Chapter 37

Zor-El had asked his brother if it was alright if they came for the birth of his son. Jor agreed of course, but Lara had a different say in the matter.

Something along the lines of, "I'm not a show that needs to be watched," eventually he was able to convince his wife for more guests to arrive.

Zor, Alura and Kara arrived three weeks later, just waiting. Initially they didn't believe Jor when he said Lara's parents were there. It was rather weird. Kara remembered them when she was a child, but not much was in her memory after they left. Being able to meet Lor and Nara for basically the first time again was interesting, but after a few awkward silent nights the Van's and Els were able to talk with each other as if time had never passed.

Diana walked around their bedroom talking to herself and Kal came in quietly. What he saw was a nervous Diana. He smirked as he came closer to her. She didn't seem to even notice he was in the room just yet. Helena was in her room playing with all her gifts from her birthday three weeks ago. He put his arms around her and Diana yelped.

"Kal, don't do that!"

"You're stressing out I can tell, please don't," he kissed her cheek and he sat on the bed continuing to look at his wife's worried face.

"I am so nervous about this mission. I have already covered Jehas, but now I will go to Ischa and then to Almerac. Almerac is so far from here," she sighed.

He continued watching her pace back and forth. "You're going to leave your mark in our floor, Diana, please sit down." He urged her and she finally relented sitting next to him. "Why are you so nervous this time?"

"I will be gone for two months that is the longest I have been gone. What about Helena? What if she misses me or forgets about me," she touched her cheek in dismay.

Kal smiled, "She won't forget you. You're her mother. Don't worry your mother and sisters will take great care of her. I will go to Ammos to make sure everything is alright. I know you don't want everyone to abandon her. Besides this will be her first time on Themyscira."

Diana nodded her head, "Yes that's true. I hope Donna watches her, I get so nervous with my sister."

"Like I said, I am sure she'll take great care of her. You have nothing to worry about. So please, relax?" he looked at her with his blue eyes. "Please?" he cupped her cheek.

"Alright, but only because I trust you," grinning wearily. "So," she crossed her legs on the bed, "How is your mother holding up?"

He shook his head in frustration, "I'm afraid she is at her wits end. She complains constantly, but only behind closed doors. I can hear her in my parent's bedroom." he laughed, "It's quite funny actually. It is nothing like when you were pregnant. You were far more graceful than my mother."

"Well, I hope her baby comes soon. I am sure it is driving her insane, I know it was when I was in my last few days."

"My brother seems to be taking his time, which is good, bad for my mother though," letting out a small laugh he sighed laying down. "And my grandmother doesn't seem to be helping. She is always checking on her and bothering her every minute of the day."

"Daddy, can you open this?" Helena appeared on the side of their bed. He looked down and sat up picking the toddler up to set her on the bed.

"What have you got there?" he smiled taking the box from his daughter. She shrugged her shoulders.

"I tried!" she threw her arms in the air in slight frustration. Diana stifled a laugh. She could be so adorable sometimes.

Kal smiled and opened the latch to the small box. The crystal box opened and it was a circlet much too big for Helena's head at her age. "Oh where did you find this?"

"Grandma gave it to me," he assumed it was his mother that gave it to her.

He pulled the crown out of the box and smiled. "Well it is a bit large for you, Helena," he placed the crown on her head and it fell to her neck. She giggled. "I thought so. Grandma gave this to you so when you're older you get to wear it."

"Like mommy's?"

Kal looked over at Diana who was in awe of the toddler in front of her. "Yes, like mommy's."

Helena took the crown off her neck and stared at it. It was gold and had the El crest in the middle. "So pretty," she awed over the tiara. Diana and Kal chuckled at their daughter.

"Helena," Diana grabbed her and put her in her lap, "I'm going to be leaving soon and you will get to go to Grandma Polly's island."

Her mouth gaped, "Grandma Polly and Aunt Donna too?"

Diana nodded her head, "I will be gone for a while so I want you to be on your best behavior can you do that?"

Helena nodded her head, "Why you leaving?"

"Well," she sighed, "I have duties to attend to, but it won't be for too long."

"Mommy duties?" Helena peered up at her mother.

Diana smiled, "Yes, mommy duties. I will call you to check on you as much as I can. Daddy will come to check on you as well." She hugged her daughter and kissed the top of her head. Helena started to crawl away and get off the bed to head towards the door. "Where are you going?"

"To see grandma."

Kal and Diana eyed one another. "Well alright, don't bother her too much, Helena," Diana called out and Helena smiled trailing out of their bedroom.

As Helena was walking the halls she ran into Nara. Nara smiled kneeling down to the child's eye level. "Where do you think you're going dear?"

"To see grandma," Helena passed Nara and continued down to the elevator knowing exactly where her grandparent's room was.

Lor came up behind his wife watching Helena trail down the hall by herself. "Where is she going?"

"To see Lara and Jor," Nara smiled.

"Oh, Lara is not in the best of moods lately, should we follow her?" he almost went after the two year old.

Nara put her hand on his chest to stop him. "She will be alright. Lara is never mean to that child."

Helena arrived on the floor where her grandparent's room was. Kal and Diana had at least taught her manners to knock on a door before coming in. although she didn't use to and that caused a lot of problems in the El house. A small rap came to their door and Lara looked to the door to see who it was.

Jor called out, "You can come in Helena," the door slid open and Helena pouted.

"How did you know it was me?"

"I can see you," Jor smiled. Helena came to climb on top of their bed. Lara sat up in bed and smiled at Helena.

"Here," she handed Lara a folded paper and Lara eyed it carefully taking it from the child. She was about to open it until Helena jumped forward and put her hands on the paper. "Don't open it!"

Lara smiled, "Why not?"

"It's not for you, grandma," she folded her arms with a smile on her face.

"Oh? Then who is it for?" Lara smirked at the child.

"The baby of course. It's a surprise. Only he can see."

Lara nodded her head putting it on the bedside table, "I will put it right here. I won't look I promise."

Helena seemed satisfied with that and she crawled in between Jor and Lara simply smiling. Lara and Jor looked down furrowing their eyebrows with amusement.

"When is the baby coming?"

Lara sighed, "I wish I could tell you little one."

Helena huffed, "Grandma I'm not little anymore."

"Sorry," she grinned stroking the child's head, "I forgot."

Jor grabbed the child and set her in his lap. "Helena, do your parents know where you are?"

She nodded her head.

"Well grandma needs to go to sleep, can you visit later?" he whispered in her ear. Lara narrowed her eyes at her husband.

Helena sighed, "Okay." She wiggled out of Jor's hold and left the room.

"You didn't have to make her leave. I'm not that tired," Lara rolled her eyes.

"Yes you are. Just stay here, I'll be back in a few hours."

She shooed him out with her hand and he smiled leaving.


Lara's eyes shot wide open, although she was feeling strange earlier in the evening after dinner, she was beginning to feel slight discomfort around one in the morning. Now it was three hours later and the pain was not a slight discomfort anymore.

Turning on the light she tapped Jor on the shoulder. He mumbled in his sleep and continued to dream. She hit his shoulder a little harder but no response yet.

"Jor-El!" Lara hit him again and he jolted awake to see a very frustrated wife in front of him. Her hair was tangled and his eyes adjusted to the bright light in the room. Looking at the time it was he groaned.

"What? Why did you hit me?!" he started to get a bit frustrated. Throughout several nights she would hit him to wake up thinking she was having the baby but it was false. He wasn't really getting much sleep especially since she got up many times during the night for god knows what reason.

"I can't ignore this pain anymore, Jor. We need to go the infirmary, please." Her hand went to his shoulder.

"How long have you felt like this?" he analyzed her body and her worried face.

"For over five hours, but it hasn't really bothered me until now."

"Five hours! Rao, Lara why didn't you say anything?!" he got out of bed and started putting his clothes on as fast as he could.

Lara furrowed her eyebrows, "Well I thought it was like the last few nights, but this felt different. I thought it would dissipate."

He shook his head and gave his hand out to help her out of bed. "Can you walk?"

"No," her body was frozen in bed unable to move. She tried her best to keep her agony under control, but had a feeling that wasn't going to last long.

"Alright, wait here, don't move!" he quickly left the room to find nurses to help her get to a room.

Kal woke up hearing his dad making demanding orders to their medical staff. He looked over to see Diana still sleeping soundly. He got up out of bed and went to the medical level.

"Father, what's the matter?" he saw him pacing back to the elevator.

"Your mother is in labor."

Kal blinked then he smiled, "Well I'm sure she'll be happy about that."

Jor smiled, "Very funny," he left to go with the staff back to his room where Lara still was.

Kal went back to his room and Diana was still sleeping but her eyes fluttered open as he was moving around in the room. She was rather a light sleeper. "Kal, why are you up so early?" glancing at the time it was 4:36am now.

"My mother is finally having my brother," he changed into more suitable clothes. Diana sat up in bed.

"Oh that is so wonderful, she must be relieved, well maybe she won't be until after he's born," she teased.

An hour later everyone was up. Although this was a usual time for the Els to get up anyway, but not so much for Diana. she hadn't gotten up this early since her training days. Helena was awake, but sleepily resting her head on her mother's shoulder as Diana carried her down the hallway.

Diana was greeted to a hall full of Els and the Van's. "Hello, good morning," Diana said and took a seat next to Kara.

Kara's eyes beamed when she saw Helena. Helena moved her head and saw a blonde woman staring at her.

"Mommy who is that?" she asked quietly as she yawned.

"That's your other aunt. Aunt Kara."

"Oooooh," Helena smiled at Kara.

"She has grown so much. It is such a shame we cannot visit more often." She touched Helena's small arm.

Lara's scream echoed the hall and Helena's head shot up looking around the room. Nara shook her head.

"She is ah rather loud," Nara commented. Diana smiled and looked at a shocked Helena.

"Was that grandma?"

Diana nodded, "Yes." Lara's scream sounded once more and Helena got out of her mother's hold. "Where are you going?"

"I want to see her."

"You can't Helena." She walked up to her grabbing her before she went inside the room.

"Why?" she asked perplexed not having any idea what was going on right now. Diana smiled and picked her up setting her on her lap staring straight into her emerald eyes.

"Because she is having the baby right now."

The toddler nodded her head, "Why is the baby hurting her?"

Kara tried not to laugh and Diana tried to think of what to say to her daughter. She was such a smart girl at such a young age, but she was still so naïve when it came to these types of things. Diana's thoughts were in a fog right now.

"Well, Helena, you see, he's not really hurting her."

"Then why did she scream?"

Oh Hera, this girl and her questions. Diana didn't know what to say until Kal appeared next to her. Relieved she didn't have to answer to Helena she looked up at Kal.

"Alright, she is okay for now. My father got hit a few times, but at least it's better than broken fingers," he glanced over at Diana and she reddened.

"I said I was sorry," her voice was soft and almost unheard.

Helena tapped her father's legs and he looked down at the small child. "Daddy, is grandma okay?"

He smiled and picked her up, "Yes, she's fine. Let us go for a walk, okay?"

"Okay, where are we going?"

"I'll let that be a surprise." And down the hall everyone heard Helena 'ooh' at her father's words. They smiled and continued to wait.

Six hours later it was now 11:40am and everyone was either scattered in the house or still waiting. Helena was occupied with Kara playing with her.

Diana and Kal waited outside most of the time. He constantly went in the room to check on his mother but nothing yet.

"Why is this taking so long!" he got up and started to pace.

"Kal, please stop, it will be alright, just sit." Diana pleaded and he refused her hand.

"Is this normal?" he turned to Diana who was the only one in the hallway right now.

"Yes it is, for some women it takes days. Please sit and try not to worry."

He sat and sighed heavily as they waited, and waited some more.

Three hours later everyone gathered back in the hall again. Jor had said it was closer to the time finally.

Inside the room Lara was staring at the ceiling feeling more than just drained. Her eyes drifted over to Jor standing next to her.

"If you ever touch me again, I'm going to kill you," she narrowed her eyes and he remained blank in the face. Another wave of pain hit her body and she gritted her teeth. Jor swept strands of hair away from her face. "Don't touch me!"

He backed away and sighed. It had been a long day, he was ready to get this over with and tired of getting yelled and hit, but he put up with it for this long, what a few hours more, right?

One of the nurses smiled at Lara, "Well I'll be happy to let you know that it is definitely time."

Lara let out an exasperated sigh, "Thank Rao!"

Thank Rao indeed, Jor thought.

Everyone in the hall was together again and they heard Lara groaning again and their ears were now alert to what was going on. It had been hours since they heard something from her. Kara held Helena in her lap. She seemed to be fascinated with her earrings at the moment.

Lara reached over trying to grab hold of something and she happened to grab Jor's harm and squeezed it tightly. His eyes bugged out and he gasped. "LARA!"

Kal heard both of his parents screaming and he smiled.

"And you say I scream loudly," Diana nudged her husband in his arm.

Inside the room both were practically screaming and Lara let go of his arm as she relaxed. She slapped his shoulder, "Why in the world are you screaming?!" she creased her eyebrows.

He held his arm and sat down breathing slowly, "You were squeezing my arm and would you stop hitting me?"

"Don't get me pregnant again!" she fired back at him.

Jor stood up with his hands in surrender, "Consider that done, woman."

She groaned once more and she shot her arm out towards him with her fingers spread apart. He sighed lending his hand out knowing he was going to regret this decision and she forcefully gripped it. "I'm not going to feel my hand after this," Jor grunted through the pain she caused him.

Outside everyone heard Lara yelling out, "Rao!" or yelling at Jor-El. Diana could only smile remembering how that was, even though it wasn't this long of a process, it was painful and she was the only woman to sympathize with Lara.

Twenty minutes of painful screams carrying in the hall and yelling later it finally stopped.

Kal went in first and saw his mother sitting up with a small baby in her arms. He asked them if everyone could come in and Jor nodded his head.

Diana carried Helena in her arms and Lara's parents stood next to Lara looking at the baby. Nara smiled, "He looks just like you, Kal."

Kal smiled, "No he doesn't."

Lara looked up at him, "Yes he does."

Helena tried to get a closer look at the baby and Diana noticed she was leaning forward too much she might fall. "Do you want to see, Helena?" Diana finally asked. She pulled back up and nodded her head excitedly.

Diana let Helena sit on the bed and Lara smiled at the toddler. She lowered her arms so she could see. Helena's eyes lit up and she watched the baby move his arms and yawn.

"He's so small," she whispered. She touched his arm and made an unpleasant face. "And slimy."

Everyone in the room laughed at Helena's face and her sudden words that stunned everyone.

Kal finally asked, "Name?"

Jor looked down at Lara holding their son. "Mon-El."

AN: this was longer than I anticipated it to be. Unfortunately this was the actual last chapter of the story, but I have an epilogue next and it will be awesome!

Probably some of you are very confused about Kal's brother's name. Mon-El is from the future and is part of the Legion of Superheroes as Superboy. He's actually not related to Superman, technically, but I really liked his name, so I decided to use it. Therefore he is not related to the same Mon-El in the comics.