Chapter 7

Amayn sat at the dinner table with his siblings and parents scooting his food around on his plate with his fork. He didn't seem too interested in engaging in any conversation with the rest of his family. Diana was on a fast due to the festival coming up in her homeland, so she skips meals regularly throughout the day. Instead of joining them in their daily dinner she spent most of her time in the small prayer room Amayn made for her a month ago. She insisted that she had a private room to pray for herself and not to be disturbed.

Aline looked at her eldest son with concern. He hadn't touched his food all throughout supper. "Amayn? Is something wrong? Does the food not please you?"

He didn't notice his mother speaking to him until the table became awkward and silent. "Oh…no, mother, the food is fine."

Shufa scoffed, "I don't see how you would know, you have not taken a bite of it all night!" he continued to eat his food not worrying about his older brother.

Princess Xedea looked back as she heard Diana's sandals clacking against the glass tile beyond the table. She narrowed her eyes at the Grecian princess as she came closer to the dining hall. She wore a simple white gown and let her hair flow freely. Covering her arms with her mesh shawl she approached her new family at the table.

"Good evening everyone," Diana smiled and sat in the empty seat next to Amayn. He didn't even look at her.

"I…ah, think I will retire for the evening. Excuse me, mother, father," he bowed briefly and let himself go to his room.

Shufa eyed Diana as she was across from him. He smiled at her, remembering that he called her O faceless one, before the marriage. Suddenly he felt Diana's eyes on him and he quickly kept his eyes on this fabulous meal.

"What is the matter with him?" Diana asked innocently. She watched the prince retreat down the long hallway. He had a slouch in his posture as he walked.

King Cuzar cleared his throat, "I am unsure, Diana. Perhaps you shall speak with him." He did not even look at her, but continued to eat. Everyone at the table ate and didn't look at Diana. She eyed everyone and raised an eyebrow. They were acting so strange.

Queen Aline lightened the mood, "How are your prayers going, Diana?" asking as if it was a sport or something. Diana made a note of this.

"They are quite lovely, as usual. I do not mean to sound discourteous, but there seems to be some tautness in the air. Have I done something to cause this?" her voice sounding stern, but calm. Underlying she knew that she was the cause of every awkward moment in this palace.

Everybody stopped eating and looked at their Queen to answer this question. Diana noticed their expressions and tried to remain composed.

"I do not believe so, Diana. If there is any tension I am sure it is all in your mind. You shall not be worried."

"I see." Diana stood and left the dining hall and retreated back to her room to see Amayn. All others continued eating as if nothing weird just happened. Princess Xedea watched Diana walk swiftly down the halls and could hear her heels click in a loud fiercely manner.

Finally reaching their bedroom all the way across the palace, Diana shut the door and growled. She saw Amayn just coming out of the shower and he kept his distance from her. He looked a bit…scared?

"Your mother is not fond of me," Diana huffed as she sat in a chair close to the window. She heard another sand storm coming. Four nights out of the week there were sand storms and all were advised to stay inside their homes until it passed. She stood to gaze out the window and watched the sand swirling in the air.

Amayn started to walk towards his closet to dress in casual attire.

"Not going out tonight are you?" Diana asked sternly. He didn't respond right away.

"No," he said barely above a whisper. He sounded defeated. Diana looked back at him. His slender frame dressed in a tight black long sleeve shirt and black baggy pants that barely covered his calves. She came closer to him and touched his shoulder. He didn't look at her, but shrugged her hand off.

Amayn moved away from her and flopped down on his floor bed. She looked over at him and wondered what was he thinking? Has she done something to upset everybody in this home? She sat next to him, but not too close. Diana resisted the urge to put her hand on his knee. He quietly played with a piece of string, making it into different shapes intertwined in his fingers.

"Amayn…have I done something wrong?"

He looked at that beautiful olive skinned face. Her eyes filled with honesty and question, but he simply smiled weakly and kept playing with his twine. "No princess, nothing."

"I feel like you are lying. We are married, you need to tell me what is wrong." Her words were truthful and strong. He looked at her again and could see he wasn't going to get any sleep with her staring at him like that.

He sat up and sighed before he began, "Diana, you and I are so different. I thought we would grow to be the same, but we are not. You are so strong and gifted by your gods. I am just a normal guy who happened to be born into royalty. Frankly, Diana, you scare me."

His words did mean something to her as her eyes flashed with surprise. I scare him? Oh Gods, "I scare you? How?"

"If we ever had sex you would probably break me."

"I would be careful. I am not as destructive as you think I am." Suddenly she realized that she said too much.

Amayn's eyes lit up. She didn't ever want him to touch her and now suddenly she said that she would be careful. Does this mean that she wants to make love to him?

Diana mentally kicked herself as those words came out of her mouth. "This does not change anything, though, I am sorry. I am…not ready yet." She said quietly. The gleam in her husband's eyes disappeared and he sighed.

His face turned from sadness to anger. "When will you be ready Diana? When I am dead?"

He stood and threw his hands in the air. Diana touched his hand, "No. I don't…I don't know."

"Of course you don't. Your name should be O clueless one. You say your Gods gifted you wisdom, but I do not see any wisdom that comes from your mouth. You are uncertain of everything, Diana!"

Diana's eyebrows furrowed and she stood and came closer to him. "How dare you?" her fists clenched tightly, turning her knuckles white. "Perhaps if I do not give you what you want you can go to your little hideout and have sex with your whores?"

Amayn folded his arms and turned to look at her with hate. He looked disgusted with her. "Whores? You think I have sex with those whores? What kind of man do you think I am Diana?!" growing angrier he was inches from her face. Their eyes leveled and both were starting to flush.

"I do not know, perhaps we shall ask your ancestors? Do you not recall what they did to my sisters? To my mother?" she turned away with her arms folded beneath her breasts. She huffed to calm her nerves.

He looked clueless and then realized what she was talking about. He rolled his eyes. This woman is ridiculous. My mother was right; she is just like her mother. Beauty is not all what people say it is.

"I am not like those men, Diana. My father is not like them either. If you do not wish to see that then I am glad you are leaving." He walked over to the window, staring at the sand storm.

Just then Diana turned and became very irritated with this man. Who does he think he is?

"If I am such a burden to you, then why don't you divorce me?" Diana asked in a calm voice –still angry.

He didn't look at her, "Because it is for the good of our countries –our planet. You know if I do this, it will look bad on both of our parts. I should divorce you. You do not fulfill your duties as my wife. This is not a traditional way of an Arrakian wife. You do not know how to wash clothing, gods forbid if you cook in the kitchen and you do not have relations with me. Diana, you are an awful wife." He finally looked at her and Diana's eyes were filled with shock. She had never heard him speak his mind. Before they were married he was so different. He was too sweet to her, too nice and too touchy. Now, now she could not even stand him. How would this work? She would make it work, but for tonight…

Her hand met his face and he knocked into the wall. He felt the burning sensation on his cheek, his cheek hot and burning like hot coals. With that she left the bedroom and walked down the hallway, not knowing where to go. She could not just leave the palace; the guards would see her and of course, follow her. She was not in an attire to leave, but at the moment she didn't really care.

Diana found a room across the study and sat in one of the chairs. The room was dark and she could see rain, and sand hitting the windows surrounding her. The sand made it unbearable to see through the glass. Lightening lit the room as she put her knees to her chest. Silently she said a prayer that everything would resolve itself. She sobbed and fell asleep in the chair a half hour later.

Donna woke up in her bed, heavily breathing and saw her curtains blowing from the heavy rain and wind. She got up and closed her window and saw rain water all over the tile. She held her heart, feeling pain and sadness. Diana, she thought. Grabbing a lantern she left her room and walked down the hall. All guards were asleep in their rooms except the guards at her mother's bedroom. They didn't notice her as she slipped by and flew out the back of the palace to go to the temples in the forests.

Arriving at the Athena temple she put her lantern down by her side. The trees swayed with the harsh wind and they were talking. Donna knelt down in front of the large statue of the Greek Goddess and held her palms up to pray.

"Lady Athena, I pray that you watch over my sister. I sense pain in her heart. I fear that she is immensely unhappy. I only wish you grant her your strength to help her through this time in her life." She opened her eyes and saw the large statue just staring out in thin air. She frowned and took the lantern to return to the palace.

Silently she crept back into the palace and closed the door as quietly as she could. Donna backed up slowly and then ran into something. Her eyes went wide and she turned around to see Phillipus standing there in the dark.

"Oh…good evening, General. Lovely weather we are having." Donna smiled nervously knowing that she was caught.

"Aha. What are you doing princess?" the dark skinned Amazon folded her arms unimpressed with the princess's poor excuse.

"Well…ah…I…" she could see that she wasn't going to win this battle. "I'm going back to my room." She marched down the hall back to her bedroom.

Back in her room she could not help but feel Diana's pain. She sensed something was wrong and she couldn't just go over to Arrakus to find out what it was. She lay in bed thinking of her elder sister, wishing her sweet dreams and clear thoughts.

"Goodnight Diana."

The next morning Diana was packing her belongings to stay the week on Themyscira for the festival. Amayn and she did not speak as they passed one another or even looked at each other. She was still upset from last night as was he.

Princess Xedea knocked on Diana's and Amayn's door. "Yes?" Diana called out slightly annoyed, trying to pack as many robes as she could into three bags.

"Diana, my mother and father wish to say goodbye to you before you leave."

Diana turned as she heard the redheaded princess talking. She never came to speak with her. Something was off. "I see. You may tell them that I will not be long."

"Of course," Xedea left and closed the doors. Diana continued to pack her clothing.

Twenty minutes later Diana's bodyguards boarded the ship with her bags and she donned her veil. A blue one, this time. The king and queen waited for her at the front of the palace entrance.

Aline had a smile on her face, "I wish you a safe journey, Diana." she kissed the princess's cheeks. Diana simply nodded.

"Safe travels, princess and I hope you enjoy your festival," King Cuzar kissed Diana's hands. Diana looked back and saw Amayn standing alone by the side wall of the palace. He was twirling a laser saber and then caught her gaze. Both darted their eyes away and she boarded the ship, not looking back.

Private Royal Chambers – 11:32pm eight hours after Diana's departure

Queen Aline gathered around the large holographic screen in front of her, scrolling through the information. She stood quietly observing the pictures and documents from the Amazons hundreds of years ago. Some of the information she was unaware to.

Her husband was on a tablet scrolling through a plan he had devised long ago. He looked up at Aline as she was very into studying the material.

The picture of the third princess came up again. She was tall, thin and had straight hair. Her face contorted into confusion and she groaned. She pulled up the picture and as much information on the girl as she could, but nothing came up. It was like she was nonexistent.

"Darling, who is this? Have you seen her before? It was driving me mad."

The king sighed, "I do not know who she is. She is just in the documents I have gathered up over the years." Going back to his tablet.

Aline kept scrolling to find information and on the screen a ripped piece of cloth with writing on it pulled up. She clicked on it and zoomed in, trying to decipher the poor hand writing.

"I think I may have found something…"

Cuzar looked up and saw her looking a foreign document. "What does it say?"

"I am unsure of half of it. It was written a long time ago. The dialect has changed since then. I am sure it says that the prophecy will be fulfilled with a daughter that is long awaited." She paused, trying to read the rest, but it was unrecognizable. She thought for a moment. "I thought the previous Arrakian king said that Hippolyta's first born was the devine prophecy of Ammos?"

Cuzar rubbed his chin and looked over the document again. He wasn't sure now.

"Perhaps he was misguided," she mumbled, "like they always are…oracles!" she groaned. "So, what? This princess is the prophecy of our planet? How is she the savior of Ammos if none of us has seen her before?"

"I do not know. It is very strange and unexpected indeed."

"Maybe Hippolyta had three daughters and she is keeping the third as a secret."

"That is highly unlikely, my queen." He pulled up another page. The young girl showed up. It was not a photograph, but a very detailed drawing. He zoomed in and the girl had striking features and blue eyes. "She does look like Diana and her sister and of course their mother, but I highly doubt Hippolyta would hide something like this from us."

"Says you. That woman is irrational."

"We will keep this a secret between us. No others shall know about this. This could be dangerous."

Aline nodded her head in agreement.

A month later Diana was packing everything she had in the Arrakian palace. It was decided that she was going on her space travel later today. Donna would meet her in Arrakus so they could travel together. Amayn had not spoken to her since she got back from the festival, but she didn't seem to mind. Although she didn't like leaving loose threads behind. This was a big decision to leave her home planet, but she thought it would do her some good to leave and explore other people's lives.

Later in the afternoon Donna arrived in a ship Amayn sent over to Themyscira and he chose the largest ship with the most luxuries they had for the two princesses. Diana had three men carrying her belongings onto the ship and Donna jumped out so excited.

"Oh good afternoon, Diana! I am so excited to go on this trip with you! I cannot believe mother said yes! Oh Gods, this is…so…exhilarating, but magnificent all at once!"

Diana smiled at her younger sister. She hugged her tightly, "I am thrilled that you are able to join me. First stop is our neighbor planet, Ischa."

An hour later after Diana and Donna got everything situated on the ship, diana stepped out to say goodbye to everybody. She looked around for Amayn, but couldn't find him. Donna was able to turn on the ship easily. She was more into these alien technologies than Diana was. She was always studying foreign technology as she was bored most of the time.

Diana looked around and when she did not find or see Amayn she sighed. She turned to the queen, "Your majesty, can you please tell Amayn of my departure. I cannot seem to find him anywhere."

The queen did not take notice in Diana's concern to see Amayn. Clearly she knew where he was, but did not want to tell her. she simply smiled creepily to Diana and replied, "I will tell him. Safe journey, Diana. oh and to your sister as well."

Diana stood for an awkward moment then boarded the ship with Donna at the controls looking over the manual.

"Can we leave now? I am eager to leave!"

"Oh…yes of course, Donna. You may close the hangar now."

Donna smiled and nodded, "Mala and Euboea are in the back rooms."

Diana nodded and watched the sand swirl around the ship. She sat down and unveiled her face.

This was going to be a long trip.

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