Katniss vs. Aliens vs. Predator

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Chapter One, Under Earth

I, Peeta Mellark, am stuck in an alien pyramid underneath the Capital. There are two alien bodies on the outskirts of this massive building. They must have eroded into skeletons over time, though they have both suffered massive chest wounds. That much is obvious. I wondered where the third one was. Hunting parties go in groups of three. A predator on this planet was a scary thing. Then I realized we had already met- Buttercup.

Although the circumstances were vague, I understood what was going on right now. Somewhere out there Katniss was struggling to survive. There was no way she would quietly retire.
Of course, it was entirely possible that she was dead, but let's be honest; who can kill Katniss Everdeen? She's a survivor.

I can die though. To my surprise, a crate was left at the bottom step of the pyramid.

Well, let's hope Katniss is in this one.

I don't know how that would go, "Gee, Katniss, what're you doing here? Oh, we're a hundred stories beneath the Capital at an ancient pyramid where alien hunters, one of which decided to fillet us, used to hunt people and some form of bug-thing, which, if I'm reading correctly, seems to eat people inside out. Want to go on a date?"

Besides, this is no place for a family. I pried the box open. The crate contained weapons. Not the dinky knives I used in the games, predator weapons. There were instructions on a stone tablet.

Seconds after putting on the armor, I turned myself invisible.

It was totally awesome. I felt like a little kid again. The whole world was open to me. I always had to be grown-up in my family. I was a quiet kid, and kept to myself. But now I could do anything, go anywhere.
Well, not anywhere. The mask told me that I still gave off a heat signature. That was bad news.

I could be seen, and heard with the right technology. I had to find Katniss. She has probably moved on by now, which is totally understandable. I was stuck in space for months; actually, it has probably been more than a year.

I bet the quarter quell went down really well.

The mask popped up information on everything going on above me. Apparently, the districts were in rebellion, Katniss was dead, and district thirteen was back in existence.

Man, pop off-planet for a year and everything falls apart!

…Katniss, my Katniss, is dead. No, she was never mine, was she? Oh, that girl knew how I felt, but we never- well, that's in the past. My heart is in so much pain, I do not know how to deal with this.

Make no mistake; my life has always been rough, but there was ever this vision of me, and her, and a couple of kids, living a nice quiet life. I have what I need. Before the games, I was a baker, but now, armed with this equipment, there's only one thing on my mind; revenge. I felt the crushing sorrow fill my heart, but there was no time for that. There is only enough time to make them all pay.

I had to know what happened to her.

A few hours after I started my research into the events of the past year, a search team burst through the dome.
The Capital had arrived, and I could not be happier. The blades burst from my wrists. Oh, they would pay.


I walked the surface by myself. Mom, Prim, and Gale all went below ground in District 13. Our families survived the xenomorph invasion.

My thoughts turned to Peeta but I was unsure why. He had been gone so long. He certainly had not been the first person in my life to die, nor the last.
What bothered me is that no one knew what had happened to him. Had he vanished from planet earth? Was he burned up by a giant laser? Was he a mutt now?

In a weird way, I felt like he was closer. When Dad died, I stopped relying on emotions; they were pointless. But now I recognized that instinct is important. The foreboding in a hunter's stomach, the manner in which we react to every sound, instinct was running my body at its highest capacity. Perhaps I may have been over-reacting, but honestly I will be not ready for whatever comes next.

"What is the worst thing that could happen?" I thought to myself, "I fight bugs and predators?"

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