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Again, I'm so sorry, I hope you enjoy my epilogue (:


Six Years Later

The Year is 11,301

"Green eyed brats!" Lara's voice carried through the halls. Helena flew down the hall with Mon in her arms.

The two El children then landed on the ground and ran to find somewhere to hide. Helena hid under the dining table and Mon under a chair nearby. Helena saw Lara pacing down the hall and she stopped and looked around the room immediately knowing where they were. She scooted back further under the table. Lara's heels clicked on the tile and stopped in front of the dining table slowly making her way around it. Helena scooted further away from her grandmother as she approached closer and closer.

Lara knelt down and glared at the auburn haired eight year old.

"Oh!" Helena bumped her head and flew out from underneath the table.

"Get down here!" Lara pointed her finger at Helena as she flew higher in the air. "Get. Down. Now."

Mon saw this as a time to escape and he crawled from beneath the chair and ran to the exit. Lara's head snapped around and saw her son trying to escape. She waved her hand and all the doors closed. He abruptly stopped before he hit the door and turned to face his mother with frantic eyes. Oh Rao, what to do now? He thought.

"I saidget down!" Lara grabbed her granddaughter's leg and pulled her down into her grasp. Helena thumped to the floor and then stood with her hands behind her back. "Mon, over here, right now." He slowly padded over to his mother with his head down.

Both children stood next to one another not wishing to look at the piercing gaze of Lara. She knelt down in front of them and furrowed her eyebrows.

"How many times have you told both to stay out of our lab? There are dangerous chemicals in there!" she yelled. Both winced at her strong voice. "You could have hurt yourselves," her face softened. "Helena, you are older than Mon, do you want him to get hurt?"

Helena shook her head in shame.

"I didn't think so. What am I going to do with you two?" she stood and folded her arms.

"Mother, I'm sorry! It was all her idea!" Mon pointed to Helena and she gasped.

"It wasn't all my idea," she glared at the six year old. "Grandma, please don't tell my parents." She pleaded with her hands folded.

"I have to tell them," Lara raised her eyebrow, "But," Helena stiffened. "Not right now."

Helena eased at this. She had a list of misbehavior that her grandmother would tell her parents, this being the least worrisome.

"Well, it looks like it's time for studies," Helena started to back away to leave."

"Hold it," Lara stopped the child. "It's Saturday."

"Amazonian training then!" She rose in excitement and ran the other way.

"Hold it again," Lara held her hand up. "Your Aunt doesn't come for another two days. Looks like you're stuck with me until your grandfather comes back." She smiled.

Helena groaned and made her way back to where she was.


The red headed Almerac Queen stared at Diana and Kal across the table full of Ambassadors across the galaxy. Everyone sat and listened to the last speech from the ambassador of Jehas. Queen Maxima eyed the Amazon Princess completely ignoring everyone else in the room.

If Diana noticed this glare she made no intention to pay any attention to it. Maxima noticed the princess's nostrils flare as her stare became more prominent. This brought a smile to the Almerac Queen. Diana had visited Almerac twice before and each time she came she wished she hadn't. Maxima knew exactly what to say to get under her skin. She had asked Kal to come with her this time so she wouldn't be bombarded with absurd questions from the red head.

After the meeting was over Diana got up and was one of the first few to leave pulling Kal with her. He had to almost jog to keep up with her. As soon as they were an ear shot away from the conference room she stopped pulling him.

"What's the hurry, Di?" He stopped and she looked back at all the ambassadors filing out.

"I don't want to talk to her."

Kal had a good idea who 'her' was. She described the last few times she had been here but never seen the Almerac Queen in person or knew how she acted. They had been to two other planets and Almerac was their last stop. They were definitely very far away from Krypton. So far they had been gone for two months leaving Helena in the care of Kal's parents and Diana's mother and sisters. Every other week Helena would go to Ammos so she wouldn't wear out her El grandparents and Diana and Kal both knew she could be a handful sometimes.

"Why don't you want to talk with her? She seems nice, maybe a bit demanding, but nice overall."

Diana glared at Kal and his eyebrows rose in shock. The look he was giving her was not one that he liked at all. It was the Amazon temper he was very familiar with and he never liked to see that side of her.

"She's a devious woman! She annoys me! I heard her comment on my weight a few days ago, saying I was 'plump'. I am most certainly not!" she folded her arms as they continued to walk along the alien halls.

"Oh Princess," Maxima called out walking behind them in her green garb.

Diana cursed in her native tongue and turned with a forced smile. Kal stood back but close to Diana, to make sure she wouldn't do anything rash.

The Queen finally made it up to the couple and she smiled. "I noticed you left in a rush. Anything the matter?"

"No, I just wanted some fresh air. That conference was very long and I need some rest for the next conference tomorrow. You understand don't you, your majesty?" Diana still smiled creepily. Maxima had her creepy smile as well. Kal's eyes darted back and forth between the two and grew more nervous.

Maxima folded her arms as Diana did and nodded her head, "I see. I hear you are very good at sparing. I am going to train in a private room, care to join me?"

Diana's eyes widened and her smile died a little. "Not today, Maxima, I am very tired."

"I heard Amazons never back down from a challenge. Are you not like your sisters? It is very unlike your kind to refuse a spar." Her grin became mischievous and Diana furrowed her eyebrows in response to that.

Kal thought he would intervene knowing Diana was not up to sparing considering her state at the moment. "Your majesty, my wife is fatigued. Perhaps another time would be best."

Diana snapped her head to her husband and shot him a look that could kill flies. It was almost if she had laser beams in her eyes.

"I can speak for myself, Kal."

"Well, considering your physique isn't up to par, eating too much kulurakia?"

Diana's eyes rose. How did she know what those were? She thought.

Maxima saw the surprised look on the princess's face and she smirked. "I've been to your little island before and I've been to earth. I know a lot of your culture. To me, it seems a little dated and boring. You use swords for combat? Your technology is nothing compared to Almerac's." she gestured around the architecture around them.

"No matter what you say I will not spar with you."

"Why not?" Maxima saw the challenge in Diana's eyes and she refused to leave until she beat the Amazon in a training exercise.

"I just don't want to but I can see my answer does not satisfy you," Diana lifted her chin and Maxima's smiled increased at the princess's irritation.

"Afraid you will lose your majesty?" Maxima challenged.

That was it, Diana said to herself. "No."

"Then you refuse my offer because of your lousy physique and lack of training or because you back down on a challenge?" Maxima was stirring the pot and Kal saw what she was doing. She was definitely getting a rise out of Diana. He looked at his irate wife, she looked ready to punch her in the face but held back only because he held her hand tightly as a reminder to keep herself in check.

"I never back down from a challenge." Diana almost growled.

"Diana…." Kal reminded her and she let go of his hand.

"What time is best for you, Maxima?" Diana put her hands on her wide hips.

Maxima smiled, "In twenty minutes. I will send someone for you to guide you to the training grounds." With that she parted ways with the two and Diana huffed and turned and marched to their room. Kal couldn't believe what just happened. What did just happen anyway? He caught up with her and she almost shut the door in his face.

"Diana, what in Rao's name are you doing? You could be hurt, what is the matter with you?"

She was taking off her gown and looking for a shorter much lighter dress to wear. She pulled out a white chiton, no instead she pulled out a black one and slipped it over her head and tied it with a black sash.

Unlacing her sandals she put on a pair of flats she had.

"Are you even listening to me?" Kal asked watching his wife getting undressed and dressed again.

Diana was fixing her shoes and never looked up, "Yes I am Kal. She was annoying me so I agreed to spar with her. I do not see the problem."

He groaned and sat on the bed. "You know what the problem is." He sighed and she touched his arm. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"I will take care of myself, don't worry." She kissed his cheek and disappeared into the bathroom to take her hair out of the tight bun and started braiding it.

Krypton – House of El

Helena was at the table with her grandfather and grandmother. Mon was on the floor occupying himself with a toy Kal made him. Helena grew frustrated and threw the tablet pen on the table.

Both elders looked up from their tablets and eyed their grandchild.

"What is the problem, dear?" Jor asked Helena.

"I can't do this homework. This is so hard to write in Kryptonese. Themysciran is so much easier, why can't my school just grade my assignments in Themysciran?"

"Because they don't understand Themysciran and you live on Krypton, not Ammos." Jor smiled.

"I knew we should have taught her Kryptonese first instead of her mother teaching her Themysciran." Lara mumbled to her husband.

Helena rolled her eyes, "Grandma I can hear you, you know. Kryptonese is a hard language."

"You do speak it very well, though." Lara encouraged her with a slight smile.

Helena folded her arms and leaned back in her chair. "It's harder to write it than speak it, grandma."

She could agree with that. The language was a difficult language because of their Cyrillic-style alphabet.

"Can I go outside now?" Helena was getting ready to leave the table until Lara grabbed the child's tablet to examine her homework.

"You only did two thirds of the assignment. No, sit. Finish your work." She patted the tablet and went back to her own to continue reading.

Helena let out a loud groan and looked at the tablet again, but never picked up her pen. Staring at it.

Lara looked up and raised a curious brow. "What are you doing?"

"I am staring at the homework wishing it were done by now!"

She smiled, "It will only be done if you start working on it."

Sighing she picked up the pen and started working on her assignment and grumbling in Themysciran as she did so. The two grandparents smiled at one another. Mon stood from off the ground and tugged on his mother's skirt.


"Yes, my child?" Lara never took her eyes off her tablet.

"Can I go outside and play?" he had a hopeful look in his eyes. They had both been confined to the palace since their little escapade in the lab.

She gazed at her son below her and furrowed her eyebrows. "No. You are to stay here for your punishment don't you remember?"

He sighed, "Yes I remember, mother, but it's just one time, just one day. Pleaseeeeee?" he put on his best begging face and Lara's face softened.

"Gods, you're such a pest, Mon!" Helena lashed out. "You heard her didn't you? We're stuck here in this wretched place until she and grandpa says its okay for us to leave."

"Shut up, Helena!" Mon shouted and Lara and Jor glared at their son then at Helena.

"Stop it!" Jor said loudly and the two children's eyes grew in fear.

"Helena go to your room and finish your homework if you cannot behave," Jor ordered.

"But I didn't do anything wrong!" Helena shouted and Jor stood up and she grabbed her tablet and practically ran to her bedroom. He sat down fixing his cape. "And you," he pointed to the little boy with green eyes. "Go to your room and occupy yourself."

"But father…"

"Go! And try to not to destroy anything, would you?" he sighed and Lara watched him march to his room. She smiled at his mumbling and rather impressive, but small stomps down the hall.


Diana was preparing herself in the room and Maxima had changed into a grey jumpsuit. She stared at Diana who was wearing a short black dress.

She scoffed, "You spar in that ridiculous outfit?"

"It is what we use in my country. I prefer to be nude while sparring."

"Please don't do that. I have seen enough of your body already. I don't need to have nightmares," Maxima teased and knew this would anger Diana.

Diana narrowed her eyes and cleared her throat. "Rules. What are the rules?" she ignored the last comment.

"No rules."

"There has to be rules. I will not fight if there are not any rules."

Maxima huffed, "You Greeks and your rules. Why don't you ever spar for fun?"

"It is not fun if there are no boundaries. Rule number one, no hitting below the waist."

The Almeracian eyed the Amazon. "Why not?"

"Because I say so. This is a spar not a death fight." Besides I need to protect myself. "Rule number two, no weapons, and only hand to hand combat."

"You are not fun at all, princess."

"Rule number three, no pulling hair or biting, or scratching."

The red head raised a brow, "Really not fun."

Diana took off her shoes and stood in a stance. "Ready when you are." She smiled deviously.

Maxima stood in her stance. "I have been ready, you just talk too much." She grinned.

Kal stood on the side and could barely watch this. He watched Diana's every move very carefully. She seemed to be dodging well and gracefully at that. Maxima had almost hit her sending her to the ground. He almost ran to help her as she almost lost her balance but Diana balanced herself.

He wanted to close his eyes just so this fight could be over but his eyes stayed glued to his wife the entire time. Watching Maxima he noticed she sent out a dirty move that definitely was against one of the rules.

Diana's eyes widened and she blocked the kick but fell to the floor. Kal stood in shock and what seemed to be in slow motion as he saw Diana fall on her side. Reacting as fast he could he ran and helped her up. She put her hand up to stop Kal from helping her. Breathing heavily she stood up and Maxima smiled.

"That was against one of the rules!" Diana shouted.

"I forgot?" she shrugged. She didn't really and Diana knew this.

Kal stepped in between the women gently holding Diana back by her left arm. "I think this is enough for today."


"Diana!" his voice lowered and she backed off a little bit knowing what was going through his mind.

"Fine." she held out her hand to shake with Maxima.

"Wow you give up easily. One measly little fall and you call it a draw? I am not impressed."

"I am just tired. Next time you will not have a victory." She extended her hand further and finally the Queen took it shaking hard. Diana nodded and turned to leave. Kal picked up her shoes and handed them to Diana.

Back in their quarters Kal shut the door and set the code on it so nobody would disturb them for the rest of the evening. Diana sat on the bed with her head in her hands.

Kal was about to lash out at her until he turned and saw her position. His face softened and he came to sit next to her. Putting his arm around her he heard soft sobs.

"Don't cry please," he brushed away a stray hair in her face. She still had her hands covering her face. Finally lifting her chin she stared at the wall.

"I'm so stupid."

"No you're not. You could never be stupid."

"Okay. Then I am careless." She rose and started changing into other clothes. He sighed and followed her.

"Diana," he began and she cut him off.

"No, I don't want to hear it. I know what I did and please just leave me alone for the rest of the night." She closed the door and heard the shower on.

Kal groaned. It was going to be one of those nights was it? Sighing he changed and got into bed waiting for her to return.

A few days have passed and Helena sat on her bed reading a book her aunt Donna gave her. It was the tales about ancient Greece. She sighed and tossed the book on the other side of her bed. Getting up she opened her door and walked down the long hallway until she came to Mon's room. Knocking on the door several times she was growing impatient.

"Come on, Mon." she grumbled. Finally a small but bored looking Mon answered with a Kryptonian dessert in his mouth.

"Yeah?" his voice barely audible through the full mouth.

Helena smirked. "Where did you get that?"

He finished chewing and swallowed, "Ms. Zalal gave it to me." Helena knew the head chef of the palace would not allow her and especially not Mon to eat sweets before any meal.

"Ms. Zalal gave that to you…or you stole it from the kitchen?"

Mon looked back and forth from the sticky pastry to Helena. "Uh, the first one sounds better. Yeah, it was the first one."

"Whatever," Helena laughed. "Come on, I'm bored."

Mon swallowed the rest of the pastry and closed his door dusting his hands on his clothes.

"Ew, must you do that?"

"Wha?" he looked at his clothes and didn't seem to notice a problem. Helena shook her head and held his hand as they walked the halls. "Where are we going?"

"To the aquarium." She raised her hand and the door automatically opened.

Mon licked his lips from the remanding powder and they finally reached the large aquarium. "What are we doing in here? Where's mother? And father?"

"They're at a meeting and I locked all the doors from the maids trying to watch us." She folded her arms showing how proud of herself she was.

Mon's eyes beamed. "You mean…we have the whole house to ourselves?!" his little hands balled up in shaking fists.

"Yes, you got it little man."

"I'm not little!" he pouted.

"Whatever," she started taking off her suit into swimwear.

Mon raised his eyebrows. "What…are you doing?" he asked carefully as he saw her fly above one of the tanks. He was jealous that he couldn't fly and she could.

Helena's green eyes sparkled. "Going for a swim."

Mon's mouth gaped as he watched her dip into the tank with a fish the size of a hover craft. "Helena you're crazy! What if they bite you?"

"Just get your butt in here. These animals aren't dangerous, they are sweet." She pet the fish as he swam passed her bare lanky legs.

He was skeptical but removed only his shoes and shirt, keeping his leggings on he climbed into the tank with her kicking his little legs to stay afloat, which he seemed to be having trouble with. She let him hold onto her shoulder for stability.

"What about those fish over there?" he pointed to the tank that took up the entire left side of the room.

"Ha, yeah right I'm not going in there. That thing will eat us!" she giggled as she saw the fear in his eyes. She disappeared under the water.

"Hey!" he took a deep breath and followed her. She had a sneaky smile as she swam backwards and the small fish swam in between each strand of her dark auburn hair. He tried to catch up to her but had to go back up for air. Gasping for air she finally returned to the surface as well squeezing the excess water from her auburn locks.

"Keep up little fishy," She teased the six year old and he frowned not very impressed. He went to the side of the tank and held onto the railing and accidentally hit one of the buttons. Suddenly they both felt something slimy in the water and it was attaching to their skin.

"What did you do, Mon?!" Helena yelped as she realized he pressed a button on the side of the railing. They had little microscopic critters on their bodies. "It's not feeding time for the fish! Oh Gods get them off!" she kicked her legs but they didn't seem to want to come off. She saw the fish nipping at her skin and she screamed trying to swim away from them. Kicking a little too hard she broke the glass encased tank and it had a domino effect on the tanks connected to the one they were in. her eyes widened as they were no longer swimming in a tank but rather an extra-large one, especially with unfriendly sea creatures.

"Oh Hera!" she swam over and grabbed Mon by the arms and they swam to a door.

From the other side of the door two chambermaids were calling their names.

"Princess? Princess? Are you in there? We have been looking for you all day."

"Is the Prince inside with you?"

The two women heard screaming and the sound of…rushing water? The two looked at each other and heard someone coming closer. No, two people and they were tiny screams. Stepping back the door opened and a gush of water came flooding into the hallway.

Helena held onto the door and punched in a code to seal the door shut. The two maids collided against the other closed door about fifty feet away and Mon came crashing into them.

Helena was able to stand in the two feet of water and she walked over to the three that were against the door. "You can't open that door!"

"What did you do this time? Why are you both all wet and why is there water everywhere?" chambermaid Reefa demanded and stood up in soaked clothes.

"I uh…it was his idea," she pointed to Mon who just now stood up trying to get water out of his ears.

"WHAT!" he shouted.

Two hours later when Jor and Lara returned from a meeting interrupted by one of the children's chambermaids they stood in front of two very wet children.

"How do you expect us to leave you two alone if you cannot behave yourselves?" Jor scolded the two children. They were out of their soiled clothes but hair still wet.

Helena brushed some wet tendrils away from her face. She didn't dare look at her grandparents.

"And you!" Lara pointed her finger at Helena. "Look at me!"

The eight year old lifted her head barely so she could meet with the piercing blue eyes glaring at her.

"How dare you misbehave like this? I cannot believe you dragged him into your calamitous schemes. Your parents will definitely be notified about this one. I said I would not disturb them, but this is outrageous."

"Grandma please, don't do that!" she stood up to protest and Lara turned around and narrowed her eyes causing the child to take her seat again.

"They ought to send you to an off world school if you cannot behave."

"An off world school?! No, I will never go! It is horrible I have heard. There are…bad kids there." She said barely above a whisper.

"And what are you? A goddess? You are a spoiled brat with no consequences." Lara shook her head. "And you Mon, I can't believe you. Don't you have a mind of your own? Can't you think for yourself?"

"Lara..." Jor put a hand on her shoulder. She faced him and he shook his head making it clear that she was getting too upset. She sighed and turned to leave.

"Deal with them, because my temper obviously cannot at the moment. I will phone Kal and Diana when it is a civilized time on Almerac." She left the three of them in the room. It was silent now.

"I'm…so sorry," Helena said with watery eyes.

Jor folded his arms. "Just because you say you're sorry doesn't mean I am not going to punish you."

A tear fell from her eye and onto her lap. Her mother told her never to cry, but she couldn't help it. "I'll do anything to say that I am truly sorry."

"You want to really make it up to the both of us?"

She nodded.

"You will clean up the aquarium starting tomorrow morning."

Her eyes widened. "All by myself?"

He smiled, "No, because Mon is going to helping you." Helena and Jor turned to look at the shocked six year old.

"WHAT!" he yelled with his hands in the air.

Diana and Kal sat in their last meeting for their time on Almerac. They had spent long enough going from planet to planet. Diana couldn't really handle much more of Maxima anyway. They had been three weeks on Almerac and Diana was sure that she hated the place even more each time she returned.

As soon as everyone departed Diana was thankful that the red head didn't approach her or ask her any ridiculous questions.

"Do we have anywhere else to go, madame ambassador?" Kal smiled teasing his wife.

She hit his arm, "Stop it, Kal and no I am ready to go home." He linked arms with his and leaned her head against his arm.

"Me too, I am really tired of eating all this alien food. It's an experience, but I'd much rather eat Kryptonian food."

Diana looked up at him and smirked. "I'd much rather eat Themysciran food, especially right now. Some of the foods I wish to have you don't have on Krypton."

"I can grow it for you."

She sighed shaking her head. "It's not the same."

He rolled his eyes but made sure she didn't see that.

"And don't roll your eyes." Her head still leaning on his arm she never looked up. His eyebrows rose and looked at her in shock, but wisely walked in silence the rest of the way back to their quarters to gather their belongings to take off.

Two hours later they were on their ship and slowly gliding through space. Diana had suggested it since their recent discovery a month ago. She didn't feel up for a miserable trip. It would take about three days until they returned home. Kal would send a message to his parents once they reached eight hours away from Krypton, but for now they would relax and wait.

He walked into their bedroom and saw Diana had her eyes closed, sitting up and taking deep controlled breaths. He sat on the edge of the bed taking a hold of her hand.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

Not opening her eyes she nodded slowly and reached for the glass of water on the table and took a small sip. Her eyes seemed to focus in on Kal's face and he was becoming a little unnerved at her blank expression.

"Something wrong?" he asked moving a little closer.

She didn't answer instead she got up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

"Why do I even bother asking anymore?" he sighed and followed behind her. She was leaning against the counter looking at the sink below her. He leaned against the door and just watched her. The last time he came near her she just shoved him away so now he merely stood aside and watched.

"This…" she breathed out slowly, "Is worse than the last time."

"Maybe you should sit down. It might help," he lend his hand out for her but she waved it away.

"No, I'm fine I just…I…I…"

Kal made a disgusted face and turned away and waited until she was done. He heard the water and saw she was washing her mouth out. She turned off the light and kept taking big slow breaths to calm her nerves.

"Okay now?" he asked rubbing her back. She nodded and lay down in bed. He sat beside her and held her hand. "Don't worry just seventy more hours to go."

Diana groaned, "I'm so looking forward to it," she smiled faintly. "What do you think Helena will say about this?"

"I have no idea, hopefully she won't be angry."

"Hopefully not."

Helena had her face glued to the entrance's glass windows all day. Her grandparents told her that her parents were coming home today and she had been waiting at the window for over seven hours now. Lara passed by and she smiled.

"Still waiting?"

"When are they coming back? Is this a trick? Are they really coming back?"

"Yes little one, they are. Your father sent another message an hour ago."

"How far away are they now?" Helena grinned.

Lara peered outside and saw a ship that had just landed. "Why don't you look for yourself." Gesturing to the window.

Helena turned around and saw her father helping her mother down from the ramp of the ship. She floated in the air in excitement. "They're here! They're here!" she flew down the hallway and nearly knocked over some maids and servants. They dropped the objects in their arms and collided with the walls.

"No flyi…ugh, that girl…" Lara shook her head.

"They're here!" she flew into her grandfather and he grabbed her and carried her.

"Let me guess, your parents are here?" he smiled.

She nodded her head vigorously. She jumped out of his hold and flew to Mon's room to alert him of the arrival of her parents as well. Jor shook his head at the vibrant child.

Several servants carried in their luggage and Lara was first to welcome them home. She hugged her son then Diana stepped forward behind him and she kissed her forehead. Taking a step back she saw her face was pale and looked very tired. She touched Diana's cheek with her hand.

"You do not look well, Diana. Was the flight alright?"

She nodded. Kal had a big grin on his face and Lara heard something else in the room. Something strange and yet familiar, like she had heard it before. It was someone's heartbeat but it was beating far too fast for anyone in the room. Her eyes focused to the only place where she thought it could be from…

A wide grin appeared on Lara's eyes and her eyes widened. "You're…"

"Mother, we want it to be a surprise."

She raised an eyebrow, "That is not going to go well in this house, Kal-El."

"Mother! Father! You're back!" Helena flew into her father first and he hugged her as he jolted back a little from the impact. She put her small arms around his neck and squeezed tightly. "I missed you, you were gone far too long."

"I missed you too." He set his daughter down and he smiled, "Did you get taller?"

She shrugged and went over to her mother and hugged her legs tightly. Diana patted the child's head. "Mother, why do you have to leave so much and you were gone way too long!"

Diana smiled and knelt down so she was eye to eye with her daughter. "Don't worry I will be staying here for a very long while."

Helena's showed her pearly whites, "Really? You're staying here?"

She nodded and was embraced by her eight year old daughter. She stroked her head, which was covered in an almost midnight auburn colored hair. Helena let go and Diana stood up slowly. As the others were getting the luggage off their ship they walked down the hallway and Helena grabbed her mother's hand.

Helena's eyes glanced upward at her mother. Something was different about her, but she couldn't put her eye on it. Scanning her body totally, Diana felt she had eyes on her and she peered down to see a very muddled Helena.

"Something the matter, dear?"

"Hmm, mother, I don't mean to offend you but you have gotten…fat."

Kal couldn't help himself he started laughing and Diana looked behind her and saw he was laughing and Lara had her hand over her mouth. Kal saw the glare and immediately cleared his throat. Although as she soon as she faced forward he started to snicker again.

Helena sat in the sitting area with everyone around her. She had a set of wide eyes and everyone looked at her to respond.

Diana was the most nervous and she rubbed her daughter's back. "Helena?"

She snapped out of the daze and looked at all the eyes on her. This was not what she was expecting. Usually when her mother returned she brought gifts and other interesting artifacts, but no she brought a, "baby?" Helena finally was able to release the words that were on her mind for the last five minutes. Five long minutes.

Diana nodded, "Yes a baby brother or sister. What do you think about that?"

"I think…" Helena began and everyone waited for the response. "I'm going to my room." She hopped off the sofa and walked slowly to her room a few floors up.

Kal looked to Diana and she folded her arms. "She is upset." She said.

Lara patted Diana's leg, "It is normal, so I have heard. Perhaps it is best you leave her alone until she is ready to talk."

Diana sighed and Kal kissed her shoulder reassuring her everything would be alright.

Two days later Helena still hadn't spoken to her parents and it was beginning to frustrate Diana to no end. It was also making her very fragile and snippy at everyone around her. Finally she decided to go to Helena's room. It was just an hour before bed time for her and she knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" Helena called out.

"Your mother," Diana answered in a calm and cool collected voice. There was no response and Diana sighed. "May I come in?"

A few silent moments later Helena answered, "Come in."

Diana slowly came in and saw Helena was reading a book in her dimly lit room. Sliding the door closed behind her she stood next to her bed. Helena noticed her mother staring and she glanced up from her book.

"May I sit?" Diana asked politely.

The auburn-headed child nodded. She went back to reading and Diana looked around the room. It seemed to be undamaged she was last here; thankfully at least one room was intact. She was still reading the book and Diana got more comfortable on the bed.

"Helena I need to talk with you, could you set that aside for a moment?"

Helena looked at her mother but brought the book up higher and continued to read. A hand came on the book and pushed it down onto her lap and Diana folded it closed. She sighed and put the book aside.

"Thank you." Diana lamented and Helena fiddled with her blankets as Diana thought of what to say.

"So…why are you in here?" Helena was the first to ask a question.

Diana blinked, "I just wanted to see how you were doing. You have barely come out of your room the past two days."

She shrugged, "Nothing to do."

Diana ran her fingers through her daughter's hair gently and smiled. "I heard what you did with Mon while your father and I were gone."

"Oh great," she folded her arms.

"But I didn't come here to talk about that."

Her green eyes peered at her mother's bright blue eyes. "I know why you're here." She said in a small voice.

Diana played innocent. "Oh do you?" she crossed one leg over the other.

"Because I was upset at the baby news you told me two days ago. Mother, I don't want to be a big sister."

This hurt Diana greatly, but she was trying to be calm. "Why not, Helena?"

"Then I will not be the only one anymore. You and father will pay attention to the baby more than I will."

Is this what she was worried about? Diana smiled at this. I see where this is going. "Helena, you will always be my baby, but if you're a big sister then you get to teach your brother or sister everything that we all taught you. You can teach him or her how to behave, although that seems to be your worst asset right now. Perhaps you can teach the baby archery or even the prayers that we do on Krypton and Themyscira."

"Like you did with Aunt Donna?"

"Yes, just like that," she nodded her head.

"So, that means I can boss my brother or sister around?" she smiled.

"Well," Diana raised an eyebrow, "I don't think 'boss' is the right word. You want to set a good example, not be a bossy sister. Right?"

Helena seemed to think over these words and she slowly nodded her head. "I see. I suppose you're right."

Diana smiled and leaned over to kiss her daughter's temple. "Good girl. I will need a helper, so will you promise me you will behave better? Especially for your grandparents. Grandma Polly told me you were quite a handful on Themyscira."

Helena's face reddened with embarrassment. "I'm sorry I will try to behave better, mother."

"Thank you that is all I ask." She turned to leave until Helena called out again.



"When is the baby coming anyway?"

She smiled and opened the door, "Not for a long while, go to sleep."

Diana walked down the hall and ran into Jor and he smiled. "Everything went alright?"

"Yes, she is alright now. She now is probably making diabolical plans in the near future."

"Rao save us all," he shook his head and walked off to find Kal. Since the news of a new addition to the family he could only think of the letter Princess Xedea sent him all those years ago. The council had refused to release Xedea and her brother, Shufa back to Ammos but after two years of debating, Jor and Lara had won. The two were sent back to Ammos, but Krypton was their sub-leader now. They commanded that there were to be no more Arrakian kingdoms on Ammos or anywhere else in the galaxy. Since there were only the two heirs, he figured they wouldn't dare disobey them. Hippolyta offered to keep Xedea and Shufa. He was the only male on the island, but he didn't seem to mind. Xedea worked with Donna and many other Amazons regarding trade jobs and skills. Shufa was mainly used for teaching delegates as they visited Themyscira.

While his brother, Amayn, was obsessed over the lust for Diana and the overpowering feeling of being King, Shufa was often seen as immature and as a brat. Actually during his spare time which he had a lot of, he spent studying other worlds. He didn't really like Queen Hippolyta considering his mother died at her hands, but he could understand her reasons for doing so. As a child he was never really ogled by his mother and never was really paid attention to. He noticed his mother growing more insane as she got older and especially had this strange hate for Hippolyta and Diana, basically anything that came from Hippolyta she hated. Every now and then he would see Helena on the island and thought that could have been Amayn's child, but that child would have such a miserable life, he reminded himself.

Especially since the child is a girl she would have to be veiled until marriage just as Diana did. Being the woman Shufa saw of Diana today, he knew that she would be fed up with his brother and their culture. Their culture was so different, yet they were neighbors and now semi-forced to live with one another. In truth they could leave whenever they wanted to but somehow Shufa had no reason to leave. He very much enjoyed living on an island full of women and watching his sister become the woman that she would have never became if Arrakus was still standing. Xedea was now twenty three and she has grown into a wonderful young woman. No longer would she ever step back into the dark heavy robes and mesh veils to hide from outsiders. Her pale skin turned into a Sunkist olive with many freckles. Her hair grew to her hips and she let it flow free, not caring. When Diana came to drop off Helena she always gave a small nod or a smile, but the two never really talked, knowing it would bring up unwanted memories from all those years ago.

Jor found Kal outside enjoying the fresh air. "Kal-El, do you have a minute?"

Kal turned, "Of course. What is it?" he looked at all the people and all the children. Smiling he thought of what his parents had done all those years ago. Well, really it was more of his mother than anybody. She had such a bad temper sometimes, but she seemed to have softened over the years. His father handed him a letter and it looked rather old.

"What's this?"

"Read it," he waited and Kal opened the letter and began reading. Several minutes later he folding the letter back up and handed it back to his father.

"I won't live as a puppet in a destiny of some crazy oracle."

"You don't have a care of what it says at all? Not even the accuracy of the first half about Helena?"

Kal shook his head with a smile, "Besides I already know that the prophecy is wrong." He turned and walked out and Jor stood dumbfounded.

"Wrong?" he contemplated. What does that mean, he thought.

Five months later

Diana had decided to take Helena outside the palace and go into the shopping centers to pick out clothes for her new school year. Usually she had one of her maids do this, but she decided she'd go out herself. Guards followed from a distance, which she didn't mind, but it could be annoying sometimes. So she requested they watched from a distance. Other Kryptonians hadn't seen Diana in quite some time and smiled as they passed her and Helena.

Helena ran forth and saw a new tablet. "Mother, look a new tablet."

"I see that, but we're not here for that. You've outgrown your clothing so we are looking for clothes not tablets."

"Ugh," Helena sighed and grabbed hold of her mother's hand. She then saw a black dress with leggings. "Can I get this?"


Helena frowned and picked out a white one that looked exactly like the one before. "What about this one?"

"No." Diana shook her head as she kept looking at the clothes.

"Why not?"

"Because your school requires a uniform, not 'whatever you want to wear' uniform," she saw Helena pout a bit and smiled. She had really straightened up her mood over the past few months which she was grateful for. "Here, what about this one?" she picked out a charcoal colored suit.

Helena made an unpleasant face. "That does not please me."

"Oh it doesn't now?" Diana raised her eyebrows. "I see." This is difficult, no wonder I make the maids do this. "Okay what about this one?" it was a dark burgundy suit with gold trim.

"I like that one." Helena agreed and put it up to her thin frame. "We can get that one."

"Alright, now…" Diana looked around and saw there weren't many of these uniforms. "We just need ten more of these."

"Ten? Mother why so much?"

"Because you're going to do something and I want to be prepared," she smiled. Helena sighed and folded her arms.

Hours later they were back in the palace and Helena put away her uniforms in her closet. She laid down on the bed and then heard someone coming in. She propped up on her elbows and saw it was her mother. She smiled sitting all the way up.

"I just wanted to put your shoes with your uniform." She smiled bending over to put the shoes in the closet. She walked over and sat down on the bed looking at the impish face her daughter had. "What?"

"Nothing, I'm excited to go to school next week. I will get to tell everyone that I will have a baby brother or sister coming."

Diana nodded her head, "Yes you will."

"When is the baby coming?"

Diana was getting real tired of this question. For the past two months she had been asked this question multiple times even in one day. "Soon, just a month, do you think you can handle that?" because Hera knows I can't handle anymore 'when is the baby coming' questions.

Kal joined in and Helena smiled even more. "Father!" she stood on her bed and he picked her up and sat down on the bed next to Diana. "Can we tell her yet?" Helena whispered to her father and Diana looked curious.

"Tell me what?"

"Nothing," both said to Diana at the same time.

Diana eyed the suspicious Els in front of her. Both had cheesy grins and she wasn't sure what they were up to. Helena crawled onto her mother's lap and Diana looked down at her.

"Please? Can we tell her?" Helena pleaded.

"Tell me what!" her temper rising.

Kal smiled, "Alright, alright. So remember when your mother and sister said they couldn't make it due to council meetings and off world duties?" Donna had taken over the ambassador role until Diana was fit enough to return.

"Yes…" Diana wasn't sure she liked where this was going.

"Well I was able to convince them to come. They will arrive here in two weeks."

Diana had a warm smile on her face. "Go on tell her the other thing," Helena smiled. Oh dear there's more, Diana thought.

Kal eyed his daughter to calm down, "Oh and…"

"You're too slow! The baby is a boy!" Helena clasped her hands together in excitement.

Diana's mouth gaped. "I know you didn't want to know this time, but Helena really wanted to tell you." He smirked.

"You told her didn't you?"

He shook his head, "No I didn't."

Diana looked back at Helena who was barely containing her excitement. "Do you have your x-ray vision, Helena?" she asked carefully.

The girl nodded happily, "Yeah and let me tell you, my brother looks really weird, trust me mother, you don't want to see." She made a repulsed face and Diana couldn't help but laugh.

Thirty minutes later the two parents let Helena get ready for bed and they sauntered down the hall to go back to their own room.

"So, a boy huh?" Diana smiled.

Kal nodded, "Yes, a boy."

"I wonder what we shall name him."

"Please nothing too Greek."

"Oh come on Kal, I like Greek names," she pouted.

I know you're from that culture. "Can we pick a more Kryptonian name?"

Diana sighed loudly, "Alright fine."

As Diana began to list names Kal was barely paying attention to her, only half listening, but she hopefully didn't seem to notice. He thought of the letter his father gave him. Yes, the prophecy is definitely wrong.

"Kal are you listening to me?" he heard Diana's voice and he looked at her concerned face.

"Oh yes, sorry, I was thinking."

"About what?"

"Nothing that will concern you."

"You're being cryptic, that is my job, not yours," she teased.

"So what about Ran?" Kal asked.

"No, I don't like it. Are you sure you don't like Alexander?"

He shook his head at his wife. This is going to be difficult, he said to himself.

Well it has been awesome guys! I hate to see this end, but I can't write this forever sadly lol. I have been asked about a sequel, seriously I don't know about that one. I'll wait and see. I do have another story in mind, but the plot isn't not 2/3 there right now so I probably write for a little while, besides I need to focus on this stupid class.

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