A/N: A bunch of random ideas came to me of having Jack and Phil hang out outside of Jack trying to sneak in the workshop. This just introduces when they figured out that they were friends.

Jack had had it! He was tired of the Guardians either ignoring him, or getting mad at him. He hadn't even done anything for them to hate about him. As Jack flew on the North wind, he tried to think of why he was ignored...

I'm on the Naughty List! Yes! That had to be it. The guardians didn't know him personally, but if they based their opinions of him by North's Lists then of course they would see him a bad, or annoying, and just ignore him. How would he get on the Nice List though... if they don't pay attention to him, how will they know he's been good?

As a sudden thought came to mind, Jack let loose a smirk and hurriedly headed towards the North Pole. If he couldn't get the Guardians to change his name on the lists, he would do it for them. If they saw it, and realized it was wrong, they would come scold him, and he could get a chance to explain... if they just accepted that he was acting good, they would stop ignoring him. Either way, he would get their attention long enough for him to speak his mind.

Getting into the workshop was almost painfully easy. Normally when he tried, Jack ended up running into Phil, the head yeti, who would then always throw him out. He enjoyed playing around with the big guy, but today... he had a mission!

Turning a corner, Jack flew into a room he was pretty sure was North's study. That seemed like the most logical place that he would keep the lists. Looking around, Jack nodded in satisfaction. He felt it. He was in the right room. Flying to a nearby shelf, Jack found two large scroll parchments. Wow, these look older then I am...Do they just grow as more children come, or are the names replaced when they die? He didn't ponder the question long though. Instead, he put the two lists side by side on the large desk, and got out a ink bottle. Really? With all this technology around him, and magic everywhere, he still uses this old fashioned quill and ink? He thought, letting a small laugh escape him.

It took a while for him to find his name, but with all the names on the list, he wasn't surprised. He was worried that he would get caught if this took too long, though. He then searched through the Nice List to see where he had to put his name, to make it look realistic. He can't going having a 'J' name in the middle of the 'B's. After locating the proper place, he opened the bottle, and quickly covered his name in the Naughty List. Now for the hard part. Jack needed to copy North's penmen ship closely if he wanted to do this right. Keeping his hands steady, Jack lowered it down till is was almost touching. He was so focused on his work that he hadn't noticed the growing noise outside... but when there was a loud 'THUD" against the wall, shaking the room a bit, Jack jumped. His elbow bumped the ink bottle that had been set up, and the quill dropped from his hands. He stepped back in surprise, bumping into the shelf. He must have knocked an extra ink bottle over, because he found the black liquid falling across his shoulder. He instinctively put his hand there, winching in pain where the glass had hit.

Jack looked back at the desk, and to his horror, saw both lists partially covered in ink. He reached down and grabbed one, forgetting his hand was blackened with the ink as well. He only succeeded in adding more damage to the list. He quickly set it down and began to panic.

There, in his hands, were the two most important items that the Guardian of Christmas needed for his holiday. These simple pieces of paper were now falling apart as they soaked in the black ink. It seeped through the layers of folded paper, and continued to the bottom, staining the desk underneath. Jack tried to wipe it away with his clean hand, but it only ended up tearing one along the side. His eyes scanned it, trying to find a way to stop the ink. Putting the list down, he stared at his hands, both now covered in the vile substance that messed everything up. Jack felt like he just murdered Christmas by destroying the lists, their black blood covered his fingers. He tried to quickly wipe it off, to get rid of the sticky liquid that covered him, but it only spread it more, getting onto his shirt, as well as dripping onto his pants. He felt sick looking at it. No wonder the Guardians hated Jack. He made a mess where ever he went, and this was one that he couldn't clean up. Before Jack could think of a solution, the door to North's study opened. His eyes widened in fear at North coming in and seeing Jack with this mess in his hands.

Phil opened the study door, and entered. He hoped nothing had been too damaged in here after that reindeer had been thrown into the walls. When Phil saw the winter spirit standing in the room, his eyes widened, first in surprised then in anger as he realized he had let this boy slip through his paws. Taking another look at the boy, though, Phil saw that he was distressed. The yeti's eyes glanced at the desk and saw the Naughty and Nice List's state, and his eyes shot back to Jack, widening as he realized what had happened..

"I- I'm sorry... I didn't... I-I didn't mean-" Jack's words became incoherent, but Phil wasn't thinking about the Winter Spirit. He was thinking of North's reaction when he saw the Lists. North had recently had a new toy idea, but it's testing was not going well. It had recently resulted in the scaring of his reindeer, who had burst into the workshop, causing large amount of damage, and setting them back quite aways. To make matter worse, some of the elves had gotten a hold of cookies and were running rampant through the halls going crazy, making a mess of the already chaotic building. If North were to come in here now, it might be the very act that snapped his patience for the day. Looking at Jack, Phil could never put him in the line of sight of North's rage. He walked over to the boy and placed his paws on his small frame, bringing him into a gentle hug to calm him down. Jack was trying to apologize, and to explain what happened, but the yeti didn't need it. Phil knew Jack would never try to ruin Christmas, or any other holiday for that matter..

Phil looked at the winter spirit that clung to him, mumbling words that he couldn't really hear. The yeti was glad he could provide some comfort to the boy when ever he tried to sneak in here. He always enjoyed chasing the miscreant out, and knew that Jack loved the game as well, but now... Phil just held him, trying to calm him down. Why did Jack have to come today, of all days? Phil let loose a sigh. He was already ready for the challenges that the Winter Spirit brought, but to have him be here today... and with the lists in the state they're in now?

Phil's mind went back to the two lists that were ruined. It wasn't as if they couldn't fix them, it would just take a bit of time away from the workshop to make sure every child's name was written down. Right now, though... every second was needed at the pole to help repair the new damage that-

"..I don't want to be alone anymore..."

Phil was brought out of his thoughts by Jack's mumbling. He felt the boy shiver from lack of warmth. but he knew it wasn't the winter's cool wind that was chilling him... It was the lack of friends and family. Of an inner warmth, that brought a hope and wonder that all children should have... even if they are immortal. He held him closer, trying to fill a hole that was much to large for him to do it alone.

They stayed in that same position for a few minuets, but both winter beings stiffened as they heard the door open. Phil quickly pushed Jack behind him and turned to face the door.

North strode in, his eyes going straight to just the yeti he was looking for. "Phil, where have you been?" I am needing you- What is on your fur?" He questions, gesturing to a black splotch on Phil's stomach.

There, contrasting brilliantly against his light gray fur, was ink that had transferred from Jack to the yeti. He hadn't even noticed, but his thoughts had been more focused on Jack... At the question, Phil's eyes drifted to North's desk, where the torn and soaked lists sat.

North followed his gaze, and let out a small gasp of anguish. He quickly ran to his desk, and tried to gently examine the ruined parchment. When the Nice List almost fell apart in his hands, he quickly put it down, so as not to ruin it more. North scanned them, to see the extent of the damage, and his eyes grew in fury. He angrily turned towards Phil. "What is this?! More than half of each list is covered! None of those names can be read!" His voice boomed, echoing throughout the halls of the pole, and steadily getting louder. Phil could almost hear North's last string of patience being severed. "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LISTS?!"

As North yelled, Phil could feel the small body behind him tremble at the fierce anger of the Guardian of Wonder. Thank the Man in the Moon he had hid the boy. Phil knew that once this got under control, North would later apologize to Phil for shouting at him. They had a long relationship that wouldn't be broken by a few harsh words in times of rage. Jack, on the other hand, was barely known to North, and would be hurt deeply by each word that North would have said to him. He would carry the burden of destroying the lists while North would have to live knowing that he had hurt the young boy with his thoughtless, hate filled words.

Phil spoke some yetish and gave an explanation of what happened. The Lists had been left out, and when the reindeer got loose, and started rampaging, it caused an ink bottle to smash on top of them. When Phil tried to stop it, and clean the two of them, the parchments only got worse. It was an accident.

"Phil! I can't handle this now! I have reindeer to gather, and crazy elves to stop. The whole workshop is mess, and now I have more to fix?!" North let out a large breath, and he calmed himself a bit. Although North was still furious, he seemed to accept that nothing could be done now. He wasn't going to let it end there, though."Well then," North said, his voice holding a dangerous tone to it. "You will fix them. Making sure every child is on lists... Both lists." With that, North turned and left, slamming the door behind him.

Phil winched at that last comment. Checking and collecting the names for one list was going to be hard enough, but both? He signed, and turned to look at Jack. The boy was still shaken from seeing North like that, but the shock would leave him. Jack was also looking up at Phil with such thanks in his eyes that Phil felt his heart melt. It was ironic how warm the Winter Spirit could make him feel.

"I'm really sorry, Phil... I would offer to help remake them... but I'd probably mess those up too..." He mumbled the last part, but Phil still heard it. It hurt the yeti to see the fun loving boy with such a lack of confidence about him...

Phil turned quickly and started heading out the door. He turned his head back to Jack, motioning for him to stay there, as well as speaking the command in yetish, but Phil didn't know if the boy understood their language yet. Walking out into the hall, he hurried down to another room to grab something that might help the boy feel better.

Jack waited for his furry friend to come back. It was then that he realized that Phil was a friend. Albeit a strange one that was often very rude to him and never let him look around, and would also sometimes have very little patience for him, but a friend. Phil had taken the blame for himself for the lists, and Jack didn't think it would be that easy to repair them. He'd have to study and look up a lot of names to replace the ones that had been ruined... Jack tried to think of something he could do to make it up to him, but nothing came to mind.

The door suddenly opened, and Jack quickly looked up, expecting Phil. What he saw instead was one of the hyper-active elves. Jack could tell something was up with this guy the moment he saw him. Eyes bulging, and a creepy smile that sent a weird shiver down Jack's spine. Suddenly he smiled, although it wasn't as cheerful or fun as his normal ones. I know how to help Phil! Jack raced out the door, and quickly flew through the halls, keeping high in the rafters, though, to avoid any other yetis or North. I just have to finish before Phil gets back.

When Phil re-entered the room, he round Jack staring out the window. He let out a grunt, to tell Jack that he was back. When Jack turned, Phil was glad to see him a bit happier then when he left him. Walking closer to the boy, Phil held out his hands. A small blue hoodie was offered to Jack. Jack took it hesitantly, and tried it on. It fit quite nice, and seemed to add a special 'something' to the image of 'Jack Frost'. Phil smiled when he saw Jack admiring his new jacket. The yeti knew that the boy didn't need it to keep out winter's chill, but he did need it to keep him warm. This was a gift from a friend, and that would always remind Jack that he wasn't really alone. Loneliness was the only force that seemed to freeze the winter spirit, but Phil would always be ready to help out... as long as it wasn't too close to Christmas.

After Jack had left, Phil returned to helping clean up the workshop. It was surprisingly easy. The hyper elves seemed to have disappeared, so they had no distractions as the yetis worked. Phil passed by a door-way and saw frost covering the nob. He forced it open, and dozens of elves stooped out, their energy now depleted. Phil saw a note sitting on the ground. Upon reading it, he smiled.


I can't tell you how much you saved me today. I'm sorry if I ruined your friendship with North, or got you demoted from head yeti or anything. Since I'm not sure how to help with you with the lists, I thought I could help with the workshop troubles. (I STILL couldn't seem to get into the actual workshop area, even with all the chaos going on.) I'm also not sure if I grabbed all the crazy elves, since I could really only fly through the hall ways.

You are a great friend.

Thank you

-Jack Frost

A/N: This will be a one-shot series with stories of Jack and Phil's adventures together. Some may happen before the movie, some may happen after. I'll specify at the start of each chapter. If you have any cool random Jack and Phil moments, please tell. An idea can pop up from no where.