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"Phil, did I do something wrong?"

Jack asked his friend, hoping to get an answer this time. These past few weeks have been weird at the North Pole. Jack found himself trying to stay away more often then not. Normally, he loved being there, hanging out with the guardians that were there. Most of the time, at least two or three of them were. If not, North was always there to talk to, and he was great company... except recently.

It wasn't just North, either. All of the Guardians were acting different, more quiet... even Sandy. And he was always quiet!

It frustrated Jack to no end and when ever he would try to talk about it with the other guardians, they would shy away from him, or give him a sad look.

Talking to them desperately didn't do much either. Anytime that Jack tried to ask, both North and Tooth would brush it aside and change the subject. Sandy didn't help much either... but Jack had noticed that the little man had been talking more with Phil. The yeti would never say what they talk about, but Jack didn't push much, knowing how much Phil kept from the other Guardians about the Winter Spirit.

Bunny? He was at the Pole less then Jack himself was. When he was though, he would just be walking the halls, not really watching where he was going, but pacing the floors. He would sometimes go talk with North and Tooth if they were all there... locking themselves in North's study... Jack was never allowed in those meetings... but they did only have them when Jack wasn't at the pole. The only reason he knew they happened at all was because he often comes back to the Workshop with the three still talking to each other.

There was one time, though... no matter how hard Jack asked Phil or Bunny about it, neither would share anything. Jack had heard shouting and followed the noise. He had stopped in surprise when he heard that it was Phil and Bunny fighting. He couldn't hear the exact words, but it was a very heated argument, obviously about something important to the both of them. It ended before Jack could hear any of it... and he couldn't figure out what it might have been about.

Now... as the weeks continued on, Jack was tired of it.

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked again to Phil.

The yeti stared at Jack, a bit confused with the question and where it came from. When Jack's eyes shifted to the star on the ground where each guardian were represented, the place where the moon stone laid underneath the floor, Phil realized that he was talking about the Guardians' behavior...

He was disappointed that Jack's first thought with the whole situation was that the boy had done something wrong... but it was an expected reaction. It still hadn't been to long since he was basically by himself. Ever since he had become a guardian, though, the others had wanted to make sure he felt welcome... even if they still had bitter memories to think about.

Jack had been shown great hospitality by North and the others... but now they knew the truth about Easter, and they couldn't stand it. They hated knowing the true extent of how they hurt Jack, and what he had been through because of them. Each of them were just trying to figure it out for themselves... but it resulted in a worried and confused Jack... who had no idea of what the other Guardians were going through.

Phil placed a comforting paw on the boy's shoulders. He assured Jack that he had done nothing wrong. When Jack still pushed for answers as to why the guardians were acting so strange, Phil hesitated. Jack didn't know that the others had seen his memories of Easter... should he tell him?


Jack had been left in the dark about this whole thing, and he was at the very heart of it. He deserved to know.

Phil led the boy to a more secluded part of the pole, where they would less likely get interrupted. When they entered an empty room, the yeti began to explain everything: How the Guardians had seen his memories, how they had told Phil and Sandy what had happened afterwards... and how they were upset with themselves for everything that happened at Easter. They were trying to figure out how to make it right. They just needed a bit of time.

Jack sat and listened, a bit shocked at what his friend was saying. It made sense though... why the Guardians were acting the way they were. He didn't want them seeing his memories. Only Phil was supposed to... it had been hard enough showing him, and he's known Phil a lot longer.

When Phil finished talking, Jack was silent, taking the time to process it all.

Phil gave a quiet growl to Jack, re-asking the question Bunny had asked before.

Why had he come back?

The winter spirit looked at Phil, and after only a slight hesitation, stood up. "Can you come back here tomorrow? Same time?" Jack asked.

The yeti nodded, giving Jack an understanding smile. He was still a bit uncomfortable talking about the whole event, and it seemed he needed a bit of time to himself to think about it. Phil would gladly give him all the time he needed.

Jack gave a smile of his own and left the room, heading off somewhere he could be by himself.

As Phil watched him leave, his thoughts went to the other Guardians. Would Jack tell them as well?


The day seemed to move like lighting. One moment, it was there... the next? It was gone.

Jack flew through the halls, not in his normally cheerful mood... but he felt good. Thinking on it, he realized that he wanted to tell Phil about this all. It was hard to carry it all by himself, and he knew he could trust his friend.

The weight in his pocket made him smile a bit as he thought about his memories. He hadn't told Phil much about it. Maybe just the basics, like his family and his sister. Okay, no, scratch that... He'd told the yeti all about his sister. When ever he would remember another story about her, he would rush over to the pole and tell Phil. There were special moments that he kept to himself, but most others he shared.

Actually... thinking about it now, Jack realized he hadn't told Phil about their ice skating experience, and him saving her. Normally he just told the yeti funny or cute stories that were brought up because of something Jamie or Sophie did when he hung out with them.

The thought brought a sad smile to his face. It was a great memory... but it was still hard.

Jack reached the room where Phil had brought him yesterday, and opened the door, ready to tell Phil the rest of the story.

The moment he entered the room though, he wanted to leave, or rather, he wanted someone else to leave.

"What is Bunny doing here?" Jack's eyes narrowed and his voice became darker.

The other guardian looked like he was going to answer, but Phil took a step forwards and blocked his path, growling out to Jack that he thought it would be good to tell the Guardians. All of them. It just might be easier doing it one at a time.

Jack opened his mouth to reply, but Bunny spoke up instead.

"Look, Frostbite' I can leave if ya' want. It's yer choice. I just wan'na say somethin'..." He paused for a moment and looked away, almost like he was trying to think of the words. His ears were pressed flat against his head, and he was almost as tense as Jack was.

"...Yer' strong, Jack." He said quietly.

Jack loosened a bit, and lost some of his initial anger and hostility when he heard the use of his actual name. Bunny's tone also seemed to draw Jack in.

"I... I had one kid... One kid walk through me...a-and it hurt like hell." Bunny closed his eyes, a pained expression crossing his face as the memory came back.

"An' all those things I said to ya'... 'bout being alone, and just a troubl'maker... knowin' nothin' 'bout children..."

Jack watched as Bunny seemed to struggle with his words. He knew what the pooka was trying to say, and he saw how hard it was for him... Deciding that he'd be nice for a change, Jack interrupted the Pooka.

"Come on, Cottontail. I know what you're trying to do. You don't need to sacrifice your bunny-pride for me." He made a small smirk, not entirely sure if he wanted to do this... but he had decided so...

Bunny looked at Jack and released a sigh, giving a small smirk as well.

Phil watched the two of them and let out a deep breathe he'd been holding. Out of all the guardians, Bunny was the one he was most worried about, and how Jack and he would bond... Phil could tell that once they got to know each other, they could be good friends... but it was getting to that point, and moving on from their past encounters. That was what had worried the yeti.

Jack turned behind him and shut the door. He then took one last look at the other two. Final doubts were running through his head... This memory was the one where he almost really betrayed the Guardians... He almost took up Pitch's offer... He had been so close...

His hand touched the golden canister, and he gave a small shake of his head, trying to get rid of the doubts. He felt a huge weight lift from him when Phil saw his first memories... and the yeti had told him that the Guardians were sorry. They just wanted the truth now.

He opened his eyes, not even realizing he had shut them, and met with Phil's own eyes. His friend gave an encouraging nod. One that gently helped push him to show, yet at the same time told him it was okay if he didn't.

Jack then looked at Bunny.

For a moment, Jack remembered the green eyes piercing him... the look of betrayal that they held... the words that had been spoken.

We NEVER should have trusted you!

Yet, what he saw now wiped that away.


Bunny trusted him, at least with this. He believed in him and it didn't matter what Jack chose, to show the memories or not. Bunny would have understood.

Seeing that in his eyes... Jack, in that moment, touched the golden case, and revealed his memories.


Jack tore through the skies, the winds and snow beating against him. Normally, he'd be able to calm them down... but not right now.. not after what he just went through.

He landed on a high cliff and ran to the edge, bringing out the golden canister from his jacket pocket. His hand was drawn back as he got ready to throw it... to get rid of the vile thing that started all of his problems!

Bunny almost cried out for Jack to stop. After all the kid went through to get them, he was just going to throw them away?! He'd been attacked by Pitch, kicked out of the Guardians, and blamed for the lose of millions of childrens' belief... now he couldn't even bare to look at his own memories...

Phil saw what Bunny had been about to do, and placed a comforting paw on his shoulder. This was the whole reason they came to Jack, to watch theses moments, and see how Jack prevailed. He was strong. He fought past this all...

Just as Jack was about to, though... he stopped.

He couldn't do it...

This was the one thing with his answers... he couldn't just throw it away.

He brought his hand down and looked at the case with a pained expression.

Phil could see that longing look in his eyes. He could see the small hope behind them... yet fear at the same time. What could lay inside them?

"I thought this might happen."

Both Bunny and Phil let out animalistic growls. Why did he keep showing up? Why did he keep torturing Jack like this? They were in the middle of nowhere, yet still, he was here?!

Jack stiffened as he heard a voice call out. Out of all the people he wanted to talk to... this guy wasn't even on the list...

He tightened his grip on his staff, and just tried to ignore him.

"They never really believed in you... I was just trying to show you that."

Phil looked towards Bunny and saw how those words just hurt him. The yeti had always believed in Jack, and what he could do. But what about Bunny? How was this making the other Guardian feel? To know he had helped bring Jack to this point...

Pitch paused for a moment there, then said "But I understand."

Jack spun around, bringing up staff and sending off a blast of wild ice shards. "You don't understand anything!" He yelled, starting to run towards the man. He leapt into the air, and shot at Pitch from behind.

Black sand countered the attack, and more came right after. "No?!" Pitch yelled.

"I don't understand what it's like to be cast out?!" Another stream nightmare sand was thrown towards Jack.

Bunny flinched, knowing he played a big part in making Jack's years go by in solitude and loneliness.

Phil's mind jumped to those first times that Jack tried to get into the pole... how Phil just threw him out without a second glance. He knew those times were dead and gone, but he still remembered them.

The winter spirit jumped up into the air, and sent another wild burst at Pitch, yelling out in frustration.

When he landed, ice and snow filled the air, making it almost impossible to see.

Pitch's words still rang out to Jack, though.

Just as he had while watching Jack's memories before, Phil wanted to cry out and support Jack... tell him not to listen! But he couldn't. It would do nothing... for these times had already past.

"To not be believed in?!" The sound came from behind Jack, so he quickly turned.

Another blow came to Bunny as Pitch kept pointing out all the things he had before. The Guardian's eyes shot to their Jack, amazed that the boy could have forgiven him so soon, if only enough to show him these.

The snow in the air settled down, and Jack was able to see Pitch. He raised his staff, ready for another attack.

Pitch, instead, just spoke again. "To long for a... a family?"

Those last words caught Jack off guard, and he lowered his weapon slightly. This was a new side to Pitch that he had never seen...

Phil grabbed his Jack's shoulder, and pulled him close. He gave an almost silent growl telling Jack that he would always have him. He would be his family.

Jack gave a small nod, and Phil could tell the boy smiled slightly. "I know..." The words were barely whispered, but Phil heard them anyways. That he could say it with such surety... Phil knew that he truly meant it, and he would never take it for granted.

Bunny didn't look at the other two, but he heard them just fine. Hearing the yeti comforted the pooka, knowing that at least someone had been there for Jack. Hearing Jack's reply, though... that inside, the boy knew it. It was just another sign of how deep their bond was.

Him and the other guardians were no where close to that relationship with Jack... but he hoped, with time, they could reach the point where Jack could consider them his family.

"All those years in the shadows, I thought... no one else knows what this feels like..." Pitch looked up at Jack, meeting his eyes. "But now I see I was wrong."

The winter spirit looked away, towards the ground... thinking.

"We don't have to be alone, Jack. I believe in you... and I know children will too."

Jack looked up at those words. "In me?" He hardly dared to believe it. That was the one thing he wanted so dearly... belief. And here he was... being offered it.

Phil watched as memory Jack's eyes filled with hope. The yeti knew how much he cared for children, and how much he wanted them to see him... Phil saw it every time Jack came to the pole. How his eyes would light up when the yeti could spend some time with him, so he wouldn't have to wonder the world alone.

And ever better... he wouldn't have to be walked through anymore. That was what hurt the most... and Phil could tell he really wanted to say yes.

Pitch let out a small laugh. "Yes." He placed a hand on Jack's shoulders. "Look at what we can do?" He gestured to a tower of black nightmare sand and ice, twisted together.

Phil looked up at the creation, his eyes growing wide as he took it in for the first time. It was a strange yet hauntingly beautiful thing. Phil's mind jumped to sirens, out in the ocean. They create such beautiful sounds and songs to draw in sailors, only to betray them and kill them.

That's all this tower was. A trick. A front. There was nothing behind it but hurt and pain for Jack. He could not trust it... yet by Jack's eyes... he was starting to.

Bunny had to step back in amazement. The tower was an incredible display of both their powers. If Jack had joined with Pitch, the Guardians would have had no chance... yet Jack had said no, even after being shot down by them. He couldn't believe this kid. Not only were his powers strong... but so was his heart.

The Guardian looked over at Jack, and saw that he was staring right back. It seemed this was it. This was the moment that had Jack most worried. It was when he had almost said yes. Bunny saw it in his past self's eyes. He could still see it in the memory's eyes. It was this moment when he had come closest to betraying them... But thinking back on it now, Bunny couldn't think of it like that. They had already betrayed him...

"What goes together than cold and dark? We can make them believe. We'll give them a world where everything... everything is..."

"Pitch black?" Jack cut in, narrowing his eyes as he realized what Pitch was saying.

And the illusion was shattered. Phil smiled at Jack, glad to see him starting to pull away from Pitch's grasp.

The Nightmare King hesitated a moment, "...and Jack Frost, too." He pointed out. "They'll believe in both of us."

"No, they'llfearboth of us, and that's not what I want."

No... Fear would not go well with Jack. Phil could see a special light in Jack. He knew North would call it his center, the very essence of 'Fun'. It was a part of Jack and it definitely couldn't be there if fear was. He knew it, and so did Jack.

Bunny, meanwhile, thought back to the winter of 68'. That was the one time he had seen Jack, and it almost scared him how violent the weather had been. The winters for hundreds of years had been calmer. It wasn't until he got to know the winter spirit that it was because of him.

Before, Bunny had hated winter, and couldn't wait for it to be over... now, he could.. tolerate it. It wasn't so bad...

And it was all thanks to Jack, and the fun he brought with him.

Jack turned and started walking away from Pitch. "Now for the last time, leave me alone!"

The Nightmare king's eyes hardened. "Very well.." He said softly. "You want to be left alone? Done! But first..."

A chirp was heard, and Jack instantly turned around, knowing exactly what it was.

"Baby Tooth!" He cried out in despair. He took a couple steps back towards her, but Pitch tightened his grip on the little fairy causing him to stop.

"The staff, Jack!" Pitch yelled. "You have a bad habit of interfering. Now, hand it over...and I'll let her go."

The winter spirit looked at the weapon in his hands, and saw the ice crawling across it. This was the only way he could use his powers strongly... but... Baby Tooth. He was the one who got her into this mess.. he would be the one to get her out.

Phil's eyes grew wide as he saw Jack out to hand over his most precious possession. That was what let him talk to the winds. Sure, they would still be around him without the staff... but he wouldn't be able to fly... to trying connect with them. He would lose his first friend.

All for the sake of one fairy.

Phil could see it in him. Jack didn't want to see others suffer. He would rather take their place, putting all the hurt on him to save the innocent from paying... especially for his own mistakes. The yeti knew that Jack took the blame for getting Baby Tooth into this situation... and though Jack always got himself and others into trouble, he always got everyone out

He flipped the staff around, offering it to Pitch. Once the familiar wooden staff was gone from his hands... he felt a certain void, but it didn't matter. What mattered was Baby Tooth.

Bunny watched as the icy glow left the wood. He had never seen Jack without his staff. Looking at the boy now? It was different... it was wrong. While Bunny didn't have an item like that, one that he had such a special connection with, he felt like maybe it was like his little egglettes. They weren't part of him really... but his power went into each one, and every one of them held a special place in his heart. It he had to give up that connection, not even the eggs themselves.. but just the connection he had with them...

Bunny shook his head, not even sure if that was even close to how Jack felt. Deep inside, he knew it wasn't quite the same relationship between him and his eggs, and Jack and his staff... but it was similar enough for Bunny to understand how hard this moment was for Jack.

"Alright, now let her go." Jack said, opening his hand to take the little fairy.

Pitch seemed to think for a moment, then gave a small shake of his head. "... No. You said you wanted to be alone.. Sobe alone!"He yelled the last bit, but let out a yelp as Baby Tooth stabbed him.

He growled at the fairy, and threw her against a cliff side.

"Hey!" Bunny yelled out at Pitch, his eyes burning with anger at the man's actions.

Jack yelled out as she fell into a trench, then turned back towards Pitch, glaring.

The Nightmare King took that moment to bring Jack's staff up and break it, snapping it in two even as Jack cried out in a panic.

The instant it broke, Jack gripped his crest. An intense pain flared up within him.

The memory itself seemed to shutter and shake when the staff broke. Both Bunny and Phil got a sick feeling in them, and when Phil looked towards Jack he was tightly closing his eyes, clutching his staff tightly, never wanting to let go.

The next moment, though, he was thrown into the air by a tendril of black sand.

His head banged against the cliff side, and he fell. When he hit the ground, he was only barely conscious.

Phil looked worriedly at Jack, wondering how much that had hurt, or if it had any lasting effects. Sure, they were immortal, but that didn't mean they couldn't get sick or ill, or get concussions.

His staff clattered on the ground next to him as Pitch threw the useless weapon away.

Jack tried to sit up, and that's when he saw something small, yet colorful in the whiteness that surrounded him. He quickly crawled over to the little fairy. "Baby Tooth!"

He gently picked her up, and placed her hand over her, only to quickly remove it when she sneezed from the cold.

He sighed. "Sorry... all I can do is keep you cold." He leaned against the wall of the trench, and closed his eyes. "Pitch was right... I make a mess of everything." He bowed his head as he finally gave up his last bit of hope.

Bunny gripped his chest as a pain hit him. It wasn't true pain... but merely the memory of a scar. That feeling he first had when the child had walked through him, and he felt like nothing could save him. Bunny... for a moment, had lost hope... and now Jack was going through that same thing. After all he's gone through, this was it. He didn't want to go on anymore.

Bunny glanced at his Jack, the feeling to know why he had come back was growing stronger and stronger.

Baby Tooth watched Jack, then went inside his pocket.

A few minuets passed, and Jack just lay there. He stirred slightly when a small voice called out to him.


He pushed it out of his mind, but it called again.


That is when he opened his eyes and saw the golden glow coming from his jacket.

"Ahh!" He jumped in surprise, and pulled out the memory canister that had been hidden.

Baby Tooth looked up at Jack, and placed a hand on the golden case, nodding.

Bunny sighed in frustration at himself. Now, after the whole thing with Easter, Jack had felt like he had to get permission to open his own memories... They were his,he should be able to watch them anytime he wanted...

Jack looked at Baby Tooth, and swallowed deeply. He brought his fingers up and traced the patterns that were on the case. A light shown on it, and it opened.

It was a few moments of complete silence, broken only by Baby Tooth's small shifting as she waited for Jack.

The three of them stood waiting... To Bunny, it felt uncomfortable, just having a silence around them. He tried to get rid of it. "Seems like we can' see a memory inside anothe' one..."

Phil gave a small nod, and looked at Jack. The boy was looking at his memory self, smiling. He noticed the yeti staring at him, and turned to face him.

"Jack..?" Bunny said hesitantly, knowing that this was a bit personal. "Wha' did ya see?"

Jack looked at the two of them, debating on whether or not he should tell them what happened... Then again, that was the whole reason they were watching this, to find out why he came back to the Guardians. He had been watching Bunny's face as the memory played. Jack's fears were gone. The guardians, or at least one of them, weren't mad or disappointed or anything.

He sighed, and Phil placed a paw on his shoulders, growling out a small encouragement.

Jack gave a smile to him, and took a deep breath.

"I saw a bunch of my memories at once, but the most important one I saw was with my sister." He closed his eyes, almost seeing it all over again.

"We had just left the house, heading to the lake to go ice skating. She'd been begging me for days, but I had wanted to wait, to make sure the ice was thick enough for both of us."

Bunny's ears twitched. He didn't like how Jack had said that. it gave Bunny a feeling he knew where this story was headed... and he didn't like it.

"When we got to the lake, she was already on the ice, trying to get her balance. I got to spend some time, teaching her how to stay up and move forwards.

Jack paused and swallowed hard, opening his eyes to meet the other two.

"Well, after a bit of lessons, my sister tried to skate on her own... but then the ice cracked."

Bunny hated when he was right. He saw Phil tense up, and knew he had thought the same thing. Obviously, Jack and his sister both ended up okay, otherwise the kid wouldn't have been smiling about it, but still...

Jack didn't seem to notice the two's reactions and continued telling his story. "I got so worried, but I knew I needed to remain calm, otherwise she'd get scared too. The first thing that came to mind was to play a game."

Jack let out a small laugh and a smile as he heard his sister's voice in his head.

"We're going to have some fun instead."

"No we're not!" She protested.

"Would I trick you?" Jack laughed.

"Yes! you always play tricks!" She replied, worry still filling her voice.

Okay... not the best words to use. "Well... well not this time. I promise... You just have to believe in me."

Jack came out of his thoughts. he looked at the other two, and continued on with his tale.

"I got to a more solid part of the ice.. and was able to grab a hooked staff nearby." He waved his own staff slightly, signaling that it was the same tool he used back then.

"It was her turn then... I counted to three.

1... she took a shaky step forwards.

2... she got a little further, feeling a bit more confident in her steps.

and 3...I was able to reach out and grab her with my staff, bringing her to thicker ice."

"Because I threw her to safety, I ended up on the thin ice. The last thing I remembered was the water surrounding me... a chill entering my body... but then the moon came... and I wasn't afraid anymore."

Jack had finished the tale with a smile on his face, and Phil couldn't help the proud feeling that swelled up inside him. To know that Jack had done that... It was incredible.

Bunny felt the same way. It was like Jack was made to be a guardian, even before he became immortal. Yup. The Man in the Moon definitely knew what he was doing when he called Jack.

"Anyways, I woke up at the lake, found out I had ice powers, no memory... and.. no belief." Jack looked away as he he finished the tale.

Maybe Phil was going to say something, maybe Bunny was, but no one got the chance to as a bright light shone and brought them back to the memory of Jack at the arctic.

When he came out of his memories, he was gasping and panting. He looked excitedly at the small fairy on his lap. "Did you see that?!" He exclaimed.

She gave a small shake of her head.

He didn't seem to notice it, though. He couldn't stop thinking about what he had just seen. "Did you see? I had a family, I had a sister! I saved her!" The last bit was almost shouted out in happiness.

Phil looked at how happy Jack was at that moment. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. The winter spirit had always been holding onto confusion and doubt... he had always thought he was alone, while all along he had had a family that he had saved.

Now, all of the worries Jack had been holding onto before just seemed to melt away.

Bunny chuckled at the happiness the boy was showing. The only time he had seen Jack anywhere near that truly happy was when he had found out he had memories in the first place. Seeing them? It seemed to top anything the kid had gone through.

Jack suddenly turned to the moon as realization hit him. "That's why you chose me..." Then he said the one thing that everyone, including himself, had been denying this whole time. "I'm a Guardian."

Those three words pierced Bunny... It hurt, but at the same time, it couldn't have felt better. Even after all the kid's been through, he was still able to find himself, and become who the Man in the Moon had seen him to be.

Bunny also looked towards the sky, and silently thanked the Moon for this chance. The chance to understand everything. The chance to have Jack open up to him, and trust him a bit.

The memory faded as Jack flew off to into the sky. That was it. That had answered their questions, and they both felt... indescribable feelings towards Jack and what he had gone through to realize his full potential.

Jack fell to the ground suddenly, causing Phil to cry out with worry and surprise.

"Jack!?" Bunny was by his side only an instant after Phil was.

The winter spirit let out a laugh as they both looked down at him in worry. "Sorry! Sorry... I just.." He released a content sigh and sat up again. "Feel so... free. I didn't know how much holding that all in was weighing me down."

"Wha', so you just collapse now that it's all done?!" Bunny couldn't even begin to see how that made sense.

Phil nodded in agreement, still feeling really confused. He noticed Jack rubbing his head and began checking him over.

"Ugh, Phil, I'm fine, and Bunny, I didn't just.. collapse... I just... forgot that there wasn't snow on the ground." He mumbled the last part, and looked away as his embarrassment grew.

Phil snorted, as Bunny tried to find his words again.

"Snow? When was there eva' snow in here, ya' wonkr'?"

Jack just gave him a look. "Uh, hello? We were just in the arctic. There was snow everywhere... It just sort of slipped my mind that that wasn't real..." He let out another chuckle at himself.

Phil growled out that it still didn't explain why Jack would just fall to the ground, even if there was snow.

"Oh, come on. Haven't you ever just let it go and fall onto the soft ground, happy that something is finally over?" He looked over at Bunny, knowing that the Pooka had to have done it once. "Like, after a really hard Easter, Haven't you ever just felt so relieved after it's all over and you just fall into your flower beds?"

Bunny nodded as he thought back to when he had done something similar. "I guess that makes sense..."

Phil cut in saying that next time Jack got such a feeling, make sure there actually was something soft to catch him, whether it be snow, flowerbeds, or what ever.

The three of them laughed.

It filled the room, and it was pure. There was no lingering fear or doubt, no regret.

That was the first time Jack felt completely a part of the family, with Phil and Bunny by his side.

He took a deep breath, and felt the winds swirl around him in joy. They wanted to celebrate too, and Jack suddenly yearned to go outside, and just fly. Fly as fast as he could, without a care, because right now? He didn't have any.

He lifted himself up and did a few circles around Bunny and Phil before heading towards the window.

A growl from Phil stopped him, asking him if he was seriously going out right now.

"Yeah! I feel like I could fly to the moon right now." He smiled, looking out at the one who had first called him.

Bunny and Phil looked at each other. "Really, mate? Becaus' that whole thing left me an' the yeti exhausted."

Phil decided to ignore Bunny's lack of saying his actual name, and just nodded in agreement.

He noticed the instant Jack's eyes lit up. He sense a challenge coming on.

"Oh? Cottontail, you tired?"

Bunny immediately caught the winter spirit's tone.

"Phil, you too? Bet you guys couldn't even beat me down the ice tunnels." He smirked as he saw his friends look at each other. Both of them gaining that same mischievous look in their eyes that Jack had.

"Oh, not on yer' nelly', Jack."

Phil growled out a similar answer, and suddenly ran out the door with a bark of laughter.

Neither Jack, nor Bunny was expecting this, especially Jack.

"PHIL!?" He laugh out as he followed the yeti down the halls.

Bunny was right behind him, saying something about cheating, Jack wasn't really paying attention. All he knew was that this was going to be fun!


"Ya' sure ya' wan' me ta' get them now?" Bunny asked one last time to Jack.

"Yes! For the last time, yes. Will you just go already?" Jack said, laughing as he shoo'ed the pooka away. He was sure.

Phil was right by his side, not quite as worried about this whole this as Bunny was... or maybe the yeti was worried, he was just doing a better job at hiding it.

He looked down and Jack, and couldn't believe all that he had gone through these past months. It had been rough, yet seeing him now... it was definitely worth it all.

It had only been yesterday when Jack had allowed Bunny and Phil to see the final memory of Easter. It seemed like so long ago, though.

Today, Jack had said he was ready to tell the others. Bunny didn't seem to think he meant it, and kept trying to talk him out of it. He didn't want to leave the other guardians in the dark, no... Bunny just didn't want Jack to feel like he needed to right then. If he wasn't ready, Bunny didn't want to push him.

What the Pooka didn't get was that Jack was ready.

He had gotten through it once already. The next time, Phil knew it would be much easier for the kid. Jack had said it himself, now that he had Bunny and Phil by his side, he wasn't so worried about how the other guardians would react.

In the insane probability that they ended up hating Jack after learning the truth of how he almost joined Pitch... well, he'd have a yeti and a Pooka to protect him.

Phil wasn't worried in the least. Okay... scratch that. He was slightly worried how the other guardians would feel. They already felt bad about Easter, would knowing this make them just feel worse? Bunny went through the worst probably, seeing as how he treated Jack before, but he ended up alright.

Even if they did, Jack would make sure they got over it fast enough. He was good at that, keeping people happy, and relaxed, able to see the fun and laughs in any situation.

Phil looked to the door and watched as the other guardians came in.

Jack took one last look at Phil, and gave him a smile. "I just want to say thanks... for everything. I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there for me." He hugged the yeti, and smiled as he got one in return.

Phil squeezed him gently, saying that he was just as grateful for Jack being there for him.

Jack nodded, and turned to go towards where all the guardians were sitting. Bunny waved him over, saying that they were ready.

Phil watched him go, and thought back to when he first really met the boy. When he first saw who Jack was. Since that moment, his life had never been the same. But... those times afterwards, each day with Jack, and his games, his pranks, and laughs. Everything about the boy that made life fun... Those were, and always would be, Phil's favorite moments.

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