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Natsu Rose

by Froxlozeddy

Year x782…

Busily walking their way down the main boulevard of Tevera, both wizards from Fairy Tail continued to disregard all stares and looks threw in their way, as well as avoiding the presence of each other as much as they could. Walking next to each other in the middle of the gossiping buyers and store owners and employees was not a good way to avoid the gossip but there was not much they could do about it.

Natsu feared Erza would get lost in the bustling streets, and Erza feared Natsu would punish her for getting off track.

Either way, they were stuck together in this.

And all because of some show of gratitude from the people; how the hell could they know the wizards would be over with the job by the end of the day, was beyond them.

"I swear I'll find the answer," Natsu bowed for the fifth time that hour, looking down in embarrassment when some girls that saw him with the red-haired Dragon Slayer sighed in disappointment. "No matter the cost."

"Can't we just go to the hotel and lock ourselves until the week is over?" Erza asked out of the blue, surprising the man and stopping him on his feet.

If there was something every guy in Fairy Tail knew, it was that the oh-so righteous wizard was one of the most perverted in between the male population… rivaling with both Makarov and Gildartz in lewd thoughts.

After shrugging off the offer and very wrong thoughts crossing through his mind, he answered his teammate.

"I… I don't want to insult the people and their generosity." He coughed over a closed fist, closing his eyes in concentration for he knew he had a very noticeable blush on his cheeks that he wanted to force down before it could be seen. "It is better to endure it and be thankful…"

Erza stopped to stare at the man in question, tilting her head in confusion. "You sure?"

"Aye, let's go around the stores once more and then march to the hotel." He briefly ordered, averting his gaze when the red-haired tried to meet eyes with him. "We'll see if there's anything else to do around here tomorrow, something to keep us busy and not just enjoying the place…"

In other words, let's spend the less time alone as possible, or my imagination will dye my hair and face in due time.

Another confused stare but this time followed by a shrug of shoulders, Erza turned around and continued to march down the street, leaving the now sighing in relief pink-haired behind.

"Saved." He whispered to himself before marching to follow his teammate. He knew she would get lost if he didn't catch up to her in a moment.

An hour later…

"You are shitting me." Erza growled to the hotel owner as she stared at the room before her and her partner. Both were slack jawed at what they were seen, though the manager had a very happy smile on his face, even after hearing the woman and her words. "You ARE shitting me."

"Are you… ermmm… sure? Is this our room?" Natsu asked with his eyes glued to the only furniture meant for sleeping lying at the middle of the room, surround by many love-related decorations. All in all, Natsu's worst nightmare –aka dream, but not like the red-head needed to know- was now for real. It was a lovers' room, meant for people that ARE in love, not friends like them. "I-in such case… isn't there other room we can use?"

"Well, there is another room, but the bed still is a Queen sized, and it is one that must be shared as well." The man explained without losing his smile, thing that unnerved and marveled the wizards. The manager bowed in apology, noticing the slight discomfort of the teens after seeing their fidgeting and shared glances. "I'm terribly sorry, but it is either this room or the other. We have a large quantity of customers these days due to the fishing season, the museum and the city's popularity as a vacation spot."

"N-no, it's okay," Natsu quickly answered, not wanting to cause troubles. The people was already letting them enjoy the place without paying, they couldn't be picky when accepting the offer. "But… please, show us the other room."

Long awkward walk towards the other room, in the second floor, at the end of the hallway.

"Oh dear," the manager said with an apologetic bow, giving a step back from the now pale wizards. "It seems I was confused," he eyed the room and the lonely single bed against the wall, midway to the window and the bathroom. "That room I mentioned was taken earlier today."

"You… you…!?" Erza tried to choke the manager to death, but the pink-haired, after sorting his thoughts and pilling them away in the depths of his mind, stopped her from doing so with a well-placed bump to her scalp. "Ouf!"

"T-then… let's go back to the other room." Natsu muttered with a half-hearted smile, his eyes sending short painful shivers down the poor manager's spine.

"A-aye aye! Follow me!"

Long awkward walk back to the other room, in the first floor, at the end of the hallway.

They found one of the clerks going out the room with a clearly pleased smile on his face, which turned to a thin line when the manager and the two wizards came into view, especially when meeting eyes with his very nervous boss. "Tanaka-san? What's wrong?"

"N-nothing, don't worry about it." He said hurriedly, pointing a finger to the room behind the young man with a lot of willpower to shrug off the piercing stare on his back. "Is the room empty? Our customers want to stay in this one after all."

"Eh, no, Tanaka-san, it was taken a few moments ago." The young clerk said, scratching the back of his head in wonder before walking away, back to the main lobby. "I'll go back to the front desk."

"A-aye boy…" Tanaka sweated bullets after hearing the news, the piercing stare now turned to a glare. And he didn't want to turn around to face it. He just spun around and, not looking up, started to lead the way back to the second floor. "P-p-please, follow me."

Long dangerous walk back to the only vacant room in the hotel, in the second floor, at the end of the hallway.

"E-e-enjoy your sta-" Glare. "Eeek! Good bye!"

Closing the door behind him, the manager made a run for it to the main lobby, where he was going to drink a hot cup of tea and some aspirins before heading to bed earlier than usual.

Natsu stared at the door for a good moment before turning to face the small room. There was a single bed, a desk with a chair, one couch meant for reading, a closet next to the bed, and a bathroom opposite to the bed. He sighed, looking at his knocked out partner, who was now snoring away her worries. He made the most rational action and dropped the red-haired Dragon Slayer on the bed, covering her with the sheets before he took some extra ones in the closet and made a way to sleep on the couch.

As uncomfortable as it might be, it was the only thing that he could do.

'You could always stare at Erza's sleeping form, you know?' A voice in his head whispered with no restraint on the perverted tone it had, making the man flinch and take a peek at the sleeping woman, out of curiosity, of course. 'Yeah~ that's what I'm talking about~'

He continued to stare, gazing at her peaceful face, her even breathing, her now soft snores, and her movements below the covers… how one leg came out from one side of the bed while doing so and showed him her simply beautiful legs.

Many in the guild agreed that if it wasn't because Erza was more tomboyish than girly, they would hit on her, even Gajeel… if it wasn't for his interest on Cana, but that's beside the point. Even Natsu wondered how it would be to date a girl again, or better said, actually date a girl. Things with Ultear at the tower were more instantaneous than anything, and more artificial too, since despair and fear drove them to cling to each other during their days in that place, so, he wondered… 'Would actually date another girl be a good idea?'

Let's be honest, he didn't only have Erza to ask out if he wanted to make a test-run on the dating issue, but also Lucy, Lisanna, Mirajane… even Levy and Evergreen could be a possibility. Well, the last was not the best option, especially so when taking into account the woman's obsession with him. He was known as Oberon, King of the Fairies, and she wanted to be with him because of the title of Queen… or Titania, whatever suits her better. 'So Evergreen is a big no from the very start.'


'Let's evaluate…' He thought with his eyes and mind now focusing on the matter more seriously. 'Lucy strips every second, out of habit, yeah, but she does it… and even if that's not… entirely bad, I don't like the idea of every guy staring at her when she does it.' He shook his head. 'Lucy's out of the list.'

'Cana…' He shook his head again. '…Gajeel has his eyes on her.'

'Lisanna…?' He now wondered if it was a good idea. 'She IS one of the most normal girls in the guild, besides Levy and Bizca…' He was interested now, though his interest faded instantly when he remembered her siblings. 'Elfman as a bother-in-law… no thank you, and Mira is not a bad decision either but she's related to the idiot, even if she's sweeter than her little sister…'

He returned his gaze to the faced down sleeping woman, who now had most of her body out of the covers; she continued to snore away the night without a single worry. 'Is Erza the only viable option here?' He asked to himself, an image of purple hair dancing in his mind that he shrugged off in less than a second. 'Ultear… she's not even into consideration…' His eyes narrowed, his right eye flinching a bit at the memory. 'Not after what happened.'

He sighed deeply, his mood now turning grim. He just had to think of the woman for a second to remember all of his pain, the things he couldn't do and that he needed to mend before his life ends. His friends, those still trapped inside the lonely tower in the middle of nowhere. 'I'll get them out of there... Kagura, Meredy, Millianna, Wally… just wait… wait until I get stronger.'

"Natsu?" A voice snapped him out of his musings. "What are you doing?"

"Uh?" Said young man looked up from the floor he was staring intently at and met the disheveled form of the sleepy Dragon Slayer with his eyes widening and his early blush returning at full strength. Her vest was missing and her hair was a sexy unruly mess; the scarf clutched around her chest was undone and hanging because of her breasts, covering them partially if not slightly. Letting a good amount of flesh be seeing by the secret pervert. 'I will not ask Master for those books, ever again!'

"Yo, Natsu?" He snapped out of his trance and returned to reality, his mind going into overdrive when he saw the woman leaning down to check his temperature with one hand. Did she notice she didn't have the scarf covering her chest any longer!? "Are you feeling sick or something?"

"I-I-I-I'm…!" He stuttered terribly, his eyes not leaving the two moons hanging just a few centimeters from his face. Oh, if he could just take a feel of them, for curiosity purposes only, nothing lewd or wrong. They were friends after all, she will understand. 'N-no! Stop it! This is ERZA we're talking about!' Quickly shaking his head, he moved aside the hand over his forehead and later punched the girl in the face, sending her flying back to bed, knocked out unconscious. "Have some decency, dammit!"

"…" Erza's answer was silence. Not that she could say something when she had the lights punched out of her, but still.

Natsu took a quick moment to ease his breathing and clear his mind of dirty thoughts. 'No matter if she's the only viable option, there's no way I can see her beyond friendship!' He stood up from the couch, letting the covers he was using fall to the ground as he neared the knocked out red-head. His eyes averted automatically to the window and the crescent moon that was reflected by the ocean, not daring to take a peek of Erza's still uncovered chest. He moved as best he could and covered her with the sheets again, sighing in relief when he managed to do so without glancing too much – without glancing at her breasts again, yeah, that's right.

He moved now, relaxing completely when the matter was solved and there was nothing more on his to-do list than sleep and be ready for the next day.

But then, the sound of ruffling clothes made his actions of picking up the covers from ground come to a halt.


He froze completely. His muscles tensing in fear when the thought of his teammate's voice sounded feminine and attractive, for the first time in ages, crossed his mind. It was a moan, right? At least, the lacrima-audios Makarov leant him and the books he got by himself told him that, but… seriously? His name?

Out of everything and anything that she could have said while asleep, she moans his name?

He shook his head in dry amusement. 'She's just messing with me…'

Natsu turned his head slowly to see her and what he saw caught him by surprise.

He smiled at the picture.

Le Continuation after these three dots…