Author's note: So, I deleted Eternity Lost because I wanted to hold back the super epic ideas from creeping over into this story... but then I realized they would only work in a story like this, thus my initial fear of this arc becoming TOO epic is coming into fruition.

Why? Well, because people found the Buddhism and Hinduism mythos kinda odd, and I guess I can see that, so to bring it on home I'm going to explain things like the sage's backstory and such through shinto mythos... and things are going to be stretched, namely because shinto mythos is SOOOO weird and grand in scale (BUT SO FUCKING AWESOME!). However, despite the weirdness, it fits the Naruto universe. I mean, Itachi has the blade of Totsuo, and Orochimaru has the blade of Kusanagi... so it isn't TOO farfetched to say the events creating those weapons occurred.

That being said, it turned my plans upside down, inside out, while gutting them like a fish. However, things are much more tightly written. Hopefully, you enjoy them!

Also, sorry about all fifteen of those chapter, especially to those who stayed with me. I was struggling where I wanted to take this story, so it resulted in a very uneven quality of writing, especially since I was growing as a writer (still am). So hopefully, this is much better.

Need to know bits:

Chapter 14:

"So, you're not going to tell me what the hell happened here?" The old being began.


"Would you at least let me look through your memory palace?"

"You know the answer to that."

"I don't know why."

Book 2: Storm

Chapter 1: Awakening

All this time I've been angry. I was angry at my life, angry at my parents, and angry at myself. I don't know why, but it was so easy. I always had a tendency to drown myself in pessimism and hate. Part of it was because I born that way. Part of it was because I struggled with my identity.

Am I human?

Am I destined to save, or to destroy?

I don't know, but it doesn't matter. All I can do is be thankful because I know one thing. Everything in my life: the glares, the loneliness, the feeling of abandonment created this insatiable desire that refuses to be quenched. It is only through nearly drowning in the oily sea of treachery that I was able to ignite the blazing inferno of my will.

After all, the figures cherished in history as the conquerors, the leaders, the legends were not born, but forged through trials and tribulations. It was always my dream to be greater, to be stronger than all those before me. Part of me believes I can do it, part of me knows I can do it, but I can't dwell in the past. I can't wallow in my misery.

I can't be who I was; I can't let my anger overshadow my passion. All I can do is dedicate my life to rising above and beyond, to looking forward unto the rays of dawn.

I am Naruto Uzumaki, and I am unbreakable.

(Inside the seal)

The blonde, eyes full of mirth, gazed back at the humongous fox before him.

"So, you knew this entire time?" Naruto chuckled, arms crossed.

"Of course!" The fox stood on its haunches, hands on its hips. "What do you think I am? Comedic relief?"

"Well, yeah." Naruto shrugged.

"Guh!" Kurama clenched its chest in feigned pain. "That hurt. That hurt bad."

Naruto looked away with a snort. "I'm surprised you're not used to it."

Kurama let out a soft laugh. "So, what's the plan?"

"Well," the youth tapped his chin. "From what I understand, Yugito's client's name is Sokatoma Setsuna. I mean, she could have been lying, but the coincidence is just too glaring. That mean's there's a certain connection that requires investigation."

The bijuu narrowed its eyes. "What are you going to do?"

"Well, I'm going to have a clone investigate the forest for her client, then I'm going to interrogate her after she wakes up. But first, I need to investigate my mind." The orange-clad youth was pacing, like a lion in it's den.

Kurama's eyes widened. "Wait . . . you don't mean-"

He was cut off when Naruto abruptly raised his arm. "Yes. Now be quiet, I need to concentrate."

The fox quirked its head in fascination. "Why?"

"Because..." The blonde stopped, staring at the fox with grim eyes. "I've just witnessed the impossible."

Like a candle, the entire room was lit with a brilliant white light. It started off dim, but grew, intensifying like the sun before fading like a dead star. Nothing was there. He had vanished like the wind.

Kurama snorted, "He always loved to show off."

The place that he always feared, the sanctum of his experiences, his memories both happy and dreadful—his memory palace. It was a place that combined Naruto's synesthesia, spacial reasoning, and impeccable visualization. Every moment, every second in his life had been downloaded, re-imagined, and recorded into his cranium. Whatever he wished to recognize or call upon was his for the choosing.

However, in his case, his memory palace was also a reflection of his state of mind. Whenever he visited, he was always deliberate in his destination in order to avoid past's horrors. Yet, now everything was different. Everything had been shifted and altered.

His memory palace used to be a dark, winding labyrinth half-submerged in murky waters. Now it was a thunderous, expansive city vaster than the eye could comprehend.

As he surveyed his surroundings, he paused. Everything was derived from his favorite types of movies, books, and video games. It was like he was in an ancient realm of fantasy, filled with dragons, demons, and lore so stunning that it boggled the mind.

The sky, instead of a clear blue, was deep purple, coupled with colossal white clouds that crackled with orange lightning. It was ghastly, yet wondrous. He would have stared for an eternity if he wasn't so enamored with his surroundings. At the moment he was in a dirt road, lined with short and aged stoned buildings enshrouded in leaves and moss.

However, the foliage wasn't green, but blue and transparent, flowing with a mineral-like liquid.

"Ocean water..." he whispered as his hands rubbed the foliage. "How interesting..." Letting out a breath, he admired the plant, allowing a small smile cross his face before a booming breath assaulted his ears and shook the land. Then, before his eyes, the earth caved before his feet. Leaning against the building, he watched as it broke away, giving wake to a crimson eye that spanned the width of Konoha itself, radiating with so much power that its stare made his bones feel weak and frail.

"Run, you cursed child..." It's voice was withered yet piercing. "... Fear, and remember. Remember that when I rise up again, I will devour the heavens and seas."

Naruto would have spat back in defiance, but for once in his life, his heart clenched and his legs quaked. His body was not his own, as if he were of two minds, one screaming murder as he looked into the beast's eye.

"I don't wanna die..." he whispered in trepidation. "I don't wanna die..." Why was he so afraid?

"You may defeat me now, seal my body into the moon, but when I return. I will devour you."

Suddenly, Naruto's body went numb with a burning power. Every limb, digit, cell ceased to be his own as his lips moved with a morose glee.

"That may be true..." A burning crimson chakra encompassed his body as a blade of white flames erupted from his fingers. "But only time will tell!" He stabbed the blade right into the cornea, flinching as a blood curdling scream pierced his ears before the burning orb dissolved in a burst of light.

Then the heavenly brilliance burned brighter, engulfing him in its warmth as he shielded his eyes in protection. Yet as soon as it appeared, it vanished, and his eyes creaked open. Slowly, he became aware of the sight of leaves, purple and blue; smells, strong and ancient; and sensations, soft and wet. He was in a forest, like the one of the island, sitting in a field of yellow, thornless roses.

Rubbing his head, he croaked out, "The hell?" He got up, dusted himself off, and surveyed his surroundings. "Yeah, like the forest. Except for these roses...but..." He grabbed his head, mind pondering the events that past. "What was that eye? That sword?" He clicked his tongue. "Why did my body move on its own? And more so, where am I?" Sighing, he started to walk, his mind still racing. "Obviously, since I was in my memory palace, they were memories. But from where? When, specifically?" He stopped as the trees slowly vanished, sky peering into sight. Like the area before, the clouds were purple and crackling with orange lightning.

"And what the hell is up with all this weird imagery?"

He continued walking forward into the field of roses, stopping as the yellow flowers began to wilt and die. In front of him laid a tombstone, surrounded by a circle of black death.

His eyes widened, and his breath caught in his throat. "No..." He whispered. "No..." His face morphed into once of confusion and despair, before shifting into one of fury. "REALLY!" He shouted into the thundering sky. "Do I just want to suffer?"

His voice had returned to a whisper as he began laughing, tears running down his face. "To think that my mind led me here..." He let out another chuckle as he shook his head. "How sick."

His eyes settled on the name printed on the tombstone—Yuna. He didn't know why it was there, no wait, he did. "I finally need to let you go..." he whispered. "If not for you, for me." His chest ached at the thought, however. For he thought he had come to terms with her death. He had thought the conversation with the sage had created an epiphany that erased his past, but it didn't. He still refused to let go.

He was just too damn stubborn.

"But I wish I didn't have to do this now." He sat down as he rubbed his temples. "This couldn't be worse timing. I needed to find out how I killed you... not admit my feelings..." Then, as if the cruel hand of fate, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"What feelings?" A soft melodious voice reached his ears.

He stiffened, blue eyes meeting brown. "Yuna?"

"Yes?" She was crouched down, stroking his cheek with tender care. He swatted it back, edging away into the dead plants behind him.

"Really?" he spoke sarcastically. "You're here." He laughed hysterically, "I must REALLY love being miserable."

She stepped forward as the entire field began to deaden, disintegrating into black ash. "You don't love being miserable."

The blonde shot up, snarling as his heart quickened, lightning streaking the sky. "Yes, I do!" he screamed as violent winds roared. However, despite the outburst she stepped forward, arms open.

"Naruto-kun, you don-"

"I do!" He roared, voice splitting the air. "I deserve it..." The woman stopped as she tapped her chin in thought.

"Why?" She spoke. "I thought you made a commitment to move forward."

"I'm fucking fourteen, I don't know what I want. All I know is that I don't deserve anything in my life. All I know is that my mind made you because it wants some further resolution." He continued laughing as his nails dug into his palms.

She stopped and sighed. "I do think you want happiness, but you're just not ready to face it."

Naruto was still chuckling as he paced like a lion, breath heaving. "Yeah, yeah. You always knew everything, right?"

"I only know as much as you know." She shrugged.

"Because you're a figment of my imagination."

"Or so you would believe..."

Naruto froze as he stared at her, eyes narrowed. "I guess you want me to explain my feelings." He shrugged as the winds calmed.

"No, you want yourself to explain your feelings."

"Fine then..." His breathing was labored as tears flowed down his cheeks. "When I met you, I thought you were weird, but then you took me... y-you t-took me..." The winds around him surged like a storm as lightning crackled further. "Goddamit!" he roared. "This is so hard!"

"It's okay..." she whispered. "Take your time."

The raging gales cooled into a simple breeze as a trickle of rain began shimmering to a gentle sprinkle. "Y-yeah..." His head was downtrodden. "You made me believe I could be something great." The sprinkle grew into a heavy rain. "That I w-wasn't an abomination, but a human being who was destined to change... the world." Lightning cracked. "That all these amazing gifts... gifts that I don't deserve, were bestowed upon for me a reason. That nobody but I could use them, and when I killed you, I stuffed them away..." He gazed at her, unable to see her through his tear-stained eyes. "I stuffed you away, because I..." He froze as a silence permeated the air. "I..." His words were lost in the drumming rain as the air turned into a freezing cold.

But then, he felt a warm pair of arms wrapped around him as she rested her chin on his shoulder. "It's okay..."

"I loved you."

Everything froze. Then, like a stack cards, the sky, the earth, the very air fell like pieces of a puzzle as it gave way to a world of light that engulfed Naruto in a burning embrace. His body was comforted, but his mind was strained as the broken environment swirled around him and drilled into his head, nearly splitting it apart. He screamed a noise so unholy that an simple by-passer would have thought that he was dying.

For a moment he just floated, lifeless and cold, in the eternal darkness.

Then it happened. He felt the burning chakra engulf him, no, fuel him as the power, a power that permeated his existence, a power that he resented flowed through his veins. He knew, as violent winds swirled around, as cold lightning sparked along his skin, as he fell into a deep, vast ocean that he was whole.

He was who he used to be. At least, part of who he used to be.

Then like a bomb the scene burst before him. He was in his room, sitting on a couch, curtains blocking the streaming light as he witnessed a younger version of himself. The scene was one that he had wished to witness.

The scene where he was preparing the present to give Yuna.

His younger self was sitting on a floor, two pieces of paper, one before him with a perfectly placed can on top and the other ten feet away, no object to behold. Then, after the boy ran through a series of seals, the can was swallowed by a void, appearing on the other piece of paper as not even milliseconds after it vanished.

"Hell yeah!" The younger Naruto shot up, bouncing on his feet. "I just did the Flying Thunder god!" He was beaming with bright eyes. "I'm so awesome!"

The boy jumped up in joy, but the older Naruto snapped his fingers, freezing him mid-flight as the memory flow ceased. Standing up, the blonde walked over to the seal in front of the frozen figure, crouching down with narrowed eyes.

"Yeah, it's perfect." Naruto ground his teeth as he snapped his fingers, the memory flowing as the boy landed on the ground.

"It's ready! Yuna's going to be sooo amazed!" The boy's grin was infectious as he picked up the objects on the floor. The teen scratched his head in thought, half confusion, half irritation.

"The seal is perfect..." he mused. "That means somebody tampered with it afterwards, but who?" Naruto watched as the youth sprinted into the kitchen to wrap the pieces of paper. "Who... just who?" The blonde tapped his chin, eyes widening in thought. "No, that would just be crazy. Yet, it could be." The blonde took a deep breath, focusing as his body floated up and through the ceiling. He continued ascending until he was in the sky. He observed as his younger self exited the apartment from overhead, running to the library to place the first piece.

Naruto shot forward following him as he bumped into people. Well, more like they bumped into him. They pretended he didn't exist, walking forward, threatening to run him over, but then the blonde noticed something peculiar.

Once in awhile, the people would arch back, as if shocked. It was if the younger version of himself, beaming and energetic, was so full of energy that it was... infecting people.

It caused the blonde to pause, snapping his fingers and freezing the flow of his memories. Floating to his younger self in mid-step, the older boy shook his head.

"To think..." He laid his hand on his younger self, recalling the emotions, the bliss and the rush of his chakra at that moment. "I did it subconsciously..." Momentarily, Naruto closed his eyes, almost shivering as he felt something cold shoot through his veins, the same sensation that flowed through his younger self's body and into the very package he held.

"My lightning affinity tampered with it..." The blonde took a breath as he floated higher and higher. "My own chakra went wild in my excitement and infused itself into the seal. Damn..." He settled for gazing upon the red-orange hue of the sun. "But wait..." Naruto blinked. "I have a lightning affinity?" It seemed so natural, like he knew he had one, but... he couldn't remember ever having it.

"Unless..." Naruto's eyes widened as he floated back at mach-speed, phasing through several buildings before arriving at his apartment. Once he stood there, the blonde closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as everything began to reverse. Dawn turned into day, which turned into sunrise, which repeated, accompanied by his younger self returning, walking backwards, doing all his daily activities of studying backwards, but then it shifted. Everything became a hyper-rewind as images blurred, becoming flashes until they slowed to a stop, and Naruto opened his eyes.

It was two years later. An eleven year old version of himself sat upright with a piece of rectangular paper, a elemental chakra indicator. He had stolen it from a shop not even minutes before.

"Oh my god!" His younger self grinned, eyes beaming.

"Damn, I was still excitable back then." Naruto smiled as he observed.

"I bet have something awesome! Like fire! OH! Or lightning! OH! Or fire and lightning!" The child grinned as he channeled chakra into the paper, but then something strange occurred.

Everything froze, the memory flow ceased as Naruto's entire vision was enshrouded by a black mist and from the ground burst chains of chakra, so many that he actually lost track of the amount.

However, that wasn't what drew his attention, it was the crimson, square lock that was placed in the center. It seemed ordinary, except for the way it glowed with a peculiar chakra. The same chakra that he used to crush Yugito.

Naruto could only whisper in wonder. "Psylocke..."

He had read about these before in a few psychological books. It was a mental hold placed on certain memories that ninja used in order to prevent mental interrogations.

However, in this case, it was made to hide the memories of the past, memories that Naruto never wished to see. He had created it subconsciously. As he continued to observe it, the blonde noticed something peculiar, there were cracks, and through those cracks leaked a white mist.

Slowly but surely, he had loosened the hold, letting memories past slowly leak through.

"What do we have here." Naruto held his hand out, reaching for the lock, but jolted back as it burned him.

His right hand was singed black, almost bubbling with a morbid, golden ooze as he hissed in pain.

"Dammit..." The blonde grit his teeth as he looked at the burning chakra of the box. Snorting, he closed his eyes, chest rising and deflating as his thoughts began to calm. Going deep within, he found a power, the same power of the pyslocke, a crimson blaze so intense that it threatened to engulf him from the inside out. It was like a sleeping dragon, ready to destroy when awakened. Like a fearless warrior, Naruto awoke it.

Then it happened, his chakra ignited into a raging inferno, surrounding him in a cacophonous aura of pure crimson. It hurt, like a burning liquid metal had been poured into his veins, but Naruto didn't fight it. No, he welcomed the pain as it dulled and the chakra flowed like a serene river.

Nails lengthened, whisker darkened, and hair turned a wild scarlet as black tomoe-shaped ink framed his eyes. Taking one last breath he opened them. The pupils and iris had vanished, leaving pools of white that brimmed with power.

For a moment, the boy looked at his burnt hand, watching as white steam began to rise and the tendons, nerves, and cells renewed, leaving fresh pink flesh in its wake.

"Now," his voice boomed like a god's while he stared at the lock. "Let's try again."

Once again, he reached forward, and immediately chaos followed. The psylocke glowed with twice the intensity, nearly blasting him back as it surged with electricity, shocking him with a searing cold. However, Naruto continued breathing, letting it flow through him as it melded with his muscles and bones, as it flowed through his veins alongside his blood.

It responded to his will as naturally as a simple breath, collapsing on the lock, causing it to crack further. While it slowly disintegrated, the white mist began to flow into Naruto's cranium, edging from a throbbing pain into a screaming migraine as the object continued to fight. It started to win, forcing Naruto to his knees as his body began to reject the power, protesting even the tiniest twitch.

It was like a parasite was eating his cells, his organs, and his muscles from the inside out. He wanted to scream; his body had given up and he was left operating through sheer will. His power began to recede, the object's chakra began to devour him, and lightning mercilessly seared his veins. He wanted nothing more than to concede, but he wouldn't give up. No, he couldn't give up.

With a roar he arched forward, hand clasping onto the lock, and crushing it into golden specks. Like the wind, the crimson chakra and surging lightning vanished, leaving Naruto panting on the ground. His features slowly receded, and with it the chains starts to rumble. As his nails receded, the chains cracked, as his hair became blonde, they\ glowed, as his crimson aura receded, they crumbled, and as his whiskers lightened, they burst into a shower of glorious white light. It rained down upon him, but instead of burning, it warmed, caressing his skin in a soft embrace as blue eyes opened to the scene locked within his mind.

He watched the younger version of himself stand, then channel paper into the chakra, but just as quickly as he channeled it, he dropped the paper, hissing in pain.




"The hell!" The child spat, staring at his palm in fascination. It was split down the middle, blood spilling out like a waterfall. "Wh...What!?"

Naruto's eyes were wide as he witnessed the scene. Besides the blood, the paper reacted violently. It fell on the ground, split down the middle, one piece wet, and the other crinkled.

"Wind, water, and lightning—three affinities!" both versions marveled, jaws agape.

Then lightning struck the broken dam. Water began to spill out of the wet paper, while lightning began to crackle in the other. They surged forth, the entire floor sloshing with liquid as electricity danced across the surface, shooting out randomly and destroying everything in the vicinity

Yet, the youth remained unharmed even as lightning danced across his skin and winds surged around his form.

"No," he whispered as lightning began to streak from his body, flashing and exploding everything in the vicinity, whether it be the TV, the couch, or the lights. Nothing except the boy remained unharmed. All he could do was scream as crimson chakra exploded forth, causing the elements to rage further.

"Who, who's doing this!?" the boy screamed as he trudged into the kitchen. As soon as he entered, the faucet exploded, water blasting him in the chest. The pressure was so intense that his ribs cracked and punctured his lungs. "Guh!" he grunted as his back smashed against the wall, blood gushing from his lips.

As Naruto watched the water rise to hip height, he could only observe in morbid fascination. At that moment he recalled every single horrible sensation: the fear as the power burned him, the helplessness as the water slowly engulfed him, the shock as the lightning didn't harm him, and the marvel as the wind reached such cacophonous heights that it twisted into a torturous tornado. The table, the fridge, even the cans in the cupboard began to twist, explode, and swirl in the horrific storm.

"Thank god the room has chakra suppression seals." Otherwise, this anomaly would have destroyed the entire building.

"GAHH!" the younger version screamed as the fridge broke free, flying towards the winds, and smashing into him. For a moment the boy, felt numb, but then it occurred. The crimson chakra exploded once more, animistic features extended, and eyes glowed.

Suddenly, everything froze as Naruto snapped his fingers, mind racing.

"I've... had this power all along." His brow was furrowed. "I thought it was just a repercussion of the island and the sage, but..." he shook his head. "Has this happened again?" With a wave of his hand, everything faded to black.

Closing his eyes, Naruto took a deep breath, relaxing yet again. "Now, I need to remember. This couldn't be the only time. There needs to be another instance, but when?" Slowly, he felt a strange pull at the back of his mind. It was a twinkle, a shimmer of memory unlocked. With haste he reached for it, the sound of pattering rain and raging thunder assaulting his ears.

His eyes opened. He was standing on the crow's nest; the night when the storm carried him and Sasuke away. However, he didn't see himself on the crow's nest, that meant...

Quickly, the boy trudged to the edge, looking over and witnessing as a gargantuan wave engulfed the arguing forms of them all. Interest piqued, Naruto flew to the boys and into the ocean, witnessing an event all too wondrous.

Sasuke was knocked out, choking on water as Naruto was flailing around. Like the last memory, the blonde felt his emotions at the time-fear, sorrow, suffering-and he remembered thoughts of pure panic.

"I'm going to die." He thought as he ceased to fight. "But... I don't wanna die." As if magic, the blonde breathed in the water, but he did not choke, he breathed in as if it was air itself. "I don't wanna die..." Slowly, crimson chakra leaked from his pores. "I want to live." Then the chakra rushed out like an angry mob, blazing to life as it encased him in cloak of heavenly demonic power.

"I want to live!"

Nails lengthened, whisker darkened, and hair turned a wild scarlet as black tomoe-shaped ink framed his eyes. The pupils and iris had vanished, leaving pools of white that brimmed with power.

With a roar that shook the very oceans, a power that scared the most monstrous of sea creatures, Naruto floated in the sea, reveling in its cold caress before glancing at the Uchiha.

Feeling the flow of the ocean, Naruto willed it, and was propelled at the speed of sound, leaving a resounding boom that caused the sea to tremble. He grabbed Sasuke and blasted off into the sky. He ascended into the heavens, form enshrouded in the clouds as he breathed in the moist air, reveled in the pattering rain, and laughed at the raging lightning.

He was in his domain.

Feeling the roaring winds, he willed them as well. They swirled around him into a cacophonous storm, thunderous clouds brimming around him like he was a god as gigawatts of lightning coursed through the skies.

Then ten billions volts of electricity struck him, flowing across his skin like warm butter as he sighed in bliss. Then, he kicked off the air, slicing through the sky, the clouds making way as he streaked towards his place of origin, his home.

The land of the Uzumaki.

Naruto followed the memory, slicing through the wind until he and his memory self saw a speck in the distance, and just as quickly as it appeared, the crimson dynamo kicked off the air once more, landing on the island in a jolt of light and an explosion of sand.

Naruto watched himself breath while hunched over, the very winds flowing and ebbing as if he was a dragon the size of konoha itself. Then his eyes arose, surveying the surroundings with a demonic smile.

"Looks like I'm here..." He gazed at the Uchiha in his arms. "And you're out." The raven-haired boy's body was cold; he had stopped breathing. "Well then, let's fix that." The red head tossed on the ground, face-up. Crouching over him, the ghoul's hand glowed with wind chakra as he pushed on his sternum.

"Guh!" The Uchiha spat out a slew of water, though he remained lifeless.

"And now for the finale!" The Uzuamki started rubbing his hands together, increasing in pace until they blurred and sparked with electricity. "Clear!" His hands touched the boy's chest, shocking him to life as he coughed.

"W-wha?" the Uchiha spluttered, eyes fluttering until the blonde's fist smashed into his cheek, knocking him out.

"There we go..." The boy chuckled before he suddenly fell over, features and chakra receding as he snored.

Naruto just watched with wide eyes. "Whoa..." he just stared in awe. "Wait." He furrowed his brow. "What the sage said back then about this power doesn't make sense with what happened. That means..." His eyes grew solemn. "That means he was lying to me." The enigma gazed up into the black, thundering clouds.

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