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Bethgar: King/Emperor

Ampar: Military chief

Chapter 22

Jor-El and Kal-El stride down the corridors of the palace to finally meet with their science council. This attack had been planned and why hadn't anybody caught it? Surely there had to be Arrakians that came to Krypton to poison their water, but nobody caught them? Jor and his son found this very hard to believe. Only a day after this happened there had been reports all over Krypton and Argo was not attacked, even though they are a smaller part of Krypton, they appeared to be no threat to Arrakus apparently.

"I do believe that it is long overdue for this meeting," Jor announced to his son.

Kal nodded his head curtly, "I agree, but usually mother goes with you to these meetings, not me."

"Your mother is very sick so you're coming with me." The rest of the walk was silent until they reached the large room filled with six members of their council. Originally there were fourteen but nearly half their council was poisoned.

Large doors closed and all stood greeting Bethgar Jor-El and his son, Kal-El. Most were surprised to see his son instead of his wife but none questioned it as they probably knew what had happened. If their assumptions were correct, Arrakus was in big trouble.

Shara-Nal was head of their council and stood, "Jor-El, addressing this issue I would have hoped Lara would be here, is she alright?"

The King stood, "She has been poisoned, but is being treated along with the thousands of other civilians on Krypton."

All looked at one another and whispered, feeling sorry for their Queen. "I see. We all deeply hope she is better soon. Now before we begin about talking of military units and our now finished dome there is something else we should discuss."

Kal looked confused as he looked at the four women and two men sitting in front of him. He could understand why his parents never brought him here, except maybe that one time five years ago. This was utterly boring.

Another representative named Nim En-Dra, stood and she smoothed out her gown, she had long blonde hair and brown eyes. Kal leaned back in his chair casually as he watched this woman stand in front of everyone.

"There has been talk around Krypton that there is an Ammosian woman staying with the El's. Others have reported to General Zod that they have seen Kal-El and this woman in the market places several times. Is this true?"

Kal shifted his position and sat up straighter. Jor looked at his son and then back at the blonde woman. He hadn't told their council that Diana had been staying with them, but clearly that is the first thing he and Lara should have done.

"Yes, it is true." Jor-El answered calmly.

All Kryptonians in the room had blank faces and Nim went on, "There is another thing," Kal held his breath for this one. He already knew. "It has been reported that she is pregnant as well. Is this true?"

Jor almost answered then Kal held his hand up and stood, "Yes it is true."

Shara stood, "You do realize it is illegal for a woman to be pregnant on Krypton, do you not?"

"She is not Kryptonian," Kal quickly defended Diana.

"She is carrying a Kryptonian child and she is staying in the House of El. So therefore it is illegal! There will be many consequences, especially since we were not told of this and it has been a secret."

Jor stood, "Queen Hippolyta wished for us to take care of her daughter until it is safe to go back to Ammos. I did not think she would stay here this long!"

"It does not matter, our council was unaware of this delicate situation and we received information from General Zod of this from outside sources."

Kal stood with his father, "Regarding the secrecy and pregnancy, what will we do with her? She cannot go back to her planet. There are at war and we are at war with them now! I would think it is highly unlikely that we could deport her now, especially with what just happened."

Rayn-Vor stood and he was much more serious than the female council members. "Your highness, I do believe that you and your parents have broken the law severely. Simply you cannot bring an Ammosian woman, especially a pregnant one, to Krypton knowing our regulations. This is absurd. We will need to get rid of her or do something with the child."

Do something with his child? What? Did he just hear that correctly? No, they are not going to touch Diana or his baby. Creasing his brows he stood, "No! Not you or General Zod is going to lay hands on Diana or the child!"

Eyebrows rose in the room as they saw the Prince become furious and so defensive of this alien princess. Jor put a hand on his son's shoulder, "Kal…"

Kal shook his father's hand off and calmed himself down.

Rayn folded his arms, "Well I see we all will have a discussion about this subject later. Shara," he gestured for her to take over and switch the subject.

Shara stood with some documents in her hands, "General Zod has ordered that Lara-El should be Ampar of the Kryptonian military."

"She is not well enough to commit to such a job," Jor reminded them.

She held up her hand, "If she is not available then Ursa will continue to be Ampar of the military units. She had signed an agreement many years ago stating if she was not able to perform her military duties, someone else would take over for her and next in line was Ursa." She flipped over to the next page. "Our water supply has been poisoned and our team of scientists has already been working on an antidote. Over seven thousand Kryptonians have been poisoned and this does not include the Kryptonians of Argo."

Kal wondered, "How did our water get poisoned? Surely our people would have seen the Arrakians come to Krypton?"

Shara cleared her throat, "We do not have any information on the Arrakians. Some have told the General that they saw unfamiliar aliens here on Krypton yesterday afternoon. That is all the information we have. I'm sorry."

He nodded his head and listened to the rest of the council deliver their boring speeches. That took longer than expected.

Two hours later they left the room and Kal could only imagine what the council was going to decide about Diana staying with them. So far he felt like they solved nothing. The council said they would bring the subject of Diana in their home with the General and come to a decision later.

Kal turned to his father as they headed back to the infirmary level, "I thought you had told the council about Diana staying with us?"

Jor had an apologizing look, "I'm sorry son. Your mother and I didn't think she would stay here long and she would go back to Themyscira so we did not bother telling the council."

"Father, it's been two months. People have begun to talk and now look what has happened!" he groaned. They stopped and looked at Lara through the glass. Diana was sitting inside the room just staring at Lara from the other side of the room. She had her arms folded and was fidgeting with her gown. Kal slid open the door and Diana looked up to see Kal.

He had told her they were going to a meeting with their council and he would be back later. He found her exactly where she was two hours ago. Diana came up and hugged him.

"She hasn't woken up yet," Diana told him and he looked over at his pale mother. He stood over her and saw she was breathing normally, which was a good thing. Her skin still had those red spider web-like markings on it and he picked up her hand looking at it. It was limp and pale. Gently setting her hand back down on the bed he turned to Diana who was watching from afar.

"You really shouldn't be in here, Diana." he started to turn her the other way so she could leave.

"But Kal I was in here for two hours and I was fine."

"I don't think it's a good idea," he told the physician, "Make sure she doesn't come back in here until my mother is well." The woman nodded and he took Diana out of the room and shut the door. She huffed and looked through the glass as Kal sat next to his mother just watching.

She sighed, hoping Lara would get better and soon.

Kandor, Krypton

General Zod watched his military from afar with Ursa by his side. Wearing matching burgundy skin tight suits, they watched the military. She had short black hair with brown eyes as did he. A messenger came to him that the House of El had finally spoken to their science council.

"Ah thank you," he looked over at the information. Ursa came by his side waiting to hear the news the El House brought him. He folded the paper up and sat in his chair and sighed.

"What is it?" Ursa asked, coming closer to the General.

"Jor and his wife are such idiots. They have tried to keep an alien princess in their home a secret."

"Oh I see." Ursa folded her arms.

"She is pregnant as well."

Ursa gasped, "That is against the Kryptonian law. No woman is allowed to be pregnant on Krypton."

"I am very aware of this, Ursa." He said in a snide tone and she stepped back.

"So what do you plan to do it about it?" Ursa sat on his arm rest as he sat deep in thought with his hand beneath his chin.

"I am unsure as of yet. The El's are great friends of mine, especially Lara. It is a shame that their son is not as…intelligent as them in his choices. His woman is an alien here. What will we do with her?"

"She should be thrown in jail. She is not even allowed here and she has violated one of our severest laws."

Zod nodded his head and smiled, "She is not Kryptonian, although she carries one. She will be one of the first women to do this. I am impressed with Kal-El. Perhaps this was his plan all along. To get this…tribal princess pregnant."

Ursa shook her head. He was always coming up with theories, but this wasn't an impossible theory. The Prince of Krypton had been looking for a wife for some time. Perhaps they are married.

"Are they husband and wife?" Ursa asked quietly, disturbing the General's thoughts.

"I assume if they were the public would have known about it. So no, I am guessing."

"So what about the poisoned water? Our team has been working on it nonstop since yesterday afternoon."

Zod noticed the change in subject and he eyed Ursa. He grunted, "Well, I hope they find some cure for it. It pains me to find out Lara is not well." He smiled sarcastically. "I do believe some of my men found the Arrakian chemists down by our dome yesterday."

Ursa stood and walked over to another seat, "Yes, you said this. Have you done nothing to prevent it or was that your plan? To poison the whole race?"

"I didn't poison the Kryptonians. The Arrakians did, didn't they?" He smiled.

Kryptonopolis, Krypton

Kal waited inside the room in the infirmary to see if his mother would wake, but so far she was not yet awake.

Diana checked on Kal every hour or so to see if he had left but he hadn't. Jor rounded the corner and saw Diana looking through the glass to see Kal still sitting next to his mother.

He put his hand on the small of Diana's back, "Do not worry, princess, she will awake soon."

She looked at the tall Kryptonian and back at the two in the room. "Will he ever leave her? He needs some rest. He has been in there since this morning!"

"I will tell him you sent for him, princess," he glided by her and went to go in the room. Diana had been banned from the room ordered by Kal, which she didn't like, but she could understand why.

Jor watched his son just sit and stare at his wife. He knew that she would be awake but he didn't know when and that is what was troubling him. He tried not to show it, but Kal had a different look on this. He was determined to stay in the room until his mother woke up, but that could take days or weeks. Setting his hand on his son's shoulder, Kal didn't move as he knew who it was because he could hear him outside the room.

"Kal, Diana wants to see you."

"I need to wait here," he barely turned his head to look at his father. He looked back at his mother just lying there.

"Kal," he said more sternly this time. Kal turned finally, all the way and looked up at his father. "Diana is worried for you. She fears you have been in here too long. She wants you to rest."

Diana had had enough of this. She walked into the room and she saw them turn. This was taking entirely too long.

"Kal let me watch her for you, or we can come back in the morning," she smiled hopefully. He stood up and started forcing her out the door.

"I told you, don't come in here, it might be dangerous for you!" he was pushing her out the door and she stopped at the door and held onto the doorway.

"No! I am fine. You are too tired, look at you! Please come and rest?" She was pleading. He grabbed her arms and put them down by her side and she tried to remain calm. He let go sighing. He didn't want to hurt Diana so he turned and looked the other way. His father was watching the both of them and he told him to leave.

"I will watch her son, go rest."

Kal relented after several hours. Diana had dinner alone with Jor-El. It wasn't so bad, but it was quiet and unnerving. Finally both left the infirmary level and went to the dining hall so he could eat. Diana convinced him it would be a good idea to eat something and she sat down with them, not eating.

"You are not going to eat?" he asked as the servant placed the plate on the table.

"No, I have already eaten, but I will sit with you," she smiled. He looked at her but didn't oblige to her sitting at the table with him. He could still hear his mother breathing from levels above them. He needed to stop thinking about it. Putting it in the back of his mind he touched Diana's hand on the table. "So, how are you feeling today? I didn't get to say good morning to you." He smiled at her.

Diana returned the smile, "I am feeling fine and no you didn't, but you had other things to do. I understand how that is," she spoke of the council. She remembered when she went with her mother to the senate several times. She hated it. It was very boring. She had to go with Amayn a few times as well. They were all boring and she would think Krypton's council would be the most dull and boring of them all.

He smiled at her and nodded his head as he ate, "How is the baby?"

"Very good, I suppose." Diana leaned in her chair, folding her arms.

"Oh, that reminds me," he swallowed, "I need to tell you something."

She sat up straight in the chair and became worried. "What is it?" more bad news? She didn't know if she could take any more bad news!

He put his fork down and folded his arms at the table. "Okay," he sighed heavily, "My parents did not tell our council that you were staying with us." Diana leaned forward becoming more nervous. "Our council and General has found out about it, and let me just say they are not happy."

Diana didn't say anything, she feared something worse was going to come and she held her breath.

"One member suggested that we either get rid of you or the baby," before he could continue Diana stood up quickly and banged her fist on the table. His eyes went wide.

"Absolutely not! They can rid of me, but not my child, no!" Kal saw passion in her eyes and anger and a wave of tears coming. Oh Rao, not this again. He stood and went across the table to push her down gently by her shoulders back in her chair. He turned her chair towards him and knelt down.

"Nobody is getting rid of you, Diana," he grabbed her hands that were resting in her lap. "Or the baby." He reassured her but she brought her hands up to her face, sobbing. "Diana," he tried to move her hands away from her face but she wouldn't let him. "Diana, please?" she let her hands down at his pleading. He grabbed the napkin and dabbed her cheeks. "I really don't like when you do that."

"…does it overwhelm you?" she smiled meekly.

Kal smiled then he laughed causing Diana to laugh softly. "Only a little bit." Still keeping the smile on his face, hers slowly died down.

"Kal, what are they going to do with me?" Diana asked very concerned now. She looked at him in his eyes and she could tell he was uncertain.

"They won't do anything to you, Diana. I will make sure of that, do not worry," he brushed a few strands of hair away from her face, tucking them behind her ear. She wiped her face with her hands and he still knelt beside her. "Better?"

Diana shook her head, "Not really. Now I am worried what your people will do with me! I am not wanted wherever I go."

"You ARE wanted here, Diana!" he tightened his grip on her hands. He could see the waterworks coming and he was not going to do that no way. He couldn't handle any more emotional baggage especially from Diana. This was difficult enough. He grabbed the chair and sat in it next to her, leaning forward trying to speak with her. "Don't cry, please? It won't fix anything."

"That's what you said when you yelled at me. It doesn't matter Kal! Whatever I do it is always ends in chaos and arguing! I cannot go back home because my mother forbids it and I am certainly not welcome on Arrakus. Now I am not welcome here."

He groaned inwardly, moving closer to her, lifting her chin. "You are welcome here, Diana, I've told you. My parents would have not agreed if they didn't like you…somewhat," he smiled.

"Stop trying to be funny, Kal. It's not helping." She folded her arms and looked to the side, not wishing to look him in his eyes.

"Well, what do you want me to do? Be rude and cruel to you because I can," he leaned back.

"No," she huffed.

"Okay then. You need to stop blaming yourself like I've said before. This was my parents' fault, not yours, well and our laws."

Diana looked back at him, "What laws?"

Did he forget to mention that? He suddenly became nervous to look at her. "Oh ah," he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Kal," she began, "What laws?" she asked again, more calmly.

"Well, here on Krypton, it is unlawful for a woman to carry a child."

"To be pregnant," her voice calm and smooth.

He didn't like this side of Diana. He hadn't seen this side before. He thought he would like the calm Diana, but to be honest he'd rather have the yelling frustrated Diana than a scary calm one.

"Yes. It is illegal."

"Illegal," she nodded, "To be pregnant," Diana nodded her head again slowly.

She was still quiet and her face was unreadable. Kal looked for signs of more tears, but he saw none. He didn't see her eyes flash a dark blue so she wasn't about to yell. He didn't see her fidget with her gown, so she wasn't nervous. He was growing impatient and antsy as he waited in this dead silence.

"Diana?" he called out her name slowly. She seemed to be in a daze and once she snapped out of her daze her eyes slowly moved towards his and Kal wasn't sure what she was planning to do next. Suddenly he felt her hand make contact with his face and he fell over in the chair. He put his hand to his face and it was stinging. He had never had anyone hurt him so badly. Shocked he saw Diana storm out of the room and he quickly stood and tried to follow her.

"Diana!" he called out her name but she put her hand up and continued down the hall, going to her room. He stood in the hall with his hand on his face. "Damn," he rubbed his cheek. Jor came out of the infirmary as he heard a loud crash from the floors below. He appeared in the hall a few moments later.

"Kal? Is everything alright? Where is Diana?" he asked looking around. He finally spotted her. She was on her bed crying, alone. "She's crying again. What happened?"

"Yeah. I told her about our meeting with the council and their thoughts of her staying here."

Jor looked at his son's face and saw a red handprint on the side of it. His eyes grew. "It did not go well I can see."

"Not at all," he grumbled.

The following day Kal had steer cleared of Diana the whole morning. He was afraid to be around her. Listen to yourself, Kal, you're afraid of a woman. A dangerous Amazonian dragon lady is more like it. He sighed as he sat next to his mother's bed. It was midday and he continued to wait. He didn't hear Diana come out of her room after eating at the table this morning. He chose to eat after she left the table. He really ought to speak with her, but honestly he was afraid of getting slapped again. She didn't even let him explain!

Kal rubbed his temples as he thought of the situation. He really liked Diana; well it was more than a like. He crossed his ankle over the other as he was in deep thought. He had spent a little over two months with Diana when she was on Krypton as a visitor. It had been nice and she seemed to enjoy himself. He thought of their moments in his bed and a smile came to his face, slowly nodding his head. Then his eyes glanced down to see his mother still sleeping. He cleared his throat and his cheeks flushed. Even if she wasn't awake it was still a little weird with his mother right next to him as he thought of these past memories. Thinking further he enjoyed spending as much time with Diana as possible. Things obviously had gotten a little too extreme and out of hand, but there were times when they could both ignore it and all was well.

He greatly enjoyed playing her ancient board games with her and talking about Greek philosophers. He found most of them to be idiots, but he liked to listen to her speak so gracefully. She was a very intelligent woman and that was another great quality about Diana. She was also very kind-hearted and had shown him there is more to life than to train, to study and to kill. He sighed thinking of that last word, 'kill.' His mother used to give him lectures about wars and how horrible they were. Kryptonians were not always killers. They were a peaceful race, but unless they were attacked, the enemies were offered a peace treaty. If they refused then war it was. He never liked listening to those lectures as a boy. He would make sure he didn't treat his child the same. Slowly nodding to himself he started to think of his child. He didn't know how long Diana would be pregnant for. He read that the usual was forty two weeks. Kal thought that was kind of long, but the last time he looked Kryptonian women were pregnant a lot longer than that. At least a month longer, but Diana wasn't Kryptonian.

He thought of all the problems one small little being caused. Something so small had caused a whole of shit to happen. As he was deep in thought he heard a gasp from beside him. His mother's eyes were open and her mouth was impeccably dry.

Lunging forward he smiled, grabbing his mother's hand. "Mother, you're finally awake!"

She was given a red liquid to swallow and she held her throat with her hand, feeling the cold liquid soothe her dry throat. She smiled at her son. He looked so relieved that she was awake. How long had she been in this bed she wondered. Her eyes roamed the room and she saw her hands had red spider web marks on them and she gasped.

"Wha…what is this?"

"You're sick, mother. You've been in bed for two days."

Two days? Oh Rao. At least she wasn't in bed for any longer than that. She started to sit up but he pushed her back down.


"No, you need to stay in bed," he pushed her down gently but she kept struggling. In walks Jor with a grand smile on his face.

"Lara!" he walked to the other side of the bed and held her hand, still noticing the marks on her hands and face. He was just glad that she was finally awake.

"Jor, Kal told me I have been in here for two days. Is this true?" she held his hand and he nodded. She let a hand come to her cheek and then she saw Diana at the window. "Let her in."

Kal looked back and saw Diana, "No, she is not allowed in here."

Lara eyed him, "Why?"

"It might be dangerous for her to be around you."

His mother scowled, "I am not infectious, Kal. If I was, you would both have whatever this is," gesturing to her odd markings on her body. "If you would have paid attention to your studies you would have known that. Now let her in," she had her hands on her hips. Kal almost rolled his eyes but he left to open the door to let Diana in. he really didn't want to see her right now, but looks like he had no choice.

Diana started, "I heard your father say your mother is awake. I wanted to see for myself. May I come in?"

He moved out of her way silently and she walked passed him to see Lara. She still looked awful, but she was smiling. Her hair was down and it was very long, almost to her waist. Diana stood next to the bed casually examining over Lara's arms and face. It hadn't improved.

"We thought you were dying, your majesty," Diana said and Lara shook her head.

"I am not going to die," she started scratching her arms and her hands. Her body was slowly starting to become itchy for no apparent reason. The physician injected medicine into Lara's arm and slowly her itchy died down. All others stared at each other. This poison caused itchiness apparently as well.

Jor sat down beside his wife, "Kal and I spoke with the council."

"Oh? What did they say? Did they catch those bastards who did this to our people?" she frowned.

"I do not know. I have feeling they are hiding something. Beside the point, they found out about Diana," he looked at the princess and she had a knowing look on her face. At this point she wanted to slap Kal in the face again, but definitely not in front of his parents.

"Oh no," Lara gasped softly. Her eyes looked over to Diana who looked very angry. "I am sorry Diana."

Kal didn't hold his tongue, "I told her already, mother. And she brutally attacked me for it," he rubbed his cheek. The mark was no longer there but he could still feel the stinging.

Diana spun her head around, "I did not! I only slapped you! It is your fault for not telling me your planet's laws in the first place!"

Lara held up her hand, "It is our fault for not informing you and not informing our council as well. We apologize," her voiced was sincere but that didn't make Diana feel any better.

"Forgive me, but what kind of planet makes it a criminal offense for a woman to have children? All of you knew of this and still brought me here knowing that I could potentially be in danger. Also, not telling your senate is not very wise. My mother has done something similar and she paid greatly for it, but it is not you who will pay for this, it is I who will pay." Diana said her last words and left the room. Kal didn't bother following her, knowing what would come. A possible slap and more arguing.

The El parents lowered their eyes as Diana exited. Kal sat down next to his mother. "Father, there is more."

Lara looked up and stared at her husband, "More?"

Jor eyed his son then began, "Yes," clearing his throat, "General Zod had requested you to be the Ampar for the military once again," he saw Lara's face lighten up, "But since you are ill, Ursa will be the Ampar."

Her eyes darkened and she started to get out of bed.

"Lara? What are you doing?"

"To see the council," she started to get dressed into something different. Kal turned as he thought his mother should have some privacy.

"Right now?" Jor asked very surprised she was getting up in her state. She was moving very slowly, but steadily.

"I won't have Ursa be Ampar of my military," she headed out the room as fast as her body could handle.

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