A/N - please read: I know R&I is set in Boston and NCIS is in D.C., but I couldn't think of a plausible reason for these characters to be near each other, so for now, just go with the notion that they're all in the same general area. This is my first stab at the characters from NCIS, so... we'll see how this goes. I just haven't been able to get the picture of Jane and Kate together out of my head. So again, we'll see how this goes, if anyone's into it.
I basically lifted certain elements from "I Kissed a Girl" and put the NCIS team on it instead of BPD.

Apparently the bar was under new management. The owner, Scout Turner, seemed harried and a little annoyed as she watched these feds set up shop in one of the club's back rooms; in particular she was unhappy with how lecherously gleeful one of them seemed. Her only comfort lay in the fact that the boss of the outfit seemed ready to handle this in a professional manner, and that their female agent looked ready to crack and slap her co-worker on the head if he said one more lewd thing. Her eyes raked over the agent's form, a small smirk playing at her lips.

The smartass noticed. "How's she look?" he asked. "Think she'll pass for a lesbian?"

Agent Todd shot him a peeved look, the type Scout recognized as that of a woman who was trying to assert her own security in this kind of situation. There were countless ways Scout could have responded to Agent DiNozzo's tactless question, but rather than focus on giving him a lecture none of them had time for, she chose to focus her attention on Agent Todd instead.

"I think the important thing is that she's going to draw plenty of attention tonight," she said. Shooting a subtle wink at Kate, Scout headed for the door and said, "I'll leave you guys to it. If you need anything else, just let me know."

"Yahoo!" Tony crowed, holding up his hand for a high-five once Scout had left. "Hear that, Kate? You're gonna have pussy galore tonight!"

"DiNozzo!" Kate groaned.

"What? Can't appreciate a classic Bond reference, Caitlin?"

"Wow. Given your level of excitement, anyone would think you're the one who'll be getting some tonight."

Kate groaned again when she realized how that had sounded, and Tony cackled. "So you do think you'll be getting some tonight? Oh, Kate. I don't know if you'd be ready for that yet. But keep your earpiece and hidden camera on, and I'd be happy to help you with things if they ever reach a more carnal nature. I've seen a number of excellent films detailing the ways in which two women might—"

He was cut off when his boss slapped the back of his head. "DiNozzo," Gibbs said in a dangerously quiet voice. "Do you realize how lucky it is for you to be Kate's co-worker right now?"

"Yeah!" Tony laughed. "It means I get to be in on the action tonight! Vicariously speaking, that is."

"It means I don't take you in for hassling a federal agent," Gibbs said. "But one more of your cracks and I might have to report you for sexual harassment."

Tony pulled a wounded puppy face. "Boss, you wouldn't."


"No. I mean…well, you never have before…"

"Rule number eight: never take anything for granted," Gibbs muttered. "Keep your thoughts to yourself, or I'll put you on perimeter with McGee."

McGee, who had just finished hooking up a feed from their computer to the camera hidden on Kate's person, scowled at Tony. The look went unnoticed by Kate, who said to Gibbs, "I think McGee should be here instead of Tony, seeing as he's, you know, mature about his work."

"Mature? The man wears a Gumby and Pokey watch on the job," DiNozzo said.

"I've told you a thousand times, Tony, it's a collectible," McGee grumbled, scowling again. "A novelty item for adults."

"See, Probie, the words 'novelty' and 'adult' don't really go together. Well no, they can, but they shouldn't when discussing child-related memorabilia."

Noting the now-disturbed looks on both Kate and Tony's faces, Gibbs talked over McGee's flushed attempts to explain himself further, "Let's get back on the case, shall we?"

"You mean Kate's future foray into the world of lady-lovin' ladies?" Tony asked, wriggling his eyebrows at Kate.

"DiNozzo, you'd better shut up—"

"Oh-ho! Boss, she's blushing! I don't think Kate's cut out for this. Good little Catholic girl to the end, she can't do this."

"If Kate couldn't do this, she wouldn't have said she could," Gibbs cut through before Kate could retort on her own behalf. "For crying out loud, DiNozzo, drop it. You're damn good at what you do, but sometimes, I swear—you make me wonder if I'm running a team of federal agents or a class of sixth graders!"

A new voice entered the conversation as Abby walked into the room. "Oh, Gibbs, give Tony a little credit." She smirked and sauntered over, resting her arm on Tony's shoulder. "I'd at least put him in as a freshman in high school."

Tony, not to mention McGee (not to mention Kate) found themselves a tad distracted by Abby's outfit. She was thrilled to be getting involved in another under-cover case, this time as a waitress at the Merch, the bar they were about to investigate. It was going to be her job to collect forensic evidence from the women. Her uniform didn't consist of much actual material, meaning the polka-dotted fabric left very little to the imagination—which, especially in Tony's case, didn't take much to be stimulated.

"Why, Ms. Sciuto," Tony said, his voice smooth and deep and his eyes trained at Abby's chest. "Anyone tell you that you look absolutely breast-taking tonight?"

Abby laughed and playfully smacked the back of Tony's head, saving Gibbs the effort. "Tony, I love you, and yet guys like you are the reason I almost don't want to date guys anymore. Am I right, Kate?"

Gibbs' eyes went straight towards Kate, and before she had time to answer, he said, "Or you could avoid dating pigs. Choice is yours."

"Hey, c'mon!" Tony said, holding his hands palms-up. "All I'm saying is that if Kate really wants to attract attention tonight, she should be dressed a little more like Abby."

"Kate's not here to attract attention," Gibbs said heavily. "She's here to potentially attract a killer. One we know is drawn to women of a more… conservative nature."

While the setting may not have been all that conservative, Kate's appearance was. She luxuriated in the opportunity to wear heeled boots and a nice skirt, options she rarely had on the job. Her cashmere top was dark red and long-sleeved, hugging her tightly and going up to her collar. While Abby wore a liberal amount of makeup, Kate's was subdued: her lipstick was barely noticeable, only a little less so than the dark brown eyeliner she had applied. She brushed her bangs out of her face and cleared her throat, hands at her hips.

"Everything set up, Abby?"

"Yup. That's just the reason I came up here, in fact. McGee, it's time for you to head on outside, and Kate, you should get going, too. Y'know, down that back staircase Scout pointed out. It might seem a little weird to some patrons if you were here before opening."

"Right," Kate said breathlessly, smoothing out her skirt.

She prepared to follow Abby and McGee out the door, but Gibbs caught her by the elbow. "You ready?" he asked quietly.

Putting on the best smile she could, she answered, "Ready as I'll ever be."

A/N: Chapters will be longer from here on out. I just had to get this out tonight. And in my haste to do so, I failed to mention that I owe this idea to Sophie (streepytime!) for first mentioning the possibility of a Jane/Kate pair-up.