In vast space, there are many galaxies of which people of Earth do not know of and will not know of their existence for hundreds or thousands of years later. Beyond Cigar Galaxy, Virgo and Hydra galaxies there is a galaxy by the name of F8215-67. For the shorter –Fylis.

Beyond the starry galaxy hidden deep in space there is a planet named Ammos, planet of sand and desert. The planet was once all deserts, and through telescopes seen by other planets surrounding one could see swirls of sand moving about on the planet. Many sand storms flourished through the villages on Ammos. Some thousand years ago a new civilization came about to bring forth new life and serenity to Ammos.

The original founders of this planet were the Royal family, Arrakus, believed they were the only living beings on the planet and had not looked across the desert world to find other life. If they had not found animals roaming in their villages they would have not gone looking on all sides of the planet. Only did they not find only animals on their journey across Ammos but many women in a land of water and greens. For centuries the Arrakus dynasty borrowed water from space pirates and other planets around them to keep their people alive. The people of Ammos did not require animals to fuel their bodies. Earthlings will soon find out that Ammosians are very inventive and found other ways to fuel their bodies by using their resources and what better resource to use other than the sand their feet rest on every day?

The Arrakus family was able to speak with the newcomers and they shared their stories of their lives on this desert planet. These women were not regular women, they were a lot taller, some muscular and some not so much. Although there was no monarchy these women were able to live peacefully and govern their land without any feuds. Although the elders of this land have become aware in order to keep their civilization alive they would need men and that they did not have, but since they had discovered other beings on the planet, minds began to tick.

Over the years the Royal Arrakus family and other chosen people in the villages were able to mate with these women in order to keep both the Royal family and their civilization growing for hundreds and possibly thousands of years. The women of this new land called their established country, Themyscira. The Arrakians spoke to these Themyscirians to sign an agreement that they should share things such as water and greens instead of using their sand to process food and drink for their people. The women agreed, but also wanted something in return. It seemed they only lived in dark ages as the Arrakians called it. They had invented many wonderful gadgets. Space pirates travelled to other galaxies to study their cultures and ways of life and would later return to Ammos and other planets to tell them of their inventions and how they could improve on it.

The Arrakian royal family agreed to share their technology with these women. For five hundred years the two countries got along and never had any problems whatsoever, but a greedy son from a union between a Themyscirian woman and Arrakian Prince went into the villages of Themyscira to rape and pillage and he brought friends with him. The King unaware of this went about his duties in the Arrakian kingdom, but his beloved Queen and wife, had been murdered by their own son. Days later he finds his wife in her quarters, dead. Her black trapezoid headpiece had been tattered and all gold chains and jewels sprawled around her. She looked as if she was trying to get away and her expression was but frozen in time and he was forever alone.

His son, Prince Aleyus, arrived with several enslaved women and beautiful jewels and animals to his kingdom. He thought his father would be so proud of him. Over time the generations saw the trade between the two civilizations and started becoming filled greed and what happens to greedy people? They steal and take advantage.

Prince Aleyus presented his women to the King, his father, and all the gifts he had stolen. Horrified, the King saw all what his son took and most of all he took his beloved wife. The elder women were cuffed with laser bracelets and unable to move. If they tried to get out of their cuffs they were zapped instantly. Automatic lasers –one of the famous Arrakian inventions of many.

He said, "Look, father, what I have brought you, I have brought you a harem of women," he smiled looking so proud. His father had a look of shock and disgust on his face. Aleyus grabbed one of the elder women and brought her to the front. "This one was very conniving. I thought she would be excellent as one of my wives." He looked at the raven haired woman and she did not dare look at him.

The raven haired woman spoke, "We have lived among the Arrakian kingdom for hundreds of years, do not let your greed blind you, boy." This one received a slap in the back of the head by the Prince.

By Royal decree the King of Arrakus ordered execution to his son in the following week. Following this, the women of Themyscira no longer wanted any kind of treaty or trading of the countries. Many months passed and the countries warred over trading and travel between the lands.

"If you cannot respect our wishes we will retreat to our peaceful land without your technology. We were just fine without you and will continue to do so." The raven haired beauty spoke to the King in a private meeting.

"If we cut off trade our civilizations will fall and your civilization will die out. You need us."

"Then we shall split the planet in half and border control will be advised. Trade will be limited and there will be no intermarriage."

"Mark my words, woman, there will be a time when this problem will arise and your land will thirst for technology otherwise it will fall. You cannot live the way you live and expect to survive. I do believe Arrakians have the best technology to offer. There will be a day when you have a daughter; she will marry into the Arrakus family to prevent war. The prophets say so."

"Your prophets or mine? Your Gods are but dust. Mine will see through 'til my death. What have yours done? They have caused nothing but trouble. How stupid of we, Themyscirans, to sign a treaty with you Arrakians. Destruction of our land has risen!"

There was silence at that very moment.

"Prepare the ship, I wish to leave at once." The Themyscirian woman stood and left the King's throne chambers to leave the desert palace of Arrakus.

Over the next hundred years the Arrakians and Themyscirians went to war and the borders were constantly being shot at and crossing illegally. The King of Arrakus sensed death near and passed on, but he warned her of his prophet's words. She shall listen, for she is prude and her daughter will be the key to end destruction.

After the miffed King found his beloved wife dead and his son was executed, Themyscira and Arrakus have been at war ever since. Themyscira founded a Queen, her name was Hippolyta. She was the raven haired beauty that stood against the immorality of the Arrakus Themyscirian warfare.

Queen Hippolyta did have a daughter many years later by the blessing of her Gods and Goddesses. Space pirates often gave Ammosians information on other ways living beings strived on their home planets. The Themyscirians adopted the Greek ideology and modeled their island off of ancient temples of Athena and Aphrodite and so forth. They praised the Greek Gods and Goddesses as opposed to the Arrakians who praised to their own Gods for guidance. Although, Hippolyta could only see death and obliteration with those Arrakians.

As the new Queen began governing Themyscira she trained her women to be the fiercest warriors and so they called themselves Amazons. These women were about two thousand years old or even older. Their Gods granted them immortality after they sought out help after the warfare. Hera gave the women immortality and although the Arrakians lived to be almost two hundred and fifty years old, they would die out eventually and their kingdom would become deceased.

Hippolyta now held her daughter in her arms as she approached the second King, which was the previous King's younger son. His name was King Cuzar. He married a runaway Amazonian woman by the name of Aline Majel. Their race was slowly becoming smaller and smaller as the years went on.

"Your majesty I am so enthralled that you have come to meet me." He smiled as the Amazon Queen sat down across from him with her baby in arms. "Is this your daughter?"

"Yes. Her name is Diana."

"Beautiful name," he kept smiling. His wife was not present with him. "Queen Aline is with our son. He just turned two today."

Hippolyta was not amused. "That is nice. Why am I here?"

He cleared his throat. "My father told you before he passed that your daughter will marry into the Arrakus family. As you can see our race is dying out and there are barely any of us left. Your daughter is Royal blood and both my son, Prince Amayn, will marry when they are of age."

Queen Hippolyta was appalled at this. Sure, the previous King had said this, but she never expected to believe it or have a child many years later. Queen Aline, once an Amazon had left Themyscira to marry the Prince so she could be part of the Royal family. She saw the red-headed Queen approach the conversing families and she snarled. Traitor, she thought.

"I will not let my daughter marry your barbaric son especially if it came from that woman," pointing her eyes towards Queen Aline.

The opposing Arrakian Queen narrowed her eyes, but King Cuzar sighed. "Your majesty if you refuse our planet could be in grave danger. What will be left of your country? Nothing. Your daughter will save this planet. If you refuse I will have no choice but to retrieve the gifts we bestowed to you all and strip you of your rights."

"That is not very democratic your highness," Hippolyta's eyebrow rose.

"Arrakus is not like Themyscira, Queen Hippolyta. Accept my offer or die." He stood and walked out with arm and arm with his Queen.

Hippolyta stared down at her infant daughter and she was so unaware of the importance of this conversation. Her ice blue eyes stared back into Hippolyta's sea blue eyes and she smiled at her mother.

"What do I do now?" the Amazon Queen asked her daughter.

The year is 11,293

Princess Diana was now the age of twenty one and she liked to sleep. She was a lazy princess on days she did not have to train to please her mother. Ever since she was a young girl she had trained to be the best fighter and scholar. Now with nothing to do today she decided to put the sleeping simulator on. All her windows that would shine bright sunlight into her room now dimmed to dark-lit skies. Her sleeping simulator could change the appearance of the sun to darkness when morning came around. This also could be used as a sleeping medication.

Slipping the needle in her hand Diana began to drift to sleep and her bed never felt more comfortable. The covers wrapped around her like tar. Her head sank into her pillow and she passed out.

Outside the Princess's door there was another Princess, Diana's younger sister by the name of Donna. She crept into her elder sister's room and found her asleep. Quietly closing the door she stepped over to the control panel plastered on the wall and pushed a few buttons. A voice came over the system and shut off the simulator, letting the sunlight shine into Diana's room. Diana's heartbeat quickened and she slowly woke up and saw her little sister staring at her with an anxious expression.

"Donna! You imp! Get out of my room!" Diana threw her pillow at her sister to leave and turned over on her stomach to go back to sleep, but that wasn't happening.

"I'm sorry to wake you from your slumber your majesty, but you need to get up. Mother has been waiting for you for half an hour and so have our guests."

Diana sprung up and moved her hair out of her face. "That is today?!" she hit her forehead in frustration. "Oh Gods, I forgot that was today."

Donna sighed, "Can't believe you forgot. It's not like we haven't been talking about this for months, no wait, for years, yeah. Get up before I turn the aqua simulator on in your sleep."

Diana gasped, "You wouldn't."

"Try me." The sixteen year old smirked and folded her arms under her breasts.

The sleepy princess rushed to the shower and Donna waited outside until she finished, speaking to her sister through the sliding metal door. "You know Diana, I don't think your new fiancé would like you being late to every function. Will you be late to your own wedding?" she heard the air vents come on and Diana stepped out dryer than the sand on Ammos.

"I don't even want to be married to that man. He stares at me."

Donna began zipping her sister up in a skin tight white jumpsuit and clasped a burgundy cloak under her collar bone.

"You're a beautiful woman, Diana."

"He stares as if I have a disease. I think he has a problem with his glands too. He sweats every time he is near me."

Donna pulled Diana's hair into two large buns on both sides of her head. "But he is really handsome."

Diana couldn't disagree with that, "Except for his sweaty hands. Let's hope he is not sweaty anywhere else, if you know what I mean."

Setting the final piece to complete the attire. A black trapezoid headpiece with gold chains and jewels guarding her face. Diana's face hidden behind long gold chains that dipped down to waist length.

"This hat is atrocious. I wish they would come up with a new style after hundreds of years." Donna looked at Diana's headpiece with shame. She shook her head.

Her outfit was a lavender mesh cloak and her hair was pinned like a beehive atop of her head. Only women that were betrothed covered their hair, face and flesh.

"I feel so confined." Diana took one last look in the mirror before she was being dragged off by her sister's arm.

Arriving in the dining hall almost an hour late angered the Queen mother and Diana could tell by her facial expression and especially in her eyes. Her eyes said more than the words she spoke. She grabbed Diana's arm forcefully and pushed her forward.

"Princess Diana has finally decided to join us, say hello to our guests." She gestured for the guests to rise.

"Good morning…"

Donna whispered, "It's afternoon now"

Diana cleared her throat, "Good afternoon, your majesties. I apologize I am late. Please, sit and enjoy."

Diana's fiancé, Prince Amayn approached her and held her hand and kissed it. Diana felt the sweatiness of his hands and tried her best to remain poise and be the princess she is.

"Good afternoon, Princess Diana. It is always a pleasure to see you." He smiled and winked at her. Donna is right, he is handsome. His eyes were black as kohl, matching his hair and thick sculpted eyebrows. He was tall and not too thin. He wore something extravagant. The Arrakian royal family was famous for their extravagant outfits.

"You look beautiful, as always."

Diana smiled nervously, "Thank you, you do too, I mean…, thank you again."

Prince Amayn looked confused but then smiled and grabbed her hand showing her to her seat at the table. She sat next to her mother. Hippolyta hit Diana's shin and she shot her mother a look. Her mother gestured for her not to show any abruptness and crudeness with their guests watching. It was considered improper for a bride to be to compliment her fiancé. They should not stare at their husband to be until their wedding night. Diana knew this, but had a hard time registering it. She had been trained for this her whole life, but it was harder than it looked. Anyone can pretend to act coy, but nobody can pretend to love somebody. Prince Amayn stared at the Princess throughout the whole lunch and Diana tried her best not to give any indication that she knew he was watching. She ate quietly and didn't join in any conversation with anybody at the table.

After lunch the elders retreated to the throne room to discuss political matters and wedding plans. Diana and Amayn went to the Royal gardens to roam around. King Cuzar and Queen Aline had two more children after Prince Amayn. The second boy, named Prince Shufa was two years older than Donna and they are to be married once Diana and Amayn pass. The youngest of the three children is a Princess a year older than Donna, her name is Princess Xedea. Though it was largely conversed being that the Queen of Arrakus gave birth to a daughter that she will have nobody to marry since the Amazons seemed to only have women in their country. It was a large decision to keep her alive, but the King refused and would find a Prince from another galaxy if need be to keep the dynasty alive.

Prince Amayn and Princess Diana strolled in the gardens quietly. He looked around admiring all the shrubbery and fountains. In his country everything was so mechanical and the buildings were made of glass. Ships were used daily, but here he could feel serenity.

"Princess, I want you to be happy. Anything you want, I will get for you." He smiled and Diana continued walking without answering.

"I believe on our wedding night I shall be able to see your beautiful face," he grabbed her hand and Diana cringed a bit. Hera, why are his hands so sweaty.

"I do believe so." She finally answered.

"You will make a great Queen and we will have many children together to continue this dynasty of the Arrakian royal family." He said looking so proud.

Diana's eyes widened. Children? He wants children?! Lady Athena grant me strength for this marriage.

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Prince Amayn = Ameen

Prince Shufa = Show-fah

Princess Xedea = Zy-ida

King Cuzar = Koo-zar

Queen Aline = Aye-leen