Title: Not the first time

Author: kieta_seraphim

Band(s)/Fandom(s): Borderlands 2

Rating: PG

Paring(s): DeathtrapxAxton's Turret

Genre: General, humor

Warnings: None

Comments: So my friend and I have a canon that Deathtrap and the Turret are a couple.

One shot/ chapters: Drabble

Summary: Axton and Gaige find out.

Word count: 284

Not the first time

"You really think that your piece of scrap turret can live up to Deathtrap?" Gaige declared, hands on her hips as she stared at the ex-dahl soldier in front of her.

"You betcha little lady." Axon fired back.

The mechromancer moved closer to Axton until she was basically in his face. "Oh yeah? Prove it pretty boy."

"I will." Axton reached down to try and deploy his turret only to find it wasn't there. He whipped his head back and forth to find Gaige was having the same problem. She had summoned Deathtrap but he was nowhere to be found.

However Axton could hear a faint whirring sound that wasn't from Sanctuary. His turret. "Come on." He grasped Gaige's arm and pulled her in the direction of the whirring. The two crouched awkwardly behind Zed's mailbox. In the corner of Claptrap's place, the two could see Deathtrap dressed in an ill-fitting tuxedo and holding out a bouquet of flowers fashioned from discarded bullet casings to Axton's turret which was wearing a pink ballerina skirt.

"Well then..." Axton blinked. "How long has this been going on?"

Gaige shrugged then facepalmed as the turret accepted the flowers. "I hope he knows how to use a condom."

As the two headed back to the Crimson Raider's headquarters, Claptrap popped out holding his camera. "I thought they'd never leave minions?"


The end