A Different Legend

Book 1: Shadow

Chapter One: Stepping into the Light

An intense heat lingered in the air, one so palpable that it seemed to burn his flesh. It seared away at his skin, causing his blue eyes to open to a canvas of a burning inferno.

"Wow…" the voice muttered as he watched the form of a nine-tailed fox destroy everything in its range of vision, tongues of flame raging forth from the tips of its tail. It was truly a morbid sight to behold: shinobi lay beaten, women lay broken, buildings lay destroyed. It would have caused any fourteen-year old boy to vomit; all those dead bodies. They just laid there in the pools of their own blood.

"Unreal…" a strand of awe was interlaced in the blonde's voice as he saw the flames of destruction engulf the landscape around him.

The hulking figure of the fox seemed to stop for a moment, its white fangs gleaming wildly as it turned to the pale-looking youth, bloodlust raging within its eyes.

The boy just stared back, still in awe. This seemed to amuse the beast before him as it let out a maniacal laugh, the flames around it flaring up in its joy.

"Feel that boy?" Its voice boomed as it edged closer to the form of the young lad, its powerful breath knocking the boy off his feet as he landed on his butt. "The overwhelming feeling of despair?" It smiled as the boy stepped away in what seemed like fear, actual fear. "What does it make you wanna do? Knowing one day that I'll rise up and take everything away from you?"

It stared long and hard at the young blonde, waiting for the response that it had been waiting for oh so long to hear.

The young man was silent for a second, his body shivering as he tried to remain calm. Suddenly, however, he chuckled, his body relaxing.

"Hehe…" He smiled, the awe and fear disappearing to be replaced by amusement. "You lost your touch Kurama." The blonde stood up to dust himself off.

This caused the fox to frown. He could never get a genuine reaction out of the boy these days.

"Really, nothing?" The young blonde burst out laughing, wiping away a tear from his eyes, further aggravating the age-old being.

"What'd you expect me to do?" He cracked his neck, adopting a bored expression. "Piss myself?"

"Actually, no…" It growled as it lay its head down in defeat, the landscape disappearing as it stared at the boy from behind a cage, drumming its claws. "But I'm still hoping…" it trailed off as it sighed in frustration, looking off in the distance.

"That I'll act like an actual teenager with dreams and apply myself?" The blonde quirked his head inquisitively. That wasn't going to happen, not at all.

This caused the fox rest its head on its paws, staring at the boy with narrowed eyes, growling.

"What?" Naruto blinked as the fox continued staring him down. "You just gonna eye rape-me all day…?" An uncomfortable silence reigned for what seemed like hours.

The fox edged its head close to the bar, opening its giant maw.

"You astound me…" the blonde quirked his head at the creature, raising an eyebrow. "You're so tired of life already. You have no dreams, no yearning to succeed…"

"Your point?" The boy scratched his head nonchalantly.

"My point is that I've tried every day to arouse you out of your mundane life. You could do so much with your little human-life span. Do things no man could ever dream of… Yet you sit at home all day watching freaking romantic comedies on that image conjuring box of yours!"

"You mean a television?"

"Honestly!" It growled, disregarding the boy's snide remark. "At the age of three you already could read and write. At the age of five you could already use chakra! Then at the age of nine… you mastered the art of sealing." It shook its head, almost pulling on its hair. "In three months!"

Its eyes were bloodshot.

"THREE! FUCKING! MONTHS!" It snarled as it looked down at the blonde with unrestrained fury. "Then, because you hate dealing with people… you somehow… somehow defying all logic, snuck into the Hokage's office to steal a scroll on the shadow clone technique, thinking it would be useful to distract people since you saw other ninja in the village use it."

It clawed at the cage.

"Then you perverted it! You used the seals to implant a fake persona of yourself into a shadow clone, pumped enough chakra into duration seals so it could last multiple punches, and sent it into the village so you didn't have to deal with anybody!"

Its tails flailed wildly as the entire mindscape shook from its rage.


It roared one final time, sending a shockwave that blasted into the boy, blowing him back as it smashed him into a wall.

Strangely though, the boy just stood up and dusted himself off as he stared into Kyuubi's eyes.

"You done?"

The fox's chest was heaving after its little tirade, its eyes staring angrily at the blonde before him.

However, despite the fox's raging state the blonde boy crossed his arms as he stared back.

"I'll wait…"

The giant behemoth snarled and banged at the cage, wanting to rip apart the boy's flesh. It seemed to do this for hours on end, yet the boy stared back at him, unfazed.

"…" It plopped down on the ground, exhausted from its outburst. Deciding it was calm, the boy walked forth.

"You okay, Kurama? Anger isn't good for your blood pressure." The fox got up, looking at the blonde with annoyance.

"Brat, demons don't have blood, or organs, or freaking anything internal. We're beings of chakra…"

"I know that."

"Then why'd you talk about blood pressure?"

"Because you love correcting me!" He smiled, causing the fox frown.

"Oh you know me soooo well Naruto!" It mocked.

"Well of course…" The blonde wagged his finger playfully. "We've been talking to each other since I was five. I would have to be some stupid idiot from an anime not to know anything about you right now."

The fox snorted.

"What…?" It looked at the blonde, sighing once again.

"I'm just tired of you sitting on your ass all day. It's boring…"

It was the blonde's turn to sigh. "We've had this conversation way too many times, Kurama."

"Well of course! You should get to know some people, act with people your own age! Not talk to an age-old demon while reading old magazines!" It started lecturing."Plus you could start training more…" It looked away, muttering under its breath. "…and you could stop masturbating…"

"I don't masturbate…" The fox remained unconvinced.

"I've seen you drool over older woman while looking through that creepy telescope of yours." It had crossed its arms while shaking its head disapprovingly.

"So?" The boy shrugged.

"You have several dirty magazines under your couch…"

"So?" Naruto's eyes momentarily widened. It was so quick that a normal person wouldn't have noticed. However, the fox wasn't exactly normal, or a person, so it resorted to the undeniable proof.

"I'VE SEEN THE STAINS ON YOUR BED!" It bellowed as its voice echoed throughout the mindscape.


The two just stared at one another, neither side giving in.

"What stains?" Naruto said, quirking his head.

"…" It stared at the boy long and hard. If looks could kill, the boy would be a pile of mush on the floor.

"…" Naruto pulled out a watch, from where god only knows, and looked at it.

"…" Kurama's eye twitched as the boy started whistling nonchalantly.

"…" Once he got bored with his watch, Naruto found the ceiling particularly interesting.

"Nevermind. Just please, get out of your room…"

The boy sighed, watch vanishing as he pinched his nose.

"You're not gonna give up, are you…?" It had been doing this after the first year of his absence from society, and it was getting more and more persistent after each time the blonde said no.

"This is the day you're assigned to a squad. If you don't go, I'll make you…" It pounded its fists of righteousness on the floor.

"Oh, and what could you do?" The blonde asked wryly.

A pause lingered before a slow grin etched onto the beast's face. "You don't want to go down that road kid…" It chuckled darkly.

"Try me!" The blonde chuckled, tapping his foot. "What could you do?"

It rested its head against it palm, grinning like a madman. "I can conjure up images, right?"

"Yeah… s-" Naruto's eyes widened, face sinking into gloom. "No..." His voice was a whisper.

"Yes…" The fox whispered back.

"NO!" Naruto flailed his arms, fearing for his life.

"Yes!" The fox flailed its arms in a mocking way.

"YOU WOULDN'T!" He pointed accusingly at the creature.

"I would!" It pointed at itself.

He stared at the fox, his eyes the size of saucers.

"You're not thinking of…" Images of naked, greasy men suddenly appeared in his mind, causing his stomach to churn.

It shivered. "I'm afraid so."

"That's just wrong." The blonde started making gagging sounds.

"You've forced my hand Naruto." The fox shook its head in shame.

"BUT WHY!" Naruto was balling his fists in agony.

"Because I'm like one of those old masters from a kung-fu movie. I guide you to greatness!" It paused for a second. "Except I'm not wrinkly like a prune." It grinned. "I'm even more awesome!"

The blond was on his knees in defeat. He couldn't believe it, after all these years, Kurama had won. "Fine…"

The fox's jaw hit the ground.

Wait, the boy had said yes. He actually agreed! The stubborn brat had finally willingly conceded to him! Never in the beast's entire life had it felt such heart-warming joy, the feeling of having all its work finally paying off.

It had not just completed the quest. It had not just saved the beautiful princess from the castle. It had not even just conquered the five elemental nations and revived Uchiha Madara so it could rip off his head.

No, it had done something much greater…

It had gotten Uzumaki Naruto out of his room. God was good today.

"Now go to your school…" It said as it feigned indifference, barely able to restrain its brimming excitement

The boy sighed before phasing out.

(Outside the mindscape)

Naruto sighed as he awoke, stretching.

"Damn fox…" He got out of bed as he went to the closet, opening it up.

And out appeared the clone version of himself, standing still like a statue, a stupid smile on its face.

"GAH!" Naruto jumped back. "What the hell…?" the clone was always so creepy, especially with those lifelike eyes staring into his soul.

"…this is gonna be weird." … He had kept the clone going for five years, pumping chakra into it every day and night so it would continue going… it was amazing really. He had made the perfect fake personage, it had lived his life like it were actually him… well, a different version of him. It was outgoing, energetic, and extroverted; the complete opposite of himself.

He had made it because he was tired of going out into the village, receiving those stares of pity and anger…

It made him feel so lonely, but he guessed he would just have to endure for now.

Anything was better than the torture of gay porn.

He sighed as he touched its forehead, an intricate seal array glowing along the boy's frame.

"Bye me. I'm gonna miss you…" The clone "poofed" out of existence as a flood of memories flooded Naruto's cranium.

Five years of experiences had just been downloaded into his mind.

He fell on the floor, eyes shut in agony. "Fuck!" He clutched his head, his brain wanting to burst as five years of life flashed before his eyes.

"…" He stared down into the floor, eyes softening at the mockery from his peers, the constant whispers behind his back, the outright derision to his face.

"Damn it…" The boy cursed again. "Damn it, Kurama…" He growled as he got changed, noticing how the fox chose not to respond to him. "Jerk…" The boy opened the door.

The light was blinding.

He didn't mean to be cliche or anything but:

"AHHHH! MY EYES!" Naruto hissed as he shielded his vision with his arm.

To be continued….

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