A slamming door, a furious scream. That was what greeted her.

A sharp knife, a loaded gun. That was her loving welcome.

A tear streaked face, eyes filled with outrage. This was her knight in shinning armor.

Hands clenched in anger, blood across the floor. That was her daily affection.

A fight. A riot. An argument. That was their 'loving' discussions.

A dysfunctional robot, with big blue eyes. This was who she wept to.

A sullen face, with narrowed red orbs. The robot told her cries to him.

A faked apology. A broken promise. That was what he told her.

A gentle kiss, a real hug. This was what he received.

Strange. Happy. Warm. Excited. That was how he felt.

A new chance, a new opportunity. This was what she thought.

Wrong. Mistaken. False. That was what she was.

Two days. Forty-eight hours. This was how long it took.

A shattered heart. A bleeding lip. That was what he gave her.

A destroyed ego. A cut cheek. This was what she gave him.

A lovesick irken. A deranged relationship. That was how it was turning.

A lonely boy, watching T.V. That was what he was.

A girl, knocking on his door. This sent him wild.

A forgiveness. A bandaged cheek. This is what she gave him.

A cracked smile. Buckling knees. That was what he did.

Cuddle. Hug. Kiss. Hold. This is what they did.

Morning came. Sleepy faces. This is what they awoke to.

A growing warmth. A slight blush. That was the irken boy.

A happy smile. Heartbeat running away. That was the irken girl.

A sudden movement. Cupped hands. The boy's blush only grew.

Another movement. No gloves. Hands grasping one another's.

The boy's hands began to sweat. He felt naked, with the girl's soft hands lying in his own.

The girl's orbs were bright with joy. She gently nuzzled his face with her own.

The girl gave butterfly kisses. The boy only sighed, involuntary. He loved her simple moves of affection.

The boy ran his fingers down her long curly stalks, causing her to blush. She loved his attention.

Both paused.

If they loved each other, why fight?

They faced each other.

And said a oath they would never break.

"I love you."



Authors Notes: My gosh I friggin hate this! I wanted to write something bigger for Valentines' Day! So I promise, on Friday, to post as much stuff as possible!

Love you all, and hope you liked! :)

Happy Valentines' Day! :3