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Chapter 9

The following day Diana showered and donned a white gown with a gold belt and a matching veil with gold trim. She laced her sandals and walked out of her room. She saw that everybody was awake. It was almost seven in the morning. She figured these Kryptonians would be up early, their lives didn't seem too exciting.

She saw Donna was still asleep as she did not see her anywhere. Casually she walked down the hall and heard noises coming from a far room to the right. She followed the noise and saw Kal was sparing with robots his father built no doubt. She looked at his form and style of fighting. It was so predictable. 'I would slaughter him instantly,' she thought. A smile came to her lips as she continued to watch. She figured he was not aware that she was watching.

Slowly he turned around and was not even breaking a sweat. "Good morning, princess."

"G-good morning," she faltered in her words a bit. He typed in a code and closed down the simulation and the robots' life died and he closed the door walking right passed her. "What are you doing today?"

He stopped and turned to face her. Was she going to follow him all day?

"I am not sure. I already did my morning workout."

You call that a workout? Diana inwardly scoffed.

"Perhaps I will go tend to the animals on level 37 and then study."

"What will you study?" she stepped closer to him.

He turned once more and found her closer to him. He stepped back. He didn't like this princess so close to him. She was invading his space. "Science of Krypton and many other planets. Languages, maths." He seemed to shrug it off like some kind of ritual he did every day.

"What kind of languages? Perhaps I could assist you. I can speak seven different languages including dialects." She stepped closer, hopefully trying to get him to break a ritual he usually does.

Kal turned and folded his arms. "Are you going to follow me around all day, princess? I showed you around, why don't you go out into the city and explore? Isn't that what you came here for?" he left to go to a separate room. Diana gaped and followed him, tapping him on the shoulder.

"If I wish to go to the city, you must accompany me, your highness. I am not to be alone."

"Isn't that what your Amazon guards are here for?"

"They are merely my helpers, they are not my guards! Take me to the city." Diana ordered.

Kal's deadpanned expression didn't help the situation. "I do not have to take orders from a spoiled princess like you. Excuse me," he snubbed her and went to his room.

The nerve! Diana went to her sister's room and barged in. she was still sleeping. "I cannot believe him! He is ridiculous! Donna I want to leave right now!"

Donna was half asleep, "Wha? We…we just got here" she yawned and squirmed on the bed to get comfortable again.

"He is very rude! His parents are not like that I do not understand! Get up Donna I am speaking to you!"

Donna groaned, "What did he say to upset you?"

"He called me a spoiled princess," Diana huffed and folded her arms. Her sister began to laugh and fell back on the bed. The bed wasn't that comfortable anyway. "What's so funny?" she was becoming angrier now that her sister was laughing.

"You can be bossy at times, sister." Donna told her elder sister and finally got up to change and bathe.

Diana scoffed, "I am NOT bossy." She stated matter-of-factly.

Leaving her sister's room she saw Kal was standing at the opposite room, across from her and he looked deadpanned as usual. She stormed off and the clacking of her sandals against the floor followed all the way down the hallway until she reached a different floor. Little did she know that Kal could hear everything she had just said.

It's not that he didn't like Diana, but she was a spoiled princess. He was tired of seeing those princesses. Used to getting their way, bossing others around, and she was very, very strange. Her face was always covered. He could always look beneath her veil but he willed himself not to. That would be another thing on her list for her to hate him for.

Later in the day, Diana sat in the jungle room she called it. It was filled with vegetation and animals in cases. She wished they weren't caged like this. She'd much rather have them in the wild, like in her homeland, but she wasn't home. She wanted to go home. She wasn't having much fun here.

Kal-El came around and saw her sitting by herself looking at all the animals. Her heart rate was normal and she was breathing normally. He could finally approach her. He didn't want to upset her again, but his mother heard what had happened. She suggested they go into the city so she could see what Krypton had to offer.

Slowly he came next to her. "Princess," he stated quietly. She whipped her head around to see the tall imposing prince standing next to her. She stood and walked the other way heading back up the stairs.

"Would you like to come to the city with me?" once he asked this Diana stopped and turned to face him with her white veil.

"Are you trying to apologize to me?" she asked folding her arms.

He wasn't apologizing to her. He had nothing to apologize for, "I asked if you wanted to go to the city. I already asked Princess Donna. She agreed to go. She seems eager; it is only fair for me to ask you as well."

Diana wasn't sure if she should accept his offer, but finally relented. She did want to see the rest of Krypton. That was the whole reason she came here for.

Instead of flying or walking Kal took them in a small craft, much like the one Diana rode in when she first went to Arrakus. She did not like these hover crafts. They weren't safe to her. Kal helped her out and they began to walk through the city. Many stared and bowed slightly towards him. Some looked afraid of him and others gave no expression. So all these Kryptonians are like this, not just him. Diana took note of this.

Stopping inside a building was filled with Kryptonian suits and boots. Donna looked around as she did all other clothing stores back on the other planets. She always ended up getting some type of clothing. Diana looked at all the suits. They all looked the same!

Kal came next to Diana, "do you like this one, your highness?"

"They all look alike. How can I like simply one? They are boring."

He groaned inwardly. This woman insulting his culture again. "We all dress alike so we feel equal. Do you wish me to get something for you here?"

Diana spotted a necklace with the same S shaped symbol on Kal's uniform. She noticed this was different from every other uniform. "Why do you have that symbol on your uniform but nobody else does?"

He looked down at his chest. "That is my family crest. Only my family wears this type of uniform."

Diana nodded and then looked at the necklace. She had a lot of jewelry and received interesting jewelry from the princess of Jehas. "I will take this one," she held up the necklace.

He took the piece from her and asked Donna if she wanted anything. She didn't seem to be interested in these clothes as much as the other planets so she kindly refused.

Following Kal down the city streets they stopped inside yet another tall building. Diana didn't know how he could tell them apart, they all looked the damn same. She sighed, but then realized they were about to get food. He led them inside and Donna looked around at all the tables and levels in the building. There were so many food choices, which she had no idea what they were. Diana followed behind Kal quietly, just admiring what was around her. she was tired of getting odd stares and some gave her glares.

"Kal-" she realized she called him by his name. He turned slightly surprised. "I mean, your majesty," she cleared her throat, "These people keep staring at me. I am tired of getting strange glares. Could we eat somewhere else?" she asked in a sweet voice. He seemed to consider this at they were getting looks. He left the building without saying anything retreating back to their hovercraft.

Arriving back at the palace they were on the 56th floor. His parents were in their study on floor 73, he could hear them talking of molecular compounds and nuclear bombs. He gestured the princesses in first. He asked one of the servants to bring all three food as it was late in the afternoon now.

Diana sat across from her sister and Kal sat at the head of the table. Kal knew that he was being watched through that veil of hers but he didn't look at her, not even once.

After dinner Diana sat out in the jungle room looking out at the stars. She had never seen stars so bright, especially the star in the middle of the sky. She had changed into a lavender gown with a robe and a sheer lavender veil to match her ensemble. Kal finished training again and heard Diana talking to herself in her native language staring at the stars. He found her on the balcony.

He approached her slowly and abruptly said, "Why do you wear that over your face?" his body was dim and the stars shown inside the room very brightly. Diana was startled as she didn't hear him come in.

"Excuse me?" she said still a bit stirred.

"That veil. Why do you wear it?" he was naturally curious. This woman may be a spoiled brat, but he didn't know much about her.

"I wear it as it is the law in the Arrakian kingdom. I must only wear it when I meet unfamiliar people. I am allowed to reveal my face at my home and in the Arrakian palace only."

This answer seemed to satisfy him but he didn't understand why she obeyed their rules. Her culture seemed like they wouldn't take orders from others easily, at least not without a fight. He had done some research on these new-found Amazons.


Diana turned to face him as she sat back down on the bench near the balcony. "Why what?" she asked confused.

"Why do you obey the Arrakians? You do not have to wear that if you do not wish to."

Diana sighed, "It is the law. I must abide by their law. I am married to their prince. I am his wife." She didn't like saying it, but it was true.

"So if you are married to him, you must wear this? The Queen of Arrakus does not wear such fabrics over her face."

Diana thought about it and seemed to consider his analogy. This was true she did not and she didn't know why. She didn't have an answer for him. Instead she became a bit defensive. "Why are you asking me these questions?"

Kal shrugged, "I am curious. Your culture is so ancient. You adopted the ways of the Greeks from planet Earth. I have not visited that planet, but it seems utterly dull and not advanced in my opinion. Kryptonian technology is far superior." He held his chin high as he spoke of his planet, his culture, his home.

Diana rolled her eyes. Oh gods, he thinks he is superior to everybody else. "Your culture is too distant from others. You say your technology is superior yet you lack personal communication, animal contact and sterile environment is not a healthy way to live. If you are so superior how can you be so dismal and unanimated?"

Her words began to make his mind tick. Not only did it piss him off, but he kept looking at her as she did to him. Neither was backing down from their words. He turned and left the room and she continued to watch him leave.

Four days passed and there wasn't much conversation except the occasional good morning and good evening and light talk at the table. Lara was very inviting and always had something to talk about. Diana saw he got his looks from his mother. Her big blue eyes and curl that never seemed to stay in her hairline, her wide smile and long nose.

Diana was noticing that most of the Kryptonian race was not only distant in communication but not very loving at all. She hardly saw his parents hug or talk sweetly to one another. On previous planets she noticed that's all she would see or even hear when they didn't know she was around. The Kryptonians were nothing like that. They were not very loving people.

She heard Kal sparring alone in that room with robots and simulation again. She marveled at his technique which was poor compared to her Roman style fighting. She walked in dressed in a black jumpsuit she picked up from Jehas and a black mask, covering her face fully. The veil would only get in her way. The only flesh that was visible was her hands. She walked closer and tapped Kal on the shoulder.

"Excuse me." She said loudly over the robot smashing.

He turned to look at her and could see that the black jumpsuit was hugging all her curves and her face was covered in a black mask. Not even her eyes were visible.

"May I spar with you?" she inquired to the room they were in. Kal eyed her and she walked around him with a hand on her hip. She wrapped bandages around her hands and stood in a fighting stance. He continued to watch her unsure what she was doing and why she was doing it. Suddenly she kicked him in the jaw and he fell to the floor. He rubbed his jaw as shooting pain went through his whole head. He groaned. Nobody was able to hurt him like that before. He was aware that she could fly as he remembered that one night at her wedding. Strange mother she had too. Slowly he stood up and she was still in a fighting stance.

"Fight me, prince of Krypton," she breathed steadily.

"I do not want to hurt you, your highness," he lamented, but rubbed his jaw again. She could pack a kick.

"Fight me!" she threw a punch at his ribcage and then another on his left arm. He didn't really hit women, even if he was sparring with them. He had never sparred with an actual person before, only simulations and robots. His mother would never engage in such a sport and his father was far too busy with his science.

She threw a kick and knocked him off balance hitting the wall causing it to vibrate. Diana smiled beneath her black mask. She ran towards him about to punch him in the jaw again when he caught her hand and pushed her back with his strength. She was fighting to push forward and kneed him in the gut and he let go, falling to his knees.

"Fight. Me. Kryptonian." She said gritting her teeth.

Kal looked at her and felt his eyes sting and become red for a moment. He didn't fight women, but this woman was very persistent and she was annoying him, which she was very good at.

"Very well, if that's what you wish, Princess." He stood in a stance, circling each other slowly waiting for the opponent to make a move.

Diana knew what he was going to before he did it. He started to throw a punch at her but she blocked it and kicked him off his feet causing him to land on his back. He saw Diana fly to the ceiling and come down towards him with full force. His eyes widened and he rolled out of her way. Her fist met the floor and caused a dent in the ground. She looked up to see he was moving slowly to the other side of the room. Diana sped to the other side and pulled his arm behind his back and he groaned. She flipped him over onto his back and she was on top of him with his hands on either side of his head.

He was beginning to get angry at a woman beating him, especially this princess. He read that these Amazons were great fighters and warriors but he didn't think the princess would be one of those people. He head butted her and she got up holding her head and stumbling into a wall.

Once her vision cleared she saw he was coming for her and she flew to the ceiling. Kal went over to the far wall and turned off all simulation and blocked all the windows red sunlight. He commanded something in his native tongue and bright lights came into the room. Diana was blinded for a moment. She let her feet touch the floor once more. She was waiting to see what in Hades he was doing.

He was standing with his legs apart and hands out to the side with his head up, breathing slowly. Oh this is too easy, he is serious? He is leaving himself so vulnerable right now! Diana couldn't miss this chance. She ran towards him about to kick him in his crotch, suddenly he leg was caught by his strong wrist. She felt his grip tightening and she gasped as the pain shot through her leg. He banged her body against the wall and she clumsily slid down it, groaning at her aching ankle.

What did he just do? She looked up to see he was not on the floor he was flying above her. She lifted off the ground and he grabbed her around the waist and squeezed her until she couldn't utter a word. He slammed her on the floor hard! Now he was on top of her and had her strapped to the ground. She groaned as she couldn't get free of his grip.

Kal's eyes began to glow red. "How's the fight now princess?" his eyes becoming redder and Diana looked a bit scared now. She was just trying to show him that he wasn't the only one who could fight, but he had actually become angry now. He was going to kill her! Diana head butted him and he lifted off her and she backed against the wall breathing heavily.

"What is the matter with you?!" Diana yelled at the prince.

He rubbed his head and felt his eyes go back to normal.

"I just wanted to spar with you! You almost killed me!" Diana held her chest and steadied her composure and breathing back to normal, but was still a bit startled.

Kal looked at himself and then at the black figure hugging the wall. He turned off the sun lamps and the room went black and the windows were visible again, allowing sunlight to come into the room. He could see Diana's chest rising and falling, but her heart rate was coming back to normal. He didn't mean to scare her, he had gotten out of hand, but it was normal for his race to kill, but he didn't want to do that to her.

Diana had nothing else left to say and she quickly left the room heading to her chambers where she locked the sliding door and pulled off her mask. Sweat dripping down her face, she started the shower and stripped quickly trying to get into the warm water. She washed herself free of the sweat. She noticed her ankle had red marks all over it and a bruise was forming on her arm and both of her wrists.

She had only sparred with Donna, but that was friendly sparring. That was not friendly at all. He is trained to kill, she realized. That was so sad, as she washed her black ringlets. He does not know love and compassion. He only knows how to think one way. This Krypton is a dictatorship, not alike her home at all.

The next day Diana dressed and when she came out of her room she saw Kal and he didn't look at her. She simply stared at him as he passed her. Well at least he has a conscious, she thought. She suddenly remembered at her wedding when he nearly beat up another man and his mother scolded him in their tongue. His mother seemed so kind and yet he was not, well at least that's what he wants everybody to think. He wants to be like his father –the great scientist.

Diana didn't like to waste time in awkward moments. She liked to forward with everything. She tapped him on the arm as he was in his study. Everything was in Kryptonian so she was unable to read what he was looking up.

"May I talk with you, your highness?"

"Have a seat," he didn't look at her. There was a chair next to his and she sat down slowly trying to read his expression but nothing was there. She thought she'd just come out and say it.

"You almost killed me yesterday," she said firmly but quietly. He didn't look at her still. "Why did you?"

An awkward silence fell between them and he looked at her. "We all don't live on paradise-like islands with magical creatures. Some of us have to work for a living."

"In a world where there is no love and compassion at all? What kind of life is that? I may not have studied this race, your majesty, but I can tell that this planet is corrupt."

He finally looked at her, but with a shocked look this time. He didn't seem angry at her, yet anyway. "You do not live here, princess. Who are you to judge?"

"I judge because I can see the truth and you can't!" Diana was becoming more defensive now. She didn't know why but this man made her angry with anything that he said.

Kal fully faced her now, "I don't need a spoiled princess to tell what I can and cannot see."

"Then you will live and die alone, Kal-El of Krypton. You may marry a woman one day, but you will not love her the same way a woman and made is supposed to once in union."

The Kryptonian prince narrowed his eyes at the Grecian princess. "Don't you live in a loveless marriage, Diana of Themyscira?"

Diana stammered a bit. This man was backfiring at her! "That is totally different!"

"Is it now? How is it different? You are only married to him because your mother and his parents wanted an alliance between the two countries. Don't lie to me princess I've seen those marriages all the time. They are the most loneliest marriages of all." He looked back to his computer and kept scrolling through the pages.

Diana felt a lump in her throat. She was unable to talk. "Fine."

"Fine what? What fine? It's true is it not?" Kal looked back at the veiled woman.

She couldn't deny it. It was the truth, but what else could she say to him. "Why are you so angry at the world?"

He let out a frustrated sigh. "I am not angry at anybody your highness. I am very busy; I don't really want to talk about this right now."

Diana stood to leave and she slide open the door, "When you are ready to talk, let me know." She left him alone in his thoughts.

Kal seemed to think about what Princess Diana was saying to him. Was he really lonely? No that woman is mad; she lives in a life of hypocrisy, going everything she is taught to hate. She is married to a man and obeys his word. She wears that ridiculous fabric to cover her face. He hasn't seen her face yet, but he hasn't steeled himself to look. He thought it rude without asking her permission first. Love and compassion. He knew Kryptonians lacked this. He didn't really know what this meant. He had seen it in movies from planet Earth, but never experienced it or even seen his parents express this emotion. His parents are scientists. They all about math and science. Their life revolves around science. His older cousin, Kara, often came to visit when he was younger and that gave him incentive to come out and play with her, but even then her parents were busy with math and science projects. These emotions stirred inside him. He didn't know what to feel or what to think. He had to keep studying.