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Chapter 11

He took her hand and just continued to be in awe of it. Diana laughed, "You are very captivated with my hands." He looked at her and then her laugh slowly died. She became serious and he could hear her heartbeat speed up a bit. She boldly took his hand and placed it on her forehead, leading his fingers slowly down her closed eyes, nose, lips and chin beneath her cream colored veil. As his fingers stayed on her lips her mouth slightly parted and she gasped turning away, cursing herself.

Diana wanted to be his friend and only his friend. She couldn't be more than friends, no not at all. Her voice trembled, "Good night Kal." She didn't wait for him to respond and slid the door closed.

He stayed facing the closed the door, "Good night Diana." he said quietly.

Kal slowly walked down the hall to retire to his room.

Behind the corner was Lara in a black gown with her hair piled atop her head and a frown on her face. She had come to tell her son that they would need to go to the city tomorrow afternoon for a publicity speech. She scowled and looked towards Princess Diana's door and then down the hall at her son's room. She could see him in his room, undressing getting ready for bed. She marched down the hall and slid open the door.

The sight before her was her son just in his pants and boots. He was folding his long sleeve top and placing it on a chair nearby.

"Mother, it is rather late. This is very sudden, what brings you here in my room at this hour?" he took off his boots and placed them near his bed.

She folded her arms, "I just wanted to remind you of the conference tomorrow afternoon with your father and I. You do remember that do you not?" her voice sounded a bit off and more firm than usual. Kal took notice in this and was cautious of his words.

He cleared his throat, "Of course mother I did not forget about my duties. I will be there. Will princess Diana and Donna come with us as well?"

Lara raised a brow and looked at her son carefully, "You need to stay away from her, Kal-El."

He looked up at his intimidating mother in the dim lit bedroom. She must have seen what happened in the hallway, he thought. His cheeks began to redden. He didn't know what to say to her or what to think.

"She is a married woman. She is of a race we do not get along with. Stay away from her, do you understand me? If I catch you and her in a room alone again I swear by Rao you will not know what hit you, Kal." He saw her eyes flash red for a second and she turned on her heel and stormed out of his room with her gown flowing behind her graciously.

Kal sat on his bed and thought about what his mother said. He didn't like Diana at all. She was just a friend, why would his mother be so mad at him for that? She was just a friend, right? He could still feel her touch lingering on his fingertips. Looking at his hand he could just feel the parting of her lips. From the feel of it she had beautiful lips, but only he could imagine.

Arrakus Palace

Queen Aline looked over all the documents that her husband kept in secret files. She had at least twelve different tablets around her and five holographic screens, scrolling through all the documents. She found the documents of Princess Diana before she got married. Both children were to send their backgrounds to each kingdom before marriage. Even though both parents had signed an agreement when the children were young, they still needed every detail about them.

She found the file of Diana and scrolled through all her documents. A picture of her popped up and it was of her smiling, sitting on a bench with a very formal gown. Her Aegean Sea blue eyes shining brightly as her white teeth gleamed when she smiled. Her raven wavy hair falling passed her shoulders and looking as elegant as ever. Aline huffed and kept looking. She came across her sister, Donna and she too was just as beautiful as Diana. Dark blue eyes, raven locks and dimples on both sides of her mouth.

If one Amazon princess wasn't enough, she didn't know how she would be able to handle two of them in her kingdom. She figured Donna and Shufa wouldn't be engaged until Amayn and Diana decided to step down from being King and Queen. Although these Amazons were all immortal, Diana would live what seemed like an eternity, while her sons died off and the kingdom would be no more. This also didn't help that Diana did not have any intimate contact with Amayn and would not be able to produce an heir or heirs to her throne. Aline groaned as she thought more of the princess, only reminding her of Diana's dear mother, Hippolyta.

Finally coming to the document she was searching for. She had been searching for a couple of hours, but she finally found it.

Amayn knocked on the door and came in and saw his mother with many screens surrounding her. "Mother what are you doing? What is all of this?"

"Your future," she grabbed the document and was able to print out the drawing of the third princess standing next to Diana and Donna. She was much shorter, but had beautiful big blue eyes, just like the other two princesses. Her face didn't look too much like Diana's nor Donna's.

"Who is this? Where did you get this information?" Amayn grabbed the paper from his mother and looked at the drawing. He saw Diana, Donna and an unfamiliar face.

Aline smiled, closing down all the screens and files. "Your father's assistant had all of the Amazons files on hand just in case. Although this was added not too long ago. It is supposed to be a prophecy from our oracle. I do not know what it means, but perhaps we will find out in time."

Amayn looked at the document carefully examining every bit of it. "A third Amazon princess? There is a third one? How come we have not seen her?"

"That is the one question I have been seeking answers to, Amayn. I do not know myself. Meanwhile I have a plan for the Amazon Queen and her sisters."

Her son's face lit up very intrigued with what his mother had to say. "I'm listening."

Krypton –mid afternoon

Kal traveled with his parents through the city's streets and all stood and smiled as they walked passed them. He looked back at his palace and could see Diana staring out of the top balcony with her little sister, just watching the crowd gather around. His mother furrowed her eyebrows and made a low whisper to her son.

"Kal, keep up please." She turned back to everyone and smiled. He followed behind them quickly with his hands behind his back as his cape draped around his shoulders. His mother had a long white cape while he and his father wore a red cape.

Up in the El palace, Diana sat with Donna watching the Kryptonians gather around to listen to the monarchs give their speech on modern science and medicine. She watched as Kal turned to look at them, she could still see him even in the sea of people around the city towers.

"Diana?" Donna put a hand on her sister's shoulder.

Diana was still looking outside until she realized her sister was touching her. "Oh, sorry, sister. I am not myself lately."

"I noticed. Is something wrong because you know you can tell me anything!" she smiled.

Diana rolled her eyes beneath her red veil, "You have a mouth as big as a whale, Donna. You blab about everything I tell you."

"Oh Diana please, I won't say anything please tell me!" she clasped her hands together and pouted staring at her sister.

Diana sighed and turned to face her unveiled sister. "I have done something very wrong, Donna."

Donna noticed that her sister was now serious and not playful and this was no joke. "What happened?" touching the small of Diana's back.

"I…I am letting myself get too close to Kal-El," she folded her arms and turned away so she couldn't face her sister.

Donna didn't know who she was talking about until it hit her. "The prince? Prince of Krypton? Diana what did you do? What did you both do is what I should ask."

"It was nothing really. I just wanted him to feel like he was not alone in this universe. There are many people he has not met yet. He is different than all the rest of his race, I know he is."

Her sister shook her head and sighed, "Oh Diana…" she sat down on the bench and put a hand underneath her chin.

"You didn't let him see your face did you?" Donna asked realizing this was the ultimate question and test of rules given by the Arrakian King and Queen.

"No of course not. He touched my face; well it was more like I let him touch my face."

"What?" Donna was very confused. He didn't see her face but touched it?

Diana sat down next to her sister. "Just my facial features through the veil I wore. That is all," she shifted uncomfortably.

Donna punched her sister in her arm and Diana yelped and rubbed her upper arm. "Ow! What was that for?"

"You are falling for him aren't you? Diana are you crazy you can't do this! This is…is…sacrilege! If Amayn finds out about this he'll –"

"He's not going to find out because nothing happened alright!" Diana got up and went to look at the crowd. She saw Lara was giving the second part of the speech and next would be Kal. Donna came next to her and rested her head on her sister's shoulder, wrapping her arms around Diana.

"I don't want you to get hurt, Diana. These Kryptonians are not like any other alien we have met before. They are different in the way they think, talk, walk and even eat! I am just looking out for you is all. I'm sorry."

Diana shrugged her sister off her body and retreated towards the exit of the room they were in. "I don't need you looking out for me, Donna." She closed the doors behind her and Donna was left very confused and worried for her sister.

Later in the evening Diana sat at the dinner table with everyone. Dinner was quiet this evening and she eyed Kal who wouldn't even look at her. Lara seemed a bit upset and didn't glance up one time.

"I saw some of your speech on the broadcast earlier today. The speech was quite good." Diana spoke up. Lara was first to look up and stared at the princess as she drank from her glass.

"I am glad you enjoyed it princess. What did you both do today?" she smiled weirdly Diana noticed. She looked like she was forcing herself to smile. Kal still wouldn't look at her but he glanced at his mother's expression and kept eating not saying a word.

Donna cleared her throat after swallowing, "Well, mostly we read. Euboea packed books for us to read when we had down time." She smiled trying to make light conversation as she felt a lot of tension in the air.

Lara laughed, "You are still reading those ancient materials? I am surprised one who is married into the Arrakian family still reads books. Most of their library is full of electronic 'books' if you will or tablets." She chewed another piece of her food.

Diana raised an eyebrow at the Queen. She was being very short and cocky with her, which was highly unusual and out of character for her to do and she knew that she was the target, not Donna.

"Well, your highness, sometimes books are better than technology. What happens if your tablet breaks?" Diana sipped her beverage seeing the militant Queen narrow her eyes, but stay quiet as Jor-El interrupted the soon to be heated conversation.

"Lara, I think that is enough talking about books don't you agree?" Jor had a hand on his wife and she looked at him and let out a deep breath, deciding to drop the subject.

After dinner Diana went to her room and Mala was there organizing her clothes and getting Diana's shower ready.

"I won't need your help for the rest of the evening Mala. I want to be alone, please. If you do not mind." She pulled her veil over her face and it rested on top of her head. She sighed looking at herself in the mirror. She felt like a person pretending to be Diana. She didn't feel like herself at all and her eyes were very tired, super tired. Diana would rather have a veil on, not able to see her reflection than to look at her face right now.

"Of course Diana, I will come to your room tomorrow morning. Good night," she smiled crossing the hall to her room that she shared with Euboea.

Diana stepped into the shower and ran her fingers through her hair. Her hand skimming over her face, remembering how she let Kal touch her face. She opened her eyes as she thought of his hands. They were strong but gentle hands. She knew he was different, but somehow he still needed more convincing.

Fifteen minutes later Diana dried herself off and slipped on a silk floor length gown and brushed her hair in front of her mirror in the room. She heard a knock at her door.

"Who is it?" she called out yanking the brush from her wet locks.

"Kal-El, princess." He addressed himself and Diana turned and ran into the closet and pulled a black robe over her gown and a black veil to quickly cover her face, but her wet hair still exposed on her back. She went to her door and slowly slid it open.

"Yes?" she asked quietly.

"I wanted to speak with you, but not in the hallway," he looked around for his mother but he heard her talking with his father in their bedroom. They were discussing how the conference went and how non respondent he was. Resisting groaning he waited for Diana's response.

"You may come in," she moved aside so he could step into the guest room. He looked around and saw Diana had all the shelves filled with her books and body oils. Her clothes were in the closet and all her toiletries were scattered across the countertop. He didn't like things disorganized but this wasn't his room. She sat down at the mirror, but aware that she couldn't brush her hair she just sat there staring at him.

"You wanted to speak with me didn't you?" she began, trying to cover her legs with the robe.

"Ah, yes. My mother wishes us not to speak or be in the same room with each other for the rest of your stay here. I understand if you want to leave tomorrow or whenever. You are always a welcomed guest here in the House of El."

Diana smiled, he was rambling. She had never seen him so scatter-brained since she got here. He was always so orderly. Perhaps he was nervous around her?

"Kal, do not worry. Your mother fears what happens when you become close to anyone. She does not even like it when you look at other women. I noticed watching the speech she gave. She is very protective of you and that is a quality all mothers have; even my own mother." She nodded her head agreeing with her words.

Kal nodded his head and sighed. "I…this has been bothering me, but…I don't know how to feel about this. I have never experienced this type of emotion before."

He has emotions? She thought. No of course he does. "What is bothering you, Kal?"

He didn't look at her, "You. It's you that is bothering me."

The air was still for a second. "Me? What have I done?" Diana put a hand to her chest.

"You being here is bothering me. At the table, in the next room, sitting in your room. I don't understand how to analyze this feeling I have, but it is very bothersome." He admitted and fidgeted a bit.

Diana now understood what was happening. She stood and came to stand next to him. Her fingers touched his arms and then landed on his shoulder. She looked at his hands and felt the gentleness and softness of his hands against her own. Lacing her fingers with his she held her breath.

With all her time being married to Amayn he had touched her but it always felt so wrong and so creepy; she never liked it. He used to kiss her arms and legs and never quite reached her mouth because she refused that offer several times. Over time he came to realize that she was just not ready to be touched, but was she not ready to be touched by him, but by someone else?

Kal stood there looking down at Diana lacing his fingers with hers. He felt heat between their bodies and her black veiled face looked up at his. He didn't know what to do since he couldn't see her expression. Her nose and lips outlined beneath the fabric and his lips parted. He took his free hand and grazed his fingers over her lips and cupping her cheek, feeling all the contours of her face.

His fingers traced over her nose and he could feel her high cheekbones and high arched eyebrows beneath his touch. Her cheeks were hot he could feel them under the dark fabric. He felt Diana's grip tighten as he began to touch other places of her face. He let go of Diana's hold and took both hands now to put them on either side of her cheeks and looked at the veiled figure in front of him. He saw her lips part and her eyes blink as her long eyelashes smoothed along her veil.

"Your face," he began.

Diana put her hand on his as he was still cupping both her cheeks. "Yes?" she whispered.

"It is very," he thought about the words he wanted to use, "proportionate."

Diana wasn't really expecting this word, but she decided she would take it.

"I mean, symmetry is attractive in the eyes of a Kryptonian." He explained in more detail.

Her cheeks rose as she smiled wide beneath the veil. She could see a loving way about the Kryptonian Prince, but it only took a few weeks for it to shine through. As his friend, she loved seeing this side of him. She knew that he wasn't like the rest. Wait a friend, right? Then why did this not feel like just a friendship?

Silence filled the room and her smiled died down, getting caught up in her own thoughts. Their faces moved closer together and her veiled lips touched his in a soft kiss.

He could feel Diana's lips even through the fabric. He wished she would remove the veil, but then suddenly it hit him, he was kissing the Princess of Arrakus. He pulled away quickly and Diana put a hand over her already covered mouth.

"What just happened?" Diana said barely above a whisper.

Kal fumbled with his words. Too many thoughts were racing through his mind. He had disobeyed his mother and kissed a married woman of an alien neighbor planet.

"I should go," he said and started to make his way to the door.

Diana put a hand on his shoulder, "Kal," when she called his name he looked at her. "Have you ever kissed a woman before?"

He didn't want to have this conversation with her right now. For one it was awkward, and two they were in big trouble. "No I have not."

Another thing they had in common. Diana had never kissed the opposite sex before. She moved closer to him. She didn't want to feel like she was betraying Amayn, but her emotions couldn't help it. When she first got here she realized what a jerk Kal was, but he was slowly learning to come around. Perhaps they should stop.

"You should go, Kal." She pulled herself back into reality and turned away folding her arms. Kal turned and left. She heard the door close and she pulled off the veil and sank on the edge of the bed and buried her face in her hands, not believing what she just did.

"By the gods."

The Senate –Trial: Day Three

Hellene ordered everyone to be silent in the room. All sat down. Aline came three days later from her kingdom as promised and decree of the council.

"Hippolyta, we have gathered that you said Queen Aline was attacking you and you were trying to defend yourself. Explain why and how she was attacking you." Hellene asked of the Amazon Queen.

Hippolyta stood, "Of course. Queen Aline and I were having a discussion about my children's marriage. She had started bringing up past events when she lived on Themyscira. Through her jealousy she somehow got a hold of a dagger and came lunging at me with it in her hand. Of course I am to fight back and defend myself. I heard King Cuzar was to get the guards to stop our argument. After that it was all a haze. She aimed the dagger at my heart, but luckily her weakened strength was not able to succeed in her plan and our wrists swerved to the right and the King was caught in the wrong place and wrong time. So you see I did not murder him, she tried to murder me!" she growled at the Queen sitting next to her.

"That is not true!" Aline stood and tried to defend herself.

"It has also been proven that most of the King's blood was on you, your majesty and not on Queen Hippolyta. The dagger please, Phillipus." Acantha called out for the weapon to be exposed to the public.

The dagger was sent by the Arrakian council and they watched as the Amazon senator unwrapped the dagger in a glass box. She used a special tool and scanned the weapon and a screen popped up in front of everybody. Queen Aline's fingerprints all over the weapon.

"This weapon proves most of the fingerprints are yours and Hippolyta was able to grab the dagger once you thrust the weapon into your husband's ribcage on his left side. The guardsman revealed that you were holding each other's wrists which I assume that the weapon was still in your hand isn't that so Queen Aline?" Hellene examined the weapon and had a smirk on her face.

The Arrakian queen was speechless. How could she be losing this battle? She couldn't lose! She knew what happened to those that attempted murder to a Queen.

Timandra, "And it is also true that you have lied and stolen from your fellow sisters when you once an Amazon. You went rogue and joined the Arrakians. You have tried to kill Hippolyta in the past as well. You are a deceiver and an envious woman, Aline."

"With that said. I hereby sentence you, Queen Aline, guilty of attempted murder. You are to be sent to the Themysciran dungeons until further notice to decide what your punishment will be." Esme announced for the Arrakian senate.

The red headed Queen was floored. She didn't believe what just happened. She looked around at her own Senate and the Themysciran senate and could feel the embarrassment creeping on her. Amazonian guards came to her side and escorted her out of the House.

Hippolyta breathed a sigh of relief. "Someone try to contact my daughters."


Diana had been on Krypton for more than a month now and she had been regretting her decision coming here. She wished she could contact her mother and see how she was doing. She didn't want to show her face to Amayn when she returned. She could only feel shame upon herself but why did it feel so right? She cursed herself.

Walking down the hall she saw Kal and she averted his gaze and he pulled her side and sped to the other side of the room.

"Kal!" she felt a bit dizzy. "What are you doing? If your mother sees us she will hurt you." She whispered and looked around.

"My parents are not here. They are at a meeting in Argo with Kara's parents for the next two days." He sounded sure of himself that nobody would catch them.

"And Donna?" not remembering seeing her this morning.

"She is on the bottom floor looking at all the statues of my family ancestry." He looked through the floor and saw Donna walking around with three bodyguards and the Amazons of course accompanied her.

"I…wanted to talk about what happened between the both of us a week ago. I have been thinking about it a lot." Kal confessed to Diana.

Diana didn't know what to say but she felt that pain in her heart again. "Kal I don't think it is a good idea that we talk about this." She shifted uncomfortably.

"Why not?" he didn't understand her sudden change of subject.

"It isn't right for me to being doing this. I am married, you know this."

"I know that you liked what happened, Diana. I could feel it in your body chemistry. Your heart raced much faster than normal. I don't understand these emotions like I said. I…."

Diana waited for him to continue and he slowly breathed in and out. His steely gaze sometimes unnerved her but she remained still waiting.

"I want to understand."

Standing motionless she didn't know what to say. Suddenly he took hold of both of her hands and placed them on his face.

She was a bit confused.

"Close your eyes, Diana." he asked her to do it, knowing very well that her eyes were still open.

"But I..."

"Close your eyes." He ordered her to do so. Diana slowly closed her eyes, and he guided her hands down his face, tracing his nose and stopping at his lips. He parted his lips to speak.

"I want to understand this," her fingers laid on his lips as he spoke, feeling his hot breath on her fingertips she parted her own lips. Her eyes shot open and her hand jerked away.

"No, we cannot."

Kal furrowed his eyebrows and grabbed her arm so she couldn't just walk away from him. "Diana." he said in a harsh voice.

She looked back at him. "Diana," saying in a much softer voice now. She stopped trying to pull away.

Diana was very unsure of her emotions right now. She wasn't sure what to do or how to think. All she knew was that this was wrong and she could hear her sister's voice in her head telling her not to do anything. Then there was her own voice saying do it, do it. She knew that she was never going to let Amayn touch her in any way, but she was not one to commit adultery.

Diana slowly removed her veil to only reveal her lips. Kal looked at her lips and they were plump and pink. He had never seen such beautiful lips before on a woman. They looked better in person instead of in his mind.

Not wanting to be in caught they went to his bedroom instead of his. She looked around his room and saw it was indeed very symmetrical and orderly just like he was.

He looked at her and the lifted veil that revealed only her chin and lips. He took hold of her jaw and slowly kissed her lips, finally his skin actually touching hers, it felt so much more real now that the shield was broken.

Diana felt an urge growing deep within her, and she couldn't will herself to stop. He stopped kissing her and just looked at the rest of the veiled face in front of him. She wore a dark magenta long sleeved gown. His hands traced her upper arms and she shivered under his touch. He examined her body like she was a science project. Diana stood perfectly still not knowing what to do next.

His hands came up to her face and he grabbed the fabric that covered her face. He looked at her waiting for her permission.

Diana nodded her head and he lifted the veil, revealing a soft slightly olive toned face. Her eyes were looking down at the ground and he lifted her chin so her eyes could meet his.

She said in her mind, "sacrilege"

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