shoulder, who let out a squeal. Working with cars had really done a lot for Dean's upper body and arm strength.

"The kitchen! We can finally do it in the kitchen again!" He yelled gleefully, carrying him through the doorway to their favorite counter.