Chapter Eight Headstrong

I leapt headfirst into the pyramid. Six bugs were crawling down the side passages. Where was that predator/bug hybrid?

If it was not after me, there was no reason to worry- for now. Now that I had my armor back, I could fight again. Two of the bugs crawled on the ceiling. Most predators foolishly shoot at their prey. Katniss never said that much to me, but her eyes told stories. When we were together, she would always look for the next move.

Twin plasma bursts destabilized the ceiling. Falling rocks pinned two down. Acid hissed on the earth. Okay, so that happened.

A third jumped on my back. I rolled, retracting the plasma casters. The beast went with me, snarling. We came to a stop beneath a large statue. I bashed its head into the edges on the base.

"Well, now, don't you wish that didn't happen?" It looked at me confused as its blood ate away at the stone, toppling the statue. The monster was crushed.

I turned to find the two I began with getting up. Two more blasts put them out of commission.

This was almost too easy. So much for this 'big bad' hunt.

The rest of the creatures backed off, "No, no…" I said, "Where do you think that you're going…? You work for me now!"

Corralling them with plasma blasts I set them on the camp and waited. It did not take very long. Within minutes the radio was crackling for backup. Then he spoke over the radio. I recognized him from the countless announcements he made keeping me from living in peace with my family, "Herald, we are coming down in force. I will see you straight away."

President Snow was bringing his most powerful fighting force down into this melee. I laughed.

Why did that fill me with happiness?


I was all alone. The run from the monster took me right into a squad, leading me to surrender to them immediately. It did me no good. The beast followed me, burning to death, and obliterated all of them. Gale had come running when he heard I was in trouble. He tried to fight against it.

It ripped him in half.

I ran. The snarling monster was making a puree of the troops. An explosion of guts dressed my back. I ran.

It was all over- this was stupid, I was stupid. I just got my best friend killed.

Where could the hunted girl go? There was no safe place anymore. District Twelve had been demolished. District 13 had no interest in attacking the Capital- for now anyways.

My back-up was gone, and I, Katniss Everdeen, was alone in the dark. My breath came up short. Hyperventilating, I ran into my worst nightmare; Herald.