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Tucker looked over at Danny who was once again draped over the upholstered chair in his office. Joking aside, it was time for the real debriefing.

"So how goes it in the Ghost Zone?" Tucker prompted.


"So what else is new?"

Danny shrugged, "The ghosts have set up a checkpoint on their side of the portal. Even with Skulker vouching for us, they didn't want to let us through."

"All things considered, they have a vested interest in guarding their side of a portal," Tucker said reasonably.

"It's more than that," Danny said uneasily. "Whoever controls the access point to the real world has a real physical and political advantage in this sector of the ghost zone."

"But doesn't Skulker control the checkpoint? He's on our side – kind of."

"Skulker wasn't kidding about having trouble keeping his forces in line. That's why he needed Phantom to bolster his position."



"So, did fulfilling Skulker's oath restore his follower's faith in him?" Tucker asked.

"Well the ghosts were impressed that Skulker not only caught the 'undefeated' Phantom but caught me alive- so to speak."

"Did it convince the die-hard human haters?"

Danny shrugged, "Skulker's willingness to work with Phantom and humans was one of the reasons he is having trouble keeping supporters."

"The question is, did it do more damage having the ghosts see you wriggling like a fish in a net than we get benefit from them seeing Skulker victorious?"

Danny affected a smooth cultured voice, "Well, there's a certain delicacy involved in diplomacy."

Tucker rubbed his temples and groaned. "Ghost zone diplomacy gives me a headache."

"In the Ghost Zone diplomacy often takes the form of a strong right hook and an ectoblast. They were even more impressed when my Dad and I kicked their butts at the Checkpoint."