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Of Mice...

Skulker peered through his binoculars over the edge of the roof's guard wall at the Haunted House across the street. The heads-up display flashed but he hardly needed that to identify the chained ghost.

They had been playing a bizarre game of tag until it had given them the slip near dawn. Since then he and the Ghost Boy had taken turns keeping watch. Skulker prodded the figure sprawled on the roof beside him with his foot.

Danny grumbled irritably as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. "What time is it?" he yawned blearily.

Skulker grinned "It's show time."



Danny shook off his grogginess and triggered his transformation. He and Skulker floated invisibly to the empty alley behind the Haunted House.

Danny's phone went off and he paused to fish it out of his pocket pointedly ignoring Skulker's disapproving look.

"Yeah Dad, We're getting into position now. The tour is about to start."


"No, don't come. You'll scare it away."


"I'll be fine, honest. The modified shields will give us the element of surprise. Skulker's going to wait outside in case it tries to run."


"I'll call if I need help. Now I got to go."



Danny crouched on landing. From his position on the stairs he could look down on the lobby that was filled with milling tourists. Off to his right, Dross and Silver were hawking their wares in the busy gift shop.

Below him he could see the tour group gathering around the tour guide. Patty beamed winningly as she handed tickets stubs back.

She was explaining the screening procedures as a smiling Dash was stood by to usher them though the Fenton Specter–Detector.

"We've just installed state-of-the art safety equipment. We can't let any ghosties in without a ticket!" she giggled.



Ms. Dross approached the group with a sheaf of brochures in her hand. "These pamphlets explain about some of our new services."

"I wonder if my parents know about this."Danny grumbled in annoyance.

"We are now starting a new residential inspection. Mr. Silver will be happy to set you up for an appointment to screen your house for ecto activity."

Danny frowned. Dross didn't understand how the scanner worked. It could detect someone being over shadowed but wasn't much use for finding ghosts unattached to humans.

"This also says you can hold a séance" a young blond woman said eagerly.



"Séance!" Danny and the woman said simultaneously: the woman with delight, Danny with disgust.

Now Danny knew his parents had nothing to do with it. At best séances were misguided and useless at worst they were unconscionable schemes to prey on the gullible and grieving.

"We're interested in contacting lost spirits," the woman's brunette companion gushed.

Ms. Dross's smile displayed gleaming teeth in a way that reminded Danny of a shark. "Is there someone in particular you wish to contact?"

"We want to help lost souls," she explained.

"Private screenings can be arranged for a very reasonable price," Dross urged.



"Speaking of which," a middle-aged man complained, "don't you think the price is a bit steep for a tourist trap? The online ad said the tickets were ten dollars cheaper."

"Regrettably, that a special rate has been discontinued," the docent smiled, "but our renovated tour includes special new exclusive features. For instance we now include a free ecto screening."

Danny scowled. He wondered if Tucker knew they were charging extra for his parents' inventions.

Dash stepped forward from where he was collecting tickets, "And there's a chance you may actually meet a ghost maybe even Amity Park's famous Danny Phantom."



"What screening?" asked a woman.

Patty led them to where the Ecto-Detecto had been installed. She posed beside it like a game show assistant displaying the grand prize.

"It looks like a metal detector at airport security," a red bearded man commented.

Dash suavely took a young woman's hand and escorted her under the archway.

"It scans for spectral energy to ensure your safety," Patty chirped, "See? No ghostly hitchhikers."

As a tall man ducked under the doorway he stiffened and a ghost peeled away from his body. A siren wailed.

"The coppers!" the ghost exclaimed in surprise. "Cheese it!"



Danny spoke into the mic of his Fenton Phones, "Skulker, he's here."

Skulker crossed the threshold and moved to guard the front entrance.

There was a cry of "Ghost!" and tourists scattered in all directions. Skulker grinned evilly.

Dross and Silver ran and hid behind the gift shop's counter.

"Remember Skulker, humans are off limits," Danny warned.

"I know our agreement," the hunter growled.

"Just guard the door," Phantom ordered. "We had to leave a way to let the ghost in so it's unshielded.

"You better go after the quarry," Skulker sounded irritated.

Danny dropped his invisibility and gave chase.



The ghost was laughing as it flew up the stairway with Danny hot on its trail. It flew from room to room, weaving in and out of furniture. So far it hadn't tried to phase through any walls or floors but Danny had to be ready to take advantage of the surprise when it did.

"You think you can beat me at playing cat and mouse?" it taunted as it dodged down the same dumbwaiter shaft Danny and Sam had failed to trap it in earlier.

When it reached the bottom and skidded to an abrupt stop. Skulker was waiting.



In a flash Danny yanked on a panel, swung it down, and latched it.

Seconds later, there was a thump as the ghost hit the underside of the panel. Danny chuckled; like the sides of the dumbwaiter shaft, the panel was reinforced with the modified shield.

Danny pressed a button and the panel began slide down the shaft. He could feel the ghost trying to push back but it was no match against the Jack Fenton Motor.

When it had reached the first floor, Danny threw a lever and locked it into place.

"I just needed a better mouse trap."

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