So the thing is like this, I spent my time reading stories for a long time and now I want to try and write one of my own.

I would try another manga but Fairy Tail got my attention, I'll go with it.

Disclaim: I don't own Fairy Tail.

AN: Okay, I argued with Kuroyagi for a good thirty messages and he agreed to let me continue this idea of his. I liked it, since it was kinda original, similar to Fafnir's story about Fem!Jellal but with a twist a bit more along the lines the readers can accept. When I first read Fafnir's I thought he was crazy, but Kuroyagi's drafts of this other possibility made me think it wouldn't be so bad to try.

Be warned though, I don't plan on making a whole new story with Natsu and this idea. No. I don't have the time for that with college in the way. I will keep it simple and kinda entertaining, depending of your tastes.

I will do the same as him. Write some random scenes, meaningful scenes, from the characters in question and how they would have turned out if these changes were in effect.

And this is the tricky part, which that ***hole Kuroyagi forced me to agree upon if I wanted to take over this idea:

The story will be Natsu x Erza.

Yeah, not my forte, nor my obvious choice. But since he insisted and I really want to see this through, I agreed.

Basically, the idea is the next: Natsu in Erza's place. Erza in Natsu's place. And all the many other characters regarding Erza's and Natsu's past changed accordingly.

So as to give you an idea, I will post this first chapter with what intrigued me of Kuroyagi's idea.

I will try to add some things of my own after this first chapter, if FF doesn't ban this story for copying the original.

So it is completely clear, I've got Kuroyagi's approval to continue with this.

Natsu Rose

by Froxlozeddy

In Earthland…

"I returned."

We find ourselves inside the Fairy Tail guild. Everything is quiet, not a soul is heard, and none other than Natsu Rose came back from a mission. Carrying a huge horn with just one hand, he left it on the ground and surveyed the place in search of two mages in special.

"Where are Erza and Lucy?" He asked with a cold tone, crossing his arms in front of his armored chest while his eyes narrowed in waiting of a reply.

"W-we're here… Natsu…" Lucy raised a hand from behind the bar counter, trying to hide her nudity. She still couldn't get over her unconscious stripping habit, not even after been scolded by Natsu many times before. It was just natural after the training she had during her childhood with her teacher Ur.

"Natsu!" A scarlet-haired woman yelled and pointed a finger at the man. She was wearing a black waistcoat and gold trimmings at the edges, a scaly scarf wrapped around her chest around, white knee-length trousers, and black sandals. "Fight me!"

"No." The man answered shortly, closing his eyes to think about the next he wanted to address. "Mira."

"Yes, Natsu?" The barmaid, who was unaffected by the man's cold and intimidating air, asked with small smile, her hands throwing some clothes in Lucy's direction.

"Is Master here?"

"No, he went to the regular meeting," Mira answered him, moving around the place distributing the orders she got from the still unmoving members. "He said he'll be back in a week."

"I see," Natsu opened his eyes and pierced Lucy and Erza with his onyx eyes, the action making them shudder. "Erza, Lucy, I would normally talk about this with Master but since he's gone, I guess there's no other way."

"What is he talking about?" Gray, the new and only celestial mage of the guild, asked to the cheerful Mira. "And who is he, Mira-san?"

"He's Natsu Rose, or Oberon as many call him." She explained to the now gaping mage, he heard about The Oberon of Fairy Tail in many places, not only the weekly sorcerer. "He's an S-class mage and the authority inside the guild when Master is gone for a long time."

"I-I see…" He was going to keep his distance from that guy, especially after the massive scolding he put the guild members through.

"Erza, Lucy, I need your help, will you help me?" Natsu asked with his hands resting on his hips, a small confident smile forming on his lips. He was extremely calm about the issue, even when the guild almost fainted entirely after hearing his words.

Several months later…

"W-why? Why do you refuse to help Natsu?! Your friend?!"

"She is Natsu's enemy, he should be the one to defeat her… this is something I should not intrude with…"

"Natsu has no chance against Ultear!" Meredy yelled frantically to Erza.

"Don't dare to insult Natsu like that!" She responded likewise, if not a little angriest.

"You don't understand!" Meredy grabbed the red-haired by the collar of her waistcoat, lowering her surprised face to be on level with hers. "This is not a matter of strength or magic…!"

A young Natsu and Ultear talked lively while working in the tower…

"…Natsu thinks he can still save her…!"

With a younger Meredy watching Natsu's merry face from afar…

"…I know it…!" Meredy fell to her knees, releasing Erza from her now weak hold. "…He doesn't hate Ultear!"

The dragon-slayer watched the trembling pinkette in astonishment, not liking this revelation and the feeling it brought to the pit of her stomach.

"Ultear knows this," She continued, despite her sobs and the tears now marring her young face. "She will use Natsu's feelings for her against him… what's worse… if the Council fires Etherion on the tower… you know Natsu, right? I'm sure he will…! He will…!"

"W-what?!" Erza kneeled in front of the girl clutching her small shoulders, shaking her strongly to make her say the rest.

"I'm sure he plans to die here with her!" Meredy broke into full weeping after saying that, leaving a stunned Erza to think hard about what she heard; it was so terribly possible from Natsu that she snapped.

"W-why… why didn't you say so in the first place?!" She rose from the ground in anger, her scarlet fire steaming from her skin. "Where the hell did Natsu go?!"

Minutes later…

"U-ugh! A-ah! U-ultear!" Natsu yelled desperately to the black-haired woman smiling softly to him, his body merging inch by inch with the crystalline substance that was the etherion.

"I loved you…Natsu…" Ultear told him with a last smile, turning on her heel to prepare the ritual.

"S-shit! Shit!" The pink-haired struggled with all his might but he could break the binding spell his past's crush put on him, and with each second the magic material kept on pulling him to its insides.

"Oh! Mighty Zeref!" The woman opened her arms and extended them to the sides, her head tilting upwards to the sky. "Accept this man's flesh as your new body in this world!"

"U-ultear…" The rose-knight muttered again, feeling most of his body almost consumed by the crystal. He felt like and did cry for his failure. His friends, the guild – the world was going to die after the strongest dark wizard in history was revived. "ULTEAAAAAAAAR!"

Two hands grabbed him by the wrist of the arm that remained outside, pulling him away hardly.

"I'm here…" Erza told the confused Natsu after shifting her hold to pull him with her arms hugging him from behind, a challenging smirk sent in Ultear's direction. "…Natsu is a mage of Fairy Tail, you cannot have him."

"Erza…" The man muttered in awe, his cheeks tinting with a small pink at the image of his friend coming to rescue him before it was too late. Ultear watched the scene containing her anger. Erza laid the knight on the ground, frowning at the marks of tears that remained around his left eye.

"What do you think you're playing, huh?! We have to return home and complete the next job!" She rested Natsu's head on her lap. "How do you think that Gray will pay the rent then?"

"I… I am sorry… my body won't move…" Natsu shakily confessed to the scarlet-haired, expecting her to understand his situation.

"Really now?" Erza smiled mischievously, her fingers roaming all over Natsu's exposed chest with ticklish vengeance. "You need to stop getting into this kind of messes!" Hear the man laughing uncontrollably because of her, she pressed forward despite his gasps for her to stop. "If not, things like this happen!"

But, stopping, Natsu looked at Erza worriedly, taking her aback. "Erza, you have to get out right now…"

"No way, if you couldn't defeat her, then it's up to me!"

"No… You can't fight against her… You know nothing of her…"

"What? Do I have to take a class to beat the crap out of her?" Erza asked slightly annoyed of the man's pleads.

"P-please…" Natsu didn't know why, but tears started to fall from his left eye again. He couldn't let his friends deal with his troubles. "Do as I say."

Erza looked at the crying man intently.

"Wha-what are you…?" Natsu asked in clear puzzlement, feeling his body being lifted from the ground by the scarlet-haired dragon-slayer. Ultear's face contorted into a frown, already imagining the woman trying to escape with the man in her arms.

"Since we're at it, I don't know you either, Natsu." The woman gazed at the wall in the opposite direction of Ultear, building up her determination.


"And still, I can hit you all the same!" Before he could notice it, his gut received a strong punch that made him lose consciousness. Erza let the man fall to floor slowly, carefully dropping him with just a hand supporting his weight until she finally let go.

"…You're weirder that what the rumors say…" Ultear, who watched the whole affair with surprise, talked again; snickering quietly at the scene before her, amused at the idea of that woman trying to defeat her. "Do you feel better after hitting a friend that couldn't move?"

"Natsu… was crying…" Erza curled her hands into fists, her nails digging hard on her palms. "His voice was shaking…" Ultear heard the words in boredom, not interested on her rambling. "I don't want to see Natsu like that, he's supposed to be strong and courageous!"

Ultear rolled her eyes at the words… but then, the magic pressure from the scarlet-haired woman rose to levels matching her own. Her eyes widened when Erza turned around, her skin catching fire at the same time she sent her most hate-filled glare at the black-haired woman responsible for all of that.

"When he wakes up from this nightmare, I want him to be like before! That's why I'll fight you!"

"Interesting." Ultear spoke with amusement, waving a hand for the woman to come. "Why don't you show me… what a dragon is capable of?"

Needing no more encouragement, Erza charged forward with her fists aflame.

That's a nice little reminder. Darn it. I can't believe I agreed upon this.

If you're reading this Kuroyagi, I swear I will choke you to dead if you even think this is amusing.

As to the rest of you, I will write the next part about the childhood of both characters… but switched. I want to see a bit of a stricter younger Natsu for a change.

Trashing out.