The first 10 chapters have been deleted as they really have nothing to do with the story and it'll be easier to make a squeal without all the confusion.


"Okay, class, you're dismissed." Mr. Petersen announced. I gather my things and, before leaving class, talk to Mr. Peterson about the assignment he gave us. I lost track of time and after 45 minutes, we said our goodbyes and I drove through the battling until I got at the apartment Eli had got for us.

I went into a local community college in New York studying Journalism, while Eli was at NYU for the same thing. I walk through the door and see Eli immediately.

He turns to me, "Where have you been?" He asked, sounding rather angry. "I-I was talking to my professor about class..." I said. He walks over, "Yeah? Well, why didn't you call or send a text or something?!"

He nearly yelled. I flinch and put my head down, "I-I-I lost track of time...I just meant to ask him a question, but-" He cuts me off with a slap to the face. I gasp and cover my cheek, cowering farther away from him. I feel him grab my hair and pull me from the floor, "Get up!"

"Come with me." He demanded, dragging me to the bedroom. "E-Eli..." I whispered, still covering my cheek. He ignores me and slams me against the door so it closes. "Eli, calm down." I whimper.

He ignores me and starts touching me all over. I cringe every time he touches me and kisses me. "E-Eli, stop!" I cry. He ignores me and cuts my shirt off with a knife that I didn't realize he had. I freeze and close my eyes, wishing Eli would stop.

He forces his hands under my bra and roughly grabs and gropes my breasts. Tears roll down my face and Eli smirks, "I love it when you cry." He whispered and started to unclip my bra.

I flailed my arms and tried to yell, but once Eli got my bra off he covered my mouth with his palm, "Quiet!" He yelled, "Now, wrap your legs around me." He said.

I shook my head. He sighed and picked me up, slamming me on the bed. He quickly pulls of his shirt and climbs on top of me. He's on his knees, which are on either side of me and starts to unbutton his pants. "No, stop it!" I scream as loud as I can.

He smirks, "Don't you get it Clare...? This is how things will be now..."He manages to slide his pants down just enough for him to put on a condom.

I clench my legs together tightly, but Eli yanks them apart and pulls my shorts down to my knees. I look away as he positions his...thing...and shoves it inside me. A ripping pain spreads down there. I feel like I'm going to burst. I've never had sex and wasn't planning to for a long time. I'm not at all prepared.

Suddenly, everything feels a fever. My lower body feels like it's on fire as Eli pushes in and out. Each thrust is harder than the other, bringing on a whole new level of pain. "Yell my name." He seethes.

I can hardly hear him; I'm sobbing too hard. "Yell," He pushes into me harder, "My," Harder, "Name!" He screams, menacingly. He pushes with all his might and I scream his name, out of pain, not pleasure, "Eli!" I scream. I can just see him smirking through my tear clouded eyes.

"Cum for me, Clare." He moans. I sob louder. Cum for him? Cum for him?! He does this to me and he expects me to do...that? It seems to go on forever, what he's doing and finally, he grunts, and collapses on me. I muster up all my strength and growl, "I hate you."

He chuckles, "No you don't." He pulls out, reveling me of the tight, pulsing pain and climbs off me, walking to the bathroom. I think back to the past 2 months. We'd both been going to school. Eli's been taking his meds...everything was good.

So why did he snap today?

I'm still sobbing on the bed when I hear bath water running. I sit up a little and can see blood leaking out from between my legs.

When I hear Eli coming back in the room, I pull the sheets over my body. "Get off the bed, you're getting it bloody!" He yells. I jump off the bed and stand with the sheet wrapped around my shoulders, shaking. "Go take a bath. Clean yourself up."

He says. I nod and rush to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I hear a slight knock on the door once I had settled into the bathroom. Eli walks in with a folded towel, a set of my clothes and some blush. "Cover up your cheek, were going out tonight." He says.

He leaves the bathroom and I manage to clean myself up and stop the bleeding. I get dressed and hesitantly come out, "E-Eli?" He comes into the bedroom, "We're going to the park. To have a picnic."

He smirks and holds out his hand for he. I bite my lip and take his hand, struggling to walk due to the throbbing pain between my legs. "Adam's going to meet us there." Eli mentions. I nod, "O-Okay." We climb into the 2002 Toyota (Eli's car) and drive to the local park.

We could already see Adam sitting on a checkered blanket. He waved to us and we walked over. I ignored the pain between my legs and walked as normally as I could.

We sit next to Adam and the boys begin to chat, talking about everything. Adam must've been visiting or New York or something, because he still lives in Toronto. "What, no hug?" I snap out of my thoughts and look up and Adam.

He leans forward and wraps his arms around me. I can see Eli frowning because of the contact. I release Adam, "H-How have you been? What are you doing down here?"

"I wanted to see my 2 best friends!"Eli smirks, "We're glad you came, aren't we Blue-Eyes?" I nod, "It's nice to see someone I know. I haven't really made any friends here."

Adam shrugs, "Well, I've missed you guys, too. I should've applied to NYU." Eli shrugs, "It's fine. We'll have to Skype more often." I zone out replaying the horrific events that occurred before this.

The boys continue to talk while I stay silent and stare at the blanket. "Clare, are you okay?" I look up at Adam, who looks worried. I glance at Eli, who's giving me a threatening look.

"Yeah. I-I think I'm coming down with something..." I lie. Eli relaxes a little and so do I. "Well, you guys could go home...I could come down another time if you're not feeling good." He offers.

The thought of having to go back so soon and be...alone...with Eli, "No!" I cry too loudly. Adam raises his eyebrows. "I think what Clare means is that you came all the way down here...we should hang out. Right, Blue-Eyes?" I nod and offer a, hopefully, convincing smile.

Adam nods. Suddenly, his head snaps at a jingling noise, "An ice cream truck!" Eli laughs, "Does someone want icecream?" He teases. Adam blushes, "I-I like icecream..."

Eli stands up, "I'll get us some." He jobs over to it, leaving Adam and I alone. "Are you really okay, Clare? You don't look well at all..." I nod, "Things are just hard, I guess. Nothing I can't handle." I assure.

"How serious are you and Eli? Sorry, just wondering..." I shrug, "He has some issues he needs to work out." "Who has issues?" Eli asks from behind me. I jump in surprise, "U-Uh.."

"Drew. He's crazy over Bianca, but he can't see she's bad for him." Adam shakes his head upset-like "She's a nice girl and all, but she's been in so many abusive relationships. She needs to talk to someone."

Eli shakes his head and sits down, "Abusive relationships aren't even abusive. The girl likes it." Adam and I both gawk.

Eli hands us our ice cream, "What? I'm just saying...the girl does something bad, knowing she'll get punished. She likes it." I give Eli a smack on the arm, "That's not true!" I shoot back. "You're right. I'm sorry..." He mutters and moves his hand across my back, twisting the skin, as punishment for talking back, I assume.